• Me:*putting new comics in folders on a tuesday*
  • Customer:Hey, can you sell me this book today?
  • Me:Nope, sorry. Not out until tomorrow. I can hold it for you, tho.
  • Customer:I really want it now.
  • Me:Welp.
  • Customer:What if I gave you a compliment?
  • Me:o.O
  • Me:Well as incredibly magnanimous and generous as that would be, I'm afraid that doesn't change the rules.
  • Me:Besides, would you say that to my boss? Who is a man?
  • Customer:Well, no...
  • Me:Why not? Why not pay him a compliment? What if he's having a shitty day?
  • Customer:That's not the-
  • Me:What's wrong with telling him that his shirt looks nice? Maybe that would be nice to hear?
  • Customer:*leaves*
I don’t know what’s harder, falling asleep or waking up.
—  Wordless Poet

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