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7 for the prompts :)

7.“Is that blood?” “No?” “That’s not a question you’re supposed to answer with another question.”

Ooooops this was from like a week ago but I didn’t get to it until now. Sorry! I suck. Here’s some more Ioren x Cullen slice of life stuff. 

The flames of the candles lending light to Cullen’s reading flickered as the unseen door into the room swung open, the off-set of air rushing in to stoke the flames. He looked up as he heard it shut once more, and watched as the Inquisitor herself made her way up the stairs. Each light, jovial step was marked with another of her many layers of jackets, scarves, and gloves (much more than he would have personally deemed necessary, but he was used to cold winters, unlike his beloved) being removed to be later tossed on the couch. As she reached the last step, she looked over and saw him at her desk, a wide, goofy grin spreading across her face.

“Cullen! To what do I owe such a lovely surprise?” she asked, making her way over to the desk and leaning forward against it. 

He tsk’d at her, closing his book. “You did ask me to move my things here – two months ago, I might add.” This was far from the first night he’d spent here since.

“Oh! Right. I did, didn’t I?” she teased. “One of my better decisions, I’ll admit. You make a wonderful addition to any abode. You’re much nicer to look at than the awful rug Josie put in here.” Reaching for one of the hands he’d been resting against the desk, she took it in her own hands, cold in spite of the two layers of gloves she had been wearing.

“Oh? Is that why you keep me around?”

“There are some other reasons. Would you like a reminder?” Her voice dipped down into tantalizing registers, and when she’d finished her purring, she grazed her lower lip with her teeth. 

“How could I say ‘no’ to that?” he replied with a low chuckle, covering their joined hands with another one of his and eyeing her mouth with interest. When his gaze drifted back up towards her eyes, they followed along the lines of her vallaslin and up to— “Wait, is that blood?” There was a small, dark smear of liquid above her eyebrow.

Uhhhhh… no?” she replied, almost hopefully.

“Ioren, my dear, that isn’t a question that you answer with another question.”

She sighed, pulling back from his hands and making her way over to the water basin on her dresser. “Sorry, I thought I’d gotten it all.”

“I—what—how did you even manage get blood on your face?” 

“It’s a long story,” she said with a shrug, using a wet cloth to clean the remaining traces of blood from her face. “I won’t bore you with the details.”

A grunt of disapproval escaped his throat. “I am the Commander of the Inquisition’s armies and in charge of the defense of Skyhold. If there’s been any sort of altercation within the walls, I should be—”

“Cullen,” she interrupted, and turned to him with a look of Creators please make him stop. “It was nothing to get so worked up about! Just a, uh… incident. I handled it. I’m very capable of handling things, you know. In fact, I would say it’s one of my main job descriptors. ‘Inquisitor: Herald of Andraste, Slayer of Dragons, Handler of Things.’”

Cullen glowered at her for an agonizing moment before saying, “Did Sera try to teach you how to shoot a bow again?”

With a defeated sigh, Ioren replied, “Sera tried to teach me how to shoot a bow again.”

a friend of mine won a raffle at work

her and another boy at work

won tickets for the rugby tonight in the hospitality lounge

she’s just posted a post about how she’s just met met Princess Anne

it made me think of zimbits

  • Bitty won tickets to go to a falcs game in the nice box
  • totally random
  • and he’s DYING
  • because thats ALICIA ZIMMERMAN
  • and he’s with Lardo
  • who is being super chill and keeping him from puking
  • and for some reason, he gets into a heated argument over pie with some celebrity tv chef he dislikes over their insistence that it always has to be the bEST stuff
  • and he’s like
  • screw you, do you know how much it costs? to be good? and get good things? I live in a FRAT HOUSE you pompous ass and I bet I could bake circles around you with one hand tied behind my back AND a murder stop and shop run
  • and Bob is like.
  • this
  • this is the one
  • I want this one.
  • Alicia.
  • Please
  • and shes pepper potts
  • No
  • But Jack will love him, I know it!!
  • No
  • Please!!
  • No.
  • *Don’t even pull that elitist crap with me, I learned how to cook like generation before me at the KNEE OF MY MOTHER and I don’t need to go all the way to FRANCE to know that you don’t freeze the damn butter*
  • Alicia is like… well shit. Bobs got heart eyes, no one is watching the hockey and everyone misses Jack getting the winning goal because Lardo has started filming it
  • so jacks a lil pissed with bitty
  • bitty is soaring on righteous fury
  • Bob is trying to convince Lardo he needs a copy of this video
  • and Alicia is wondering if she can spin this into a cooking show for her new network
  • (she can. Bitty hosts a bargain bin / student budget cooking show that is a HUGE hit because he’s super passive agressive about EVERYTHING he uses)
  • *If, like MOST OF AMERICA you live in a place where hand picked olives from Tuscany are not on sale, then store bought is FINE*
  • 50 uses for hot sauce your housemates got while couponing without your guidance.
  • how to make a three course meal for your girlfriend when you can’t cook and you promised her before checking that the oven was even working CHRIS CHOW, using a toaster, a microwave and an inventive use of the spin setting on your washer.
  • when giant canadian hockey butts slander your FOUR TIME COUNTY FAIR WINNING MAPLE CRUSTED PIES and you have to PROVE THEM WRONG. for beginners!
  • *bright smile*
  • When Hockey Butt uses the last of the milk and you’re about to go live on air.
  • when HB admits that he’s not feeling so great and you need to make your mamma’s chicken soup but can’t afford chicken
  • when you are at your wits end because a cute HB is coming over for dinner and you had class all morning and didn’t have time to prep all the food - meet my sous chef Dex!
  • The meal that I served to HB’s parents! First meeting food for the soul - the budget will shock you!
  • and people are like
  • is this the same HB? who was a dick?
  • and now they are dating?! 


I know I talk a lot about Trini falling for Kimberly first but hear me out 

Kimberly falling first

  • Kimberly flirting with Trini in a way that’s completely different than the boys she messed with because it’s Trini and Trini is special. 
  • Kimberly making excuses to buy Trini beanies or skipping class to make sure Trini’s okay whenever she has a bad day
  • Showing up at Trini’s window in three in the morning with a box of donuts from Krispy Kreme because, “Trini, they opened again today!” 
  • Her picking up on all of Trini’s little quirks and habits
  • Kimberly getting jealous when Tommy joins them, Trini subconsciously flirts back whenever Tommy flirts with her 
  • Kimberly backing down because she thinks Trini likes Tommy
  • Kimberly talking to Jason and the boys about it
  • Zack telling her that she’s being stupid to think Trini doesn’t like her 
  • Billy offering to formulate a plan to help Kimberly get the girl 
  • Jason not sure of what to do because earlier that day Trini had talked to him for the same reason and threatened to kill him if he said anything 
  • Later that day Kimberly tries to tell Trini but it’s just so hard
    • they end up getting into a fight with Kimberly saying something along the lines of, “God damn it, Trini! You make this so hard!” 
    • Trini getting mad, too, and saying something like, “Well, maybe if you just learned how to communicate, we wouldn’t have this problem!” 
    • Kimberly storms away, Trini realizes she was a bit of a hypocrite.
    • They both feel sorry as soon as they’re done fighting 
    • They’re both too stubborn to apologize and don’t talk for a few days
    • Until the boys and Tommy decide that they’re being ridiculous and force them to ‘talk it out’
  • Trini ends up apologizing first but Kimberly refusing to accept it because, “It’s my fault we fought anyways.” 
  • After a while Kimberly decides that the worst thing that could happen is that Trini doesn’t like her back, so she just comes out and says it.
  • Trini is surprised, but surprises Kimberly even more when she just says, “I’ve been crushing on you for months now.” 
  • Kimberly not admitting that she had realized that she liked Trini a few days after they defeated Rita, and that was almost a year ago. 

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Naruto gets taken in and raised by Koharu. He learns everything a traditional kunoichi does, as well as those combat skills that were what made kunoichi like Koharu, Touka, and Mito so absolutely fucking terrifying. But he always maintains the elegance and poise Koharu-obaasama taught him, even when handing Sasuke his broken teeth on a platter. Sakura and Ino are SO JEALOUS™ but also SO PROUD because ladylike but still male Naruto is awesome.

“I’m not going to approve this,” Hiruzen tells his former teammate, utterly bewildered.

“Of course you are,” Koharu tells him briskly, and the look on her face is one she most often used to turn on him and Danzō when they were being particularly obtuse. “Lady Mito’s spirit came to me in a dream to point out the in injustice being done to her descendant. I’m fixing it, and you had best not get in my way, Saru.”

Perched on her lap, four-year-old Naruto turns wide-starry eyes on her. “You talk to the Hokage like that?” he asks excitedly.

Hiruzen, who is still trying to sort out the Lady Mito’s spirit part of that, catches sight of that expression out of the corner of his eye and freezes as trepidation bolts down his spine.

“I’m being perfectly polite,” Koharu tells Naruto, and it’s true. Mostly. Except she wields manners the same way she wields an explosive tag, which is to say devastatingly. “People can never say no to good manners, if you use them correctly.”

Oh no. That expression on Naruto’s face is the same one he was wearing when he saw Hiruzen use a jutsu for the first time, and it doesn’t bode well for any part of Hiruzen’s remaining sanity. “Utatane—” he starts warningly.

“Hokage-sama.” He hasn’t heard her sound that icy since he suggested it was too dangerous to go out looking for Tobirama’s body, and years of experience has him snapping his mouth shut automatically. Koharu regards him narrowly for another moment, then nods in satisfaction and sets a neat stack of papers on the desk. “Naruto is coming home with me,” she says. “I will teach him sealing and how to comport himself—no more of this wreaking havoc in the village nonsense. And you will approve it.”

This situation is slipping from Hiruzen’s grasp so quickly it’s giving him a rash. “Only if you agree to cut ties with Danzō,” he says desperately.

Koharu gives him her patented I’m disappointed you’re not more intelligent but also remain unsurprised by this fact look and taps an imperious finger on the papers. “Section three,” she says primly, because of course Utatane Koharu would never hand in paperwork that wasn’t in sections. There was a reason Tobirama liked her best, and it wasn’t her penchant for explosions. Well, not entirely. “Proof of Danzō’s continuing activities, several methods to stop him, a cost-benefit analysis of doing so immediately as compared to phasing Root out slowly, and Mitokado’s agreement not to participate in any more of Danzō’s activities.”

Hiruzen wonders what she did to poor Homura to get his compliance, but very carefully doesn’t ask. Instead, he looks at the boy who may as well be his grandson, who he’s managed to keep at arm’s length, practically neglected, for the past four years, and sighs a little.

“Naruto?” he asks quietly. “Are you all right with this?”

Koharu’s expression shades towards affront, but before she can say anything—or stuff a mild exploding tag down his robes, because that was always one of her favorite ugh you’re such a boy reactions—Naruto turns to look up at her, and…

Well. Hiruzen realizes with a start that while he’s seen Naruto happy, he’s never seen him glad before.

“Oba-sama bought me a kimono,” he says, as though this is bewildering. “Because I thought it was pretty. An’ she said I can learn to fight like a hero of Konoha.” He pronounces the words carefully, clearly aware of the reverence with which Koharu treats her heroes.

