No Shade Here

It will be deleted.  I’m sitting with a drink in baking bright sunshine.  I guess if you were hit from behind by the Georgia map,  or if Sam’s showing up at the wedding sealed it for you that he’s a cheating lying scoundrel, then yes, you may feel used and played.  I do not.  This has looked so fake and contrived from the get go, all roads leading to one place only…a certain IMDB profile,  with Sam and Cait able to spend the pre-Oscar days showcasing their individual personas without Jamie and Claire. 

Take a look at who’s acknowledged Sam’s new gf…IW, BG, Annabella, Just Jared, and who hasn’t…any of Sam’s friends, his best friend Cait,  Sam.  The new gf that he first introduced to us at the Scottish baftas and seemed so proud of…(snark)  The new gf that all his friends should have embraced by now and shown support for.  The new gf who shows him so much respect in her sm dealings. The new gf he’s met with personally five times.  Yeah, that new gf. The one he had to settle for because he couldn’t get a date in Scotland. 

The Oscars are over now.  The director has yelled ‘cut’, ‘take five people’  and everyone is suddenly relaxed and happy again.  This has sucked.  I hated it, and I pray it won’t have to be repeated, but…yeah, who knows.

What I do know is that they aren’t amping up the banter to sell tickets to a sold out con, and they are good people doing the best they can in a crappy situation.  I know that if my husband is attending an after hours work function the fact that I don’t tweet ‘Kaboom!’ to him doesn’t mean I’m ignoring him.  It means I’m acting responsibly and professionally.  So ask yourself, from what you’ve seen and heard, does your otp default to a baseline sullen, withdrawn, all-work-no-play in real life and haul out the flirty banter when they’re told to for PR purposes?  Or do they default to a norm of happy, fun, sharing and caring kindness and stuff it all away when the boss calls them into the office?  Is your ship half empty or half full?  Mine is overflowing.


Hoseok is sunshine. I will not deny that. However, he isn’t like that all the time. I can even say he is more serious than he and the other members let on. Hoseok even said so himself that he wasn’t like this pre-debut. Hoseok is very caring. There are instances were he can be snarky (he and Jimin get into it a lot). I don’t think he is smiling all the time either. I think that might just be his face. You really have too look at his eyes to see if he’s really happy. Sometimes his smiles don’t teach his eyes at all. He has alot of worries and he needs someone to take care of him and people to tell his worries to. I think suga is taking right now.

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Okay I have to go to work now, but that episode is slowly taking hold of me. I cannot believe how #married they are. Everything about them! Everything! All the little arguments, Ellie getting him to say sorry, the way the work so seamlessly together, Ellie turning up dramatically on his doorstep, Ellie liking his shitty tea, the way they communicate with one look, their fuckening matching shoes and clothes. I guarantee very soon that either someone will mistake them for a couple and they’ll do the awkward “oh no we’re not together,” or someone will roll their eyes at their shenanigans and say “get a room” leading to indignant protests and rampant blushing. I can’t take this. 

I honestly shipped them when they were in the kitchen “Claimed” just by how Rick was acknowledging that Michonne makes Carl happy and was like a best friend to him at the time and the way Michonne said she didn’t want to take any brakes it shows how motherly she is to Ricks children not to mention just when they would look at each other and also as soon as Michonne was walking out Rick was was watching her walk away (starring at her ass) but I thought they were cute in season 3 but didn’t ship them then and now we’re here and 7x12 is gonna end me.

Make Love, Not War Part 4

Part 1   Part 2    Part 3

Summary: Dean and the Reader just want some alone time, so what do they do when they finally get it?

Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Unprotected Sex

A/N: I’m a terrible person that never has energy to write :/


“Dean, we can’t.”

“Come on, his shower is gonna take ages! We can at least do something!”

“Not quietly we can’t.” You replied as his mouth moved to your neck, one hand tugging at the bottom of your shirt. “Look I know what we said about telling him, but if you want to then I wouldn’t mind.”

He pulled away so his lips were resting millimeters away from yours. “No it’s okay. It’s just so fucking annoying with you always being so close and yet I can’t touch you.”

“God I want you right now.”

“That’s what I’m saying! We’ve got loads of time to-”

“Dean you have to stop or at some point I’m actually going to go through with it and fuck you while your brother is within earshot.”

“Well he’s gonna find out eventually?” He replied, his other hand hooking into the waistband of your jeans.

“Look if he finds out then he’s going to make a big deal of it and start presuming we’re in a relationship or something.”

“Which we’re not!”

“Exactly. No strings attached. He won’t get that.” You agreed. Dean was now biting at your collarbone and you almost laughed at how normal your conversation was while Dean, still only half dressed, was close to fucking you against the motel wall.

“Dean, put on a shirt. I honestly can’t think straight with you looking so hot.”

“Well I can think of something we can do where all you have to think about is me looking so hot.”

