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Hi there! I love your sculpts, they're really amazing. I think you might have answered this before, but do you have any resources about getting started, the type of clay and the tools you need? I'd love to have a go at a few things, but I've no idea how to begin.

I’ve written a few posts on this before (can’t be arsed to find them now) but not very comprehensibly. May as do that well now.

For starters, let’s think about what sculpture is. You can basically divide all the different types of sculpture into two camps: subtractive and additive. Subtractive being where you start out with a block of something hard, and carve away everything that isn’t your sculpture. Additive being you start from nothing and create mass. There are, of course, things in-between but generally speaking you’re looking at subtraction or addition. I won’t delve into the subtractive side now, since it’s a very intimidating place to start sculpting and I think people generally like starting out on the additive side– perhaps a post for another time.

So on to additive sculpture, which is what all of the sculpts on my blog are. You create mass using clay. Sounds simple, right? Not really, especially if you start thinking about it. Every clay is different, every project is different. I obviously don’t know what your projects are, but I can speak to the properties of varying clays and why they might be better or worse for whatever it is you’re doing.

So first, I’ll introduce you to a few types of clays, their properties, and what they’re best suited to be used for. Every one of these clays would be suitable for a beginner to pick up and learn with, IMO, which is why I am including them and not others. It might seem like a bit much, but bear with me– many people don’t know what can be done with clay, much less that there are more than a few types. Becoming familiar with clay of all kinds will better inform what kinds of things you can create.

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Hi, I need a little help. I'm 16 and few months ago started being interested in astronomy. I haven't made a big progress since then, because I don't know where to start. I'm quite good at maths, not so "strong" at physics, but I don't have lot of problems with this subject. What and where should I learn at first? (I started "brief history of time", found "crash course" and csuDH course, but didn't start them). My knowledge of astronomy is very very low, so I'd be thankful for your advice!

16 is a perfect time to start thinking about options in astronomy. Actually that was approximately the time I started to realize that astronomy/astrophysics is something I want to do in the future. :) 

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First of all - congratulation! You´ve already started! :) You need to have an idea about what would you like to do in the future. If it is an astronomy field - excelent! Now, next step is to know your options - I don´t know where are you from, but I guess there is a university nearby which is offering a study of astrophysics. Mostly studying astrophysics at university requires GCSE or graduation in mathematics and physics and good school results - but you need to find out by yourself, because every educational system is quite different and I don´t know how it goes in your country.
After you choose a university you want to study in, you should do next step which is realizing what are your options after you´ll finish university. I recommend you this website —> here <— you can read something about how to plan your education in astronomy/astrophysics and some tips. —> here <— is a website where many astronomers/astrophysicists are looking for jobs.  Also you can check this site —> here<— where you can find another list of jobs in this field

(I´ve answered similar questions not long time ago, so you should check it out >> here << and >> here << ) 


The fun way to learn something about a field of astronomy is to check out astronomy websites…These are my favourite:
New Scientist

If you prefer something more personal, try these books:
(These are not hard to understand and they will help you in the beginning)
The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality 
The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory
The Book of Constellations: Discover the Secrets in the Stars
The Physics Book: From the Big Bang to Quantum Resurrection, 250 Milestones in the History of Physics (Sterling Milestones)
Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space
NightWatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe

If you don´t have energy or if you are not in the mood for reading, try these documentaries:
How the Universe Works
~ The Universe (TV series)
Known Universe
~ Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
~ The Age of Hubble
~ The Year of Pluto

I also derive benefit from youtube videos…you can find many documentaries there and also many astonishing animations, tutorials and even whole lectures which can help you with better understanding math/physics/astronomy problems.
~ Astronomy lectures
~ Physics lectures
~ Math lectures
~ Astronomy animations
~ Astronomy documentaries
~ Physics documentaries

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It is important to know your options. Another important thing is to make contacts with people who know things you do not know yet. The next step is to choose what you want to achieve in the future and ensure a procedure which will get you there. Self-education is necessary :)

Don´t worry, you will get there, but it takes time and work!  

With love @astrophysicsstudent <3 

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What I like when you smack down some of these trolls is that they show they're not as savvy or knowledgeable of things as they'd like to think. Especially when their asks or comments carry a smug tone. Also to the anon who concluded Kristen couldn't be a mom of 3 based on pics- if you can find episodes online I'd check out Project Runway where we saw Heidi Klum (mom of 4) in various stages of pregnancy, including post-pregnancy. In the same season.