Hiruzen just wishes that her heroes weren’t Uzumaki Mito and Senju Tōka, because he knows Koharu. She doesn’t give a damn about gender—Naruto will learn kunoichi skills because she knows how to make them devastating, and because all the shinobi she looks up to used them. And that, coupled with her love of exploding tags and her fuinjutsu knowledge, and Naruto’s bloodline of genius and his chakra reserves—

It takes effort not to wince.

“Utatane—” he starts, even though he doesn’t have a solid protest formed.

A mistake, clearly, because Koharu’s dark eyes go flinty, and she rises to her feet in a swirl of perfectly arranged robes. “Saru,” she says coolly. “Your desk, top drawer on the left, under a false bottom. Second bookshelf from the right of the door, third shelf, behind the treatise on politics during the First World War. Tenth floorboard from the window, in a black box sealed with—”

Hiruzen flings himself forward right over his desk, clapping a hand across her mouth. All the blood has drained from his face, and he gives her a wild-eyed look.

“You witch,” he accuses. “Leave my literature alone.”

Koharu rolls her eyes, grips his wrist between two delicate fingers, and pulls it away from her mouth. She pauses just long enough to make sure Hiruzen knows she’s thinking about breaking it for the offense, then lets go. “Hide it better,” she retorts. “Or for heaven’s sake don’t read porn on the job.”

Naruto, always the first to latch on to something he shouldn’t—case in point, the way he’s happily perched on Koharu’s hip right this moment, and Hiruzen has the uncharitable thought that he’s surprised she hasn’t broken her hip yet, with all her marching around giving orders—perks up at that. “What’s porn?” he asks excitedly.

“A way to lead foolish men around by the nose,” Koharu says precisely. “Saru, I expect those forms to be filed with the appropriate departments by the end of the day tomorrow. Naruto, let’s go home.”

“Yes, Oba-sama!” Naruto cheers, and he waves cheerfully over her shoulder as she sweeps out of the Hokage’s office.

Hiruzen slumps back in his chair and drags his hands over his face, then leans over and fishes out a bottle of sake. For a moment he debates the cup, but then he pictures Naruto with elegance and poise and the ability to break anyone’s teeth without losing composure, and just pops the cork.

At the very least, it will be an interesting few years.

(Hiruzen really, really hopes he can retire before Naruto reaches Academy age, because that will make ‘interesting’ look like a morning stroll in comparison.)

“Terrifying old bat,” he mutters, waving the sake in vague salute, and then drinks straight from the bottle.

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I've always thought in terms of personality, arya is much more like catelyn and Sansa much more like Ned. Popular opinion seems to like it the other way round though. Maybe it's because of looks, maybe it's because Sansa/cat less popular arya/Ned more so they group them like that. But I firmly believe personality wise, arya gets more from cat and Sansa more from Ned. I was wondering if you could expand on this and share your opinion?

Hey there anon :). I’ve picked up on this many times before and for some reason its often overlooked by many in the fandom. I’ve always thought that while Arya resembles Ned and Sansa resembles Cat, their personality and mannerisms are actually more like the other parent. I personally think this is often denied because a lot of people love Ned and Arya but don’t like Cat and Sansa, so I’m hoping this may help change their opinion.

Catelyn and Arya:

Feminism: Despite the very patriarchal society they live in, both Cat and Arya are essentially champions of women, recognising the worth of women and also almost scorning how they’re seen as second value citizens in Westeros:

  • Catelyn: ‘A woman can rule as wisely as a man’: When Brynden seems to worry that Lysa intends to rule the Eyrie, Catelyn says this, emphasising her belief that women can do just as much of a good job ruling (and to be fair, Brynden does agree that the ‘right’ woman can)
  • Catelyn: ‘Girls are not important enough, are they?’: This is her response when Robb tells her that he could’ve traded Jaime for Ned, and she realises that Sansa and Arya aren’t worth as much, lamenting how society favours men over women.
  • Arya: ‘The woman is important too’: This is when Jon spots that Joffrey wears both the royal Baratheon sigil of his ‘father’ and the Lannister lion of his mother and says that the royal sigil should be enough but he wears his mother’s house sigil as equal and Arya protests that, saying that women are just as important.

Both Catelyn and Arya are actually rather intelligent: Now I’m not saying that Sansa and Ned aren’t intelligent, but Arya definitely takes after Catelyn, she’s a lot more intuitive than Sansa is, and that is all Cat. Catelyn manages to outwit Tyrion, and he acknowledges that himself: ‘All his life Tyrion had prided himself on his cunning…yet this seven-times-damned she-wolf Catelyn Stark had outwitted him at every turn’. Arya is intelligent as well, for example, she uses her wit and intelligence to manipulate Jaqen into freeing them from Harrenhal, she manages to learn how to speak Braavosi, despite her young age (I also love how when she’s in Braavos, ‘Cat of the Canals’ is a name she uses, it breaks my heart).

They both have a massive taste for revenge:

  • Arya: ‘Every night Arya would say their names. Ser Gregor…The Tickler and the Hound, Ser Amory, Ser Ilyn, Ser Meryn, King Joffrey, Queen Cersei’: The list of names that Arya has of people she wants to kill is very well known in both the books and the show.
  • Catelyn: ‘I want them all dead, Brienne. Theon Greyjoy first, then Jaime Lannister and Cersei and the Imp, every one’: This is before Lady Stoneheart, so there’s not even the excuse of the ruthless, resurrected zombified Catelyn who is taking this stance on revenge.

Catelyn literally has a list of people she wants dead, not necessarily by her hand, whereas Arya actually wants to kill the people on her list, but if this isn’t a huge pointer to who Arya takes after, then I don’t know what is. Now Catelyn isn’t violent, but she’s certainly after vengeance. Ned isn’t a someone who seems like that. Yes he went to war, but I’d argue that was more about finding Lyanna. And if he had got the chance, I’d say he would’ve killed Aerys without blinking, but I firmly believe Arya’s stance on revenge and vengeance comes from Cat, and not Ned. Here are some of Cat’s other quotes:

  • ‘You are the gentle sex’ said Lord Karstark…’A man has a need for vengeance’…‘Give me Cersei Lannister, Lord Karstark, and you would see how gentle a woman can be’
  • ‘I have no skill with swords, but that does not mean that I do not dream of riding to King’s Landing and wrapping my hands around Cersei Lannister’s white throat and squeezing until her face turns black’

Not only is Cat demonstrating her taste for vengeance, but particularly in that second quote, she’s describing it gruesomely. Cat has a fierceness that is seen in Arya. Arya’s list is almost purely based on a desire to get revenge for the deaths of her family, that sounds pretty similar to a certain resurrected character. This fierceness we see in Arya is all Cat, Ned is not a fierce person at all.

Emotion: Both Cat and Arya are driven by emotion, and this can often mean them doing reckless things. While Cat (for the most part) is more rational, and that comes with age and maturity, she can be impulsive at times. For Arya, things like hitting Joffrey (although he was attacking Mycah, Joffrey is the crown prince and it’s punishable by death to strike him) is an example of her recklessness, but she does it to protect someone. Catelyn releasing Jaime strikes me as something similar, it is a reckless act, but driven by a desire to protect her daughters and get them safe. Yes, it wasn’t a good move and severely weakened Robb’s cause (Though I don’t think that cost him the war as others do. They just place the blame on Cat), but it reminds me of Arya, because that is something she would do.

Cat is very emotionally driven when it comes to Jon. Jon’s presence (not his existence, contrary to popular belief, Cat doesn’t hate the fact that Jon exists. She actually says she wouldn’t mind if Ned had many bastards, as long as they were kept away) affects her emotionally and it hurts her to see him every day, to be reminded of the honourable Ned Stark’s infidelity. She acts on emotion and chooses to ignore him over something he had no choice in, and it is driven by her hurt over the situation. Arya is similar to this, in the show, not the book, when Gendry is taken. Gendry is like an anchor for Arya at this point, and it really hurts her to see him being taken by Melisandre. However, she adds Beric, Thoros and Melisandre to her list for this. A list that includes Cersei, Joffrey, Walder Frey, people who helped murder her family. Now, Gendry being taken really hurt her, but do them three deserve to be on her list? Not really, it’s purely driven by emotion.

Childhood: Arya is obviously well known for her play during childhood. She’s messy, enjoys playing with the boys, wants to swordfight, and just wild in general. People often liken that to Lyanna, but Catelyn remembers her own childhood where she used to make mud pies with Lysa, and used to play with her and Petyr. Although she didn’t swordfight, Catelyn’s own childhood mirrors Arya’s quite a bit, since she also enjoyed playing as a child (I have a headcanon that Arya’s archery skills come from Catelyn because as a child, Cat was taught how to use a bow and arrow by Brynden Tully, but there’s no evidence for that, it’s just a headcanon). People may then call Cat a hypocrite for wanting Arya not to engage in play activities, but people also forget that Cat was forced to grow up very quickly after her mother died and it likely was a quick transition that she wasn’t prepared for and I argue that she wanted Arya to be more prepared than she was and she’s also aware of how harsh society is for women, especially those who don’t fit into the roles of ‘looking pretty’ and producing babies.

Strength: Another similarity is both of them remaining strong.

  • Arya: ‘I am a wolf and will not be afraid’ and the repeated ‘I’m not afraid’ in the show’ demonstrate Arya’s strength. Arya is afraid, and the Hound picks up on that, but she tries to push the feeling of being afraid away out of fear of being weak, she can’t allow herself to be weak, instead she resorts to her inner strength.
  • Catelyn: ‘I want to weep, she thought. I want to be comforted. I’m so tired of being strong. I want to be foolish and frightened for once. Just for a small while, that’s all, a day, an hour’ While Catelyn is talking about grief and not fear, she also shares the similar belief that she has to be strong, so she pushes her grief away because she also can’t allow herself to be weak, like Arya, demonstrating the inner strength she has.

I said in a previous ask Cat and Arya’s relationship is undervalued, but there are so many things Catelyn loves about Arya and now Arya will never get the chance to know how much her mother loved her. One thing that is heartbreaking is that we know how desperately Catelyn wanted to give Ned a son that looked like him, but she never got the chance to. I believe that despite the fact that Arya is not seen as ‘pretty’ and doesn’t get the nice Tully features the other four do, Cat wouldn’t change Arya’s appearance because Arya is the brown haired, grey eyed child she’d always wanted.

LSH doesn’t look like she will be introduced in the show, but in the books, I firmly believe that it will be Arya, to put her out of her misery. And I like to think that having to kill her own mother, Arya will stop her quest for vengeance and head north to find her family.

Ned and Sansa:

Naivety: Sansa has obviously changed since season 1, but in season 1, her and Ned shared the same naivety. Both of them go to Cersei in the hope that she will listen to them, and it backfires on both of them. Ned confronted Cersei with the fact that he knew the truth about her and Jaime, and that was essentially him signing his death warrant. It was naive of Ned to believe that Cersei wouldn’t try to fight back in any way. Cersei has watched Robert’s vengeance follow the Targaryen children around in exile, and she didn’t want that for her own children, Ned’s naivety cost him his life. Sansa also runs to tell Cersei of Ned’s plans to leave, and it backfired. 

