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Hey kids I wrote a longer version of The Night Yuuri Katsuki Lost His Mind, AKA the College AU

Yuuri jerks awake just after midnight, realizes that he is surrounded by what to the uninitiated observer would look like the detritus of the insane, and quickly gleans from the angle of the ceiling that he is on the floor.

He flings out a hand, looking for his phone. The light of the screen, even set to its lowest level, pulls a violated wail from his throat.

“Oh my GOD,” Phichit says from the sofa. He sits up, flops himself over the edge. The hamsters start squealing at the sound of their father’s voice. “I submitted myself to only getting an hour of sleep but I am getting an HOUR of sleep, Yuuri Katsuki, do you hear me?”

“When does Starbucks open?” Yuuri demands blearily, trying to work up the energy to disconnect his cheek from the carpet. It smells like Timothy hay and despair.

“This is a college town you absolute disaster,” Phichit growls from the depths of the couch cushion he has his face shoved into. “Starbucks never closes.”

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Betrayal at its Finest- Drarry Discord Drabble Challenge

Hello! This is my drabble for the monthly drarry discord drabble challenge!

Prompter: lettersbyelise
Prompt: “I’m not sorry.”
Word limit: 369

Also, huge thanks to my beta @cubedcoffeecake !

I was inspired by the comments/reactions I got in the discord so I will upload a second (and possibly third chapter to the drabble) to add onto this!


Which do you think Draco will choose: friendship or love?

You’re about to find out.

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Harry and Draco are in the middle of a housewarming party when it happens. Again. Draco pulls Pansy away, taking her into the empty kitchen.

“Look, Pansy, you need to back off.” Draco is absolutely livid. He’s beyond thinking clearly; he cannot believe Pansy, his best friend. Can she even be considered his best friend, after what she’s tried to pull multiple times?

“Whatever do you mean, darling? I was just talking to Potter about–”

“Don’t you dare play smart with me,” Draco interrupts, “You’ve been doing this for months and I’m tired of it. You’re supposed to be my friend.”

“I am your friend, Draco,” Pansy replies innocently. “But why should that mean I can’t have any fun?”

Draco pinches the bridge of his nose in frustration. Has he ever been this infuriating?

“Pansy, you know you can have fun as long as it’s not with my boyfriend. Harry’s too nice to tell you himself, but he doesn’t want to fuck you! Nor be with you, for that matter! Can’t you see we’re happy? Why are you trying to rip him away from me? I’ve given you chances to stop, and you haven’t, so we’re having this conversation.

“If you had feelings for him you should have told me. It’s too late now. Stop sabotaging.”

“Draco… I thought you’d understand. Since we’re friends and all,” she tells him.

“Understand what?” His tone is sharp and filled with challenge. She better not say what he’s sure she’ll answer.

“I figured you’d be okay with it. Thought it didn’t matter who was dating him, that we’d still be friends.”

Is she serious right now?

“Pansy. Harry and I are engaged. If you can’t put away your feelings and be happy for me, then leave. I’m done putting up with this. Merlin knows I have to deal with this from his fans, but I didn’t expect this from you.”

Really? You’d choose him over me?

Due to Pansy’s volume, Draco’s sure their friends have heard them now.

“Fine.” Pansy’s out the door before he can say ‘Quidditch.’

Harry enters the kitchen, distress written on his face.

“Draco… Maybe you should talk to her. You know she’d never–”

“No. I’m not sorry.”

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a new path read along

time for a final update before i share the link to the document (the 105 paged document, yoof).

so the plan for this will be that pretty much each evening i’ll come in at 8pm EST and read a chapter and give y’all commentary and whatnot for what i had written. you guys are welcome to join me for the hour i’ll hang out in the document, writing my comments, responding to all of yours. it’s gonna be fun!

the “scheduled” aspect is just for my commentary thing. you guys are welcome into the document whenever you want, you don’t HAVE to be there for the daily thing. that’s there to give me some structure.

so here’s the schedule i’ve come up with:

Oct 16th - Chapter 1 (this one will be at 9pm)
Oct 17th - Chapter 2
Oct 18th - Chapter 3
Oct 19th - Chapter 4
Oct 20th - Chapter 5
Oct 23rd - Chapter 6 (this one will be at 9pm) 
Oct 24th - Chapter 7
Oct 25th - Chapter 8
Oct 26th - Chapter 9
Oct 27th - Chapter 10 (the last session!)

if you have any questions or concerns or whatnot, lemme know. 

i’m very very excited for this. it’s going to be so much fun. 

anonymous asked:

I sent this to she-who-shall-not-be-named as a clexa prompt & they passed but I think it is actually a better fit for Golly & you. I hope you'll consider it – Holly is the author of Gail's favorite multichapter fan fic & up until now the updates had been fairly frequent. Needless to say, Gail is worried out of her mind so she decides to PM the author & voila, they fall in love! Bonus points (or virtual cookies) if Gail eventually admits that she is the one who sends all the smutty prompts.

