But give her some credit

broadway lines out of context Tuck Everlasting

-wheres my riffle? winnie can shoot me!

-winnie, this is my father angus, he’s usually in clothes.

-seventeen?! wow, that is old.

-this is winnie, she followed me here. can we keep her?

-dad, i did something really stupid. jesse, give yourself some credit, you do something really stupid every day.

-no ones shooting anyone… i just cleaned.


-daMNIT! what? everyone curses when they get shot.

-there’s NO such THING as A nice YELLOW

-in six years. what’s the difference. TRUST ME there’s a difference.

-these flipping things are everywhere.

-there you go again, fabric hating. if he hated the fabric he woulda never bought the suit.

-how that woman likes to gAB.

-mom, i did something really stupid. well that’s a new record, i haven’t even had breakfast.


-sometimes i wish i would wake up with grey hair and a potbelly… speaking of your father.


-okay i’m thinking… i’m done.


-you’re not a dope hugo. that’s the nicest thing anyones ever said to me.

-don’t you need water to fish?



Dream Daddy Cult Ending

Okay, so I’ve gone through Dream Daddy’s files, and have found the cult ending! I’m pretty sure you can’t actually get this ending, but I wanted to share it. I know I got frustrated trying to find it online.


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ok but is anyone talking about how like

Chloe rehired her butler without any push from Ladybug? She decided being nice wasn’t so bad on her own, rehired him on her own, and helped out on her own. Not to mention she got Marinette’s dad to attend the party to teach about macarons after she ruined their chance at school. She did all of that without being prompted.

Was her ulterior motive keeping Adrien as a friend? Yes, yes it was. Did that dictate every decision henceforth? No. She did those things because she wanted to.

If you don’t like her, fine, but you have to give her some credit. She’s already doing so well in terms of development and it’s been one episode.

Previously, Ladybug had to prompt her to rekindle her friendship with Sabrina.

This time, Ladybug didn’t need to speak a word.

Chloe Bourgeois is well on her way to a redemption, folks.

And it.



Is there a trope like “Tomorrow you will hate me for not telling you that I’m related to your biggest enemy but at least I’ll have tonight to remember you by for the rest of my life”?

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The Styles Effect Pt. 1

Part Two Part Three

Requests Open

Warnings: Cursing, feelings, multiple parts (slowish burn)

Pairing: Reader x Harry(s)


Y/n finds a notification on her phone asking to make a wish.

Little did she think that her wishing all her Harry fanfictions to come to life would actually come true, and the craziness it would bring.

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Am I the only one who thinks jealous!amy was actually sad!amy because it’s almost like kelly is replacing her as Jonah’s partner in crime and it’s literally so hurtful to see your best friend find a new best friend

Hypocrite (Bucky x Reader)

So guys, this is my firt smut ever, but please be honest :) English is not my first language so I would be really thankful for telling me where are mistakes :) Have fun!

Word count: 2140

Warnings: SMUT, choking, dominant and jealous Bucky, generally SIN

Summary: Minimal plot, just smut.

„Where the hell are you going?” Bucky asked her with the irritation in his voice, eyes slowly gazing over her new dress.

“It’s my day off, I have a date.” Y/N said simply.

“We are Avengers, we don’t have days off and dates”

“Yeah? But we can came home with one-stand chicks? Should I try this Bucky?” Y/N couldn’t stop herself. She was pretty nervous, and the judging way Barnes is looking at her, didn’t help. And his excuse? Fucking hypocrite!

“You look very nice, Y/N” Steve said, entering the kitchen. “Date with this Jason guy?”

“Thank you Stevie, we decided to take this on the next level” Y/N said with a shy smile. “In any case, I have my phone with me” She added looking at annoyed Bucky, who was cutting his vegetables with too much force than necessary.

“There is no need to worry, everybody deserves a break sometimes, right Buck?” He snored furiously.

“Yeah. I love wasting time collecting MY team over the whole New York city”

“So thanks God that I am not dating Thor!” The sharp knife lost his rhythm. “I better keep going, Jason is waiting outside” She said to nobody particular and with heels clicking on the floor left the kitchen.

