But this scene is impossible to color


HP MEME Six Spells, Creatures, Potions, and/or Objects [2/6]: Piertotum Locomotor

     “And now – Piertotum Locomotor!” cried Professor McGonagall.

     And all along the corridor the statues and suits of armor jumped down from their plinths, and from the echoing crashes from the floors above and below, Harry knew that their fellows throughout the castle had done the same.

     “Hogwarts is threatened!” shouted Professor McGonagall. “Man the boundaries, protect us, do your duty to our school!”

     Clattering and yelling, the horde of statues stampeded past Harry: some of them smaller, others larger than life.

I feel sad inside. I had a really great day shopping and now I feel sad. Thanks, One Direction.

Look at this wonderful autumn scene.

Louis–I’m confused. Truly, I am. I don’t really mind the striped shirt under the sweater; I actually like it. What I don’t like is that you paired that acceptable shirt/sweater combo with a pair of ill-fitting, sickly firetruck-colored pants. (Get it? I’m hilarious.) Not only that, but you physically tucked your sweater into your pants. That’s bad, son. That’s real bad. I see that your shirtsleeves are impossibly long. Like I cannot see your hand at all. Like, It appears as if you have a very clothy, striped hand. As a cherry on top, you’re wearing a pair of heinous suspenders. What even? I have to know, do you genuinely enjoy these types of outfits or are you being paid extra not to complain?

L.I.A.M.–LIAM LIAM LIAM LIAM LIAM LIAM WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I’m trying to decide exactly how many layers you’re wearing on your torso. At first, I thought that was a pink polo with a white collar but now I’m beginning to suspect that you are, in fact, wearing a white polo with a pink shirt over it under a Barney-purple henley under a math professor blazer. I hope, for your sake, that this isn’t true. That is entirely too many layers. If you think that you’re going to need four layers on your upper body, then why not just wear a coat? This isn’t Little House on the Prairie, you’re not going to have to go out and twist hay in the lean-to after this. No one else in this photo is wearing as many layers as you are. You have to be sweating profusely under those layers. Anyone with pores (and, yes, I am counting the deceased) would be sweating profusely under those layers. Pigs would be sweating underneath all those layers and they don’t even sweat. This outfit is the stuff of biological improbabilities, Liam, and that’s not a good thing.

Zayn–Oh buddy. Oh buddy oh pal. Oh Zayn. You know how much I hate that buttoning thing. It doesn’t make any sense. What can buttoning only the top button do for you? I’ll answer that for you: nothing. Buttoning only the top button does nothing for you. Pairing that bright salmon shirt with that dark plaid also isn’t the best idea. It’s actually making my eyes tired. Your choice in shirts is affecting me optically and I don’t like it. Also, I see the fact that your shoes have no laces in them. I have to ask, Zayn: what is the point?! I’m so confused. I’m so disappointed.

Harry–I hope you had fun at the waterpark because it appears that you forgot to remove your wristband. So I’d like to say that I wouldn’t have a problem with your shirt/sweater combo if your sweater was in a color that didn’t remind me of  seasick Kermit. That color literally does not go with any other color in this photo. I don’t even think that color goes with colors that appear naturally in this world. I’m not going to complain about your pants because at least you can’t fit the entire cast of Fast and Furious (including the cars) into your khakis like Liam can. I am, however, going to complain about those shoes. Those look like something you would wear now. 2015 Harry would look back on 2011 (?) Harry and approve. Those shoes are hideous, is what I’m getting at here.

Niall–There comes a time in a young man’s life when he must make a decision. Now, this decision is not easy, nor without its dire consequences, but it is one that must be made, nonetheless. This quandary is: plaid, hoodie, or blazer? Notice the “or”. Notice my implication that these three clothing items should not be worn at the same time. Ever. If you unbutton the plaid a few buttons, you can wear it with my blessing. If you put a white t-shirt with that (nicely colored) hoodie, you can wear it with my blessing. And you have my unconditional blessing to burn that blazer past a point of recognition. I will say that I like your shoes the best out of everyone here. They actually look like they were designed to be in the outdoors.


That was really a huge amount of work to produce this scene! I’m spending so much time on 3-6 sec, that it seems impossible to finish everything on time! However, i’m very happy with the result so far, the pieces came up to be rich and full of color. 