Too Trusting: Ned obviously doesn’t trust Cersei, but he places trust in her that he believes she will take up his offer and flee. He trusts that she will put the interest of her children first, and she doesn’t and he was too trusting of her.

  • Ned: ‘Distrusting me was the wisest thing you’ve done since you climbed off your horse’—‘I did warn you not to trust me’: This is the classic example of Ned being too trusting. Placing his trust in a man who literally tells him not too.
  • Sansa: ‘Once she had loved Prince Joffrey with all her heart and admired and trusted his mother, the queen. They had repaid that love and trust with her father’s head: Sansa places her trust in the wrong people, just as Ned does, and unfortunately for her, she finds out the hard way and it’s certainly a learning curve for her. The too trusting thing is all Ned, Catelyn is much more wary of people, as is Arya (Roose Bolton at Harrenhal for example)

The Eyrie: This is much more of a simple parallel, but it is still one.

  • Ned: Grows up in the Eyrie as a ward of Jon Arryn
  • Sansa: Spends time in the Eyrie under the ‘protection’ of Littlefinger as his bastard daughter (niece in the show)

It’s a very simple similarity, but I believe there is a purpose to everything that George writes. It’s funny that LF is almost trying to make Sansa turn into Catelyn, but he’s doing so in a place where Sansa will feel connected to Ned.

Traditional: While Cat and Arya very much champion women and are essentially medieval feminists, Ned and Sansa are much more traditional. Now, that’s not to say that they don’t value women, because they do. Sansa has probably been beaten down to think that women aren’t worth much but by season 7, we see that she’s really starting to believe in herself as a woman. Ned definitely valued women, respected them, he had a lot of trust in Catelyn, but in reality they are both traditional and fit in with the patriarchal society. Sansa despises of anything unlady-like that Arya does, because it’s not how a woman should act. Certainly in book one, Sansa is convinced that she has to look pretty for Joffrey, smile for him, give him babies, a very traditional medieval view of a woman’s role. Ned certainly doesn’t see Catelyn as a breeding machine, and that’s not what my point is here, but he is still traditional in the fact that he is in charge, and what he says goes. He doesn’t give Cat a say in Jon’s situation and then forbids her to talk about him, using his authority as the male over her. That’s not to say Ned is mean, it’s him being traditional, the man is superior to the woman.

Gentleness: Both Ned and Sansa are much more gentle than Cat and Arya. Cat and Arya have a fierceness we don’t see in Ned and Sansa. Sansa is a gentle young lady, made for the south, doesn’t know how harsh the world is, a very gentle soul. Despite his rough exterior, we know that Ned is actually a very gentle person: ‘Eyes that could be soft as fog or hard as stone’, ‘Once I found the good, sweet heart beneath Ned’s solemn face’. Sansa’s gentleness towards people and life is 100% Ned, even though he doesn’t seem the gentle type.

Armour: Their metaphorical suits of armour are pointed out:

  • Ned: ‘You wear your honour like a suit of armour, Stark’
  • Sansa: ‘What was it that Septa Mordane used to tell her? A ladies armour is courtesy’

It’s another simple similarity, but a fascinating one again, because they are both using these metaphorical suits of armour to almost shield them from real life. Ned holds honour in high regard, as Sansa holds courtesy as well, and they are the things that they use to shield themselves, as armour is supposed to do.

General Personality: Ned is known as the most quiet (his nickname is the ‘Quiet Wolf’), sensible, patient, dutiful and this is definitely evident in Sansa. Sansa is also rather quiet (in comparison to Arya), sensible and patient, she’s not rash or reckless, she’s slower to act to things, idealistic, she has a great deal of empathy. That’s not to say that Catelyn is the complete opposite, Catelyn does have empathy and she’s not completely reckless, but these qualities are much more evident in Ned.

Reassurance: This again is only a small one, but in the show only, we’ve seen a similarity between Ned and Sansa, trying to reassure Catelyn and Jon respectively that they belong in Winterfell

  • Ned: ‘All these years and I still feel like an outsider when I come here’ — ‘You have five Northern children. You’re not an outsider’
  • Sansa: ‘I’m not a Stark’ — ‘You are to me’

It’s a very simple parallel, but an important one. They are both reassuring someone who isn’t sure of their place, that they belong. We saw Sansa through season 6 continue to try and assure Jon that he had a place, that he was a Stark. She made him a Stark cloak, she told him he should have the lord’s chamber, she convinced him to be the person to lead them retaking Winterfell. I imagine that Ned throughout his marriage, assured Catelyn that she belonged in Winterfell, the North was her home etc.

Like Cat and Arya, Ned and Sansa’s relationship is massively undervalued as well. Sansa is his first daughter, and while he obviously loves Arya too, that’s something special to him. She’s the first child he would’ve been present for the birth, seen her as a newborn. We don’t actually know when Ned and Cat fell in love, but Sansa could’ve been the first child out of love. Sansa is precious to Ned, she’s just like him in personality, but she looks just like the woman he loves more than anything, and her innocence and gentle look on the world is why I think he doesn’t tell her what the world is really like, he wants to shield his little girl from the horrors of it.

In the end, people talk a lot about Ned sacrificing his honour for Jon, but they often ignore the fact that Ned loved Sansa enough that he was willing to be deemed a traitor to his best friend in order to save her and that is Ned Stark summed up in one scene. He thinks honour is important, but it’s nothing compared to family. Sansa is one of the last things he sees before he dies, and Ned would be proud of the woman Sansa has become

Bad Match Pt. 6

Series Summary: Bucky and the Reader are set up on a date, but things don’t go as well as expected.  

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 3.2k+

Warnings: angst, swearing, slow burn, some fluff.

A/N: Here it is! I can’t believe the amazing reception for part. 5. Thank you so much, I wish I could write faster for you guys! I see this chapter more as a linking part for what’s to come! Excuse any mistakes and nonsenses please! Feedback? I live for it!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

While he was dragging the towel over his body to dry himself from the recently taken shower, Bucky realized that nightmares hadn’t visited him that night. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that he almost hadn’t slept at all, his mind invaded with thoughts…about Y/N. He questioned himself if she would come to him again if he had another nightmare…

He couldn’t stop the urge to try and make things better with her. Last night, he had listened in her voice how much he had been hurting her, ever since they first met, and that just didn’t work well in his head. He had to fix it. But how?

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Hamilton High School Sports AU

-Alexander is a volley ball and track person.
-it helps him take out aggression by hitting the ball smack down onto the other team’s floor.
-running helps him push himself which he loves .
-John Laurens is a swimmer and baseball player.
-amazing at batting, not so good in the field.
-Lafayette is a cheerleader (for Hercules only).
-he’s so freaking cheerful all the time Jesus Christ the other cheerleaders are angry at how peppy he is.
-he smiles during arguements with the others and laughs when the other cheer teams insult him.
-Hercules walks up like “you talking bullcrap about my cheetleader?”
-they back off immediately.
-Thomas Jefferson is in track and basketball.
-Hamilton and Jefferson run against each other and then get super hot and sweaty afterwards.
-they fight over the court because practice times get mixed up.
-Alex spikes the ball at Thomas.
-Thomas chucks the basketball at them when they’ve been going back and forth with no mistakes.
-or he puts the volley ball somewhere really high up.
-Hercules is in field events and football
-eliza is a volley ball gal and damn she is so good at saving the ball from hitting the floor.
-her and hammy exchange tips and practice together on weekends.
-Thomas gets jealous and tries to learn how to play once.
-he got caught by Alex and was made fun of it for the rest of eternity.
-Angelica would SO be a basketball player like damn.
-she would school all the boys including Thomas.
-Aaron Burr does track but he never does sprinting because he prefers to pace himself and is always slow and it pisses Alexander off SO. F#CKING. MUCH.
-George Washingmachine is the ref for almost everything. Super fair and nice as well.
-King George is the other ref and is a huge d!ck. Super unfair. Nobody likes him.
-Lafayette wanted to do almost all the sports but Washingmachine had to tell him to tone it down because he was just such a cinnamon roll and didn’t realize he would break down from stress and exhaustion.
-James dabbles in some field events but mostly doesn’t do a lot because of his asthma.
-An amazing tutor for people that want to do sports and excersize tho.
- “Just breath and relax.”
- holds a yoga class outside of school. Aaron, Eliza, and Thomas all attend.
-Maria is the best and most beautiful softball player this world has ever seen and damn right she dabbles in hockey and swimming.
-she and John talk about swimming techniques all the time.
-she also teaches Lafayette how to play hockey without falling or looking like a doof.
-Hercules secretly watches and giggles when his bf makes a shot in and cheers about it for the next 2 minutes.
-Hamilton gets excited after his school wins the track regionals or something
-he kisses Thomas like a lot and then quickly runs away but Thomas catches up
- “we should win more often, I could use more of that hamilton~”
- they all go to the gym together or get ice cream together and talk about cheat days, Washingmachine and how nice he is, King George and how much of an @ss he is, and Charles Lee who is a stubborn piece of crap.

Add more if you like!!!!

You Are Her Happy Place.

Based on this imagine:

Characters: Dean x Reader, Rowena, Sam 

Summary: A witch put a spell on Y/N knocking her out. Rowena is called to help undo. She ends up seeing Y/N’s dream world. 

Warnings: Language, Sickeningly adorable married life haha 

A/N: I am so happy you guys like this imagine, and so excited that so many people requested a one shot based off of it. I hope you all like it! 

Feel free to submit requests for a one shot and/or imagine. If you want to be tagged in anything, just let me know. Or as always you can just drop in to say hey. I love hearing from you guys. 

You hit the ground with a resounding thud. Whatever kind of spell that witch just put on you had knocked you out cold on the spot. When you split off from the boys, you had thought you got the drop on her. Turns out, you were the one to get dropped. The witch just stood and waited for the boys to come find you there on the floor. When they did, she made the mistake of getting a bit too mouthy, they were already pissed off, but now with you on the floor, it was a whole new level. “You’re too late you know. She won’t come out of this one. A little parting gift for you boys.” She cackled, making faces that the boys. 

“Well isn’t that nice. See we have a little parting gift for you too.” Dean mockingly replied, as he held up his gun.

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Quick reminder that I LOVE Skip Beat by Yoshiki Nakamura

Why you ask?

