But this small chunk

How I grew a big ass motherfucking sunflower.

Want to know how I grew a huge sunflower by accident in my yard twice? Or was it three times…
Grab 6 handfulls of sunflower pits (i used black/white striped ones, and they were pretty old as well ). Dig a small hole, chunk the seeds in there, close the hole again. Then forget about them. And be as amazed as I was when there’s suddenly a huge sunflower in your garden. Please be aware that when I say huge I mean about 3-4 meters high and 60-80 cm wide. Not kidding. Don’t do it if your neighbours could complain about it. Also, bees. Lots and lots of bees. It was like the holy grail for bees. There were at least 50 of them, all sitting on the flower. Also the head of the sunflower is really heavy, don’t be around it if it falls down. One of mine broke off. Again, be aware, it is fucking huge. ☺

A mini-rant

If Amedot is overrated, then explain why it’s damn near impossible to find fanart of the ship anymore, since there’s so little of it.

If Amedot is overrated, then explain why I follow every Amedot centric blog on this site, and yet Amedot still never shows up on my dash.

If Amedot is overrated, then explain why the tag isn’t filled with content for the ship, but it’s instead filled with hate, drama, and fanart for an almost completely different ship.

If Amedot is overrated, then explain why the fandom is so small.

If Amedot is overrated, then explain why a good chunk of the tag is just preachy “why not ship both Amedot and L4p1d0t” shit, or just people saying they prefer L4p1d0t.

If Amedot is overrated, then explain why we’re so starved for content, that we scream and rejoice over a single frame of Amethyst smiling at Peridot.

Now, if the ship were overrated, none of the above would be true statements.

But, they are.

Amedot is not fucking overrated. The only popularity this ship has is a popular unwarranted hatred among the fandom.

I’m so fucking tired of this.

Masterlist 2

Since my other masterlist is pretty big i’m going to make mine in small chunks meaning I’ll have multiple masterlists. And I’ve been requested a ton for mine. If anyone knows how to put a masterlist on my profile (not my actual tumblr page) please inbox me so I can do that!


Everything I Didn’t Say



When You’re Ready

Better In Time 1 2 3 4 (still being written, because of personal problems I won’t be writing the next part for some time, please be patient with me)


Close As Strangers 1 2 3 4


Set Up


You’ll Be Safe

Previous Masterlist

“just gonna send so cringe i found from google plus till i run out”

google plus is like a post-apocalypse war zone

you just get thrown into I Am Legend scenario, Will Smith walks around with his dog and they fight the mutants that literally climb buildings like jungle gyms

he goes into their ‘nest’ and scribbles of a round skeleton are crudely drawn all over the walls

he finally reaches the leader

a pink fucking cat with a neon pink dress, making out with an almost completely decomposed corpse, bones only held together by small chunks of rotted tissue

her pale eyes that blind shamans and meth addicts have stare him down

then she says those words, the exact words that made him abandon any hope in finding a cure. 


he knew at that moment that the sick humans were far too gone, they had been fully corrupted by this disease and there was no hope in saving them

-mod bp

Some freckle-faced Holts for you!

I’ve loved the idea of Pidge with freckles since I first saw it going around.  And I thought if she has them, Matt should too because they’re supposed to look alike.  And then I decided Mama Holt should have them as another trait she has in common with her son and daughter (I’m reasonably sure they’re all supposed to have the same eye color but that might also be me extrapolating XD).

I started drawing them all with freckles back when I was prepping for Voltron Week, but with the way tumblr displayed the images, they were too small to see for a good chunk of the pieces I did OTZ.  So, I wanted to do a freckle portrait of the three together.

hippiemadeofsunshine  asked:

oh man oh please help I need some motivation to finish my summer assignments I have about two weeks and in panicking!

ok, so

  1. stop panicking. easier said than done, but it won’t help you at all to be freaking out, so do your best to calm down. take a few deep breaths. you’ll be ok. 
  2. make a list of every single thing you have to do
  3. decide which of your tasks are urgent, which are most important. put them in order with urgent+important at the top, then urgent, then important, etc. think in terms of which assignments contribute to your grade, which teachers will be more or less lenient if you don’t manage to finish it, etc
  4. start small. work in chunks of time rather than tasks so you don’t get overwhelmed so easily
  5. put on some video game soundtracks or some pop punk or something else motivating and start with the first thing on your list
  6. you can do it!

zsphoenix  asked:

Hi, Bree, it's me again! Two unrelated questions: 1) What is 'ground sea salt'? Saw it on your Wall of Fire Protection Spell. 2) I hate dealing with spirits and had to take a step back from everything connected to them for a few years. Despite the fact that my craft doesn't use them, I still feel/sense 'em around. Is there any way to make clear that I have no intent of interacting? Besides protection spells/charms? Thank you! Have a nice week!

