Chapter 1, page 7

I AM BACK, THE RIFT IS BACK! Anyone still here? ^^;

I actually finished an exam session three weeks ago already, but it was damn hard to get back on track after that. I hope I’ll be able to pull off regular updates once from now on again.

Also a minigame: spot the moment I got lazy with drawing :D

Who would be interested in me posting an unfinished Masterchef Klaine AU fic?

Story time: I’ve had this idea for years and only started writing it after glee ended. Then I got, well, I guess lazy or uninspired so it’s missing like one chapter and an epilogue. Besides that it’s about 12 or 13 chapters. My thought is that maybe, if I finally start posting it (which I didn’t want to do until it was done originally) maybe I’ll finish it, but no promises. I could always post my outline of the last two chapters as well, since I am more focused on original writing now, rather than fan fiction.

Soooo, I guess let me know if any klainers left out there are interested!


Here are this two! Only left is Foxy and golden freddy, also I just finish reading the book of FNAF: The Silver Eyes, later I’ll do fan arts of my favorite parts of the book, it was awesome, I never finish reading a book before because I’m too lazy xD but this one just got my eye and I was always desperate to get home to keep reading, fell in love with it

Soooo…I’ll leave her Freddy and Chica