You heard the door start to open and locked eyes with each other for a second too long. Instead of stepping backwards like you thought he would, Dean just moved his face in front of yours as you moved your leg down from behind his back. His hands balled up in your shirt collar and you could almost see his face physically change as he tried to look angry at you.

“This new shampoo is so bad it just- woah guys what the hell?!” Sam said, stepping into the room. “Dean get off her!”

“Aren’t you gonna get mad at him too, sweetheart? Trying to protect you.” Dean replied through gritted teeth. It was almost bad how turned on you became with him so close to you.

“Call me sweetheart one more fucking time-” you said, pushing Dean’s chest and having to move your hands quickly to stop them resting there.

“Dean, I said get the hell off her!”

“Don’t you think she can fight her own battles Sammy? Because she sure as hell does.” You could tell this was turning him on too, the fact that you were only moments ago basically making out didn’t do any favors on the growing tightness of his pants either.

“You obviously don’t! What’s your problem? You don’t think a girl can be better than you at hunting?”

“No, I just don’t think you are.”

“Oh I see how it is. You’re intimidated.”

“Really?! You think I’m fucking intimidated by you? Sweetheart you couldn’t-”

“I told you not to call me sweetheart!” Man you loved it when he called you that.

“What are you gonna do about it-” you could feel his breath on your skin “-Sweetheart.”

“Okay that’s enough!” Sam practically shouted as he pushed Dean off you. “What the hell is this about.”

“Well she thinks-”

“He’s a fuckin-”

You both started at the same time before Sam cut you off again, standing in between you both. “Dean put a shirt on, anyone would think you two were fucking if they didn’t know you.”

Dean’s eyes went wide and he tried to hold in a laugh from behind Sam, where he gave you a quick wink.

“You’re both good at hunting, and somehow are even able to work together long enough while doing it to not rip each others throats out… but if you possibly think that you’re going hunting again together while acting like this…?” Sam said, sounding way too much like an annoyed parent.

“Fine! Let her go fucking hunting! See if I care!” Dean shouted. You almost ran into his arms, you couldn’t believe that even when you were faking arguments he still looked out for you.

“You know what I don’t care who it is, as long as it’s not both of you!” Sam replied.


Half a week went by after you got back to the bunker, with no arguments but also no time to see Dean either. He was constantly researching at night and sleeping during the day. You knew it was selfish of you to want to see him more, especially under the agreement you both had of no strings attached, but every time you woke up to see another beer missing, a sign that Dean was actually there the night before, it made you want him more.

You stood at a table, lightly fanning a pie you’d just made to cool it down as Dean walked in. You felt like it was the first time you’d seen him in forever, even if it had only been a few days, especially since the last time you were able to talk was around Sam.

“Hey babe,” he said, rubbing his eyes and trying to keep down a yawn. Babe was the sort of word he never used, it sounded too ‘relationship-ish’. You blamed it on his lack of sleep but couldn’t deny how amazing it sounded coming out of his mouth. “is that a freshly baked pie I smell?”

“It is.” You replied as he came up behind you, one hand holding a fork and the other wrapping around you.

He took a bite before speaking again. “Sam’s just coming… we’ve got another hunt so you better get ready.”

“No, you go. You’ve done all the research on it.”

“But I said that you-”

“I know what you said but you deserve to go.” You replied as he took another bite and then kissed you on the cheek.

“You sure?”

“Course I’m sure.”

Dean untangled himself from you and started to walk out of the door, a smile plastered on his face.

“I’ll save the pie until you get back.”


The bunker was way too big to be in on your own, but you kept yourself busy for as long as you could. Just when you thought you were about to lose your mind you heard your phone ring and smiled when you saw Dean was at the other end.

“Hey Y/N! You got time to talk?”

“Dean, all I have right now is time! Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, all’s good. We’ve only got a few minutes but we just arrived and let me tell you, you’d love it here!”


“Yeah, we actually have separate rooms for once!”

You laughed slightly, “You know me too well. Damn I wish I could just drive up there right now and find you.”

“Well actually… that’s kind of why I was calling.” You stayed silent and he took it as a cue to continue. “You know the other day when we had the fake argument after making out?”

“Yeah.” You said cautiously.

“That turned you on right? Not just the making out but like, when we were arguing too?”

“Look I know it’s weird but it kinda did. You just look so hot sometimes and in the moment and everything!” You said, flustered.

“I was thinking exactly the same thing! Not… about me being hot… I mean about the moment and you being hot. I’ve been thinking and I kinda want to try something, if it’s okay with you?”

“What did you have in mind?” You replied, putting him on speaker phone as you got yourself a beer.

“Well, I wanted to ask this when I was actually with you, but I couldn’t stop my mind from wandering when I was driving up here and- just once or something I kind of want to try being more controlling?”

“How do you mean?” You replied, suddenly very, very interested.

