But really I feel like

I think that vision and how it was framed as deliberate, honestly. Emma fights the villain while her family’s in the background being protected. Supposedly, no matter what she does, it’ll end there. And maybe it does.

But maybe, by the time it does, Emma’s figured a few things out. So maybe by then, it won’t be Emma fighting by herself to protect those she loves. They’ll be beside her, not behind her, fighting with her. That’s the key to breaking the “curse” of the Savior - stop carrying the weight of the world by yourself, stop trying to fix everything, let people in and let people help you.

Right now, even with what Archie said, it all seems negative - Emma let her walls down, stopped protecting herself, it let all the bad stuff in… But no mention of the positives. Of the fact that she’s not alone anymore. Of the support she has now. No mention of “love is strength”. I’m assuming that’s deliberate, because that’s what she’s forgetting, that’s what she needs to remember, or learn.

And of course she immediately goes on on her own, looking for answers on her own, trying to fix it on her own. So maybe, by the end of all this, she’ll do the opposite. She’ll let the others help rather than try to protect them by keeping them out of the fight. They’ll face it together, and they’ll win.

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What makes Harry so special to you? I totally get it but can you put it into words?

ok i tried like twelve different times and no matter how i phrased this it sounded melodramatic and annoying, so skjdhfjsh whatever!!! harry is at least 90% of the reason i…keep going? in my very very worst times when i haven’t been able to find a good enough reason to Keep Going for myself, he’s been the reason i’ve managed to force myself through it. and in my very best times when i’ve been doing Well he’s always made them that much better, yk? he just makes me really, really, realy fucking happy. like so!!!! unbelievably and overwhelmingly happy. he makes me want to do and be better. honestly this is true for 1d as a whole bc they were all incredibly instrumental in dragging me out of a rly dark period i was in when i first landed in this fandom but, for as much as i don’t actually know him, i always felt a v special and strong connection to harry that only got stronger as i stuck around and i can’t say w/certainty that i’d still be here w/out him? idk i don’t like to give other people credit for me like…still being alive bc i know it’s not good to discount how hard i’ve worked to overcome things, but he’s been such a huge crutch for me. like yk those lift chairs old ppl use when they have trouble standing up on their own? they probably would’ve been able to do it on their own eventually and they still struggle and stumble a bit even with the chair, but the chair makes it easier and makes them feel a little safer and more stable? in a shocking analogy i genuinely never thought i would make, harru’s been my lift chair.

watched ouat premiere
  • loved regina and snow/regina
  • zelena still completely and totally selfish, am unshocked
  • astonished they even remotely mentioned that yes, yes the whole robin situation was a clusterfuck and z/r aren’t immediately going to be friends
  • aladdin is hot
  • new jafar is very much like the disney version
  • jafar is also clearly the oracle (dead parrot with evil red eyes hypnotizing emma? please jafar up ur game) predicting SAVIOR DOOMZ
  • what even was the rumbelleception
  • a wild random season 3 emma appears, wow emma you surely never had any episodes last year where you learned that keeping secrets and shutting your family out was a bad idea, or in any season really
  • archie hopper: still a bad therapist since 2011
  • at least they made it so blindingly bloody obvious that killian knows this stinks to high heaven that i doubt it will be dragged out for long
  • because of course he does
  • get some new ideas guys
  • dum dum dum dum da dee
  • is it just me or is hyde reeeeeeeeallly chewing the scenery, i wanna take him seriously but he’s just like GRAVELY VOICE BLOODY EYES I AM CLEARLY EVIL FEAR ME that, yeah ok whatevers hyde
  • fun episode, but not super exciting for a premiere imho
  • i feel like this year i am finally more or less a casual fan and it’s a good thing? weird, yeah, but it’s been 4 years of high level painstaking detail involvement and now i’m just like, sure fun hour of television, don’t feel need to analyze it obsessively, cool, same time next week then ttyl
It’s always those little things: checking if you’re okay, buying you snacks, sendings you pictures of dogs you think are cute or a dumb meme you somehow found funny at 1AM, wanting to know more about you. That’s what I think establishes a bond between people.
—  Little thoughts of mine

I’m an emotional wreck right now in the best sort of way.  My family came to town this weekend to help me move into my new apartment, and it was just overwhelmingly lovely.  We made a ton of progress - this place honestly looks like a home now and the final pieces should come together over the next few weeks - and it was just…really nice to see them.  I like this new town, my first week in my new job went extremely well, and I’m..happy.  Really, really happy.

Decided I should expand upon the weapons/armor in Vocatale...

Here’s my previous post about it.

Now let’s begin, shall we?

