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The beach isn’t the same as in the game.

Nothing, in fact, is the same as in the game. Not even the color of the sky, despite it being noon.

Yet…there’s still an essence of nostalgia he can’t help but notice when the waves hit the shore and wash away. It’s all looking the same ugly hue of red and the water sometimes brings unpleasant things with it, but the sound remains soft and relaxing. Familiar.

…The best part of the scene has to be Hajime’s presence, though.

He’s quieter than Nagito remembers him, and though the scarlet in his eye had been difficult to get used to, it’s not been impossible; the kindness and relentlessness is still too strong for him to be anybody else. He sits on the sand by his side, staring at the distance with a calm that’s somehow both fitting and pleasantly surprising to find in him.

For now, it’s harder to talk thanks to the more unpleasant memories of words and actions that can’t be undone no matter how much forgiveness, but he thinks he can maybe get across 

“Hinata-kun…”He suddenly speaks just loudly enough to be heard over the waves, and gets a little noise from the boy as a reply, “Thank you for joining me again. For letting me join.”

Though Hajime seems a little taken back by the unusual shortness and simplicity of his words, he still smiles. He still assures it’s no longer a problem for him or anybody. That everybody deserves a second chance because none of them had been all that innocent at the end.

And because Nagito’s feelings never really changed– just the same way Hajime hasn’t–, he finds himself touched by words he could predict would fall out of his mouth from the get-go, and he’s able to find the courage to turn around and lean in, hands still resting on his knees and his only movement just being that of his neck. 

It’s unbelievably short, almost like it doesn’t even happen. His lips just meet and lean back from Hajime’s, a court way of saying all the other things he could be thanking him for.

At the end he only voices one, a faint smile fading in from the little contact he’s made after… God knows how long.

“….Thank you for giving me a second chance.”


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I guess I’m not like my brother…


Stunning Miniature Landscape Paintings by Dina Brodsky

Dina Brodsky’s (previously featured here) miniature paintings combine her two passions: cycling and miniature painting. Her landscape paintings depict the view of cycling sceneries of beautiful nature scenes showcasing different types of seasons and times of day.

The paintings follow the traditional composition of realism. Nature’s vast landscape is expressed through a series of atmospheric colors. Brodsky beautifully captures the morning and evening haze of a cold winter day, as well as the blinding sunrise on a tiny canvas. She compares their adorable and miniaturize size next to her fine paintbrush. The results are a romantic image meticulously and skillfully captures in an impossibly small canvas.You can find her stunning pieces in her Etsy shop.

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