“Not majorly, and we sort of do it anyway, but the other day I just realised how hot it could be to be more- controlling.”

“I’ve been thinking the same thing… although you do realise that this is going to make the fake arguments we have even more awkward than they were.”

“Sam’s gonna come round in a minute but at some point we have to talk about this in detail.”

“Like safewords and stuff?”

“Yeah, boundaries and all. And of course this doesn’t mean anything has to change, we’re still just two people having fun and that’s it.”

“No, totally”

You heard light  knocking at the other end “Sam’s at the door. I’m sorry, I’ll text you later about this.”

“Yeah okay.”

You couldn’t believe it. Even two states over Sam was able to get in the way and Dean was able to mess with your feelings. You couldn’t tell if he was keeping his distance from a relationship for his sake or for yours , but you did know you couldn’t stand it much longer just being friends.


You heard the door slam and watched Dean walking down the stairs, tension obvious on his face. He threw his duffel bag against a wall before walking up to you, your back hitting brick as his mouth started nipping at your neck.

“Bad hunt. Need you.” He murmured into you.

“Wait wait wait where’s Sam?” You replied.

“He went to get beer. We need to hurry.” He said before smashing his mouth into yours, one hand balling in the back of your hair. You wrapped your leg around him pulling him closer to you. He looked down at you, his tongue darting out to wet his lips as he stepped back slightly. “Take off your shorts.”

“Right here? Shouldn’t we go to your bedroom or something.”

He cocked an eyebrow, smiling at you, “Take off your shorts.”

You did what he said, slipping them off your legs and kicking them across the floor.

“And your shirt too.” You pulled it over your head and dropped in on the floor next to you. “You know, sweetheart, I will never get tired of this sight. You always look… stunning.”

You blushed at his words as he stepped closer, looking you up and down slowly. He brushed a finger lightly against the side of your body, sending shivers down your spine. His finger hooked into the side of your panties, pulling you closer to him and kissed you again.

He pushed you back slightly, the inside of your legs hitting against the table. One hand moved up to unhook your bra and you let it fall off your arms before hooking your fingers into the waistband of his jeans, pulling him towards you.

“Keep your hands to yourself sweetheart.” He murmured against you, moving your hands away. He pushed you back lightly against the table, your back hitting it harder than expected and you sunk against it.

He moved your arms above your head, his mouth trailing hot kisses down your neck and over your chest, his legs straddling you.

He lifted himself off you, stepping back from the table and watching you closely. “Take them off.”

“I’m only wearing pan-”

“Exactly, take them off.”

You bit your lip, your mind buzzing as you pulled them down your legs and dropped them next to you. He looked you up and down, his tongue darting out as he learnt against a wall, pulling his own shirt off.

“I’m not kidding, you are so fucking hot it’s not even funny,” you blushed again, “lie back against the table.”

You did what he said, the cold surface cooling your burning skin. He stepped closer to you, his finger drawing lines on your inner thigh, immediately heating your skin again. He grabbed your legs, pulling you towards the end of the table. His finger moved between your thighs, rubbing lightly against your clit causing you to gasp.

Your heart rate rose as he pushed a finger into you, your back arching against the table. He pulled out, causing you to let out a moan at the loss, and his fingers trailed up over your body. He brought them up to your lips, brushing over them lightly before pushing them in. You sucked on them lightly before he pulled them out again, replacing them with his lips as he leant down to kiss you.

He stood up again, the sound of his belt unbuckling sending shivers up your spine.

You sucked in a breath as he pushed his tip into you, giving you a second to adjust to his size. He thrust into you and you pushed your head back letting out a whimpering moan.

There was only the sound of your gasps and his soft swears as he leant down to kiss you, his mouth trailed down your neck, nipping at your skin and leaving a trail of light red marks down to your collarbone. You felt your chest tighten as you got closer.

He pushed into you again, his pace increasing. “What do you want?”



“Please- Dean fuck, I need to cum-”

“What was that?”

“Oh god Dean I’m so fucking-” you let out a hot breath, “-fuck Dean, please let me cum.”

“Now.” Dean commanded, starting to himself.

You came, Dean still thrusting into you only extending your euphoria as you clung to the sides of the table. You felt it flood your body, as everything released. His thrusting slowed as you came back to reality, pulling out. He pulled his boxers back up and lay next to you on the table, both of you breathing heavily in silence for a moment.

“What happened?” You asked, breaking the quietness. He looked at you, confused. “On the hunt, what happened?”

You saw his jaw clench and he turned away from you. “I don’t want to go into it.”

You turned to him, your hand resting on his chest, and offered him a look in way of apology for your intrusion.

“It was my fault.” He muttered out, obviously needing to talk. “We thought we’d found it and Sam said we should go in and just kill it but I thought we should wait- I don’t know why… I guess I wanted to make sure… I didn’t trust my research I- it killed someone else.”