“Who the hell is this Jason guy?” Bucky asked trying to sound careless without too much success.

“You really should stop being so harsh with her, you are good friends’’ Capitan said completely ignoring his question. He was sick of their constantly bickering.

“He can be Hydra” Bucky tried again.

“I don’t think Hydra uses Tinder… “

“What the fuck is Tinder?”

“Language.” Steve rolled his eyes, his patience coming to an end. “Tinder is sort of dating app…But she is big girl, Buck, she can do it, they will be in public and  it’s just one date. Give her some credit.”

With unknown reasons, Bucky was hoping that her first dinner with this guy will end up terrible. When this Jason guy arrived earlier this afternoon, his curiosity take him to the nearest window, just to hear a bunch of giggles, and kissy sounds. There she was standing, laughing with some guy. Simple ordinary man, who for sure doesn’t have any super strength to protect her. Bucky knows this types of guys and he knows what they want. Especially with sweet looking girl like Y/N, dressed in this too appealing dress, if somebody asked him. He snort angrily.

“Man you got this really hard” Sam’s voice bring him back from his thoughts. “ You should react earlier, when you have a chance. Now she has fun, and you acting all jealous and possessive ain’t helping”

“What… I am not, I am.. she. We are just.. team”

“For a deadly weapon you are pretty dumb you know”

“Fuck you Wilson”

“I am just saying that she gave you every possible hint that she is interested in you, more than in a friendly way. “

“So why she is on date with this guy?!”

“I would say that she lost her patience idiot, you bringing this chicks isn’t helping too”

“But she didn’t show..”

“Bucky let’s cuddle while watching this super cheesy film! Oh Bucky I made your favourite pancakes. You are my safe place Bucky!” Sam said in high-pitched voice trying to imitate Y/N. ”And by the way all this sexual game of yours, it’s making everyone uncomfortable. And when we went to club last week you decided to came home with this girl. I am not surprised that she is angry with you, dumbass” Sam finished his juice, brutally crushing the bottle. “ Act man. Really. ” And with that he left the kitchen, leaving Bucky with shocked expression which slowly turned into a devilish grin on his face.

“Oh what a bad girl you are Y/N, not telling me the truth.” He whispered licking his lips, hoping that you are gonna be back soon.

It was 10:13 p.m. when she arrived, groaning slightly. What a waste of time, she could stay home really. She was hoping that maybe one innocent date will make her feel better, but it’s only made her feel more frustrated. Bucky was totally oblivious to her attempt in flirting with him, in the same time teasing her, making their love-hate relationship progress into nothing but weeks of sexual frustration mixed with the “we are only friends” days. She get lost in her thoughts, not even moving when the Friday told her that it’s her floor.

“Y/N” She heard her name fall from Winter Soldier lips when she finally step out from the elevator. He was sitting in one of this super comfortable armchairs Tony recently bought, wearing simple, black training gear. The room was dark, only lighted by fire in the electric fireplace.

“James” She looked at him, not quite know what to expect.

“Had fun?” He asked, standing. She shivered visible because of the unknown behaviour of him, which make her feel like a pray.

“A lot of” She wasn’t gonna tell him that since the appetizer part, she was bored to death, silently prying for a mission. And this strange behaviour of Jason when he came back to the table from his phone talk didn’t make the situation better. He looked almost afraid to touch her.

“Trouble sleeping?” She asked lightly, trying to ignore his strange demeanour.

“I was waiting for you” He answered slowly moving forward.

“Why? There was a mission nobody told me?” She spat, suddenly irritated. Why everybody are acting so strange today?

“You acted irresponsible. He could be Hydra.”

“And you suddenly worry about me?” She snorted, crossing her arms and raising her head to look him in the eye.

“I am always worried about you Y/N” He said quietly but without hesitation. Ouch. That was new. The serious tone, and his dark eyes which never leaving hers made her shiver. Her breath hitched, when his dilated pupils locked on her pink lips.  “They could use you…”

“What..?” She asked not quite understanding what he means.

“To infiltrate an collect some information. You could have transmitter somewhere under that pretty dress” He was standing now in front of her, chest to chest, so close that she could feel heat radiating from his body.