Lol! Very good observations Blossom!

I too have always wondered why ppl that obviously only gloss over what is out in the public domain about RK are so butthurt about what I have share. Let alone how do they even know about my blog.

That’s why I dub them haters. It’s more than obvious to me that they care more about RK being apart than they do the idea that they are actually still very much together.

It’s the same group of trolls for the most part:


The Anyone but Kristen or the Anyone but Rob “fans”

These ppl have been around since the beginning and they aren’t likely to go away unless they grow the fuck up or find other fandoms to troll (mores the pitty).

But thank you…there are times when they amuse me enough to respond.

But this weeks been a doozy for the non-believers.

1st they don’t get what they expect/want from Rob @ the LA premiere.

2nd They don’t get from Kristen’s birthday bash what they are hoping for added to that her friend sharing videos with a crib. 😂😂

3rd Rob declines the opportunity to mention the one person they are waiting with baited breath for him to acknowledge and instead Rob happily brings up Kristen when he’s not obligated to do so!

4th another video is released from LF2 showing a bassinet.

So that’s ZERO on Rob claiming who they hope is his one true love. ZERO on Kristen claiming who they are desperate to be her one true love/orientation.

But doubling down on children being in Kristen’s life…cribs & cradled.

And finally, Kristen wearing Rob’s jacket the other day in a fan pic.

Let me play devils advocate for a moment. Let’s say that jacket isn’t Rob’s. Does anyone coming to my blog actually think that:

A) Kristen is paying so much attention to her “ex” that she knows …“now, now’s the time to bring out the jacket that looks identical in color and is humongous on me and big enough to be Rob’s”??

B) That Kristen took the time to pack multiple jackets to take with her to NOLA while filming just so if the opportunity presented itself that she could grab the jacket and wear it just to drive us insane?

C) OR! Rob joined his family in NOLA after he completed his promo duties in LA and brought said jacket with him. K needed a jacket as she left that day and grabbed what was handy?

Which one of these sounds like the most logical to you??

No doubt some think Kristen has way more time on her hands as well as a crystal ball.

Anyway Blossom…their butthurt continues on it epic fashion.

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hi darling i was wondering if you have any gender bending hdc for robron xx

oh. my. GOD

anon…. anon this is amazing…. this is everything i could have ever asked for and more ?????

all right so i genuinely had never considered a genderbent!robron before but now it’s all i can think about and i’ll give it my best shot in terms of hdcs! (i’ll apologise for how long it is… i got carried away)

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I'm so immensely happy, proud, and thankful for the fame BTS has gotten ^•^ but I honestly rather see them on Weekly Idol rather that American TV shows ☹️I found a safe haven in kpop, specially BTS, and I don't want to sound selfish but I don't want it to come to a point in which they will have to focus on schedules and activities in America. (But I don't think what will happen.) I'd much rather have them do activities in Korea. Sorry if this upsets you or anyone :(

BigHit is not planning to debut BTS in America (if you mean that). It’s a good idea to have interviews overseas and being recognized by amazing artists too.

Weekly Idol is a good show but, BigHit wants BTS to be in more shows that are not only about doing funny stuff and that. They want them to be recognized as the artists they are.

the best monologue in cinematic history

i don’t have to do boo, forgive my potty mouth. i’m just… so CROSS with you, ralph. do you have ANY IDEA WHAT YOU PUT ME THROUGH???? i ran, higgledy piggledy all over creation looking for you. I ALMOST DROWNED IN CHOCOLATE MILK MIX. and then…….i met the most dynamite gal…… she gives me the honey glow something awful. BUT,,,, she rebuffed my affections!! and then, I GOT THROWN IN JAIL

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1/5 I think I'm nonbinary, I don't like being called a woman, or she pronouns generally, I don't connect to being female, and I can't even write a girl in first person! only enbies or boys(I'm a writer), I really want to use they pronouns, and I like it when people use masc terms towards/about me(handsome, boy, prince, dude, etc.) But the thing is, that's it. Some days I really hate how I look, but I don't know that I'd change it if that makes sense? Besides I have no idea what I want to

2/5 look like, and anyway some days I’m completely comfortable in my body. And besides tbh it’s mostly just my hips and I can’t change them anyway. I don’t want short hair, I’ve considered binding that would only be occasionally even if I do? I hate my chest some days, but most days I just wish it was a tad smaller or don’t care about it at all. I feel uncomfortable having a vagina (it’s the only thing that I always feel uncomfortable with) but I don’t want a penis either. I actually like

3/5 my waist, I don’t want facial hair, I wear makeup, i prefer masc clothes, but not really rly manly ones, and not even always, sometimes I do like looking more"womanly"(though put me in a dress and I’ll kill you). And anyway even with the things about myself I don’t like, it’s never a constant pain, it’s not really horrible dysphoria, it’s incredibly mild most of the time. So my problem is, I feel like I’m nonbinary, but how can I be if I’m still comfortable presenting as my assigned gender?!

