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I know yeah, why is it still even a thing like no one gives a shit about bg anymore😂 it was funny and relevant for the first few months but then it just got boring and pointless like honestly no one gives a shit anymore why carry it on🙄

exactly like nothing is happening anyway might as well just get it over with

Anyways I might as well list off my headcanon races ya know, just for fun. Lemme know if I fuck up at all.

Aradia: Mixed, Spanish and Japanese.
Tavros: Spanish. (Aradia’s Cousin)
Sollux: Korean
Karkat: Black (Albino)
Nepeta: Mixed, Latinx and French.
Kanaya: Black.
Terezi: Latinx
Vriska: White.
Equius: Black.
Gamzee: Mixed ? (Still working on Gamzee’s headcanons tbh)
Eridan: White, Jewish.
Feferi: Black, Maybe white passing.

The signs as Steven Universe songs

Aries: Like a Comet

Taurus: Do It For Him/Her

Gemini: Steven and the Crystal Gems

Cancer: Steven’s Lament (I Don’t Want That For You)

Leo: Stronger Than You

Virgo: Giant Woman

Libra: Love Like You

Scorpio: Strong In The Real Way

Sagittarius: Be Wherever You Are

Capricorn: What Can I Do For You

Aquarius: We Are the Crystal Gems

Pisces: Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart


Of course, every soldier is prepared to die. But these people aren’t just pawns on a chessboard. They all have names, families and feelings in their hearts too. They are all humans who live and bleed. You have the responsibility to ensure their death will not be in vain. No matter what may come, remember this in your naive heart, and be ready to die to fulfill that duty.


Parks and Recreation: First Lines vs Last Lines

You look upon the world around you and you think you know it well. I have smelled it as a wolf, listened as a cat, prowled shadows that you never dreamed existed.


“I began to think Batman and Superman occupy different parts of the mythic imagination. In superhero stories, Batman is Pluto, god of the underworld, and Superman is Apollo, god of the sky. That began to be really interesting to me, that their conflict is not just due to manipulation, but their very existence.” – Chris Terrio, screenwriter of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice