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i’m not saying to skip them but part 1 and 2 of jjba are almost a different anime than part 3 and on it’s kind of jarring (i’m not very far into part 3 though so o can’t actually speak for the rest of the show but from what i’ve seen it’s very different)

ahh i might as well go for em anyway because joseph’s cute

i predict that killing stalking is going to end with sangwoo turning into a cactus because he’s such a prick

The Sexual Awakening of An Innocent Pureblood, Dating The Randy Prat Who Lived - Ch.18

Okay, so it’s entirely possible that you guys are going to hate @bixgirl1 and me by the end of this chapter. 

We don’t quite have anything to say for ourselves. *hides grin*

But remember that the next post is right around the corner and that neither @bixgirl1 nor I are fond of unhappy endings/pointless angst, so please, please try not to hate us too much? We love you all so much LOL

Here’s chapter 17 for those of you who need a quick recap, and here’s the masterlist for those of you who are feeling ambitious and want to read the whole darn fic again lololol

Contains: flirting, jealousy, a huge fucking fight, mild angst (and a cliffhanger, fair warning, sorry omg lol)

Chapter 18: A Pub, Two Purebloods and A Storm

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Harry Styles Blurb/Request #5

So here’s the previously requested part II of the “Me and the boys with handle it.” blurb I did a few weeks ago. Took me a little longer than the other ones I’ve done, but I’ve been back in school and trying to keep up with No Control, so it got pushed aside a bit. But, I got a chance to sit and write recently, so this came out! I’ve got a few other requests that I’ve got to do, so look out for those in the coming weeks, too.

Hope you guys enjoy! xx

*Image is not mine. It was honestly just my inspiration for this part xx*

Part II

“Bug, leave Mumma alone, please. She’s not feeling the best.”

Their youngest—well, soon to be middle—child pouted a bit at being told he can’t cuddle with his mother. And it broke Y/N’s heart a little, seeing him so put out by not being able to sit with her and her not being able to love on him properly, but she’s just so damn uncomfortable. She’d been having contractions all day, but it was in such irregular intervals that she knew she wasn’t in active labor yet. Which was annoying as hell, because she really just wanted this baby out of her already. She’s already two days past her due date, and she’s ready to just get it over with. 

“But—” the little boy started, but Y/N cut him off, not unkindly.

“Just sit beside me, yeah?” she suggested, reaching out for his little hand. “We’ll watch some telly for a bit before Gran comes ‘round.”

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Richie’s Girl (Stan Uris/Reader)

(A/N: This is short bc I think I’ll split it up into a couple parts. Dances With Wolves is almost over so might as well. Anyways sorry if this is stupid but I felt like being stupid today. In case you guys couldn’t tell this is based on Jessie’s Girl lmao. Like I said, stupid.)

Summary: Richie Tozier somehow manages to be the first one in the Losers Club to snag himself a girlfriend. The rest of the gang takes to her quite nicely, but Stan might like her a bit more than he expected to.

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I need a fic now where before the fight with Rhea, Kara gives the necklace to Cat for safekeeping in case she doesn’t make it.”- thank @xy0009 who graciously let me write this for her 

“Aren’t you supposed to be out pummeling that alien queen into the concrete?” Cat asked, watching Supergirl land gently on her balcony.

“I am, soon. Sooner than soon,” Kara said, looking at the countdown that was playing on the corner of all the screens behind Cat’s desk. Fifteen minutes left. “I just had a talk with Kal. Er, Superman.”

Cat’s eyebrow lifted at the accidental name drop, tucking away the information for… nothing, probably. She couldn’t exactly start printing every little slip up Kara made in her presence. But it was always nice to know more than other people. “Did he give you some tips on not getting snatched by that god-awful cape?”

“No, although that would be helpful if he had any,” Kara said, twisting the end of her cape anxiously around her arm. “He just said some stuff about… about fighting for people that you cared about. His girlfriend, mostly.”

“Superman has a girlfriend?” Cat asked, sidetracked for a moment at the thought of Lois Lane finding out that her precious superhero was going home to someone else.

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When We Collide

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: PG-All

Request: Yes

Words: 4.000+

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

”So what you’re saying is that I woke up this morning expecting everything to be butterflies and rainbows, called my chauffeur to pick me up and wasted gas all the way over to my office just because you couldn’t satisfy my request?”

Luke’s tone rose by each word that left past his pink lips, his eyebrows furrowing and his marker rolling between his fingers.

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Do you think you can do #12 with Pietro?

12. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”- Pietro Maximoff

Once again you’d been dragged to one of Stark’s parties, something about showing a united front, and your protests had got you nowhere. So here you were, leant against the bar downing drink after drink, not that it could actually get you drunk anyway. You had advanced healing, meaning your metabolism just burnt straight through the alcohol, however it had its perks, such as allowing you to save the life of a certain Speedster. Since the battle against Ultron, and you saving Pietro’s life, the two of you had become incredibly close friends, even Wanda seemed to have opened up to you. However you being the idiot you were had begun falling for the Sokovian at an alarming rate, something that hadn’t gone unnoticed by the majority of the team, excluding the Speedster himself who seemed completely oblivious to how you felt. Finishing of your drink you scanned the room, looking for signs of either Maximoff twin, just someone to keep you company. “Hello Y/N.” Wanda’s accented voice rang out from beside you, snapping your gaze over to her. “Hey Wanda.” You smiled half-heartedly. “He will be here in a moment.” She smirked, causing you to blush and avert your gaze back to your hands that were wrapped around the empty glass. “Good evening ladies.” A deep voice purred from beside you, turning your head you were met with bright green eyes and a handsome face. Smiling slightly you nodded your head in recognition. “Clark.” He smiled, holding a hand out for you. “Y/N.” You replied, “And this is my friend Wanda.” You murmured gesturing to the female Maximoff. “Well it’s lovely to meet the both of you, care to join me for a drink?” His smooth voice asked, signalling to the bartender. “I’ve just gotta go see Nat, but Y/N would love to.” Wanda smiled, sending a wink your way. “Just a F/D please.” You smiled. Maybe this would be your chance to get over your feelings for Pietro, you might as well try anyway. “So Y/N, boyfriend? Husband?” Clark asked, scrunching his nose up, making you giggle. “No, no boyfriend, and definitely no husband.” You chuckled, pushing a stray strand of hair behind your ear. “Their loss.” He smirked, leaning in closer.

3rd Person POV

As soon as Pietro had entered the room in which Stark’s party was being held, his eyes scanned the room for any sign of you. Noticing you sat at the bar he went to run over to you when he saw a dark haired man leaning in close. His stomach twisted painfully and a small growl came from his throat. “Everything okay brother?” Wanda’s voice rang from his side. “Who is that with Y/N?” He asked, trying to keep his tone calm and failing. “His name is Clark and he’s a delight.” Wanda smiled, knowing how much this would annoy her brother. “Hmmph.” Pietro huffed, crossing his arms tightly across his chest. “I don’t like him, he’s not good enough for her.” Pietro growled, furrowing his brow. “Then who is brother.” Wanda murmured before walking away, hopefully this would give him the push he needed to tell her how he felt, thought Wanda.


Clark was great, but he was no Pietro. That was all you could think as the good looking man in front of you continued spouting off about one story or another. Speak of the devil, Pietro’s telltale trail zoomed past, a gust of wind following him. “So Y/N, my place is only one block away, care to join me?” Clark purred. “Um…” You murmured, but before you could even give an answer, Clark was gone, only a blue trail left behind. Looking to where the trail lead you followed it around a corner and to an empty corridor, where Pietro was holding Clark up by his lapels, dangerously close to his face. “Piet?” You murmured, walking closer to the pair. At the sign of your voice Pietro dropped Clark to the ground and span round to look at you, the anger dispersing from his eyes. Looking over the two men you could see Clark was sporting a black eye, and Pietro’s knuckles were slightly bloody. “Come on.” You murmured, grabbing Pietro by the arm and dragging him to your room.

As you at the blonde Sokovian down on your bed you grabbed your first aid kit and began patching up his knuckles. “What on earth were you thinking?” You asked, wrapping a bandage around his hand. “You don’t deserve to be spoken to that way.” He mumbled, avoiding your eyes. “Wait a minute. Were you jealous?” You asked, standing back slightly. “Pffft, no.” He grumbled, looking at the ground. “You were weren’t you.” You grinned, stepping in between his legs and gently pushing his face up, so he was looking at you. “Okay maybe but…” He began babbling before you crashed your lips against his. “It’s only you Piet. It’s only ever been you.” You murmured against his lips as his arms wrapped around your waist. “I love you.” He sighed as your hands knotted in his hair. “I love you too, you gigantic idiot.” You giggled.

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what about an anti-deku? not a villain -deku, but an anti, like, if deku is the ultimate cinnamon roll, what about an ultimate asshole? like a deku that is still with the "good guys" but is manipulative, prefers been sorounded by stronger people rather than using its own power, bully other persons, greedy, and the others preffer to not interact with him to much, (sorry for my bad english) i think it would be illarious XD

i was going to say “no thanks” because being an asshole for no reason is literally the most boring au conceivable. being an asshole, generally, is just the most boring thing you can do as a person. however izuku becoming an angry, prickly and unfriendly person in response to bakugou’s abuse – instead of becoming shy and withdrawn – would be an interesting and worthwhile au. but he’s also an asshole so he gets sidelined and tsuyu becomes the inheritor of one for all. asshole izuku au is actually just a bildungsroman where izuku learns how to let down his defenses and form healthy friendships and be happy. izuku goes and makes a good life for himself and finds some nice friends and tsuyu becomes the greatest hero in japan. true ending