4/5 I look like a woman, and I don’t want to look like a woman, I want to look nonbinary, but actually I don’t want to change the way I look at the same time?! I guess it’s more about how I’m perceived…. but how does that make any sense! I know I’m enby, but, I have no reason to be almost?? So how can I be. It’s so confusing. On the one hand I know it doesn’t matter, I present just as masc as say, Kaitlyn Alexander, (more actually as they ware dresses) except I don’t have short hair, but

5/5 then I just keep saying to myself “well clearly as you don’t have short hair and constantly wear shirts then you CANT be nonbinary!” And I know it’s not true, but on the other hand, it kind of is? Why am I? I’m so confused. Am I nonbinary, or am I just faking? Or giving in to gender roles just because I’m not high femme? And enforcing toxic ideas? Oh but I do love being called they/them and masc things! Ugh why is gender so difficult ?!? Sometimes I wish we didn’t have it 😂 help? Advice? 

I’ll give you a little tip… If you’re seriously asking if you’re faking, you’re probably not faking.

There are so many different ways people might feel dysphoria! Just because you don’t tick all the boxes doesn’t mean you aren’t nonbinary. You don’t have to hate your body or want to change it. You can be perfectly happy with your body, not as a female body, but as a nonbinary body! Because you are nonbinary, and so is your body! 

There is no “reason” for being nonbinary. You certainly don’t have to feel a certain way about your body or want to present in a certain way to qualify. Being nonbinary means something different for everyone; you just have to find your own definition. 

Honestly, it sounds to me like you already know in your heart of hearts that you are nonbinary. Now you just have to work on booting out all the exorsexist thoughts that are wriggling their way into your subconscious. It’s going to be okay. Don’t worry too much about what it means to be nonbinary - just figure out what it means for you.

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Do you ever change your clothes or do you just happen to have many identical ones? You always wear that Game Boy T-shirt whenever I see you...

Of course I change clothes! What kind of trail captain wears the same outfit till it stinks? In fact-

I have quite a few. 
Don’t get me wrong, I love my Gameboy-T, it’s a GameFreak limited edition that’s usually found horribly over priced online. You guys tend come around when I’ve already gone through my closet. I’ll try and wear more of a variety, but I won’t make any promises.

Diarmuid and Gráinne

Travelling through Ireland, you will see beautiful stone shapes called dolmens. A Dolmen is two massive, long tables of limestone. Over them as a kind of shelter is placed another giant cap stone. In the Celtic tradition these were known as  ‘Leaba Dhiarmada agus Gráinne’, i.e. the bed of Diarmuid and Gráinne. The legend tell that Gráinne was to marry Fionn, chief of the Fianna, the old Celtic warriors. She fell in love with Diarmuid. The two of them eloped and the Fianna chased them all over Ireland. They were cared for by the animals and received advice from wise people. They were told, for instance, not to spend more than two nights in any one place. It was said that when they rested at night, Diarmuid put up the Dolmen as a shelter  for his lover. The actual archeological evidence shows that these were burial places. The legend is more interesting and resonant. It is a lovely image of the helplessness which sometimes accompanies love. When you fall in love, common sense, rationality and your normal serious, reserved and respectable persona dissolve.You become revitalized. Where there is no passion, your soul is either asleep or absent. When your passion awakens, your soul becomes young and free and dances again. In this old Celtic legend, we see the power of love and the energy of passion.

John O’Donohue  -  “Anam Cara”

i rly want to start doing commissions but i have no idea how to reasonably price my art so those “i won’t buy commissions from artists who undersell themselves” ppl will buy them but also not so expensive that nobody would buy them + i don’t know if anybody would want one


@jara257 was going on about object heads the other day and, as usual, managed to drag me into liking them, haha~ Aaaand I got genuinely inspired. So I wanted to doodle some that I got the idea to do.

Cat ear headphones, a candle (that drips like a scarf?), a melty candy planet, and a lava lamp that bubbles in facial expressions.