*Badass female protagonist who is still very girly and believes in magic

*The entire plot if the story is revolved around her seeking revenge after the guy who broke her heart

*Her revenge is not her trying to bring this guy down ITS BRINGING HERSELF UP and proving than she’s not worthless like he thinks

*How does she do this? By becoming an ACTRESS!! HOLY SMOKES!!! AND SHES SO GOOD?? DAMN

*while it is a romance its a SLOW BURN HECK YEAH!! She learns to love herself first before putting her trust in another guy

*The other guy (while not liking her at first because of her reasons to join showbiz) warms up to her slowly and even becomes an acting mentor for her


*All of the friendships she makes are well developed and thought out

*It’s super funny while still having very serious moments



on this day, 28 years ago, the legendary janet jackson released her iconic “janet jackson’s rhythm nation:1814” album. the album was released during the peak of my mother’s crack addiction. here is the LONG story through “rhythm nation: 1814” music videos of how that album and my childhood best friend, robert, saved my life. 

it was mid-august of 1989 when my life would change. i lived in north philadelphia with my mother and my five brothers in a one bed-room apartment. well it was sorta of an apartment. my grand mother has transformed her two-story house into two living quarters. we lived downstairs while grand mother lived upstairs. this meant that the “living room” was our bedroom. the “dining room” was everything but a “dinning room” because we never had meals in that room because didn’t even have a table. it was dark and empty room for the most part but it was where i spent most of my time dancing and avoiding the world. it was also the room where i first heard janet’s “miss you much.“ 

the song premiered on Q-102 fm in philadelphia and i waited till the top of the next hour to hear it again so that i could record it on my cassette. because we didn’t have cable, i had to wait until the weekly syndicated show "friday night videos” premiered the video. and hunty, once i saw the video - it was a wrap! the imagery and the fuckin’ choreography provided my lungs with oxygen! 

my mother’s crack addiction was its peak during the time. i found solace in learning choreography from music videos. i found peace in imagining myself in those music videos. “miss you much” amplified those fantasies! it was the first music video that had a fuckin’ plot twist. when she said “is that the end?” and her dancers said “no!” and she started that ICONIC chair routine! bitch, whatever life i lived before that moment no longer mattered. i needed a hat and a chair to dance with! 

i would practice the choreography in the dinning room while my younger brother nicholas watched. he was a great sport because he would sit on the floor until he fell asleep watching me dance. but i tell ya this - i mastered that routine and by the time my 7th grade school year started, i was showing off my skills to my fellow students in the lunch room.

although it had been just a few weeks since the release of the album, i already memorized every word by the time i started the grade started. i hated school and dreaded the start of a new year. i wasn’t sure if i could deal with the name calling but i was also inspired to getting my education because janet herself said it was important.

it was the first day of the 7th grade when i met robert. i knew as soon as i walked into the classroom him commanding space with his beautiful spirit that my life was about to not be as fucked as it was at that time. i remember exhaling when i saw him and thinking to myself, “finally i am not the only one.” for years, i was always the only “out” student in school and seeing another unapologetic femme dude provided me a safe place land after being in limbo for what felt like a millions years. 

i sat near him and his crew waiting for an opportunity to connect. the moment he said “i love janet jackson!” i knew this was my chance to connect. i said “ooh honey chyle, i love me some miss janet too!” we were best friends from that moment. before robert, i had to survive lunch in the cafeteria on my own. being called “faggot” sliced me open but when i was with robert, i didn’t care. we laughed at the students who called us faggots. we laughed at them because they didn’t know janet’s “miss you much” and “rhythm nation” choreography. we did! a-ha!

i remember on some days we were bold enough to do the choreography in the lunch room. of course, we had to do it without music so we just sang the songs while we danced. most students laughed but some others were quite impressed. those were the students that would eventually help to make survival in the cafeteria a little easier. 

one day, while in science class, miss harrison approached me and robert as we walked into the classroom and asked if robert and i could do our janet routines because it will quiet the kids down. miss harrison was a young teacher and the students always gave her a hard time. i remember feeling so affirmed and yet so very shocked that: 1. miss harrsion knew we could dance and 2. she was asking us to dance. usually, robert and i danced cuz we wanted to. now here we were in a classroom where the teacher is asking us to dance to help her get “control” (you see what i just did? lol) of the class. we didn’t dance that day. mainly because unlike the cafeteria, her classroom only had one exit and we weren’t trying to risk it. lol

by the time the “escapade” music video was released in january of 1990, robert was sent away to a group home. i remember feeling immense pain and heartache because i wasn’t sure if we would ever see each other again. my family didn’t have a house phone. we wouldn’t get a land line until 1995.

i had to learn the choreography alone. i had to survive school alone. i had to fuckin’ survive my mother’s addiction. but i had my rhythm nation cassette. well, i had the cassette but no radio to play it on because one of my mother’s friends stole my damn radio and sold it. lawd, how the hell did i survive!? i tell ya know.

by this time, i spent every monday and wednesday afternoon in miss wilson’s english club. granted, i was the only student who showed up but i loved miss wilson. she had been my 6th grade teacher and she was always welcoming. we didn’t do anything related to english studies, she and i just sat and gossip about the other teachers. this is how i knew that my social studies teacher, who loved to laugh whenever i was teased, was getting a divorced after finding out her husband was having an affair. this information would prove useful one day when she laughed at me after a boy called me a “faggot.”. chyle, i said “you laugh all you want but i know when you go home tonight, you’re husband won’t be there.” chyle, her face cracked! she never laughed at me again. 

anywho, during my afternoons with miss wilson, i would tell her about my life. she would remind me of how special i was and how one day janet will pick me to dance for her. when i told miss wilson about my radio being stolen, she went out and bought me a new one - the next damn day! as a token of my appreciation, i danced to “escapade” for her. also, i wanted to show off the choreography.

in other related “escapade” stories, i seldom danced in front of my mother. while she was hella supportive of me as a queer kid, she did struggle with my being unapologetically fem. she hated that i lip synced to songs by women. which is why i was so surprised when one day while drinking with friends in our “living room” which was also our bedroom, she asked me to dance to a janet jackson song. i chose “escapade” because it was the current single. although looking back now, i wished i had chosen “rhythm nation.” she smiled the entire time and after i was done her friend said, “you dance just like michael jackson.” i knew what he “meant” but was more irritated that he chose to say michael and not janet. i was sad that i wasn’t dancing with robert.

by the time “alright”, RN1814’s fourth single was released, i was living with my aunt janet. i had fallen into a deep depression so i janet invited me to come live with her. 

it was the spring of 1990 and robert was still away at his group home. i was transferred to a different school. i tried to reinvent myself as “straight” but that didn’t work. i wasn’t committed enough. lol it was in this school that i got into a fight with a dude who called me a faggot in english class - seriously, english classes sucked! also, they called the cops on me cuz i whipped that boy’s ass! i wasn’t arrested but school fucked with my mental health and decided that i would rather cut class that sit in a class that cut me. 

i used to sneak back home to my aunt’s house and watch music videos while she and her husband were at work. this is how i managed to catch the world premiere of the music video on mtv. i remember my aunt watching mtv later that night and telling me that they were about to show janet’s new video. i was like “oh really? that’s cool because i have never seen it.” i think she knew i was lying.

by the spring of 1990, robert managed to run away from his group home. i was still living with janet but somehow word got to me that robert was home and looking for me. i immediately rushed to his mom’s house but he left moments before i arrived. i am sure all of this would have been easier had we had phones but we didn’t. it was the 90s and we were poor as hell. 

anywho, i waited on his mom’s steps for hours before he finally returned! we hugged hard and he said “you still remember the steps?” we spent the next few hours talking about janet and life and boys and our dreams.

it was a school night so i had to get back to my aunt janet’s house. i didn’t want to leave robert. i was scared that he would disappear again. “hey. you want to go to the mall tomorrow? i can cut school."the next morning, i met up with robert and attempted to catch the bus but as soon as we got on, i saw my uncle jose sitting right by the damn driver. so we immediately jumped off the bus and decided to walk the five miles to the mall. i remember us taking a picture in the photo booth. i remember being hot as hell because i wore my burgundy turtleneck and it was fuckin’ june! 

on our way back from the mall, we stopped by save-a-lot. we had just under 5 dollars. enough to buy a few sodas, some cookies and a bag of chips. we found a playground nearby and sat on the swings killing time before i had to head back home. while we were there we met a girl about our age, who by today’s standard would be considered sex-positive but back then she was a girl who didn’t give a fuck what people thought. we shared our sodas and treats with her and laughed until our heads hurt.

robert walked me half way home that night. right as we were saying good-bye and planning our next outing, he said "you won.” i replied, “what?” he said, “remember our bet. i said that ‘lonely’ would have a video and you said that ‘come back to me’ would have a video. you won.

in late june of 1990, i was the saddest i had ever been. robert was returned to his group home and my aunt janet sent me back to live with my mother. she was fed up with my cutting school. the kicker is that i had just one more week of school. 

i remember leaving her house and dreading going back to my mother’s house. by this time, my mother lived in a two bedroom house. it was definitely a come-up from our usual one-bedroom apartment. but i didn’t want to deal with her addiction. but i had no choice. 

i spent the entire summer locked in a room that i shared with my brothers. i just watched tv shows and music videos all. damn. day. this is why i can still remember the timeslots of many forgotten tv shows. 

sometime in july, robert showed up at my house. he had not run away but was given a weekend pass to visit family. we did what we had always done - danced to janet songs. i don’t remember us talking about our dreams. i think we became aware of that dreams for boys like us don’t come true. but we could still dance our asses off. 

that sunday, my aunt blanca and i drove him back to his group home. it was about a 45-minute drive and i counted every minute. he said if he was good, he would be given another weekend pass. i told him to be good. "black cat” premiered on a sunday in august. this i will always remember because i hated sundays. some days i still do. robert hated this song.

in the winter of 1990, robert came to live with us after he ranaway yet again from the group home. i told my mother that he was dischagred but had no place to go. she said, “then he will stay here." 

"love will never do (without you)” was released during this time. it is not only my fave song from the rhythm nation 1814 album, but it is my all-time-fave janet song. it is also one of me and robert’s fave janet video. the hair. the smile. the walk. antonio. everything. 

i remember us walking to the record store on germantown avenue - the same store i purchased the rhythm nation album in september of ‘89 - to buy the 12” single. mind you, i didn’t have a record player. we just had to have it! we would wind up buying all of the rhythm nation singles on 12" and then nail them to my wall (see pic in comment section.)

robert was already my brother but he became a brother to my brothers. my brother nicholas, who once watched me dance to “miss you much,” now watched as me and robert danced to everything.when janet released “janet.” in 1993, robert and i would perform “if” for all the drug dealers on the block. they would block traffic and turn the car lights on to provide us a spot light.

robert lived with my mother years long after i moved out. he even moved to florida with her. he would provide my mother the same magical gift he provided me for many years - his love and friendship. robert, love will never do without you.

This Is Us- Chapter 12

Faith Comes Home 

Claire could tell there was something on in Jamie’s mind and he was hesitating to discuss it. They were putting Faith’s toys back in her storage chest while she brushed her teeth.

“Is there something wrong?” Claire finally asked, not knowing any better way to begin.

Jamie dropped the truck he had been holding to the box with a thunk and turned to her. He realized she was genuinely apprehensive so he smiled in reassurance.

“It’s no’ much, Sassenach, but Saturday next is the Quarter Day Festival at Lallybroch.”

Claire looked at him blankly.

“Tis my home, where Ian, Jenny and their bairns live, where I grew up. I normally visit every couple of weeks and stay the weekend, I havena been back since…well, ye ken.” He grinned at her.

“Mmh?” Claire wondered if he was trying to tell her he would be away for a time.

“Aye. It’s in honor of the old days when the laird of the Fraser lands would call all the tenants to him to pay rents and catch up with friends and neighbors. My family puts it on once a year. We have some traditional games and special ones for the children, pony rides, there’s usually an afternoon game of shinty or footie. In the evening, we host a smaller gathering with food and drink, great music. A welcome to the warmer weather.”

“Sounds lovely.” Claire said a little longingly.

