But yeah

okay yes tagging hate it pretty douchey but also… criticism is not hate. being unhappy with certain plot points and expressing so in the tag dedicated to that series is not hate. the candle wasters are big kids, i’m sure they are expecting criticism (since receiving criticism is just a natural part of creating anything…), they are mature people, they can handle it.

like saying “i hate tcw” is hate, and if you tag that you are kinda a douche. but tagging valid criticisms of the show so that you can have discussions… that’s literally the point of fandom…

Okay well I tried to go to sleep but umm I just can’t stop thinking yeah like I’ve been super down this past month like refuse to get out of bed showers take a lot out of me dishes piling up room is a mess kind of down and

like what kept me really idk like forcing myself to kind of be here is the fact that zayn and 1d exists and I was kicky feet over zayn signing his record deal and then I just danced around my room to drag me down… I haven’t danced in my room in like a year… Like zayn and 1d make me so happy and they sort of keep me here like listening to drag me down I kept thinking “I’m so happy to be here for this moment to hear this song” and yeah idk I just can’t stop thinking I love zayn and I love 1d and I like that they keep me going

Listen don’t ever let somebody tell you that being happy over these things isn’t worth it or that it doesn’t matter because stuff like this does matter BECAUSE IT MATTERS TO YOU if something keeps you here THAN IT MATTERS

In Light of the Moon|| Solo

It was with partial exhaust and partial excitement that Mai collapsed onto the couch. The last couple of weeks had sent her from place to place, from a rough night at the Illusion, to the comfort and kindness of Curt’s home, and finally home again, armed with an ax borrowed from a strange old man in the woods to rid her abode of any remaining no-longer-lethal roots. It hadn’t been an easy task, but with every ounce of her spare time, it was finally done. Not one hint of the vile roots remained, and she was quite proud of that. She thought it was cause to celebrate. Mai dug her phone of her pocket and scrolled through her slim list of contacts. Perhaps she would just celebrate by herself. Again.

She glanced out her window just in time to see the last glimmer of sunset vanish as night took over. A strange feeling raced through her. She crossed to the window, peering out. She had read about the blue moon that was coming soon, perhaps it had arrived. It was certainly not going to be a picnic for any wolves in the area, she was sure. A good time to stay insi—no. No. This was the time to be out in the forest. She felt it calling to her again and she wanted to go, more than anything. She turned from the window, rubbing her forehead, trying to figure out what was going on. She was unsure what kind of effect thing kind of thing would have on someone of her kind, on a kitsune.

Mai sat down at her laptop, pulling up her blog and scrolling through some posts. Others were talking about the moon as well. The forest continued to call to her. She pulled up a box and began to type. She was in the middle of a thought when she felt a strange and sudden surge of power flow through her. She tried to hold it back, but she could not. Over 200 years old, and she could not. What the hell was going on? The shock pulsed into her laptop, shorting it out almost immediately. What the hell was going on? The thought repeated. She hardly had time to ponder when she felt the forest calling to her once more.

She wanted to go. And so she would.


i know what you’re thinking. ana, what the fuck is a pre-hiatus? are you just making shit up? well, here it goes. in a week, august 6th to be exact, i’ll be on a plane ride on my way to the philippines for a month for vacation. well, 25 days or something like that, but if you round up, it’s a month. so, in the next couple of days, i’ll only be taking on a small number of threads and will probably deleting what’s currently in my drafts for the sake of everything just being a little too old. i’ll definitely still be reachable on my skype and kik, which are both available for my mutuals; just hit me up for ‘em! in the meantime, though, i just wanted to give you this heads up before i leave. i’ll be very selective with my threads and whatnot, really just looking for a way to stay stress-free before i have to come back and immediately go right back to school. anyway, thanks for reading! i hope you guys have a fantastic rest of your summer. as always, y’all are kick ass for the neverending support and love you throw my way and beck’s way. we couldn’t be more thankful.