“That’s not your fault, it-”

“Isn’t it?!” His voice started to grow louder and you could feel his heart beating fast in his chest. “Because no matter what way you look at it, if I’d have just listened to Sam then-” He cut himself off, a lump in his throat.

“Dean, you can’t blame yourself. Dean look at me.” He did. “This isn’t your fault, it isn’t and you can’t think that.”

“But I-”

“Dean, it’s not your fault.”

He kissed you on the forehead and stood up, picking up his pile clothes from the floor. “I’m gonna have a shower. Sam’ll be back soon.”

You heard him leave, his feet padding against the cold floor.

home is wherever i’m with you 

written for day two of robron week - marriage 

“So I just sign here and I’m divorced?”


Aaron looked down at the piece of paper, shaking his head. “I want to see him, before I sign it.”

“Mr Dingle -“

“Either I sign this face to face with my husband, or I don’t sign it at all.” Aaron pushed the paper away from himself, his wedding ring glinting in the sunlight. “You can tell his solicitor that. I want a meeting with Robert there, or I’ll drag him through the divorce courts.”

the one with the divorce, the hard conversation and finding their way home to each other.

“Please leave a message after the tone.”

I’m sorry.  

I’m sorry it was my fault, in the end.

I’m sorry you felt like you had to leave.

I’m sorry I was the one who broke us.

I’m just really sorry, Robert.

Aaron sat in his solicitors office, squinting as the bright early summer sun streamed in the window. He couldn’t quite believe that he was here, that this was all really happening - he’d hoped, for a long time, that they’d be able to fix things.

Apparently not.

“Now, Mr Dingle - if you could just sign here, here and here, we’ll file the divorce papers with the court, and that’ll be the end of it.”

“Don’t I have to see him? Before we sign all this.”

“Mr Sugden has given all power of attorney to his solicitor, so no.” Kevin shook his head. “There’s been no problems between you when it comes to assets, no issues of contention. It’ll be a quick and easy process, which is all you can really ask for in these situations.”

It’s not like they had a lot of assets they’d bought together over their overly short marriage. Robert was happy to hand over his share of the scrapyard, as long as Aaron bought him out of his share of the Mill, and that was that.

“So I just sign here and I’m divorced?”


Aaron looked down at the piece of paper, shaking his head. “I want to see him, before I sign it.”

“Mr Dingle -“

“Either I sign this face to face with my husband, or I don’t sign it at all.” Aaron pushed the paper away from himself, his wedding ring glinting in the sunlight. “You can tell his solicitor that. I want a meeting with Robert there, or I’ll drag him through the divorce courts.”

“You don’t have grounds to do so, Mr Dingle.”

“I’m paying you enough money to find grounds for it, aren’t I?” Aaron shook his head. “I’m not signing until I see Robert. So you can talk about quick and easy all you want, but I’m not signing it.”

ult stevetony: ‘when in rome’

for my stony bingo card.

Tony’s slowly sipping wine. It’s not his favourite type, but it’ll do; it’s only just the morning. He’ll find something nice for the evening.

Steve’s heading towards him, frowning already, Tony sighs. This mission is plain boring, and really, forcing the Ultimates to go to Europe and chase made-up dangers? Steve should agree with him, but he clearly doesn’t.

But then Steve reaches him. “Ran out of vodka, Stark?” he asks.

Tony laughs, delighted, raises his wine glass. “You know what they say, darling. When in Rome …”

“Change your poison of choice, I see,” Steve says.

“I don’t really need a poison, now, do I?” Tony asks.

Steve looks at him sharply; something like concern in his eyes, and no, Tony can’t take it; he’s Iron Man precisely because he doesn’t want pity or months left to live.

“If something happens here, you should be sober,” Steve says finally, and good, good, they’re back to familiar territories.

“I’m basically sober,” Tony says brightly. “Nothing stronger than wine all day.”

Steve stares at him.

And I designed the suit. I can pilot it drunk.”

What would be the point otherwise, really?

Tony licks his lips—he probably looks like he’s wearing a very dark lipstick already; the joys of red wine—and Steve tenses.

Huh, Tony thinks, and does it again.

Steve’s breath catches.

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The Coallition

It was days past before he ever got to penning the letters. Letters that should have been sent immediately following his interaction with the Lord Firavels, but other issues had risen. Personal complications that had him feeling more land locked than ever.

Captains & Benefactors,

We have business to discuss regarding a Lord who may know just a little too much about Sunspire than he should. For those able, we will meet in The Lucky Wyrm this Saturday evening at six.

 ~ Kurel An’Diel

The letters were sent by Croaks. With his wings, tail and plume feathers now vibrantly colored he looked like something frightful. Still making that garish ‘Parrrr-ttt’ sound, he would no doubt be sure to try and take something in exchange for his delivery as collateral. A candle stick holder. A cuff button. A spyglass– beware your goods. 

