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Go check out her photos! [Monica’s Gorgeous Photos]

If you’re on Twitter, you may have seen these pictures above, of Misha examining my GISHBUS fan art that I was able to hand to him personally at the GISHBUS Event at SDCC16:     (prints now available on Society6)

(those of you with a sharp eye will notice I also have the Attack Dog!Cas print in that folder I handed him):

But Monica went above and beyond, and she was nice enough to send me photos of me when Misha gave me a firm handshake when I told him “Thank you” for portraying Castiel’s depression in a subtle, realistic way that’s helped me a lot.  (My lil sis didn’t catch that on our camera, so this is the only photographic evidence I have of that!)

LOOK AT THAT IDIOT FACE I’M MAKING….  *buries face in sand*
I was so surprised and honored that he’d shake my hand, and JOLTED when he gave me such a firm handshake. His hands were even bigger than I imagined.
Monica, you really did catch that perfect moment!!! Thank you so much!
I hope you know I smile like a fool every time I look at these pictures!

We are definitely having a Hug-War next time, Monica!

If you ever see Monica at a convention, please attack-hug her and tell her it was from me ;D (JUST BE MINDFUL OF HER CAMERA!)

[posted with Monica’s permission. Please do not repost/edit without permission from @monicad-photography ]


// 84 days to O Levels

[14-16/100 days of productivity]

// death of a salesman more like death of a literature student  //

i touched up on my literature notes today and yesterday!! (to the point that i’m no longer embarrassed to post a picture of it) also since today we were released earlier than usual, i stayed back to add on some more points in the mind map i made a while back in march. i also did a few practice papers for ss and math so i think today was really productive! hoping that you guys will be too!! (´∀`*)


Puppo/Dogger tag!! Tagged by @salty-sighthound

The first pictures I took of them, and the most recent!!

Kai at 6 weeks - 18 weeks
Katie at 7 weeks - 3 years (not the first pic but the oldest I have of her)

Tagging the peeps whose doggos I REALLY DESPERATELY want to see puppy pics of: @mooseings @noodle-dragon @noodle-shrimps @impish-iggies @huskyhuddle @calliefield @springerdays and @herebelife because I’d love to see a freshly picked thistle
(Also ok I blanked I cannot remember who I follow forgive me I want to tag all of you)


NHL Teams: New York Rangers (12/30)



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9 Photos/Gifs of your bias

This was A LOT harder than I thought it would be and i’m pretty sure i cheated by using jaebum AND jackson, but i honestly don’t know who my true bias is. i was torn on which group to do, but just know if i had chosen twice it would have been chaeyoung and jae if it was day6

i don’t know who to tag, so if you see this and you want to do it too, just say i tagged you ok? ok

anonymous asked:

The photo you posted of Harry when he came home from Africa last year -- "How is he going to top returning to us like he did last year?" -- should just be made into a poster and given to everyone to have framed in their house. Holy wow!

AGREED. The stare, the stride, the wind-blown hair, the rugged beard… everything is on point. And tbh that pic needs to be hanging up in the The Louvre or somewhere because it’s a piece of fucking art and it needs to be regarded as such.