“The thing is…this year it will be a bit different. Slainte will be sponsoring it, using it as a celebration of our first year so it will be larger than usual, better funded, too. We leased a large field that joins wi’ ours for more room. My cousin Jared, the one who gave me a start when I lived in Paris, will be coming. He’s showcasing some smaller vineyards that he thinks should be better known. The band this year is really good, we’ve a large tent for the dinner and dancing. The Quarter Day games will be open to the public more or less, but the evening celebration will be on the grounds at Lallybroch and is just three hundred or so, by invitation only.” Jamie explained.

Claire’s eyebrows rose up inviting him to spit it out.

“I need to be there a couple of days before and maybe a day after. I am wondering if it would be a good time for the lassie to meet my family?” Jamie asked, a look of hopeful anticipation in his eyes. Claire hesitated.

“Won’t you have your hands full? I can’t imagine having a toddler in tow would be convenient.” She’d tried to picture it.

Claire also tried to ignore the implications of Faith being somewhere other than with her for any length of time. They’d never been separated overnight before.

She had thought she was prepared for this, knowing some day Faith and her father would have a relationship like this, separate from her; but she felt unexpectedly shut out all the same.

“It is a busy time,” he agreed, “but there’s also many hands around to help. She would love it there and I would love to show you my home and have ye meet my kin. Will you and the lass come with me? Spend a few days at my home? We’ve plenty of room. You and Faith can take the laird’s chamber? It’s quiet and private; I’ll bunk in with the lads, they won’t mind.” Hopeful eyes met surprised ones.

Claire ignored the happy dance that started jumping inside. Jamie often spoke of his family and colleagues at work; she couldn’t help but be curious about them.

Likely, those who he’d told about Faith were curious about her, too. The more she thought of it, the better the idea seemed. Arriving at a time when everyone would be busy preparing for the Quarter Day festivities would cast the spotlight on something other than Faith and that would be more relaxing. Less pressure on host and guest alike and she did want to meet Jamie’s family.

“You aren’t worried about the press? Especially if it’s a promo event of a sort for Slainte?”

“I’m no so worrit about the day, you’ll be two in the midst of the crowd. I’ll be running sunup to sunrise, if ye see me a’tall, I’ll likely be on a field at a distance. You and she will go round to the different games and spectator areas– she’ll find it great fun to watch. We’ve no’ invited any press for the evening party, besides, the lass will be asleep by the time the dinner and dancing starts.  There’s been no a peep about ye or the lass, lately. I’ve no been doing the same publicity events. When ye arena out at parties and galas the press tends to forget about yer existence. It’s easier to keep a low profile than most people credit. If ye dinna do much, then no one finds ye all the interesting anymore. No one is poking their nebs into my business or yours at the moment.”

Claire understood his thinking in this regard.

“What happens if she calls you Da in front of everyone?”

Claire thought she’d made an excellent point but that damned Scot just smiled in pure happiness.

“I’d like nothing more,” he said with a chuckle, “and in front of family, well, they ken so it’s expected, aye? If that happens Quarter Day during the games and it’s clear she’s speaking of me, and if someone overhears it, we’ll just tell them she calls everyone Da.” His eyebrows wriggled up and down, which was his way of winking, having never learned the fine art of closing only one lid.

Claire laughed at that considering how long it took Faith to do it for him in the first place. Hearing him put it that way it did seem unlikely that such a scenario would unfold but if it did that was a plausible explanation.

“All right, Jamie, we’d love to go with you, thank you. It sounds like fun.”


As they rounded the bend Claire let out a gasp spotting the manse in the distance.  

“Oh, Jamie, it’s beautiful.”

Larger than she expected but enchanting with the blending of architectural styles of different eras, she could now see the kitchen gardens set near the side yard, and in the distance rows of flowers along winding paths.  

“Aye.” He’d agreed, glancing in the rearview, Faith was still out like a light.

Her face pressed hard into the side of the car seat, she’d wake warm and soft with little crease lines from the fabric.

Jamie’s hands shook a tiny bit and he could feel his heartbeat speeding up.

He was bringing his daughter home. Ah Dhia that his Da could only have lived to see this day!

The baying of a hound announced their arrival before the car had even circled the drive.

Claire watched as a little girl and an older boy emerged from the house followed closely by a small, dark haired woman.

As Jamie put the car in park, Faith started to wake.

Jamie greeted wee Jamie and Maggie first but then reached into the back seat, hoisting a still sleepy Faith up, resting her on his hip.

She’d want to stretch her legs in a minute or two but for now he snuggled her up against him.

Jenny threw her arms around him, taking care to not startle Faith.

“Oh, tis wonderful to have ye home, a brathair!” Jenny waited a beat or two for Faith to turn toward her.

“Hello Faith, darling, I’m yer Auntie Jenny. It’s lovely to meet you,” she said tickling Faith’s leg.

Faith blinked, noticing her new surroundings and the radiant smile of the woman next to her, just taking everything in.

Claire was rounding the car to introduce herself when, to everyone’s surprise, Faith launched herself straight into Jenny.

Jenny, emitted a small oomph and Faith grabbed hold of her aunt’s hair, securing herself firmly.

Claire watched Jenny’s eyes close as she buried her face in Faith’s neck breathing her in as she held her.

With a start Claire realized Jenny had never expected to be able to hold her brother’s child in her arms, hadn’t believed she’d be an aunt any time soon.

She’d known it would matter, but she hadn’t appreciated just how much. Unconditional love and joy for their daughter poured from Jenny.

Claire’s eyes stung and she had to force air through the tightness in her throat. She glanced away from Jenny and toward Jamie. That was a mistake. Fathomless blue pierced her heart, reading her perfectly, knowing and not concerned that she would read him the same. Overwhelmed, it was she who looked away.

The dog she’d heard earlier barked again.

“Ooh, dog?” Faith asked tentatively, confused by the size of the enormous beast ambling toward them.

“Oh, aye, Faith that’ll be Bran, he’s a braw laddie.”

The dog’s ears pricked up hearing Jamie’s voice and he came to greet his master. Jamie was on his knees rubbing ears and scratching Bran’s back.

Jenny let Faith down and she promptly join her father playing with the dog. Claire and Jenny smiled at one another.

“If he had a saddle, she’d ride him everywhere, I expect.” Claire said a little wistfully.

Jenny noticed Claire’s eyes stayed on Jamie as she said it. Jamie laughed.

“Aye, Sassenach, he’s a fair hand rounding up the sheep but gentle, Bran would let her, too. Wouldn’t you, ye lovely wee marsh-mellow?”

By this point the dog had overturned in ecstasy, legs straight up in the air as Faith rubbed his huge belly.  

Claire pulled her eyes away from the scene and introduced herself to Jenny, Jamie’s namesake and Maggie. Maggie was a couple of years older than Faith but Kitty and she were around the same age. Though, Kitty was just waking up from her nap and Ian was with her.

Eventually, they managed to corral everyone inside and sort out various bags, rooms, porta crib assignments and the like. Claire and Faith settled into the enormous Laird’s Room. It’s warm wooden panels, marble fireplace and canopy bed bespoke a forgotten era. The mullioned windows opened onto a view of the fields far beyond and the crumbling tower upon which the family title, Broch Tuarach was based.

In the two days leading up to Quarter Day, Claire came to appreciate Lallybroch as a living thing. Teeming with animals, plants and people everywhere, of course, but the home itself had a personality all it’s own.

Comforting, warm, it talked to you, did you care to listen to it. Even with workmen rushing about and dozens of small details to track and follow, the peace of the place settled over her and seeped into her bones.

Visually and especially for the niece of an antiquarian, full of treasures to explore. Every room in Lallybroch was crammed with Fraser family history. Bibles with ancient family trees, broadswords, chamber pots, targes, old candelabras, butter churns, soap molds, brass tubs, dirks, tartans, old plates and furniture, first edition books, framed letters going back hundreds of years to say nothing of the very impressive wine cellar with offerings from at least a hundred years ago.

Each generation of Frasers, it seemed, had produced at least one artist and walls and shelves all over Lallybroch bore the fruits of their combined labors. A mural adorned one whole wall of the Laird’s chamber, courtesy of Ellen MacKenzie Fraser. It was an elaborate landscape, almost as captivating as the one outside her window.

In Jamie’s generation, that artist had been his older brother, Willie. Claire could see, based on the work that he produced before dying so young, that he would have been quite special, even in this family of creative souls. Several of his paintings and beautiful wood carvings were hung in various rooms.

Over the next couple of days, the house filled. Murtagh and Fergus arrived and Jared Fraser came in from Paris that evening. All of them had summarily been put to work, even her, ensuring that everything for the Quarter Day Festival was in the ready.

There had been no obvious plan in assigning various tasks, she would have sworn that was true. Yet each Fraser had made an effort to find something that needed to be done with Faith, or with her.

“Oh, what have we here?” Claire said the next morning, finding Murtagh, wrists deep in bread dough. All the children, including her daughter, standing around the table or kneeling on chairs punching and kneading the dough.

“Rolls!” Exclaimed Maggie.

“Toast!” said Faith.

“It’ll be lumps of paste if ye don’t attend to yer business, weans.” Murtagh grunted.

“Hit it harder!” wee Jamie encouraged.

“Like that?” Faith was smacking the table for all she was worth by that point, in imitation of her cousins.  She was enjoying the novelty of staying in a house with children her age to play with.

“Excellent.” Murtagh declared as Claire poured her tea to steep.

“Miss Kitty?” Murtagh asked. The littlest Murray raised her head, “will ye grab the baking sheets?”

Claire was almost done fixing her mug but the industrious elves at the table had not stopped in their work.

“Aye, that’s perfect, James.” Murtagh said to young Jamie. “Ye got all the letters in yer whole name done wi’out any help. Now we’ll have to see if the letters’ll hold when baked?”

“Mooo!” said Faith.

Claire’s spoon scraped the cup as she looked up. Faith was sitting in Murtagh’s lap as he put the finishing touches on his creation.

Claire looked over his shoulder. He’d made a perfect rendition of a herd of highland coo. In bread, no less.

“Och, lassie, can ye tell me how many coos are going into the oven?” He and Faith put finger to figure and began the tally.

Claire laughed out loud at the scene. A less likely preschool teacher she’d never seen and yet his sweetness was undeniable, despite looking like a grumpus. She kissed the top of his head on her way back out to the fields. She couldn’t help it.

Yesterday, she’d wandered to the kailyard near sunset to find Fergus and Ian coming over the rise, pulling Kitty and Faith in a red wagon returning from evening set up at the public fields.

Fireflies had come out and were starting to blink on and off.

“Kits and Faith, look up, my ladies and see how the flying stars have come out to greet you.” Fergus was saying.

“Ooh, Uncan, look!” Faith exclaimed.

For some reason Ian’s name and title had blended into one word.  Ian stopped the wagon next to the rear door just as Jamie came out to meet them.

“Oh, aye, Neath, quite bonnie.” Ian agreed, blending the words Faith and niece.

Jamie laughed delightedly guessing he’d just missed an Uncan exchange.

He looked so content. Almost part of the landscape himself, with the deep purple of twilight behind his red hair, arm draped in casual familiarity over Ian’s shoulders.