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Imagine Jerome being obsessed with you. (Prefme)

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Jerome stood by the side of a building, watching you. He observed your every move, his eyes gliding from your head down to your toes. Everything about you was perfect in his eyes. He stood still, smirking your way. Of course you didn’t know. No. Now was not the right time. But he was still looking forward to the day where he would take you away and making you his. He relished in the idea of you belonging to him, meanwhile a guy who he had come to known as Jake approached you. His happiness faltered as he saw him stepping a little too close. Two things were for sure, you would become his queen and Jake would not live to see the light of day.

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Harry's faced down taking a nap on the couch, your son and you are trying to wake him. So of course your sons first thought is to jump on him, you follow along and somehow dog pile on top of him. Your son is yelling, "daddy wake up!" And you being you, you bite his ear lobe and huskily whisper in his ear, "yeah daddy-" carefully dragging out the 'daddy', "wake up."

And he narrows his eyes at you. “Daddy’s awake now…. and he ready to play.” With a pointed look at you.

No Whips (Theo)

this is a theo! can you guys believe it??? i never thought i’d write a theo, cause he was so terrible and suddenly there he is on screen, wearing that blue shirt, and flopping his dirty hair. So here’s a Theo. It was supposed to be a song fic, but i forgot the song. I’ll try again, perhaps.

WARNINGS: Nothing, really, it’s pretty sunshiney. Malia beats him up, and there is lots of chain talk, but that’s about it. Mentions of mother dying.

“I hope you realize its taking all my strength not to tear you in half right now.” Scott hisses, his breath stuttering in and out as his hands shake and you can’t help sharing a delightfully wide eyed look with Hayden, who rolls her eyes at you. Biting your lip, you lean forward on the bench, resting your chin on your fists.

Footsteps sound from the backdoor and you glance up, hearing a growl as you spot Malia.

“Malia…” Theo sighs, “You aren’t still upset about the whole… Shooting thing, are you?”

Your jaw drops open, your grin wide as you spot the way she’s holding her mouth, beaming when she snarls with a full set of coyote fangs. Her eyes glow vibrantly and you snicker, despite the severity of the situation, and earn an elbow in the ribs from Liam.

Malia pounces, riding Theo to the ground and Scott sighs, turning away and slumping onto the couch in the other room. You stare, wincing every time, as Malia punches Theo, over and over, to the face.

“Liam, that’s his cute part.” You whine softly, not wanting to draw her ire, but hoping someone else will. Liam shoots you an annoyed glare, smirking at the spectacle and you groan, wincing again.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to stop.” He breathes and you clutch your chest, fluttering your eyelashes at Hayden who sighs, rubbing her temple.

“Trust me, I won’t.” Malia snaps, her claws coming unsheathed and Theo gasps, eyes widening as he starts to struggle.

“Malia, enough.” Scott cuts in, his expression tired as Liam grabs her other side and the pair of them pull her snarling form back. Theo rises to an elbow to watch and you cross to his side, crouching and putting a hand on his shoulder, just in case. Can’t let him run away in the fray.

“Slow down, he’s going back in the ground, okay?” He assures her, and you can’t help feeling for her as she snarls with every breath.

“You can’t!” Liam blurts and Scott gives him a look. “He remembers Stiles.”

Scott stares at him incredulously, before the three of them glance back at Theo, who groans softly and clutches his ribs.

“You weren’t even hit there, idiot.” You mutter, your eyes flashing back to the three of them as Malia starts up.

“Scott remembers Stiles!” She counters, her voice stressed and her gaze pained. “Lydia and I remember Stiles.”

“The Dread Doctors knew all about the Wild Hunt.” Liam tries, his gaze on Scott. “He can help us.”

“Or he could kill us.” Scott reminds him and you snort, glancing at the bloodied werewolf as he sits against the kitchen island, moving pathetically.

“He’s my responsibility.” Liam stresses, and Scott narrows his gaze on the younger wolf. “Noshiko gave me the sword.”

“It’s so awkward when Mom and Dad fight.” Theo mutters and you bite down hard on your lips, covering your mouth with your palm as two werewolves across the room shout at him. Theo eyes you curiously, a smile twitching his lips and you stare pointedly at Scott across the room.

“You both are right. If Theo tries anything, we’ll send him back to the Skin Walkers, but for right now-”

“He goes back now.” Scott orders, cutting through Haydens reasoning and you can’t help it as your eyes dart between each member of the pack. There’s just no way to pick a side. Cute but evil boy lives to maybe kiss you one day or cute but evil boy returns to the underworld before you can get a crush on him?

“Except Liams the one with the sword.” Theo cuts in, face covered in blood and you can’t help cringing at the sight of him.

“Shut up!” The four of them shout and you snicker again, Malias lips twitching upwards at your reaction before she remembers her fury. Theos eyes go wide and he carefully eyes the wood floors, his hand falling back to his lap.

Scott gestures to the hallway and Liam follows him, just as Malia strides toward Theo where he sits beside you.

“Malia.” Hayden say softly, stepping between them.

“Can you give me a second alone with Theo?” She mutters, not taking her eyes off him and you eye the pair of them curiously. You smirk as an argument starts up, only to jerk in surprise as Theo cuts in.

“Okay, look, I know there are mixed feelings all around.” He says and Malia stares at him for a long moment. You raise your hand, shrugging sheepishly as she glares at you. “But I might be your only option to stop the Wild Hunt.”

You nod earnestly, beaming at Malia and she darkens at your expression.

“Let’s kill him.” She says decidedly and you droop, collapsing from your crouch to sitting on the floor, and pouting at your friend. Hayden sighs, glaring at you and corralling Malia upstairs.

“You guys have a lot of history together.” You mumble to him, unsure how to handle the semi silence of an empty room, and not react to the awkwardness of Liam and Scott arguing just across the hall. “What’d you do to everyone?”

“You don’t know?” He blinks and you scoff, rolling your eyes. You wince helplessly as Scott raises his voice and you notice Theo fighting a strange smile.

“Of course I know.” You snap, shooting him a look and muttering the nickname you know him by under your breath. “But I like to hear, after we’ve captured the bad guys, their side of the story. It’s like a good book or movie then.”

He sighs, glancing toward the wall across from him and you take your time, examining his features. With a huff at his silence, you clamber to your feet and fish a tea towel from the cabinets, running it under the tap for a moment.

“You’re comfortable here.” He observes and you wink at him as you wring the cloth out before tossing it toward his face. It smacks wetly against his hand and you lean against the island, watching him clean away the blood.

“Missed a bit.” You tease and he sighs. Crossing, you crouch beside him and take the cloth, wiping at his face. “Your little Beast killed my Mom.”

His expression falls, his eyes apologetic but you wave him off. “I don’t blame anyone. I might have, easily, back when it first happened. But there’s not a lot of time for grief when I realized just how alone her and I were. No family, no close friends, her closest friend was Melissa, their types of cagey matched.” You sigh softly, leaning back and examining his clean face and smiling. “Sometimes, when you’re looking just pathetic enough, with glowing blue eyes, you can guilt a fantastic nurse into taking you home.”

“So you were the puppy she found and decided to keep?” He asks the curiosity in his voice evident and you’re about to answer when Liam and Scott re-enter.

“Y/N.” Scott orders and you bounce to your feet, skipping to his side and grinning up at him. You’d never had a brother, but the year you’d spent with Scott felt exactly like what having a brother would be like. Theo clambers to his feet and you fiddle with the cloth in your hands, avoiding looking at what you know is about to be supremely uncomfortable. Malia sidles up to you, an arm settling on your shoulders and you lean into her.

“Ooh!” You yelp, hopping to your feet excitedly and Hayden shoots Liam a look that makes you slightly, just a tad, furious. “I have an idea.”

“Tell us about it.” Hayden says sarcastically, staring at the wall behind you sourly and you grimace. Theo taps his thigh silently, drawing your eyes, and he smiles a little. Beaming, you turn back to Scott and straighten your shoulders.

“We’ll chain him up.” You chirp and the group groans, all except Malia. “No, no, really.”

“Now isn’t the time for your fantasies, Y/N.” Hayden pipes up meanly and you shoot her an affronted look.

“It’s not a fantasy!” You snap, turning and eyeing Theo speculatively. He glares at you and you shrug back helplessly.

“It could work.” Malia adds and you beam at her as you wander to Theos side. “They held me.”

“You were chained to a wall.”

“These would definitely be like a leash, but we could still tie him up.” You add, eyeing Scott and he tilts forward, his elbows on his knees and his palms covering his eyes.

“Fine. Chain him up.” He orders and you clap happily, capturing Theos hand in yours and dragging him to his feet.

“Great! Liam and I can get that sorted right now.” You grin, pulling a softly muttering Theo toward the stairs.

“Oh, God.” Scott sighs as you clear the doorway, still holding Theos hand tight. Part of you can’t help delighting in the fact that he hasn’t jerked away.

“I thought we were becoming friends.” He chides you and you laugh, grinning at him over your shoulder, only for the smile to die when you see Liams expression.

“Ahem.” You cough, releasing Theo and slipping into the cupboard, hauling free the giant brown duffel. “Hands, please.”

Theo shoots you a dead eyed look, remaining still, and you sigh loudly.

“I said please, Theo. Where are your manners?” You groan, capturing his first hand and setting it in the cuff. He sighs as it closes, raising his second hand for you and you grin happily at him as it clicks closed. Liam reaches for the rest of the chain and you jerk back without thought, blushing darkly when they stare at you. “Can I hold it? I’ve always wanted a puppy.”

“I’m not a puppy.”

“He’s not a puppy.”