1) “Ground sea salt” is just sea salt in finely-ground form, like that which you’d use for table salt. (As opposed to “coarse” sea salt, which comes in small chunks and requires grinding before it can be consumed as a condiment.) I think I see the confusion though - “ground” here refers to the consistency of the grain, rather than meaning it comes from the sea floor or suchlike. ;)

I find that ground sea salt works better for powders and strews, while the coarser version works better for charm bags and bottles. This is purely from a practicality standpoint; the larger pieces of salt are easier to handle and far less likely to sift through a cloth bag.

2) I feel you so hard on this point. I’ve been in a similar situation for years now, and it can be really annoying to find a bunch of wispy motherfuckers trying to tap you on the shoulder when you’d much rather be left in peace.

For my part, I employ periodic personal warding, into which I project a distinct attitude of “I don’t want to talk to you, ghosty things, so go away.” (It’s less protection magic than a visualization exercise at this point, but that’s what happens when your personal protections are linked to your tattoos. Very handy.)

There’s also the “I don’t see you” method, which just involves ignoring anything ghostly in your vicinity as hard as you possibly can. There are lots of times where I’ve gotten That Feeling while visiting somewhere, and I sort of picture it like not looking at the screaming baby at the next table in a restaurant. You know perfectly well that it’s there, but you’re resolutely acting like it doesn’t exist.

This is far from foolproof, but I’ve found that spirits are way more likely to notice me if I notice them, because they notice that I’VE noticed and then things get irritating. 

Hope this helps! :)


This Savage Song

“It was a cycle of whimpers and bangs, gruesome beginnings and bloody ends.”

In a nutshell…

This Savage Song is the latest book by Victoria Schwab, author of the Shades of Magic series (which I am in love with). It about a monster and a human in a divided city, both have powerful families but both are also mortal enemies. As the story begins a fragile peace is beginning to falter and the are both caught on either side. 

This book contains with some of the usual YA clichés… a mysterious brooding student arrives at a high school… there’s a danger in friendship and yet it feels inevitable… they hold a secret nobody else knows. However in this book there is a slight twist as both male and female lead characters fit this description which adds an additional layer of intrigue. The high school setting also only featured in a small chunk of the book so the book wasn’t fully restricted by this but it is established with it so it is heavily influenced. 

What I liked about this book is that there was no forced romance. Once the story got going there was little time to have the characters take time out of their journey and have intimate moments. The formation of their relationship as a result feels all the more genuine and you get to appreciate the honesty in their friendship. This makes the book feel more down to earth and saves it from some of the tired tropes found in many YAs.  

I would rate this as

The book isn’t ground breaking and doesn’t fully leave the shadow of the Shades of Magic series but it is a good time with a fast enjoyable pace. It didn’t play on my mind outside of the time I spent reading but it did fully occupy my attention when I did.

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Despite everything she’d been through, and everything she was still going through, Meg always tried to remain calm and positive. It wasn’t easy– in fact it felt like it was getting more difficult with each passing day, with each chemotherapy treatment taking an additional toll on her physically– but it was what was necessary for her family, her friends… everyone who was worried about her, so she endured. As she casually brushed her hand through her hair and saw a small chunk of it end up in her hand instead of on her head, though, she couldn’t help the anxiousness that ensued. Meg closed a shaky fist around the strands, nervously fidgeting with her glasses and hoping no one else had noticed.

anonymous asked:

School's only been for to days and i'm already sensing a mental breakdown from stress. h e l p m e .

first get hella organized like go all out and then spend at least four hours this weekend doing nothing but pampering yo lil self, do everything good for your body and your mind and just try to destress. take things as they are prioritized and split big chunks into small pieces. also ask your teachers for advice and help… in college anyway they do (mostly) want you to succeed and are willing to meet to talk. reading a book about studying also can help (study smart, study less changed my life y'all). stay hydrated and pls make sure you get enough sleep. make sure you eat 2k+ calories a day, including breakfast. take breaks. take notes. go for walks. take care. you got this, i promise, and if you need help with anything, let me know.

reason I should probably become a mad scientist doctor:

Once, in like, 1st grade, we had just read the book “A Bad Case of Stripes” and were then asked to write a paragraph about how we would cure her “stripes” if we were a doctor

Well, it just so happens, in the class before that I had picked up a book on sharks and learned about the cookie cutter shark, a small shark that straight up eats circle shaped small chunks out of things

I’m not sure why, but i was really HYPED about cookie cutter sharks, like they were my passion for a week or two after i read about them, i LOVED them. 

SO, when I was asked how to cure the poor striped girls stripes, I knew for DANG sure I was gonna incorporate cookie cutter sharks somehow.

My solution? 

Throw the girl in a tank of cookie cutter sharks, and have them slowly eat her skin 

My thought process was “well if they eat the stripes away then the skin will grow back normal, hopefully”

like other peoples were like “Just have her drink sparkle water!” or “true love cures all?”

