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Stars time starting up again this week reminded me: Galaxia first introduced herself as SAILOR Galaxia in 181 (or maybe earlier, I forget, but definitely by then), but I don't think you shared any thoughts on that. I realize we haven't gotten much out of Galaxia beyond "go get them Star Seeds" yet, but do you have any theories on if she's a true senshi, or why a senshi would be enslaving other senshi and commanding them to kill?


Right, so I did talk on this a little bit, though I think I was with Iron Mouse way back in the beginning of the season. Mostly it was to the tune of “Anybody can say anything they want, that doesn’t make it true”.

I’m kind of meh to the idea generally speaking. Or at least I WAS until Crow and Siren decided to shove their faces in and ruin everything I have ever tried to be like seriously you two have been fucking me up since LITERALLY your first seconds on-screen FUCK YOU FUCK BOTH OF YOU FOREVER YOU HAVE RUINED ME

Quite despite myself, I’ve been building fairly elaborate backstory for them. The fact that they’re fallen Senshi is kind of deliciously at the heart of it so oops I guess I care about this after all.

I’m going to be honest though, I still have no fucking clue what Galaxia is up to. She wants power, she wants to be unstoppable, but why? I keep waiting for the pieces to drop in to explain her motivation, and I have to think they’re coming soon because I have like eight episodes left for fuck’s sake. And don’t think I’ve forgotten that you started this shit with Nehellenia at the top of the season. CAN WE PLEASE NOT MAKE MY JOB MORE DIFFICULT BY LEAVING ME TO EXPLAIN THAT. SURELY SUPERS WAS ENOUGH FOR ONE SOUL.

But Galaxia herself, hmm. A thought I just had was that maybe she’s not a Senshi at all, but she wants to be? Or she was a Senshi and lost her powers? Perhaps by collecting “true Star Seeds” (and what even is that, is it each group’s ginzuishou equivalent maybe?), she can make that happen for herself? Or believes she can. I mean people are fucking terrified of Galaxia, one assumes she already HAS power. Entire galaxies are falling to her, right? (Right? Maybe not?) But maybe what she has is not the power she wants. Or …

I know a lot of my theorizing about Stars keeps coming back to the bracelets (I can’t seem to get away from them), but I think it’s telling that of all the major power displays we’ve seen from the bad guys so far come FROM THE BRACELETS. Blasts are fired through them, Star Seeds are extracted by them, characters die when they’re removed. I can’t actually think of much I’ve seen Galaxia DO that isn’t through a tool of some kind. It could be that’s nothing, but it could be it’s everything. (I’ve been laughing at her ridiculous throne, but has that been a major power source for her this whole time, hiding in plain sight?)

Now I’ve said it, I really like the idea of Galaxia basically being a huge fraud, giving herself a title (”Sailor” Galaxia) that isn’t hers, that she’s trying to steal. I like, too, how that could tie in with her and her minions taking weak/untrue/regular/whatever Star Seeds from the victims of the week and leaving in their place an army of “fake” Senshi.


[And because I am a paranoid Jet Wolf, here is your regular friendly reminder to please not confirm or deny anything here. Particularly as we round this final corner, spoilers are nobody’s friend.]

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Hey :) Do you have a link for the first video in this gifset /post/59595317853/richie-mccaw-and-boots-then-vs-now-he-is ? Thanks!

Here it is!

Sorry if it took me too long to answer, I haven’t been on in here for a while… Hope you get to see it!

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Do you have any ships you like in httyd fandom?

ahhh ok, i think this is probably going to get complex bc there’s varying levels of how i view the ships and i literally can never answer a question abt ships straightforwardly. i have lots of “what if’s” i like visualising stuff and imagining ideas based of canon to develop my own sort of headcanon worlds. 

i don’t rlly ship any cross over ships bc i don’t have the framework for them so i don’t rlly know the other characters. most of all of that goes right over my head. 