“Fine, a murder puppy, whatever. C’mon.” You plead and Liam sighs, tromping back down the stairs and you tug on the chains experimentally, laughing when Theo stumbles. “Sorry.”

His smile could curdle milk but you can’t help giggling.

Liam tugs on the chain sharply, making Theo stumble forward and you snort, skipping to his side from where you’d be distractedly scuffling through the leaves. Hayden started to turn as you bumped against Theo, making him stumble again. He shoots you a look and you wink at him, clearing your throat.

“I know we’re all very tense.” You begin solemnly, meeting Hayden and Liams eyes each, before you turn to Theo and prod his cheek, pouting playfully. “But how can you stay mad at such a pretty face?”

Liam smirks as you teasingly fawn over the resurrected werewolf while Hayden licks her lips to hide her smile. Either way, you know you’ve improved on the direness of the situation as you capture Theos chains and pull him closer to the other two. Liam offers you the rest of the chain and you gape, your hand fluttering to your chest in faux amazement.

“Why, thank you.” You joke, and he rolls his eyes, wrapping an arm around Haydens shoulders and guiding her forward, their voices hushed.

Theo eyes you before sighing, glancing pointedly toward the trees to hide what you’re sure is a smile.

“I know you’re evil and all that, but can I tell you a secret?” You half whisper, leaning toward him and you can see the way the words pique his interest. His lips twitch and you grin, unable to help yourself. “It’s a little known fact, but it’s always great when cute boys are chained up or locked away. Know why?”

Theo groans, tilting away from you but you wait, watching his act melt away as he sidles closer and gives you a bored look, the kind that says continue.

“Cause then I get to admire their cuteness but then I get to call it a study of the enemy.” You flirt and he scoffs a laugh, looking you over with half a grin and you can’t help gaping and playfully swooning. He snorts and you blow him a kiss, only to shrink as Liam clears his throat.

“Are you serious, Y/N?” Liam sighs, glaring at you and you sigh, slumping and glaring at the leaves underfoot.

“I’m just kidding.” You mumble and you can feel his scowl as he snatches the chains from your hands and pulls Theo forward. You glare at him as his back turns, embarrassment burning through your veins. You can’t help yourself, even though he’s younger than you, he’s still somehow able to make you feel like a stupid kid.

“Y/N?” Theo calls gently and you refocus on the scene before you, Liam tugging on the chains in annoyance as Theo plants his feet and watches you, a soft look in his eye.

“Yeah, I’m coming.” You beam, glancing down and inhaling softly. Swallowing hard, you jog to Theos side, smiling brightly. “You totally missed me, didn’t you? Bit dependant, aren’t we?”

“Yeah, of course.” He smiles forcedly and you fight a blush, instead throwing an arm around his shoulder and squeezing him gently. Hayden scathes you with a glare and you hold him close a moment longer before stepping away and straightening your back.

sooo? any thoughts?



Who’s got two thumbs and is now officially a member of the glorious Red Army? This guy!

Also got a RWBY backpack, which ended up being smaller than I was expecting. I didn’t take into account that Kerry was the one modeling it when I was trying to work out the size…

(he/him, please)

Bound Pt 2 - Sirius Black

warning: abusive behavior, implied murder

Remus walked through the woods, a cigarette between his lips and a camera in his hand. He had been looking for a relatively empty area to get some good nature shots for his photography final and remembered Sirius mentioning his family taking him to these mountains during break. Deciding it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try, he set off earlier that morning. It was nearly noon now, and the sun was coming through the trees ahead just right. Lifting the camera quickly, he captured the scene. As he scanned through the multiple shots, something caught his eye.

“Is that Sirius?” He whispered to himself, squinting at the leather jacket clad man in the background of his picture. Lowering the camera, he started walking towards where he had seen his friend. “Hey Sirius!”

“Shit,” Sirius cursed, shoving something into the bushes and jogging to meet Remus halfway. “What’re you doing up here?”

“Came to get some shots for my final, you were right this place is beautiful, I’m not interrupting a secret date with Severus am I?” Remus teased, elbowing Sirius in the side lightly as he glanced in the direction of the bushes. 

“Oh har har,” Sirius rolled his eyes, following Remus’ gaze. “Just a piece I’m working on is all.”

“Remus!” A woman’s voice shrieked from the bushes, Sirius instantly going rigged. Remus looked to Sirius, his blood going cold.

“Sirius is that Y/N?” He asked hesitantly. Sirius closed his eyes, exhaling deeply as he nodded. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what Moons? ‘Y/N isn’t missing or dead, I took her and I’ve been keeping her locked up in my parents cabin? Oh by the way, how’s the weather?’ Don’t quite think that was an option!” Sirius snapped, running a hand through his hair as he began to lead Remus to Y/N.

Remus followed behind him quietly for a few seconds, processing what he had heard. As they approached the bushes you felt a small rush of happiness, this was Remus. He could talk Sirius into letting you go. You were finally going to be free!

