ok listen sorry for drawing these two so much, especially in boring poses i have used previously before (bc i dont have the artistic capacity to draw more creative and different poses) but like ok i just love these two so so much and im so happy for AUs bc then that means theres an AU where he DOESNT DIE and both of them just end up happy and also daventry gets two kings and everything !!

Who Should You Fight: HTTYD Books Edition
  • Hiccup the Third:Don't do it. It doesn't matter if you win or not, he's going to forgive you either way and you'll feel bad. He knows you're better than this. Don't fight Hiccup.
  • Fishlegs:You could absolutely beat him but why would you want to, you monster
  • Camicazi:You won't win but she's probably going to try to fight you at some point anyway so you might as well get it over with
  • Stoick the Vast:Is always down to fight for fun and getting on in years but he also cut his way though a horde of faceless bloodthirsty dragons that one time so. Maybe not.
  • Valhallarama:She'll kick your ass and it will be amazing. You'll thank her.
  • Grimbeard the Ghastly:You probably shouldn't but if anyone deserves a punch in the face it's him
  • Alvin the Treacherous:Depends on whether it's slim, charming Alvin focused on self-preservation or bulky man-of-war Alvin filled with all-consuming desire for revenge. But you should absolutely fight him just on principle
  • Excellinor:NOPE
  • Hiccup the Second:We have a WHOLE THIRD OF THE SERIES demonstrating why hurting him is a terrible idea (hint: it's Furious. Furious is why it's a bad idea)

Ohhh!!!! This request is too cute!!!


- He gets extremely protective over his SO

- He can be a bit overbearing at times whenever his SO and him go out

- He would look out for situations that might make his SO uncomfortable so often that he would just be ready to go from 0 to 100 real quick

- He loves having his SO so close to him, he didn’t have much positive attention back in the outback

- If his SO doesn’t want to go out, he’d respect it, he is willing to spend the day inside with them and tinker on his bombs and traps

- He talks for his SO if they are too anxious to answer back whenever they go outside, he talks a lot anyways, he figures that he might as well put it to good use

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i'm living for nicki's 'bored' look. she looks gorgeous

She always looks so disinterested and honestly? Love it, we all know this shit is probably boring as hell for them anyway might as well look fab and bored


a few klances and a klunk i never finished

per aspera ad astra // a playlist for commander shepard - first human spectre, savior of the galaxy, legend. (listen)

taegi moments galore :-)

just because i wanted a long list of taegi moments (probably not all of them, but a majority!). i tried to include all the ones i know about, so please, feel free to add some more!

most of them are linked through my blog, also i styled certain words differently to show they are different links !

note:  after shortening this, i might have missed a few moments, so i made a page as well !

ANYWAY! let’s get started ! :-)

~Highly informal tone and partially-serious ranting ahead~

Bear with me but what if that “Rule of Two” bullshit never happened?

I mean, technically? It didn’t. Like at all. 

Darth Bane is the one who originated the rule, about a thousand years before original-trilogy-timeline, but he spends an inordinate amount of time seeking out holocrons and talking to dead Sith which, frankly, signifies to me that he’s still socializing with other Sith even as he’s forming his dumbass rules. 

So anyway he makes his Rule of Two. And what does he do? Just waltzes right ahead and takes on a second apprentice “just in case” the first one couldn’t overthrow him. 

Seriously. That’s what he does. So now there’s three Sith and it’s only been like a fucking decade since he made up his own stupid rules. 

Honestly if the originator of the damn rule can’t even be assed to follow it, how in the hell does he expect subsequent generations to fare? Particularly since Sith are… you know… not really inclined to follow a whole lot of arbitrary rules…?

I won’t go into the details of the line of Sith in that millennia in between, but if we skip forward to Darth Sidious’s time we have Sidious’s first apprentice Darth Maul, right? And then when he thinks Maul is dead, he picks up Darth Tyrannus. Who also trains Asajj Ventress. And then Savage Opress. Yeah yeah, you can argue ‘til you’re blue in the face that they’re not “true Sith” but what the fuck does that even mean if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck and hatched from a duck’s egg and has all of the primary duck features guess what it’s going to be in the anatidae family tree SO CALL IT WHAT IT IS. 

So anyway. Then we have Maul coming back and suddenly he ain’t Sith no more? Because why? Sidious revoked his Sith library card? Can he not check out a Sith holocron from Korriban is that what that means. Come ON. Nothing about him has changed other than that he no longer needs Sidious to stand or fall on his own, which frankly in my ever so humble and contrite opinion makes him MORE Sith-y than he already is. He still values the same Sith ideals. He still adheres to the same Sith methods, practices, and driving forces. He’s still a Sith, sorry not sorry. 

SO ANYWAY Maul has a habit of looking at anything that moves and calling it his new apprentice so we won’t count all of those, but Savage is the main actually-legit one. So he’s back on the list. And meanwhile a little later we have Tyrannus getting axed so Sidious takes on Darth Vader as new apprentice, and I don’t even KNOW how many apprentices Vader took on but it was A DAMN WELL LOT OF THEM and then Sidious had a couple others, and then there’s his Emperor’s Hands, and there’s all of those Inquisitors too. Now the Hands and the Inquisitors had different and/or limited training, so I’ll concede those as not-quite-Sith, but they’re still pretty damn closely connected. We could end up splitting hairs and say there’s partial-Sith and half-Sith and temp-Sith who work for hourly wages (or maybe just for holidays, is Darthmas a thing or), because honestly that’s what it looks like. I dunno man, this is getting ridiculous.

SO I MEAN. “Rule of Two” rant and rave all you want, but really it doesn’t look like it was taken seriously by the Sith themselves. Honestly I get the vibe that the entire Rule of Two was some sort of massive misdirection scheme designed to get the Jedi off the proverbial backs of the collective Sith, rather than being an Actual Thing that was intended to be adhered to by the Sith themselves. 

It’s a big galaxy. I can totally see there still being entire planets full of Sith leftover from the great Sith Empire, a whole functioning remnant complete with their own private hyperspace routes (hey maybe they got some Infinity Gates to work, lol) and super-secret handshakes and backpocket handkerchiefs when they do decide to go abroad into the greater galaxy. Okay I’m getting beyond the point of ridiculous with this, BUT THE GENERAL IDEA IS NOT IMPLAUSIBLE. 

Anyway tl;dr the Rule of Two is stupid and Sarc wants to play with his new Sith original characters in whatever damn timeline period he wants, kthxbye