I will forever be flustered that you thought of me to ask. It’s not like dead on but it’s basically it, so I hope it lives up to your hopes. Also I thought it would be perfect for a different prompt I filled awhile ago, can be found here or Ao3

Cheesepuff PT. 2

They were hanging out in Holly’s dorm room, as they did almost everyday, both weren’t big on crowds -people really- and Gail’s place had a weird smell. It definitely had nothing to do with the fact that Gail liked the brunette’s room, that she found an odd amount of comfort surrounded by Holly’s things or that the woman herself made her feel whole. Definitely not. Nowhere close. Nope.

Gail took up all of Holly’s bed so the brunette sat on Andy’s, -reluctantly-both content to just be in the same room as they do whatever on their laptops. Occasionally one would show the other something funny but for the most part it was quiet, until Holly started typing.

After twenty minutes of unstopping click clacking of keys Gail asked about it. She peaked over her laptop, looking Holly over. She was tense, obviously hiding whatever it was she was typing up and trying to play it off cool. Gail’s lips curled into a small smile as Holly’s cheeks flushed a unique shade of red and hid further behind her own laptop, typing seized for the moment.

“You don’t have to stop. Please, type away.” she waved in approval.

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anonymous asked:

Please write a head canon about how Connor told his family about Troye. You'll be my hero forever <3


OKAY THIS IS FROM CON’S POV. cuz like how could it be from troye’s? but yeah okay let the story start. ALSO IDEK WHEN THIS IS SUPPOSED TO TAKE PLACE BUT I THINK THEY GOT TOGETHER IN LATE AUGUST/SEPTEMBER SO YEAH it’s funny cuz i used to write really really weird one shots so this is such a flashback but yeah i promise i won’t end it really weirdly. also, the first real fic i wrote was a tronnor one back in like june of last year so this is just all the throwbacks


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When battling with love, I lost. I stood no chance in front of love, the mighty feeling of the human heart that seems to turn the world around alongside money. However, I have no shame regarding that loss. It wasn’t like I wanted to win, anyway.

You came into my life and I knew right from the start that it wouldn’t end well. You were special in many ways, you had an aura surrounding you that meant trouble. And you were delicate as you stole my heart; gentle in your movements as you fooled me into thinking you’d give me yours.

My battle with love was short and lame in all ways. It was just a cliché like you’d see in a cheap romance novel: I shouted, “don’t fall”, then witnessed as I tripped over a kiss, a touch, then reached so deep I couldn’t climb back up.

And as I fell, you took my heart in kind hands. I watched with scared eyes as you caged it in your fingers. I was unable to decide whether you were protective or possessive and maybe I didn’t really want to know.

But then I hit the hard, cold ground, and no matter how long I’ve waited, you never fell. I didn’t get to touch your heart, to hold it in my hands. You never let me.

And without a heart, my soul died, leaving me a living dead. I longed for you, but you never needed me. I wanted you, but you didn’t reach for me.

You battled with love and won, or maybe there was never a battle to be fought. Maybe love didn’t even cross your mind which was too focused on yourself. I was just a supportive character in your story, there just for the fun of it.

In my story though, you were the main character, all lights set on you and even I was forgotten. In my own story, I played a supportive role. I fell too hard, probably.

And then, you gave up on the fun of being around me, threw my heart on the pavement and left. All by myself, I had to climb up the walls of the cliff of an unrequited love and then take back what was mine. Except that now everything was broken into tiny, little pieces that I had to puzzle back into one. I was alone all the time, struggling to go back to… normal.

Maybe I should have tried harder, maybe I should have won that battle. But even now, after some eternities have passed, I still don’t regret that I fell and then climbed up. I only wish I had your heart in my hands, too.