“Da, Da, Da…” Faith started chanting. Jamie made  Scottish noise as he plucked her from the wagon and flung her up into the air. She squealed as he easily caught her again, kissing her forehead.

“Sassenach!” He exclaimed when he caught sight of her.

He wandered toward her and the three of them relaxed against one another and watched the light show until the cool air drove them toward home.

Claire had never been anywhere like Lallybroch, it’s warmth and love spilling from every nook and cranny. She could feel it’s magic weaving around her heart.

The night before the Quarter Day Festival, the family staying at the house gathered together for a more formal dinner, as tomorrow evening each would be far too busy to really spend much time with one another.

The children ate at the table in the kitchen tended to by Laoghaire, the Fraser nanny, while the adults gathered in the study for a pre-dinner drink.

Everyone was busy talking in small groups and catching up.

Claire wandered over to a four panel wooden carved screen. She recognized the illustrations as Treasure Island with pirate ships, smugglers caves, rearing stallions, snakes popping out of trees, an elaborate map. It was  beautifully rendered, polished to a high sheen.

Ian saw her interest and walked over to her. Claire caught the sound of the mismatched steps. Jamie told her he lost a leg after a rare infection could not be controlled by any other means but an amputation below the knee. He moved quite well, everything considered.

“That’s Willie’s work. He and Murtagh.” He told her.

Claire glanced behind Ian and looked at the small bearded man on the couch talking with Fergus, Jamie’s sales manager. Where everyone fit into the family relationship-wise, was something she was still a little fuzzy on.

Her expression must have conveyed her surprise.

“Ooch, Murtagh is a graduate of the Edinburgh School of Fine Arts. He’s a verra fine artist.” Ian confirmed. “He taught Willie the carving. Many happy an hour they’d spent together that way. Murtagh discovered that it didna pay too well, though. So his job is in marketing and promotions but he still has the skills to do fine work. Come to think of it, Murtagh and Willie made Jamie a Noah’s Ark full of all the animals one year for his birthday. I’ll see if I can get it down for wee Faith, she’d like to play with it I expect.”  

“When is his birthday, Jamie’s I mean?” She found herself asking.  

“Just the past month, May 1.” Ian told her.

Claire gave a little start. Faith’s had been May 12.

She still wasn’t sure that she had done the right thing in that regard. Their meeting had been so new at that point that she hadn’t been able to find the right way to ask Jamie without it sounding like she was trying to put false pressure on him to declare Faith as his own publically. Neither one of them was ready for that discussion and wouldn’t be until the relationship between all three of them had a chance to season itself.

They both knew that once back in the spotlight, their ability to move about the city anonymously would be lost. Loathe to squander this peaceful time together, fearing what might happen should they get caught up in a media storm once more, in the end Claire said nothing about it. It would change everything between them and there was a risk that it would destabilize whatever future path they had hoped to travel.

So while Claire had been planning on a little celebration, inviting a few children from the daycare and Joe, a few of her close work friends, she never completed those plans. There was no way to explain Jamie’s presence.

Until Jamie and she were ready to talk about amending the birth certificate and what came next, Claire had resolved to steer clear of any conversational topic that might force the discussion before he was ready. It didn’t matter in the larger scheme of things, Faith was so young, after all, she’d never remember one way or the other.

Well, obviously it was not so easily resolved, she still felt a bit guilty not saying anything about it. But then a thought struck her. She rolled her memory back over the time frame and couldn’t remember where Jamie was on either day. Though he hadn’t come back here, to Lallybroch, and Jenny hadn’t come into the city either.

Claire reached out to touch Ian’s arm. He looked down seeing an expression of eagerness in her face.

“Ian, do you think I have time to do something in the kitchen just before dinner starts?”  


The evening meal was lovely, she quite liked all the Fraser men. Fergus had been a wee scamp growing up and he still had a mischievous glint in his eyes but he was incredibly appealing.  

She learned that Jamie had discovered him living in a makeshift housing area in a run down section of Martinique near where Jamie had been staying. Jamie was employed by a large chain of resorts with properties all over the Caribbean.

He’d been leading a special two week training programme for employees from all over the islands and spent a good deal of his downtime walking around on the Island. He’d caught Fergus, who was fourteen at the time and an orphan, trying to pick his pocket.

“I would have succeeded if not for that girl in that suit with the little–” at this Fergus made a gesture to convey some kind of fastening at the chest and at the hips.

Jamie laughed wicked and low, a sound that melted Claire’s insides, he caught his sister’s censorious look though and cleared his throat.

“She turned his head in exactly the wrong direction and he caught me red handed.” His accent held a lovely lilting quality.

Jamie chimed in with the rest of the story.

“I forced him to come wi’ me by telling him I’d call the cops on him otherwise.  I made him sign up for a correspondence course to finish school and put him to work behind the bar with me. The best bar back I ever had. He kent his job and the clientele and made sure we had what we needed in stock every week. Even now, he reads a room better than anyone else I’ve ever met. Charming sod, ye could sell rain to a Scot.” Jamie said in obvious affection, Fergus gave a little smile to hear the praise.

Just then the children came bursting forth from their after dinner game of flashlight tag. Leery, leading Kitty and Faith by hand rushed to try and catch the older ones from interrupting dinner, but no one minded the kids.  

“Miss Claire, the…in the back, it’s ready.” Leery said. Claire made her excuses, informing the group that she’d be back shortly.

Just as she was putting the finishing touches on the simple pound cake with fresh strawberries and cream that she had set to bake and then cool while they ate, Jenny came in to see what was what.

Her eyebrows rose in surprise as she took in Claire’s additions to the icing and arrangement of the candles.

“My brother led me to believe yer no’ much of a cook?” Jenny realized that might have sounded a bit harsh and smiled to lessen the impact.

“Oh, I’m not.” Claire agreed unconcerned. “But I can make a cake!” She declared happily but then a little anxious frown crossed her features.

“I –er– hope you don’t mind, dinner was delicious and whatever you have for dessert is sure to be, too.  But both Jamie and Faith have birthdays in May, hers was the 12th. I didn’t have a party for her; it seemed too complicated. I couldn’t have the party you see, without inviting Jamie, that wouldn’t be right.  But, then, I couldn’t figure out how exactly to explain his presence there either. Here, it’s just family and everyone knows so I thought we could have one cake they could share so he’d get to celebrate with her? That is so long as you–er wouldn’t mind?” Claire finished a little lamely.

Claire realized too late that Jamie’s company employed most of his family members and  he’d likely already had a celebration for his birthday at work. Her face grew a little pink. Her fingers beat out an anxious tattoo on the counter.

Jenny looked at her for a long moment, this newcomer who her brother watched with his heart in his eyes.  

She had a very good idea what he would think of Claire’s gesture and swallowed the sigh that formed on her lips, no help for it, then.

Jenny’s only path here was forward, to welcome her as she had welcomed Jamie and just hope what she saw in his eyes would soon be reflected in Claire’s.

Smiling broadly, Jenny said, “No, Claire, ‘tis a wonderful idea. He’ll love it.”

Jenny went in first to pour glasses of some of Jared’s excellent chilled champagne. Ian gave her raised eyebrows, which she answered in kind.

Jamie’s eyes grew wide as he watched Claire enter with a cake which she placed in front of him.

His birthday had been weeks, a lifetime ago.

Faith, fascinated by the cake had exclaimed “ooh!” and came to explore what her parents were up to.

Claire picked Faith up and placed her in his lap.

Jamie noticed that Jenny had come to stand just behind him and his heart beats tripped over themselves when he felt her hand on his shoulder. Jenny knew then, whatever Claire had planned, and thought he might need some moral support.

It was then Jamie saw the icing in the center had a “J” with two horizontal lines so that the centerline of the J formed the centerline of an “F.”

Claire smiled reassuringly when she saw his expression then gently touched her fork to her glass. Holding everyone’s attention, she looked at each face around the table and then spoke from her heart.

“I wanted to thank you all for inviting us to celebrate Quarter Day with you. I know we’ve only been here a short time, but there is a special feeling, being here. I spent my childhood with my Uncle Lamb. He was an antiquities scholar and we lived for short periods of time in many places. I didn’t move to England after Faith was born. I–well, it wasn’t really my home, you see. I’m not sure I ever really had one. Scotland became my choice because even though they’d never met, it was home to my daughter’s father.”

Jamie made a soft sound that carried loudly in the silent room.

“When I learned that Jamie and Faith shared a birthday month, eleven days apart, I thought maybe you might be willing to indulge me and we could celebrate their birthdays together, even if it’s a little late. I’d like to propose a toast, if I could, then we can light the candles and sing?”

At this Claire raised her glass, joined by everyone but Jamie, whose hands were holding Faith.  

“To your lovely home and family. These last few days…” Claire’s voice started to warble and she cleared it. “Thank you for opening your hearts to our daughter, for giving her a sense of her history and her place.  I couldn’t have imagined anything quite as wonderful as this but the hope that she’d find something like it…. this is why I stayed in Scotland. Mothers’ hearts are full of dreams for their children, some come true, some never do. My dream is that one day she will come to love it here as you do and to know that it is as much her home as yours. To Lallybroch.”

Jenny’s eyes flew to her brother; his face was buried in the back of Faith’s hair. She knew he wasn’t able to look at anyone.

She felt him shudder and her hand tightened on his shoulder.

She had begun to see, all too well, what it was in Claire that had so captivated him.

If there was a dry eye around that dining room table, it likely belonged to one of the children.

As for the adults, well, there wasn’t one to be found as the family lit the candles, sung their happys and father and daughter leaned in to blow out the candles.

impressive — p.p.

wc: 1k
summary: “man, i wish i knew how to do that.” in which she impresses peter with her secret talent. (requested)
tags: @theclonewarss @peacefulmusician @grant-valdes-holland @spideyydarling @captainswriting @underoosie @spideyyss @marvelsdaughter @ladysnowren @lil-spidey @peterletmebeanavengerparker @tomhollandisthicc @focused-on-holland @peterfightmeparker @spideyyparker @spideyboys @toms-spidey @themultilingualmartell

“Hey, are you still coming over to finish the chem project?” Peter’s voice was a whisper, in hopes that their teacher didn’t catch him. (Name) awkwardly gave a half shrug and nod.

“Yeah, sure,” she whispered back, trying to maintain her focus on the notes the teacher kept writing on the board. She felt awkward going over to Peter’s apartment after school. It wasn’t that they weren’t friends—they were great friends actually, but only inside the chemistry classroom it seemed.

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ravenclaw-of-cabinseven  asked:

I agree with Bunny. I've always been a fan of the idea of Bats finding out about Dan and being totally supportive about it. Writing prompt! The League just learned about Batman's contingency plans to stop them if they go rogue. While they through a hissy fit, Danny is the only one who understands and supports his decision which leads to a talk about Dan and gaining of respect all around.

“God damn it!” Green Lantern slammed his hands on the table. The Justice League was at a meeting and everyone found out that Batman knew their weaknesses and actually have plans on how to take them down.

Well, except Wonder Woman. She doesn’t have a weakness.

“Calm down,” Zatara rose a hand to silence Hal.