(as you probably know) i’m furiously anti hiccstr/id. i could probably stand it as “awkwardly dating for two weeks before realising they’re too different and it won’t work” 12/13 yr old hicc/strid. i don’t care abt, and don’t want to see, rufflou/t and ruffle/gs. i don’t get them and i especially don’t like that “she’s the last girl on berk [bc why else would someone want ruff?] so let’s continuously peruse her even after she’s repeatedly said no/buried us alive/etc” so i don’t want to know abt them. 

i’m not here for ruff’s interests being a joke. i am here for ruff/girls. apologetically bisexual ruffnut, yes. i do like ruffs/trid, i don’t know if in canon it rlly works well at all, but conceptually sign me up. for me ultimate ruff endgame pairing in canon would be w/ a lady who picks her bc she is incredible. not as a last resort, or last choice, someone who is like “holy shit, she’s absolutely incredible” all the time. 

i had not considered fishl/out being a thing before thor bone.crusher, but sIGN ME UP. i especially like it bc in rtt.e it has such a continuity. there’s continual underlying tone of it there, when you know to look. like snotlout spending a lot of time standing around asking fishlegs what he’s doing and then going “i don’t care”. also how genuinely pleased he was that fishlegs came back in quake rattle and roll. it feels so real. so realistic and building up. 

heatstrid is super important, they’re like #gal pals (in that sense of how the media trivialises female queerness [which is super gross] and calls girls who are clearly dating “gal pals”. the whole situation grosses me out, esp bc often the girls aren’t out so then when we try to criticse the media some of us feel bad bc it’s sort of outing to be like “no it’s more than that. don’t trivilise us.) heatstrid has SO much chemistry we’re rollin’ in it. 

tuffcup is good. yes. (listen, choice universe has won so many ppl over. it is ruffstrid angst overall, but the tuffcup is superb. i lvoe this fic series so much) haven’t been super into it lately bc:

…the thing i go rlly hard for is actually, it took me a process of a couple of weeks to reach it, tuffst.rid. listen…. i know, my friend was like “what the fuck” when she heard it, but a lot of it IS conceptual. honestly, in canon i want tuff to stay as aro as fuck as he is always, but conceptually i rlly rlly like the idea of it i think if it’d work they’d bring out important differences in each other. astrid is all hard work and rules, tuff’s all slacking off and a mess, which each other is both things they could really learn and grow from. also, in canon astrid’s like the “Perfect Viking Girl” TM, she’s this ideal and everyone views her as that, instead of person. i headcanon her family is like lower class and she works so hard so she can prove her family (esp after the fall of her uncle) and herself, her ulitmate goal is that and that’s all people see of her. they idealise her and romanticise so little of what she is (which is essentially canon astrid tbh.) so she’s used to all this attention being focused on whatever it is other ppl think abt her w/o knowing her. and tuff is genuine and wild, and over exaggerated and a blabbermouth and that sort of frank, openness is a blessing. he just likes her cause she’s herself, and doesn’t expect anything or have any further ideas what and how she needs to be. at first, it’s always grumpiness, astrid rolling her eyes and being bothered but eventually it’ll develop to being endeared. and being confused as to WHY. inexplicable, but a choice that’s worked for. 

my friend actually wrote a rlly good post abt tuffstr.id using fire meet gasoline by sia as a descriptor (after abt a month of me going !!!!!!!!!!!! at her) but that was in confidence so i won’t share it. still, fire meet gasoline is perfect, same w/ free the animal. i once said, “if you know pacifi.c rim, think the kaidanovskys” bc that imagery is perfect. a sort of horrible wonderful power couple that no one gets, but doesn’t question. also, i think they’re closer strength wise, and that’s important bc in canon violence in berk is a form of expressing affection, particularly shown by the twins. tuff can hold his own, he and ruff express affection for each other by punching each other. it’s just life for them. anyway, see i do go hard for this, and it’s just so foreign in fandom i want to keep this ridiculous trash safe. it’s precious and no one understands it and i’m not all that great at the detail, i collect fragments of things in obscure tags that express what emotion i associate w/ them. 

anyway, thank you for this question!! if i haven’t mentioned a ship, i probably don’t have any opinions on it, either bc i haven’t considered it or i just dont have a reference frame for the characters. sorry this got so long omg!

Liking a character does not mean liking their actions

Liking a character does not mean agreeing with their ideals

Liking a character does not mean ignoring their flaws

Being fascinated by a character is not the same as idolizing them