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THE FOXTROT - by SimplyKorra

Years after the fallout of the war separated them, Ruby and Weiss’ lives have taken very different paths. Weiss runs the Schnee Dust Company as it continues to thrive throughout Remnant. Meanwhile, Ruby lives alone in Patch and continues to work as a huntress. They haven’t spoken in years - but when their teammates suddenly announce they’re getting married, Weiss and Ruby will be forced to coexist and reopen old wounds.

~ art by the lovely @plastic-pipes, she’s amazing.

Okay, so I commissioned @taylordraws ( @seiyakanie ) to draw my OCs a while back, and I’m just grinning stupidly as I write this because it could not be more perfect! I was watching her color it and I’m just blown away by how incredible she is, and she’s so sweet even when I was pestering her about it.



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Thank you all so, so much for your kind responses. <3 Clement is PRESH. 

Next: [link to be posted]… who on Earth is Laurian going to be? ;)

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I just created my first envelopes! they are completely self made including the design (I painted the plants etc with photoshop) and I’m thinking about starting an online shop this autumn. What do you think? Do you like them? would you consider buying envelopes / stickers / postcards etc? I’d really love to hear your opinion!! Thank you :’)

Headcanons for the royals and how they handle roller coasters! [since it’s too long for the ask box orz]

  • Corrin - Take them on roller coasters any day. They absolutely enjoy the thrill of the high speed drops and will certainly throw their hands in the air while screaming. They have to beg one of their siblings to let them ride again and after about five times, Xander declares that it’s time to stop
  • Azura - She can handle roller coasters pretty well, but she’s deathly afraid of rides that have very high drops


  • Ryouma - Hoo boy, he can keep a brave face, but on the inside he’s terrified and wants off. At least he can handle the more tame rides
  • Hinoka - Let her at ‘em! She hasn’t seen a roller coaster she didn’t like, and she especially loves the ones that are very fast and go upside down. She’s also the one who volunteers the most to accompany the kids on a kid-friendly ride simply because it’s a roller coaster
  • Takumi - Nonononononononono do not even attempt. He used to love roller coasters, but then Elise decided to drag him onto the Fireball and he’s steered clear of them ever since. Of course, this doesn’t mean that someone isn't going to make him get on another one… Basically rip his soul
  • Sakura - You’d think someone as timid and shy as her would be wary of going onto a roller coaster, but no. She actually loves roller coasters! She would love to go on some of the larger and insanely faster rides, but she has yet to work up the courage to do so


  • Xander - He’s pretty good with roller coasters, but don’t let him get on rides that go upside down. He tried once out of curiosity and threw up. To this day, he claims that he blacked out and denies ever throwing up on the ride
  • Camilla - She’s about as good as Hinoka, but she prefers the Superman Tower of Power to any roller coaster in existence
  • Leo - So remember how Takumi is with roller coasters? Yeah, Leo’s the opposite. He hated roller coasters with a fiery passion when he was small, but one day someone had to accompany Elise on one of the bigger rides [well, the operator did say that it was two to a car and she can’t ride by herself…] and he surprisingly loved it. Now he often spends a lot of time planning out how many times he can go on any one given ride before it’s time to move on and not die of heart failure
  • Elise - She will conquer all the rides! This girl is an adrenaline junkie and will go on as many rides as she can. She’s often seen riding with Corrin, but she has been known to ask others to accompany her. The only rides she hates are the ones that she’s too short to get on

Bloody hell, I sincerely apologize for the lack of updates, I am terribly busy at the moment and hopefully I’ll find the time to update soon. Considering that Mun’s birthday is occurring within this upcoming Tuesday, I also have a break within that following week, I’ll try and update this blog from the best of my abilities. Man, I feel like a drongo for unexpectedly abandoning this blog, sorry folks! 

I never made any sort of contribution to the Olympics 2016 Event, however, I’m quite impressed by our fellow athletes whom contributed and gave it their fullest within the entire event, I applaud them for that. I can’t wait for what our future athletes have in stall for us within the next Olympics, watch out folks  You know what they say, don’t let your mates down, don’t let your nation down, we’ll just get stronger hahaha

Overall Jacko out!