Elise reference masterpost. For all your drawing, cosplay, or other artistic endeavor needs that involve best sister Elise

I put this together for myself because I have tentative plans to cosplay her, but I figured some of you guys might get some use out of it too so here u go

If any other pictures of her back exist (ie. turnaround concept art), or if you have a bigger version of the second image, feel free to give me a holler and I’ll update the post accordingly (I’ll put them under a cut tho since 1. the post is already kinda long and 2. I already have ten images up above and that’s the upload limit)

Also, I forget what the source for this is but apparently the purple bits in her hair are dyed streaks and not ribbon. So if you’re drawing her or cosplaying her, don’t draw them with shine/use ribbon in your wig! (unless you prefer the idea of her having ribbon that is, I won’t stop u if you do)

the signs as chris traeger quotes
  • Aries: I think a lot of things. I like thinking. I also like racquetball.
  • Taurus: If Tom were a bag of flour, that flour would never grow up to be a happy, well adjusted loaf of bread. Much less a bran muffin, which is the highest honour flour can achieve.
  • Gemini: No, no, I’m not lonely. I have me.
  • Cancer: I promised myself I was not going to cry tonight and I have already broken that promise 5 times. But I will not break it a 6th.
  • Leo: First stop, Motivation Station!
  • Virgo: I'd like you to get me some more post-its. I'd like them in multiple colors. I'd like green. I'd like yellow. Do not buy orange. I do not want orange. I have plenty of orange.
  • Libra: I am 100% certain that I am 0% sure of what I'm going to do.
  • Scorpio: I think you might find me attractive because you got drunk and kissed me when we first met.
  • Sagittarius: I love this idea, and I love me for thinking of it.
  • Capricorn: My anxiety has kept me up for over 50 hours.
  • Aquarius: And then my herbalist took this weird bee pollen paste, rubbed it around my gums and now my mouth feels like a spaceship.
  • Pisces: If I keep my body moving and my mind occupied at all times, I will avoid falling into a bottomless pit of despair.
What the hell do you think you’re doing?

[snatches the part from your chara and snarls furiously down at them] You’ve broken it! Do you have any idea how much these cost? Jesus. I explained what you had to do now you’re clearly not deaf so you must just be ignorant enough to think not listening to a teacher is smart.

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Hey CK, what's your opinion on AUs overall, like the idea of them? What are some of your favorites? You seemed to have been interested in making your own, so I thought I'd ask.

Oh my! Well actually this is my AU! Last year I read the first couple posts that Deanna put out there and I thought to myself “Wow this is basically what I would do if I was good at digital art (I have improved since then)” So I started talking to her and we became friends, she needed some help with the blog so her cousin and I decided to help out. I’ve been helping out with things since November 2015. 

I like Au’s in general, I like to use the metaphor of a garden. An Au is like sapling grown from the seed or cutting from some original tree or flower. Hopefully our tree grows up to be beautiful and strong!

As for other Au’s there are so many that I like! I don’t really follow any of them too closely but I do like to check up on them every once in a while, and do keep in mind that I probably haven’t encountered all of the ones out there so don’t go thinking that these are the greates Aus of all time or anything. But here are some of the ones that I like off the top of my head, Reapertale, Passive!CharaUndernovela, Dancetale, UnderslamError!Sans, Man-Who-Speaks-In-Hands, Snaptale, Undertale Mob, Portale I could go on but if you’re looking for new Au’s I’d go here: http://undertaleau.tumblr.com/aumasterlist or come up with one your own! n.n

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So I'm big fan of you and Mindcrack, im also transgender, I've met quite a few mindcrackers before at minecon and pax east pre transition and sometimes it makes me really sad to know that previously people who recognized me would have no idea who I am anymore.. It also terrifies me to think that if I told them I'd met them before but as a girl they wouldn't like me as much as they did.. So my question is what's your stance on trans people? Do you have a problem with them?

Why, in the world, would I have a problem with trans people? I applaud people who take life by the reigns and have the courage to control their own destiny. For some, that means a career change, for others it means coming out, and for others it’s changing their appearance, and for some that means transitioning. When you look into the face of what hurts you, and say “I’m still going to be happy in my own way”, you deserve respect, regardless. Keep doing you and congrats on your new journey

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Okay but now I really want to see garnet rapid firing her gauntlets like I'd imagine she'd be doing during the civil war. Practically the only time I'd ever expect to see her exhausted.

I have a feeling this isn’t what you meant