“He would have to put his hands there soldier” She said with anticipation waiting what he is going to do next.

“We can’t be sure, can we” His eyes locked on hers, when he kneeled before her, his large hands resting on delicate ankles.

“No.. we can’t.” She whispered. He smirked in answer, his palms travelling up and up, through her calves to the delicate spot behind her knees. She budged slightly, her hands lean on his shoulder. And when Bucky circled round patterns on the skin there she hardly held back a moan.

“Did he touch you there, doll?”


“So I have to look further then..” His lips lazily grazed the spot right above the knee. And in the moment after, his head disappeared under the hem of her dress.

“Oh James!” If he wasn’t holding her, she would fell for sure, his hands roamed with care over the back of her bare, thighs, lips slowly kissed the way up and up, and when she felt him nib softly the material of her lingerie, she couldn’t contain moans any longer.

“Oh God” Her hands travelled to his hair and when she tucked them lightly she swear, she felt him growl.  His moves become more intense and greedy. Y/N felt the lacy material of her delicates getting ripped, her back hitting  the wall behind her, one of her legs on his shoulder to give him better angle, keeping him close. With the passion in his actions, she know she isn’t gonna last long.

His name on her lips like mantra, she reached her high, toes curled, nails scratching his hair almost painfully. The waves of pleasure slam in her one after another, with him still attacking her, sucking and licking without mercy. Her back slide slowly by the wall, with trembling breath. Before she could sit on the floor, he caught her, hands on her hips, lifting her and placing her softly on one of his bend knee. Her shoulder circled around his neck when she still tried to retrieve her composure, Bucky’s head in the crook of her neck, leaving butterfly kisses. When his hands squeezed her harder, tracing her sensitive pussy on his knee, her eyes rolled up in her head, mouth open wide, moans falling without control.

“Bucky! Oh God!” She tried to free herself from his lock, feeling that she can’t take anymore.

“Is he make you feel this good Y/N?! Are you this wet because of him?” He continued, not making any attempt to stop.

“No, no Bucky. Only you. Only you James” Her head was shaking furiously. “Please I can’t.. I can’t anymore, stop..”

“No.” He growled almost animalistic. “ You were really bad girl Y/N” One of his hand travelled up, massaging her breast, to choke her slightly on her neck, her head resting now on the wall. He looked directly in her eyes, and she almost came again when she saw all this emotions in his dark eyes. Lust. Anger. Possessiveness. Affection.

“Not. Telling. Me. The. Truth” After every word the traced her hips harder and harder. “Going out with other men. Tell me Y/N who do you like better? Who do you want doll?” Her hands caught his arm, trying to gain some self-control to build a sentence. Dark, wet locks stuck to his forehead, his nose almost touched hers, hot breath mixed together.

“You, you. Oh Bucky, only you. I love you, Oh Godd I want you in..” He kissed her hard, teeth and tongue, sucking the air from her lungs. The second orgasm hit her hard and before she knew what happened he lifted her up, her wet, hot core pressed to the bulge in his pants. She acted without thinking, trying to bring herself closer, his hand working on zipper in his trousers too slow.

“Yes James. Please, please…” She felt his length pressed firmly, coating all her juices and in one swift motion he was in her.

“Mine, you are mine, all mine”  He whispered eyes locked on hers.

“Yes, yes I am all yours, all…”  Her hand roamed over his back, under the t-shirt, grasping, bringing him closer if it is possible. Lips leaving kisses on his face, lips, neck, sucking and nipping.

“So good to me, always . Oh God I love you so much Y/N” He bring her by her neck to his lips, hips working deliciously on this right spot inside of her. Skin slapping, the material of her dress ripped apart, hand grazing on hard nipples. He slammed into her hard, almost painfully, stretching her in the most delicious way.

“Bucky, I am gonna..” She cried with pleasure, nails leaving marks on his back. He grazed her cheeks  with his hand, thumb over her lips. She opened them, tasting herself, and sucking harder. His lips marking her neck, sucking on the pulse point. Other hand grabbing her ass, pushing harder and harder.

