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A lot of people tend to not know that Love Live was written by the same woman that wrote Strawberry Panic. Well now you know.

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  • Me:*putting new comics in folders on a tuesday*
  • Customer:Hey, can you sell me this book today?
  • Me:Nope, sorry. Not out until tomorrow. I can hold it for you, tho.
  • Customer:I really want it now.
  • Me:Welp.
  • Customer:What if I gave you a compliment?
  • Me:o.O
  • Me:Well as incredibly magnanimous and generous as that would be, I'm afraid that doesn't change the rules.
  • Me:Besides, would you say that to my boss? Who is a man?
  • Customer:Well, no...
  • Me:Why not? Why not pay him a compliment? What if he's having a shitty day?
  • Customer:That's not the-
  • Me:What's wrong with telling him that his shirt looks nice? Maybe that would be nice to hear?
  • Customer:*leaves*
brilliant narusasu in boruto the novelization, a shining beacon
  • “‘No, my dad mentioned something before…’ Boruto said. ‘That Sasuke-ojichan was the other Hokage.’”

  • “This man was named Sasuke… He could call his dad by name without any honorifics.”

  • “‘I met your kid, too.’” Sasuke’s expression became a little softer. ‘He’s really turned out to be just like you were…’”

  • “Naruto had always chased after that smile of his.”

  • “‘You shouldn’t try to learn about the current Naruto, but the Naruto who got to this point, don’t you think?’”

  • “Sasuke didn’t think about protecting himself. That’s why he handed over the Susanoo to Naruto without any hesitation.”

  • “‘I can sense that guy’s chakra.’ Sasuke said, ‘…In other words, that means he hasn’t died yet.’ Sasuke’s words had a silent, but powerful warmth.”

  • “Naruto soon figured out who was behind the sight of his son dressed up in those dearly missed clothes and that nostalgic hitai-ate. Honestly…that Sasuke…he always puts on an act…”

  • “Sasuke gave a understated smile, and then leapt up. The look on his face said that he’d said everything he wanted to say… If Sasuke had given his approval, then that was good enough.”

  • “He had no choice but to acknowledge it. The men in front of his eyes…were strong. If it was one on one, he would be able to keep up. But these two men weren’t a case of ‘one plus one equals two’. They’d long passed any calculation like that. The two were one shinobi. Like light and dark, the sun and moon. It was as if their power was born from their souls being in correlation. Two opposing forces that created everything in nature.”

  • “‘I’ll just…’ Boruto said to Sarada. ‘When you become Hokage, I’ll be a support-role for you… I’ll protect you well!’

    Sarada turned bright red. ‘E- e- eh?’

    ‘Sarada…my goal is to be a shinobi like your dad! I’ll go down my own ninja way!’” 

    Translation: ‘Sarada, I wanna be the Sasuke to your Naruto.’

So, basically fanfiction.