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People literally look for any reason to hate on the DCEU cast. Its funny how this shit is always false & debunked too.

It’s ALWAYS the dceu cast too like….pretty much everyone on the mcu cast has been problematic but not a peep about that.

For example, there was so much Gal is a zionist discourse a couple days back, but in my years of being on this hell website, I have never seen as much outrage over scarlet johanssen being a zionist as well, and in fact, people CLAMOR for a black widow movie. It’s not a marvel vs dc thing for sure, but it sure feels like it when no one calls out actors related to the marvel universe.

Here’s a list of things

- Josh Brolin is a domestic abuser
- RDJ is a homophobe, antisemite, yellowfaced etc
- ScarJo accepted roles clearly meant for asians

I expect to see a 10 page paper on these celebrities as well by everyone who reblogged the post. Since y’all care so much for social justice. 

its always rly funny pairing the unhappy angry kid with cheerful dorky parents like w/lars’s but just also how like physically bright and colorful their house is lmfao like his mom’s Style i s2g……like his parents were super funny just even with this brief introduction of the last secret family but the contrast is beautiful just in terms of Being Humerus but also like as easily suggesting that theres a parent to kid disconnect happening hmm

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The A-Punk music video always makes me laugh its just so cute and funny and weird i'm laughing just thinking about it

I remember them saying it was rlly stressful to film or something to try and get it right LOL


the season 9 bloopers were put on youtube recently!!

its funny how in victorian novels a girl always gets sick at some point early in life and is never the same again like its just treated as a fact that she is weaker for the rest of her life and can never fully recover and now we’ve abandoned that sort of thinking because we emphasize progress and rehabilitation in mental health discourse but the secret is its not about you actually getting better as much as its about you being peak productive again and the reality is the victorians were right if you have been deathly sick either physically or mentally before you were 25 youre never going to be the same again or have the same level of health as you did before that but thats off limits to say bcs it doesnt fit the narrative of recovery

Keep on writing

Even if you don’t have any readers following your stuff. Even if you don’t get anything past 2 likes/kudos and no reblogs/comments. Even if don’t feel like sharing it any more. Even if you’ll keep it on a hidden folder in your computer. Even if you don’t get published. Even if takes you several years to finish something. Even if you can’t seem to finish anything.

Write because you have to write. Because you need to give shape to those ideas within your soul. It would be easier to have support and help from others but sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader too. And remember that you can’t get better at writing without writing (and reading).

So if you’re reading this PLEASE don’t stop writing.

A few amusing things that happened during the Touken Ranbu Costume Exhibition Event yesterday, according to some fan reports:

  • The crowd was screaming a lot while the cast was posing for the press, so Wada (Hasebe’s actor) tried to get them to settle down by putting his finger in front of his lips and going, “Shh!” …and the crowd ended up screaming even louder. ヽ(^o^)丿 Mackey (Manba’s actor) hit him on the head with his scabbard for that. ^^’
  • When it was finally time for the cast to talk, the MC asked them to hold mics instead of swords. Suzuki was in Mikazuki mode and tilted his head, acting like he had no idea what a mic was. Mackey naturally explained what it’s for and how to use it, lol. Then Suzuki went, “A ha ha! I see, I see!”
  • Mackey ended up laughing right before he introduced himself in Yamanbagiri mode, and although he did manage to keep a straight face while uttering Manba’s introductory lines, he also ended up laughing right after. :P
  • Wada was standing behind Suzuki and Mackey during the start of the talk portion. When it was time for Wada say Hasebe’s introductory lines, he made his way to the front, but Suzuki and Mackey suddenly decided to stick together and block his path. XD Wada of course complained since there he was, trying to be in character, but those two were clearly already set on bullying him before he could even introduce himself or his character, lol.