“Baby doll” His eyes met hers again, locked, forehead touching, brows furrowed. “Cum for me”

And she came with loud raspy scream, her head falling back. He came soon after, with one final push, coating her. His head in her breast, loud moans escaping his lips, knees trembling. With the last remained strength, they slide carefully on the floor. Heavy breaths slowly fading. He put her in strong embrace, hands stroking her back tenderly.

“I am sorry Y/N. For not realising this sooner.” He said quietly, kissing her forehead softly.

“Yeah, take you long enough” She laughed with tired voice, constant smile on her lips. Bucky pecked her nose, and eyes and she giggled.

“Oh God Y/N… We didn’t… I didn’t use protection” He said in shaky voice looking at her anxiously.

“It’s okay Bucky, I am on the pill” Y/N kissed him lovingly, feeling him relaxing immediately. “I had a date today, didn’t I?” She clenched around him, looking in his eyes with mischievous smirk.

“Don’t tease me babygirl” He growled, his hands squeezing her bum and bringing her closer to him.

“If I would know how you react to this, I would do this sooner” She hissed when he pull out from her, but still not letting her go, he stand with her in his arms, one hand taking theirs ripped clothes.

“Where are we going Bucky?” Y/N asked confused, holding onto him with her legs on his hips, arms on his shoulders. She felt him hardening again beneath her.

“I told you not to tease me doll, you didn’t listen so now I am gonna teach you a lesson” He said with devilish smirk, spanking her lightly.

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do u think Raven (in the shower biz fic),once she saw Clarke stroll towards the shower w Bellamy in it, that she opened up the groupchat: Raven-it's happened!!- Raven-i'm @ bellamy n clarkes apt & theyre literally showering together!!!!!!!111!!!!!- Raven-who bet on 4 months- Jasper-IUFESJDKXNOUJFKXVCIHOFDLB- Jasper-FINALLY- Miller-yea that was me pay up *sunglasses emoji*-

this?? turned?? into?? a fic?? wow okay

wc: 2 458
part 1 | read on ao3

Saturday, 8: 53 a.m.
Mom and Dad aren’t home

Raven: i don’t mean to alarm anybody but i think bellamy and clarke are dating
Raven: or at least having sex

Harper: [click to view image]

Murphy: you can’t say that and then not expect us to be alarmed reyes
Murphy: some of us have money riding on this shit

Monty: pics or it didn’t happen

Jasper: [click to view image]

Miller: Jasper if you don’t stop fucking screaming i’m coming over there and choking you

Jasper: ooh kinky ;) ;)

Monty: excuse you, i’m the only one allowed to flirt with miller here

Raven: yeah jasper, keep your kinks to yourself
Raven: this is me kinkshaming you

Jasper: jokes on you kinkshaming is my kink

Monty: how much kink could a kinkshame shame if a kinkshame could shame kink

Miller: i will murder all of you is2g

Raven: we already have one psychopath in this groupchat miller we don’t need another one

Murphy: fuck you reyes

Harper: she didn’t say it was you murphy
Harper: … but we all know it’s you

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by the amazing @baasama for the tinder au 

“well aren’t you two just precious,” tenten teases. she submits her own comment on sakura’s instragram photo and laughs at the way sakura tries to contain her smile. “looks like you found your tinder boy.”

“he’s not my tinder boy.”

“he’s a little bit your tinder boy.”

sakura rolls her eyes and is glad she kept to herself the fact that she more of less found sasuke online within about a day of him not liking her back. he was the guy she had super-liked on tinder last week. was she a little bit crazy? maybe. was she ashamed? also maybe. 

her search was difficult since virtually all of his social media accounts had no posts therefore nothing to work with, but sakura was able to find his main group of friends and so she stalked him through the one named naruto uzumaki. 

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The Styles Effect Pt. 2

Part One Part Three

Requests Open

Warnings: Cursing, a little smut (teacher Harry), feelings, multiple parts (slowish burn)

Pairing: Reader x Harry(s)


Y/n finds a notification on her phone asking to make a wish.

Little did she think that her wishing all her Harry fanfictions to come to life would actually come true, and the craziness it would bring.