“Calm down? Calm down? How can I calm down when HE,” Hal jabbed his finger in Batman’s direction, “has legitimate plans to take us down!”

“I will admit, this is disturbing,” Aquaman spoke.

“This isn’t something that I would like to know,” Green Arrow shook his head.

“This is only a precaution,” Batman told the others, eyes narrowing.

“Well, I’m glad that Batman knows how to take me down if I ever go bad,” Captain Marvel admitted, wanting his input to put some insight on the situation.

“But what if HE goes bad?” Green Lantern countered. At this point mayhem went wild.

Shouts, insults, and even rude gestures were catapulted to others. Most of it, however, was aimed at the Dark Knight.

“Enough!” A young voice rung throughout the room. Immediately all quieted. They all felt the air grow colder by a few degrees.

All eyes landed the acid green eyes of one ghost teen. Despite Phantom’s appearance and usually laid back personality, his presence demanded attention.

And attention he was given.

“I think Batman is in the right,” he said.

Outrage was their response.

“Shut it!” Phantom’s eyes glowed brighter, deadlier.


“Let me tell you a story,” he started, “and no interrupting.” He gave Plastic Man a glare, knowing that the man was planning to interrupt in some way, shape, or form.

Everyone nodded.

Phantom took a breath.

“Some time ago something happened to me. Something… unpleasant to say the least. I met with the ghost of time, Clockwork, who watches over the timelines. And in one of the timelines a villain so powerful rose that not even the Justice League could stop him.”

The teen paused, watching as all who attended (except Batman) stiffened at his words.

“I was taken to the future with my two friends and saw that that timeline became my future if something didn’t happen. The only peaceful place left was Amity Park, but the reason for its ten years of peace fell and I met with the ultimate enemy.”

“… who was it?” Plastic Man asked in a audible whisper. Which caused Phantom to glare at him because of the interruption.

The man made of plastic held up his hands and gave an uneasy grin.

Phantom sighed.

“It was me.”

Everyone gasped.

“Well, technically it was me that somehow merged with Plasmius, but that’s not the point. Point was my future self was evil and was destroying everything.” Phantom lowered his eyes.

“Eventually we all went back to the past, and he, Dan,” the name spoke with venom and absolute loathing, “wanted to make sure he would exist. So he planned to have my family and friends killed with a teacher from the local high school.”

At this point the teen’s eyes were shut, hands clenched and trembling with anger and perhaps fear.

“I did something surprising. I gained a power that took him ten years to learn. I beat him,” he chuckled a little at this, “and you know what happened next?”

Many were afraid to answer.

“I failed them! They died in that explosion and I couldn’t save them!” Pure anguish was heard from the ghost teen. Tears leaked out from his eyes that were screwed shut. Slowly, the tension slipped away from his form.

“Thankfully Clockwork decided to be good to me. He set back time and brought them back,” Phantom looked back up at the Justice League, “and I count my blessings every day.”

The heroes relaxed at that.

“However I’m still not in the clear.”

They all tense back up at that confession.

“He still has a chance of existence until those ten years are up. So because of this I agree with Batman.”

No one said a word as Phantom left the meeting.

Trying Hard (Not to Fall)

Day 1-3 of Patater Week!  

Prompts: Getting Together/Proposal/Secret Relationship 

Also on AO3

It’s not like Kent could get out of playing against Jack. If he could, he might’ve considered it. But there Jack goes making that fucking goal, tying the score with minutes left in the third period. Maybe if Kent wasn’t so single-minded when it came to hockey, he could deal with going into overtime. But something about Zimms giving him a run for his money is unacceptable.  He pushes for another goal, it works. Unfortunately, that means accidentally running into Snowy and the net after the fact.

It’s funny how the Aces have a rep for being cheaters when the only time shit like this happens is on accident. Not that anyone would believe him. Kent’s caught under a haze of players when someone lifts him like he weighs nothing. He should guess it’s Alexei, but hearing him curse at Kent confirms it.

“You liking hit that so much?” Tater shouts. “I can hit too!”

Tater’s giving him the stink eye and honestly, it takes all of Kent’s energy to look guilty and not turned on. The goal stands, and he knows he’s gonna have some shit to answer for later. But right now, he can’t get over how good it feels to win. He’s earned this; he doesn’t have to answer to live up to Jack’s shadow anymore.

Of course, the post-game interview is going to have at least one question about that goal and three to ten about Jack.

“We played our best out there,” he tells the journalists. “This time it was enough, but obviously, we’ll prepare for the next one just as well.”

He showers, gets an Uber, and leaves without much ado. He thinks about whether he’s petty enough to say good game to Jack. Kent doesn’t know when he became so angry with him. It needs to stop—he knows that much. However, that’s an issue for another day.

There’s a brownstone townhouse a few blocks from the arena. Kent could’ve walked here, but he figures he needs to work on an apology dinner while he still has time. He pulls his key ring out of his back pocket, bracing himself. He slips in the front door, flicking on the entrance light just before getting tackled by fifty pounds of fluff.

“Vera, stop,” he laughs wincing as the black and white Siberian husky licks all over his face. He’s able to sit up after a minute of wet kisses, “yea I missed you too, baby.” He ruffles her fur, kissing her cold nose. “C’mon, you can help me grovel to Papa.” 

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i love you (and i like you)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @ive-always-been-a-pirate!!! I hope you have an absolutely fantastic, amazing day, because you are one of the sweetest peeps out there and deserve it. Here’s a quick little Parks & Rec AU to celebrate!! (because the only thing possibly more perfect than CS is Ben & Leslie) HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY!

Nothing infuriated Emma Swan more than Killian Jones.

She hated him the minute he waltzed into her department, announcing that Storybrooke was basically bankrupt and that he and his friend were there to make sure that didn’t happen. Which, in hindsight, sounds like a good thing, but not when doing so meant slashing half of the parks department’s budget. As Director of said department, how could she be okay with that?

“It’s not just us, Emma, it’s everyone,” her deputy, David, reminded her.

She groaned in response.

“Would you rather the city went broke?”


She hated that sinful British accent of his, and the way his dark hair sometimes fell in his blue eyes, and how that scruff-covered jaw was just begging for someone to run a thumb across it. Those were the things she noticed when he took her out for a drink in an attempt to assuage her regarding the coming changes.

And that he was annoyingly charming, and funny, and flirtatious, and unfortunately, he too wanted to do the most good for the most people.

“Why is it you went into parks, Swan? Someone as fierce as you seems more fit for politics.”

She snorted, then shrugged. “I mean, I’ve thought about it. Running for office. I’d love to. But then I had my son, and I really wanted to make sure that he always had a safe place to play and have adventures. So this was kind of logical.”

He took a sip of his rum, swallowed, then looked up at her. “No, that’s not all, is it?”

“Beg your pardon?”

(This was when she learned she hated how well he could read her.)

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anonymous asked:

Hc that jeremy and Michael couple cosplay together

ohhhhhhhhh my god. anon while id like you to know that this is simultaneously the best and worst thing i have ever read, id also like you to know that this is completely 100% true.

they cosplay as their friends? you bet! theyve done chloe and brooke but theyre planning rich and jake for next halloween.

but those are just halloween costumes.

you can bet your ASS these boys go to conventions. lance and keith from voltron? done it. chloe and max from life is strange? done it. hamilton and laurens from hamilton? fuck you, theyve done it all. once michael was fucking mccree and jeremy was hanzo, nobody batted a goddamn eye.

christine helps them make cosplays! she does as much as she can for the plays shes in so while shes never “”learned”” how to sew and stuff, she knows how and she does it pretty damn well! an amazing self taught gal. jeremy and michael are in awe.

you know what? fuck you. they do con vlogs. theyd be too nervous to even try doing a panel in-character, but these fucks can act well enough to do in-character segments in vlogs. christine is their “”adult”” of the trip bc shes their mom, so she mans the camera. and she knows what shes doing, she took photography freshman year!!!!

fuck you anon. i cant believe this

someone send me a different hc (or if u wanna talk more abt this monstrosity go ahead, tell me what else theyd cosplay or something)

I know that fandom and media isn’t a safe space and that the onus of teaching ethics is not entirely placed upon the artists who make content for consumption BUT I also know that it’s really messed up that almost nine times out of ten i know which character will be killed in a show because they are either a) black b) non-black poc c) mentally ill or d) LGBT or even all these BECAUSE WRITERS DELIBERATELY CREATE THESE CHARACTERS SO THEY’LL BE MARGINALIZED SO THEIR DEATH WILL HAVE IMPACT AND SEEM “WOKE” because killing a dark skinned black person, or Asian, or mentally ill wlw, etc is a reflection of the current political climate, right? NOOOO

The worst part is that they think this is deep and don’t understand how showing the brutalization of these character’s deaths and bodies only further desensitizes audiences to similar issues happening in real life 

Killing Poussey Washington did nothing for BLM, despite the writer’s claims, all it did was tell millions of black wlw the world over that the struggles of existing and staying positive despite them will get you nowhere (what’s worse is that making her death an accident actually shifts the narrative to absolve white facists of any responsibility). Poussey was in a loving relationship, she was happy and yet…

Killing Wes Gibbons wasn’t “necessary” nor did it make sense. You took a mentally ill dark skinned black man who had endured trauma, remained kind and altruistic despite all that, killed him, desecrated his body, had the characters use his traumatic history to worm their way out of responsibility for their actions.and you did all this just as he admitted he was starting to feel genuinely happy with his life… for what? how is that progressive?

Killing Glen Rhee did not show us how violent Negan is. 5 minutes before he killed Glen, Negan bashed Abraham to death and YET Glen’s death is the more gory and violent of the two. Glen was happy, he was about to have a family with Maggie. All killing Glen showed us, like with the deaths of the other aforementioned characters, is that writers don’t want characters of color to be happy, especially if they’re LGBT.  

And though she is not a poc, Vanessa Ives in penny dreadful was a religious bisexual mentally ill woman who constantly and literally fought her demons as well as patriarchal Victorian/catholic values her whole life, had finally learned to accept herself and the writers used this (a moment that should have been empowering) to make her force her love interest to shoot her in the head, an act that no matter how u look at it is essentially sending the message that religous mentally ill wlw  should just give up 

i’m just so damn tired of this narrative that white writers keep throwing in my face that i, a wlw mentally ill poc, will never be content in my life and if I am the world won’t allow it for very long it s absolutely appalling and needs to fkn stop, or at least stop pretending that it’s edgy when all it does is add to the hurt we feel every single fkn day and doesn’t help others understand our hurt either 

someone is friendless, and cannot find their way (so I keep a light in my window)

Summary: She’d had her own room, yes, because thank the stars Peter had the sense to move some of his junk out of the various hidey-holes in the ship into the cargo bay on the assumption that they would all kill each other within the week if they didn’t have their own spaces, but she’d still been stuck in a modified M-ship built for half the number of people it was housing, and her housemates were a motley assortment of questionably sane males and a baby tree.

Things aren’t all that different now, except for a few significant changes:

The Quadrant is definitely bigger than an M-ship; Mantis is here, trying her best to learn how to smile and keeping on a pair of gloves Gamora had dug out of her own bag for her; and Gamora is … comfortable.

not sure what this is specifically but i just really love gamora and i had a lot of Feelings. is the narrative linear? is there actually a plot? i, personally, could not tell u. anyways. vague vol2 spoilers, but like – not really anything explicit? title’s from the get down. 100% not proofread, bc i clacked it out in like two sittings, so it may or may not be a mess. have fun kids!