But no one expected cure by cookie cutter sharks

anonymous asked:

What are some of your study tips, and do you have any pictures of how you take notes?

I don’t have any notes! I left all of my notes from undergrad at home :-(

Study tips:
- start studying a little day by day!
- use a highlighter or lots of them! In college they will be your best friend!! ☄
- go section by section. So much easier to study small chunks rather than huge ones!!
- breathe. Everything is going to be okay. You got this!
- try to relate what you’re studying to yourself. For example, I had an exam on mental health disorders. One of the definitions/words that I had to remember was what a narcissist (or narcissistic personality disorder) was. I recalled a guy who I used to know who was the epitome of a narcissist. and after I checked the definition with how he was, I instantly remembered it. I did that with all of the words. And I passed the exam with flying colors!
- have someone quiz you!! My mom always quizzed me and it helped a lot!!

fin rot

one of my bettas has fin rot. its not terribly bad, but still concerning. the edges of his fins are black and occasionally a small chunk of fin turns pale, then falls off. (very odd) Im using aquarium salt and stress coat for treatment right now, if it gets worse ill do salt baths. Thoughts? Suggestions? has anyone ever experienced this weird fin rot?

rainy-days-and-tiramisu replied to your post:this isn’t an hc really… but i always get the…

I feel like there is definitely a heavy chance of that but also the problem that once Hanzo like fucked up a small part of Genji they probably had to replace large chunks so that the machinery could work. Like if he punctured a lung they’d have to replace both lungs instead of just the one as well as some of the windpipes so that they didn’t reject the machinery.

oooh yes absolutely 

anonymous asked:

Hi! It's long-term lurker again. Just re: your post about writing - you're one of the finest short-form authors I've ever seen. Fanfic or no. Small chunks of high-yield pathos, all of em, even from fandoms I don't understand. That said, I hope you find a configuration that keeps the writing fun, and thanks so much for what you've let us read.

In the last few weeks I’ve struggled with my lack of skill wrt to long-form writing. And it is that.  A skill, not a talent.  Which is a distinction that, not too long ago, I’d’ve been happy to ignore in order to justify my not participating in it.

Thankfully, a skill can be learned, and there’s nothing secretive or mysterious about it.  It’s just work.  Deciding if that work is worth whatever I’m likely to get out of it is possibly the most difficult part.  And I won’t know until I try.

So, I really really appreciate your message, nonners.  I mean, most writers love getting this kind of pep talk from readers, but this one, at this time, is especially nice.

Short-form or long-form or what have you, until I started writing …I wasn’t writing.  Does that make sense?  Turns out that the gap between doing and not doing was way smaller than it seemed.

anonymous asked:

Hello Charlotte! You seem very smart and capable, so do you have any tips on studying? Remembering the stuff you studied? I have an AP biology test coming up and I just can't seem to get the stuff down. Any tips? Love you! xx

Take it in small chunks. There’s a limit of how much your brain will remember and after how long, typically any studying you do after 20 minutes will be stuff you hardly remember, so do 20 minute slots and then take a break and then come back and continue. 

Also there’s this tip which is do 10 minutes of reading/memorising a text/information set, have a 5 minute break where you don’t think about or look at that text and then have 5 minutes to write down and recall what you read. If you keep doing that for some people that helps you memorise. 

Find out what works best for you, some people like having posters around the house, some people like listening to them reading the stuff back, some people like post it notes, some people like index cards, some people like straight reading, some like highlighting and colour and annotation. So try somethings out and figure out what works best for you. Whether that’s mind maps or bullet points xx

anonymous asked:

hi how did you study for humanities?

Well ….

Practice, practice, practice: do lots of questions so that you handle anything and know what to write on the spot (because the duration is so short). It also helps to rmb the information through repetition. Be shameless and ask your teachers to mark your SBQ and essay qns. Ask them if you get a bad grade. Humanities is all about how you justify your views and evaluate the source using your critical and analytical thinking on the spot. (if SBQ weak, practice more and consults with teacher) 

Know your stuff well: Memorise in small chunks. Don’t try to cram (tried in perlims and it was miserable)  Especially if you do geography, it’s very content based!!!!  History…if your smoking and articulation skills on point and rmb to the essential stuff (like years and major events) , you can get a B3 haha 

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🍇 reverse ; Seeing the results of your meals on Doc and feeding her even more

Send “ 🍇 reverse “ for my muse to feed your muse


Jin normally wasn’t one to be sneaky, but for Doc she had to, leaving behind special gifts and presents and quietly watching her eat every last bite up from different views. Now one thing she hadn’t exactly predicted was her arrival, she was a little under-prepared for it, but she did her hardest to adjust, and that was how she normally went about things. The chef took the gaining woman to a more private table with food laid out all for her, and was on the process of feeding her, as a treat. “Open wide~.” She said with a giggle, pushing a small chunk of meat past her lips with joyful delight.