*Y/N = your name *Y/L/N = your last name *Y/F/N = your friend’s name *Y/O/F/N= your other friend’s name

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What do you think of people saying Taylor "fleecing" fans on twitter about the whole ticketmaster thing?? It's on twitter. I have no idea what to make of it I'm so confused.

here’s the real tea :

if you know taylor swift and if you know her character, and you know she’s never charged a penny for meet and greets and has gone to EXTREME, unnecessary lengths to meet fans for HOURS before and after concerts and inside the comfort and privacy of her own home, for free, you would know she had good intentions.

i genuinely think she imagined that whoever would be interested to come to her show would also pay $13 to buy her album on iTunes ANYWAY, so why not give them some credit for it? not to mention the fact that 1 purchase = 1 boost, while watching videos and sharing on social media = 30-40 boosts DAILY depending on how committed you are to getting them, completely free of charge.

not to mention that NONE OF THIS IS EVEN NECESSARY to buy tickets at all. you can still participate in the pre-sale without doing anything, and if you don’t get the type of tickets you want you can always opt for the general sale. it’s always a toss up when it comes to ticketmaster. someone with better wifi and luck can get better seats than you so why do we even bother tbh

where’s the tea on artists who charge upwards of thousands of dollars for some floor seats and 30 seconds of their time in which they refuse autographs and hugs in a shitty meet and greet? aren’t they fleecing their fans? where’s the national news on that

Faulkner & Hemmingway

Just as professor Goldsby is about to respond, she hears a scoff come from the back of the lecture hall before a booming voice cuts their professor off, “Of course that’s what you would pull from that scene,” the voice says with a laugh, “It’s always the husband who ruins the relationship, let’s just look past the fact she’s actually insane right?”

Y/N whips around in her seat to see a smug grin etched onto the face of a boy a few rows back. She’s knows his face instantly, Calum Hood-the campus asshole. He’s known for going through girls in the blink of an eye, and just being an overall dick to those around him. Y/N wasn’t even aware he was in this class, he’s literally never contributed to the class discussion until now, and it was really pissing her off.


The one where Calum is in Y/N’s English Lit class.

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Could you do a full blurb of Noah wanting to cuddle while you’re busy studying, please?

A/N: Hey here ya go!! This is adorable! Thanks for requesting, hope you enjoy!




Extra Credit - Noah Centineo

“Noah stop, I’m trying to study.”

Her boyfriend smirked from where he was laying on top of her, “Study me. I’ll even give you some extra credit.” Y/N groaned as she pushed him so he was laying beside her and told him, “I don’t have a test on you tomorrow, I have a test on chemistry.” Noah perked up as he said, “I like chemistry, I can help you study!”

Y/N laughed, “No, because with you studying leads to kissing which leads to things that make me fail my exam.” Noah groaned and and sat up before looking at her as he said, “You’ve never complained about those things before.” She rolled her eyes and told him, “Not out loud anyways.” At Noah’s groan, she pushed him off the bed and towards the door, “This is what I meant! Distraction! Out!”

He stopped in the doorway and turned back as he said, “Babe, we both know you already know this stuff. I heard you reciting the periodic table this morning. You’re a genius.” Y/N blushed but still waved him away as she said, “Flattery will get you nowhere.”

Noah let out a dramatic sigh as he turned to leave. He almost had the door shut when Y/N groaned and called after him, “Fine, you can distract me. But only for a little bit!” Before the last sentence had even left her mouth, she was being tackled onto the bed and smothered in kisses. She pulled away only long enough to ask, “Now, what were you saying about extra credit?”

The Styles Effect Pt. 3

Part One Part Two

Requests Open

Warnings: Cursing, fluffy prince!harry, Slight Kidnapping, Nudity (according to Harry #3), hella gifs

Pairing: Reader x Harry(s)


Y/n finds a notification on her phone asking to make a wish.

She thought nothing of it when she decided her wish, a wish for all the fanfiction Harry’s she’s read, to become real.

Sure she thought nothing of it- until it came true.

“Are you fucking kidding me here! Do you know how many fucking psycho daddy demon fanfics I’ve read in my lifetime?!”

*Y/N = your name 

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