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~ Hiatus Update! ~

I was kinda emotional when I started the hiatus about a week ago - but I’m gonna continue to be on it. 

While I have completed several bits of homework, I finally know what I have to do for the exit exam, so I’ll have to study up on that. Plus there is a ‘mystery exam’ in one class which has yet to be explained. 

so that’s fun =_=

Anyway! The hiatus will continue on for sure until May. Sorry about that guys! ^^;

But I am planning to do a small comic (hopefully small) and I am in the mist of figuring out the story for that (but of course, school comes first). 

I also want to mention since I just checked:




Like gosh dang people!!!! Over 5000 followers?!?!?!? I seriously wasn’t even thinking this would happen this soon!!! (or any time for that matter 0-0)

But I seriously want to say thank you and I will certainly have to do something special for this. I was planning to do a giveaway when I reached it but… I’ll hold it off until I am out of school - so look forward to that! ^^

Anyway - Thank you all for sticking with me through this! I am within my last month of school (for good) and I can’t wait to come back here with a diploma in one hand, and my pen in the other! (gosh that probably sounded cheesy)

Thank you all! And now back to the scheduled Hiatus! ^^

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Oh man oh man, you guys. I am OVERJOYED to talk about this! <3

Jaal’s first “oh, damn” moment came during the initial excursions on Havarl. He, Vetra, and Gemma had been slogging through some dense plant growth for hours when he spotted a shortcut from his childhood. It involved a lot of climbing, and Vetra gave him a (gentle) hard time about it, but what Jaal remembers is Gemma staring up the incline, a little frown on her still-strange face. When he asked her what she was doing, she said “I’m trying to figure out if I can do it in four boosts, or three”. Then she grinned at him, and said “I bet three,” and took off. He watched her jet to the first outcropping of rock, catch it, and leverage herself up, and then keep going. 

She made it in three, and laughed when she reached the top. 

He lost his handhold just before he reached her, the rock crumbling under his hand, but Gemma was already there, so fast he never even knew she had moved, and she had her hand locked around his wrist before he could yell for help. And to this day, he remembers the jolt that went through him at the contact, and how her grip did not falter – and how bright her eyes were as she pulled him up. Oh, he thought. This feels familiar. 

No, he added, only to himself, when Gemma – this alien woman – grinned up at him, this feels good. 


Gemma’s moment came later; it was seeing him on Aya, after they rescued the Moshae. She found him on a balcony, looking out over a forest so green it hurt her eyes. For the first time since she woke up, she had a moment to pause, and breathe, and not worry about getting attacked, and she was happy to just bask in the sunlight and the rustle of wind through the leaves with a friend. 

She would have been content to stay quiet – Jaal didn’t owe her conversation after all her prodding back on the Tempest and in the Nomad – but he started pointing out the farms where he had worked as a teenager, his favorite place to watch the sunset, the races he and his siblings used to run near that river to the west – and she felt every knot in her spine coming undone. 

He spoke with so much love for everything around him, and Gemma was so tired and lonely and hating being either of those things that she started crying. She’d always been one for a good stress-relief cry, but this was exhaustion, and longing for home, and grief, and the pressure of knowing everything depended on her. 

She tried to keep quiet about it – not really good diplomacy to start bawling in public, especially if you were the damn Pathfinder – but when Jaal noticed, he just put his arm around her shoulders and told her no one would shame her for this, of all things. 

Gemma tried to make a joke – cover my back for a few minutes till I stop looking like a boiled tomato, okay? – but he was looking at her so sincerely, so gently, that she just nodded and maybe – maybe – leaned into him a little. Jaal was alien, half his people wanted to kill her, and she didn’t really blame them – but he was warm, and solid, and he didn’t let go till her tears were done. 

Klangst Week: March 29th (Voltron/Garla)


It’s Klangst week! Why didn’t I know Klangst week is a thing? ;-; 

I’m joining this pretty late (hope that’s okay!) with a small fic, I tried to combine bits and pieces of the previous days to get on track with the remaining week, but it’s mainly focused on the theme of today! ^^


He felt it more than he understood it.

There were little signs, small ways he conveyed it to him like waves breaking on rocky shores, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Lance noticed the way he’d refuse to look him in the eye, the way he’d open his mouth to speak then stop midway, thinking no one had noticed it. He’d gotten harsher, his words fewer and bitter whenever he allowed himself to talk.

He tried to find when it started, understand when they became…this.
When Keith decided he could lie to Lance’s face.

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backuppixiedust  asked:

Here's a submission: long ago, a seer was given a prophecy that was worded so oddly, no-one could understand what it meant. Over the years, it caused a great deal of speculation and confusion. But now, someone has realized that it's written entirely in memes and a little slang.

I doodled @gutter-girl-100! I think that they are a very beautiful person, and that they deserve all of the love and appreciation in the world. Please go check them out if you haven’t already! And maybe even send some love their way~ <3

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Thank you everyone!! I didn’t even think that ill be here tbh. I made my account around November of last year and id never thought i would hit this milestone. I know its small for some people, but i am so unbelievably happy that y'all take time out of your day to see my post and read my story!! I love every single 200 of you people!! Thank you so much!!

OmG I HIT 400 FOLLOWERS!!!! This is amazing! Thank you all so much! I love every single one of you! You’re all amazing! Omg I can’t thank you enough for following me!

For a celebration I’m thinking about doing a little Q&A thing/stream on the weekend! But if you want something else just send a suggestion in!

Then just so you guys know I’m on spring break next week so I’m going to be on a lot!! Again I want to say thank you to all of you amazing people for following! I love you all and I hope your day/night goes amazing! ❤❤❤

ooc– I’m???? So freaking happy, to be very honest. Thank you ALL for helping me reach 200 followers on Veshna. As thanks, I’d like to give back to you, and to do so, I’ll be doing what I feel I’m best at. Graphics.

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