“You know I love helping, just because it’s Y/N doesn’t change anything,” Remus snickered, looking down at you with an almost murderous look in his eyes. “They’re usually gone after a few weeks, why haven’t you killed her yet?”

“I have my reasons.”

You sat against the wall once more, the binds were back on your wrists. You watched the two men with fear, following their every movement with your eyes. They were talking on the far side of the room, laughing quietly and paying very little attention to you. You closed your eyes, trying to imagine yourself anywhere but here. 

“What do you say about a little trip down to the lake Y/N? Maybe James and Lily will want to join us too,” Sirius asked you, a smirk on his lips. You couldn’t help the shiver that went down your spine.

“We have to get this over eventually princess, might as well have some fun with it,” Remus spoke up, playing with the blade of his knife. Sirius snickered, shaking his head. “It’s a shame you had to be nosy, we were all such good friends.”

“Why don’t you join us instead, it’s that or die really,” Sirius suggested, looking to Remus to see if he agreed.

“What do you mean?” You replied shakily, not fully understanding what he meant.

“Join us, like Lily,” Remus elaborated. “She found out about James and decided she could deal with it, she picks all of his victims out now.”

You nearly vomited at the thought. You took a few seconds to yourself, weighing your options. Become a murderer, or be murdered yourself.

“So what’ll it be Y/N?”

That’s it guys, what happens next is completely up to you. I’m sorry for the wait and how short it is. -Kayleigh

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Asexual Anon again; Just wanted to reiterate the point that the reason people view Riverdale!Jughead as non-ace non-aro is because Cole literally said he was, NOT because he can't both love Betty and be ace at the same time. Of course he could, but Cole said he fought for it (and I can't express how grateful I am towards him for trying), but lost out and that Jughead is NOT asexual or aromantic in Riverdale. Yes, he COULD be bi, but I'm taking a "I'll believe it when I see it" stance for now. :/

Thanks anon for pointing that out, i think there are still people around here who haven’t heard. I hadn’t quite realised that myself until recently (i watched cole’s interview i while back it wasn’t until i watched it again the other day that i fully grasped what Jughead’s portrayal was gonna be like) 

I look up to Cole a lot tbh. he’s very smart and has put a lot of study into his character. I think it’s admirable how he tried to fight for ace representation but we’re witnessing how it ended.

We’re still all rooting for him to be bi, yes. we haven’t given up on that one yet.

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(About the negan sociopath thing) i think the brutality also mostly comes with what time has made people do things. At this time they are in, you can't really not be brutal. Also he has to prove his position as a leader and if he'd go "soft" his people might not take him serious anymore. Just my thinking

i think we have to remember that this is “new” to them. Until recently they lived in a society like ours. They all had jobs. They were functioning adults.  then the apocalypse happened and their lives became completely unbalanced. this is a huge and traumatic deal. I mean, look at Rick. the guy was a sheriff but now he’s cool preaching about the “necessity” cold blood murder. Is Rick sick or he’s just the product of the world he’s living in? the same could be said about Negan and the others.  

We know from Here’s Negan that he wasn’t always brutal. Was he an asshole? Yes! Was he “evil”, brutal or physically violent? No. He loved his wife and cared about people. He is a man that went through some heavy shit and the Negan we are seeing now is the result of that.

Fiancé: I’d be *so* valuable in the zombie apocalypse. I’m a historian.

Me: Pfft! They’d be all like ‘Here’s your shovel. Dig some ditches. Negan will be taking your wife now. Don’t try to fight back or look him in the eye.’ And you know it!

Fiancé: (sniffle) Just treat her like a lady…

Me: He won’t.

—  Conversations with my fiancé
No Words Spared (!Update!)

Author: etsy-l
Pairing: Promptio & Side!Ignoct
Rating: M
Warning(s): None as of right now.
Summary:  Prompto had never once had confidence in himself. And he was living just fine that way. Until he meets three boys who suck him into experiences he never asked to be a part of.
btw updates will come every monday c:

(Chapter One)

(Chapter Two)

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jimin shouldnt be crying he should be hyping hoseok up !! 😰😰 this seems like he is being very self absorbed to me but pls dont hate me i luv jimin hes acc my bias but 😕😕😕

it can b self absorbed but idk, i myself am a victim of that kind of thinking n alot of ppl r too. it just really comes from always being held to high expectations or always feeling judged around ur family or peers. remember yall, jimin is di oldest sibiling and on top of that extremely talented and top of field. he was probably raised with alot of pressures of being the best out of everyone and constantly hearing “do better. do better.” “be the best.” can actually really impact people negatively than good. ppl can take compliments but ppl think about them in different ways. n in jimin’s case, baby boy has been complimented, thought so highly of for so long, n has been competitive for so long its taken a toll on him so now he looks for other’s praise not purposely but bc he genuinely just cant help it since it seems thats how he was raised