She has to relearn a lot of things.

This is a thought Gamora has, one of the first nights she falls asleep in a dog-pile of different-shaped limbs in the captain’s cabin on the Quadrant. Peter is draped against her side, his face pressed against her shoulder; Drax is hugging him from behind, Rocket is curled up against her knee, and Groot has nestled himself into her hair, somewhere, making very soft snuffly noises in his sleep. Kraglin’s feet are hanging off the side of the bed, his face smushed somewhere in the middle of the tangle of limbs, and on her free side, Mantis is curled up into a ball, hands kept close to herself, nose occasionally twitching as she breathes in and out.

It’s the only way any of them can fall asleep.

So – she has to relearn a lot of things. She’s not used to a lot of body heat, for one thing. Her own temperature is easily controllable, her body mods allowing her to bring it up or down according to her needs. She rarely needs a blanket for anything more than comfort – something she’d slowly come to allow herself in the months aboard the Milano before everything imploded so spectacularly this past week – let alone the heat of someone else’s body. It’s impractical, she thinks. Not at all a reliable thing, if you start depending on that heat to survive the night or get your required minimum four time parts of sleep. If you’re not like Gamora is – not able to control your temperature – how can you put your trust in something like that? You couldn’t, Gamora thinks, is the point. It could be too hot, or your bunk partners could steal all the blankets and then you’d be colder than when you started, or the people whose heat you needed could – go.

Be gone.

That, Gamora thinks, is a very real possibility.

She resists the urge to wrap her other arm around Peter’s shoulders and takes a long, deep breath.

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Imposter [Levi x Reader]

Levi x Reader

Word Count: 2528

Warnings: Swearing, probably *shrugs*

“Stop looking at me,” you mutter, positioning yourself again for hand-to-hand combat, “You are making it very hard to concentrate.”

“Huh?  Did you say something?” Jean asked.

“Not talking to you,” you replied.

You then proceeded to throw a punch at his head.  He blocked it and armed for your open stomach.  You could have taken him down then and there but you decided to let him win.

You were on the ground in no time.  You could get up and fight still, but you weren’t feeling it today.

“Hey, brat,” you heard Captain Levi yell, “You could have stopped him.  Why are you holding back?”

“I’m not holding back,” you replied, getting up off the ground.

“Don’t lie to me, cadet,” he said, “You.  Me.  Now.”

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Two different worlds collided (Rosé x reader)

Requested by: anon

Characters: Rosé, fem reader

Genre: fluff, slight angst

Word count: 1808

Summary: What happens when two completely different people get in touch?

Originally posted by seolangel

Since i joined this school everyone loved me. No it wasn’t because i was super nice or beautiful, it was because i hid my flaws. In my last school i showed my true innocent self and it got me hating life. People thought i was easy target so i got bullied and eventually transferred out. I decided that i won’t let people drag me around anymore so naturally i tried to shape myself in society’s standards and only show that new ‘improved’ version of myself. Surprisingly it worked and i became one of those so called basic popular girls. At first i thought i could be popular and loved without being mean or rude, but it couldn’t happen. Only if you show authority you can stay at the top.

‘Today kids we are going to do special projects. Everyone will get a pair that i assigned and script that you will have to remember in next three days. Who does well will get passing grade, who doesn’t will get to prepare another theatre piece. If once again you don’t do well, you will fail this class. Also this will help me choose who will play main roles in next school play.’ our drama teacher, Mrs Lee, said. ‘Come to me with your pair at assigned time.’

‘This is so stupid, i can’t believe we have to practice with some of those idiots’ Jennie said while pointing at our class.

We went up to black board where pairs were given. I searched for my name when suddenly Jisoo started speaking.

‘Who did you get paired up with Y/N?’ she stopped to read the name ‘Rosé? Who the hell is that?’ Rosé.

No just not her please tell me she’s joking.

‘Earth to Y/N, i asked you something? Do you know who is this Rosé girl?’

‘Ah.. I think it’s the shy one with brown hair.’ I blurted out

‘Oh my god great we can play with her.’ Lisa added ‘Let’s go meet her, I’m sure she would die to even talk to us’

This can’t be true. Rosé was my classmate in past school, was bullied just like me and left. She got bullied because she tried to be friends with me. By accident it happened that we transferred to same new school, but on her surprise i was completely different person when i came. Also she was my hero back then, my hero and my crush. I admired her so much and was devastated when she left, but when i met her again i have already changed. Old me was buried deep inside. I wasn’t shy and scared anymore, i was strong and independent. I was person everyone wanted to be friends with. If i became close with Rosé she would probably change on worse, just like me, and i didn’t want to allow that. I tried to avoid her at all costs. I protected her from bulling since i had authority, and no one suspected. They were all brainwashed by how ‘cool’ i was.

‘Lisa wait. I’ll talk to her first and see is she any fun’ i teased ‘If she is i might even keep her’

After a lot of thinking i went up to Rosé’s desk. ‘Hey um we’re partners for the project’

‘Hi Y/N, i know’ she said with a smile

Why is she so nice i don’t deserve it.

‘Shell we go to the teacher for our script’ she hummed ‘You girls will be playing this script. It’s about two girls learning about what love was. Hope you enjoy it.’ Mrs Lee said while raising an eyebrow

‘Ah I’m sure we will’ Rosé replied happily

‘Yeah im sure’ i rolled my eyes ‘it sounds like one of those cheesy stories that end with: They kissed and lived happily ever after.’

After we left teachers office Rosé started cheerfully talking about the play and how excited she was. ‘I’ve actually never had a chance to act in front of people before’ she said enthusiastically.

I wanted to be my usual mean self and give her cold response like i used to do but i couldn’t, after everything that she has done for me.

‘Oh hi Y/N, are you getting along with your new friend?’ Lisa went up to us with weird grin on her face, putting on hand on my shoulder. She is up to something.

‘This is school project, we don’t have to get along to do well’

‘You were smiling so brightly before while talking to this girl that I’m sure you will be great friends.’

Lisa looked at me while raising an eyebrow ‘Have fun with your project’ she said as she left

‘Don’t worry about her, I’m sure she’s just dealing with her own problems’ Rosé could see i was pissed off and she tried to calm me down

‘Who do you think i am, i deal with people like this all the time.’

We arrived at Rosé place, and started practicing straight away.

‘Do you think world will accept our love Marie?’

‘We can’t ask world to accept it, until we do so ourselves’

End of scene. I want to puke this is so cheesy, but it’s pretty true. I hate that I’m agreeing with such stuff.

‘We did great Y/N!’ Rosé said

‘Why are you so nice to me? You know damn well what i did.’ I angrily muttered

‘I got no idea what are you talking about’

she smirked ‘I’m just glad to be spending time with my classmate’

‘Don’t act like that. It’s hard enough as it is please just stop being so nice. I don’t deserve it.’

She sighed ‘Okay okay i remember what you did and what happened, I’m just happy to be with you again. I wanted to be your friend back then for a reason and it still hasn’t changed Y/N’

Please don’t do this to me. I can’t get close to you, you know i can’t so please stop making me suffer. I want to spend every moment of my life with you but i can’t. This is just hurting me. We don’t belong together.

‘I’m not the person you knew, i changed. I don’t want to drag you with me again if something happens. You know what Jennie, Lisa and Jisoo are capable of. All your hopes will get crushed if you get close to me.’ I said under my breath ‘stop with this before it’s too late’

‘I won’t do that. I won’t let people drag me around anymore, and I’ll do what i want.’

I guess i wasn’t the only person that changed. Before she was righteous, but not confident. She was trusting, but not cautious. She changed for better unlike me, that’s why i couldn’t let her get any closer. It could ruin everything.

The day when we needed to present our play came. Rosé was completely ready, me.. well not so much. I was so busy trying to push her away that i forgot to practice. I just hope this will bee separately graded.

‘Rosé and Y/N it’s your turn’ mrs Lee said ‘start whenever you’re ready’

I can’t do this. I’m so nervous. ‘How will everyone react. Marie i don’t think we can do this’ Rosé confidently started saying her lines, with no mistakes whatsoever. It was my turn but everything started mixing up in my head. I could already hear everyone’s mocking.

‘Sorry teacher i forgot rest of my script, i guess i got nervous’ Rosé said with sheepish smile ‘I didn’t learn my text properly.’

Everyone started laughing at her. ‘She’s so dumb oh my god i can’t believe she couldn’t remember that in three days.’ I heard people whispering

‘This is team project Miss, do you know you will bring down your team mate as well?’

‘I know, I’m terribly sorry to Y/N..’ Rosé continued

‘Sit on your places I’ll give you new script to learn after classes. Next are-‘

-After classes-

‘Rosé come have a word with me.’

‘Sure but we shou-‘

‘It will take a minute. Then we can go to teacher for new script.’

We went to girl’s restroom and as i locked door, Rosé was about to speak when i interrupted her

‘You knew that i got nervous and that’s why you said you forgot the script. Why?’

‘I don’t have anything to loose, you on the other hand have. I didn’t want that to happen.’ She replied calmly

‘Do you understand you are digging yourself in a hole for me?’

‘I don’t mind.’ Rosé replied smiling like she has no worries in this world. ‘Now let’s get a new script from Mrs Lee’

After some time teacher agreed to let us use the same script with a warning that if we don’t get it perfectly this time not that only we’ll fail this class, but she’ll make sure we fail it next year as well. Lovely. Next few days my dear ‘friends’ decided to play with Rosé. It pissed me off. Jennie would take her stuff, Lisa would make remarks about her looks, Jisoo would call her names. Rosé seemed like easy target, shy and quiet. She actually wasn’t like that. She was strong but she just though that bulling wasn’t that big of a problem so far to call teachers. She went along with it.

‘Y/N how is your girlfriend doing?’ Jisoo teased

‘You know damn well she’s not my girlfriend. Let’s not get her into this.’ ‘Oh now you’re shielding her. I thought you loved joking with easy targets. Did that change or is this Rosé girl exception?’ she continued

I couldn’t live with myself knowing that people bullied Rosé again because of me.

‘Fuck off Jisoo. Just leave her alone’ i angrily said and got people’s attention

Again day of our play came, people kinda stopped bulling Rosé since they saw me get mad at Jisoo the other day. This time i learned my script perfectly.

‘Do you think world will accept our love Marie?’

‘We can’t ask world to accept it, until we do so ourselves’

Now it’s time for us to hug and finish the scene. I looked Rosé in the eyes, she looked so proud. I wanted her to be happy. As i was about to lean in for a hug she went up to me, brushed her fingers against my hair and put them behind my neck. Her touch was gentle and her lips pressed against mines tasted like cherry. She broke the kiss and jokingly hit me in the arm ‘It’s time to bow for end of performance’ she said with cheeky smile Everyone was silent, mouths wide open students started at us in shock. ‘This is exactly what i wanted, perfectly acted out, full of emotion. Bravo!’ mrs Lee looked at us brightly ‘i think we found main roles for school play’