So there’s this scene in the TO finale with Davina and Mikael, and I’m trying to gif it, but there’s this massive glare in the background and when Davina moves, the lighting in the room completely shifts, and it’s basically impossible to color and I don’t know what to do.



Heat. I just feel heat. What the hell is this? I only get to see in the distance a small patch of darkness.
I open my eyes completely to look around. What I see is certainly impressive. I am in what appears to be a burning building. But the roof, which has already been destroyed, show me something beyond. An inexplicable and impossible scene.
I see two great beasts like reptiles … but they are thousands of times larger. And they have wings. One is like a crocodile but with the jaws of another animal. Maybe a wolf. It is bluish green in color and has thorns on his back. His eyes go beyond a simple color.
You can see inside your eye pain, anger and sadness. I see fire in his eyes, an orange-red color that never in my life had come to see.
The other beast is similar, but its shape is more like a snake with legs and mouth that makes it look like…a Dragon. They are dragons. But how is that possible? Actually…. Where am I? The last time I was in a strange bathroom … is not it? But crossing a door and what I think I pass out? I do not know. Anyway, that’s not important. The beast…sorry, the snake-like dragon turns to see me and leaves me more than stunned. Its eyes …. Its eyes are multicolored. They are alive and happy, but serious and focused on what it is doing. Or what it was doing, because its now seeing him. But the other Dragon hit it, distracting it enough so that I can escape from the rubble of the building.
I sneak between them to find a way out on the other side of the rubble. I turn to see how the battle continues. It seems that both moved away from the burning building. It’s a relief, because it really did not want to be devoured by these titans.
Anyway, I start to examine the place. It looks like I’m in a small living room. And I also realize that it is not a building. It is a house. A voice inside me tells me deep in my mind that I set fire to the wood in the fireplace there. I am ready to look for the fireplace to make it and find it hidden behind an old purple couch. It seems that the timber was put there just a second ago, because it is freshly cut and wealthy.
Look your pocket tells me the voice, which surprised me because he told me in a little stronger tone than last time .
I asked the air “who are you?” but I only get three words: “I am you”.
I was more than confused, but did not take importance. After all, I have always considered myself as a madman.
I search in my pocket for something only to find a box of matches and a small bottle of alcohol. Put alcohol on the wood and set fire.
A hot blast passes through my neck and I get a vision.
It is a vision of my past. I run up the stairs of my old house, when i was only 13 years old. I proceed to go to my room only to find my brother destroying a very precious poster of mine. Though I knew it had happened, I started to feel a strong heat inside me. It was anger. Then I saw my past took my brother and hit him as hard as I could. I started to feel good but also very bad. I felt good because I knew that my brother had it coming, but knew that was not right. Not only that was not right. I remembered that time I did not hit, but only angry and argued with me, but I forgive you. That anger within me began to fade slowly, while my memory changed, revealing the true. A smile formed on my face, because I remembered that I had done the right thing. I did not let anger suffocate me. Never.
In an instant, the memory vanished and a door appeared in front of me. Behind me there was no fire or ruins to fear. The house is redone and spotless.
What happened here? I wondered. “You’ve cleared your mind of anger” said a woman’s voice. Turn around to find where it came from but did not find the person. “Just go ahead and do not let the darkness between you,” said the same voice again. Although i was afraid, hearing the voice was soothing and warm. I “ok”, because i trusted in it, which told me to go ahead. I crossed back under the door and felt as if a great burden had been released me. I smiled, knowing what it meant. Anger had been expelled from me.

Anger only be extended if not kill her from root. Always calm and never get carried away by this, or what was a little anger can end up in a war of feelings.

Fragments Completed 1/7.

What was is no more, and what will be. Never let anger cover who you are in the inside.

anonymous asked:

hi! I was wondering since you gif lost if you know any good psds? Its the one show I find impossible to color! :( I've just noticed yours are always so pretty!! but Its fine if you can't help!

first of all thank you! second of all i totally feel you lost has a tendency to go really yellow or dark etc so you can’t really have a general psd for it but i have two here feel free to DL it. you’ll have to adjust it according to the scenes k :>

psd 1 (vibrant; change the gradient map if it’s too blue) 

psd 2 (pastel)