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I’m off to the cottage for the weekend (AT A WEDDING!) so probs won’t be on much AT ALL - what I will be doing is partying it up - I’m in charge of making the Bloody Caesar cocktails (google that, friends) :’)  Happy 4th of July to my sweet American friends - and happy weekend in general to the rest of you fabulous lot.  ♥ ♥

instagram is nice bc you can use it 2 strategically give off the vibe that u have a cooler life than u actually do but then you run into people from high school who are like “i wanna hear all about your exciting life!! i only see pictures of it on your instagram” and it’s like. ah yes. You’ve uncovered my facade

there are very few things i find more uncomfortable than seeing pictures of random people on trains or buses posted on the internet with some ‘hilarious caption’ about their appearance. all this talk about being non judgmental and yet here are these hundred thousand note pictures of people making fun of complete strangers online because of how they look. its gross stop doing it.