The stick and bandage don’t exist in Vocatale, since you all already know how Yuki fell down into the underground. If you’re curious about the stick that Yuki picked up while fighting Miku, don’t be - she just grabbed the first thing she could and dropped it while running towards Hotland.

The toy knife and faded ribbon are at Meiko’s house. She picked them up after the human died in the ruins, and before sending the soul and body away to the castle, she held onto those two items to remind herself of that human. Meiko actually offered the faded ribbon to Yuki, to wear it as an accessory, you know? But Yuki refused, she didn’t quite like it. She wasn’t fond of the toy knife either…

The tough glove is owned by Snowdin’s shopkeeper. She uses it to beat shoplifters, but since the people of Snowdin don’t steal from her, she doesn’t need to do that too often. She stumbled across the glove while walking around the forests with the innkeeper, waiting for the river person to make their deliveries.

The manly bandanna is owned by Len. While he was re-calibrating his puzzles one day, the annoying dog dug it up from under the snow. Len wears the bandanna around his neck and brings it up to cover the lower part of his face when he wants to be intimidating. Ah, what’s that? Asking about the scarf he was wearing in this picture? Well, I never said it was his

The ballet shoes and the old tutu are both owned by Sweet Ann. As you can probably tell, she’s very fond of classical music, especially ballet, so when she found these lying around Waterfall, she was very excited. She’s never gotten around to wearing them, though…

The torn notebook and the cloudy glasses are both owned and used regularly by Kiyoteru. He bought them from the human who owned those items, and after finding out that the human died, he began cherishing them. The cloudy glasses don’t help his vision, and it’s very difficult to write in a notebook with torn pages and sketches all over, but he’s happy.

The burnt pan and the stained apron are both owned by Mayu. Her spiders brought them to her one day. Despite the names she’s given them, the items are in very good condition and she uses them while cooking.

The empty gun and the cowboy hat can be purchased from Anon and Kanon. They found it at the dump and are now trying to sell these items, since neither one of them see any good use in those items. They tried selling them to Yuki, but the young girl didn’t want them. Seems most of the underground agrees with her.

The locket and the heart locket don’t exist in Vocatale either, since the first fallen human didn’t become friends with Vocatale!Asriel.

The worn dagger, left behind by the first fallen human, is owned by Kaito. He doesn’t know why he keeps it around, but at least now he’s found a use for it - giving it to Yuki so she’d have a weapon to fight against him with.

And now the real knife. I wish I could tell you more about it, but unfortunately, I can’t.

Hope you found some enjoyment from reading this!



(oT   w  To) today marks the end of my donation intensives project and i can’t say enough thank yous!!! <3 <3 <3 way more people than i expected contacted me, and that is just MAGICAL!!!! i have always been proud to be a part of this fandom, and more than ever now you’ve really shown me why that is! @crackedverbosity is such a dear friend, and knowing i could help support her, and that you would all be willing to do the same… ugggg!!!! (oT  ^ To) i just want to hug all of you!!!! *sniffles* but i’ll have to settle for sending you love letters in the mail!!! many of them will be heading out on long journeys across the ocean!!! so i hope they all arrive safely!!!! thank you a hundred times to everybody who donated, and to everybody who helped to spread the message! you guys are beautiful, golden, magical creatures and i hope the kindness you’ve shown comes back to you ten times over!!! (7^    O ^)7 <3 <3 <3 

Reigen remaining a bachelor (by choice) and growing old, the kageyama bros and teru visiting him every now and then during their days off, and basically just future reigen with his lil gang of esper children just relaxing and telling stories of what they did recently and reminiscing aaaaAAAAAAH

Yesterday I went to a metal gig. It was free and since I had no money and it was free I went! It was really cool and hung out with my friends so that was all that mattered to me.

I also happened to meet my current crush at the place. He was really enthusiastic of seeing me and so was I because lmao hello?!?!! He’s my crush ofc I was!!!

We talked about a lot of stuff but something that really catch my attention was something he said about one guy trying to bash me because my favorite Metallica album is Load. Like yeah it isn’t Thrash but it’s a really good hard rock album, he told me that he said to this guy “if you knew how much knowledge when it comes to music this girl has you’d shut up, she’s also the biggest faith no more fan I know fuck you”.

I was blushing and I’m glad he puts attention to my taste and knows I listen to A LOT more stuff so yeah, that’s it. It made my month lmfao.

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Kuroo with a really, really bad stomach flu, pretty please?

There was something excessively frightening in seeing Kuroo as sick as he was. It boiled down, for the most part, to the fact that Kuroo had a strong immune system and a stronger personality. Not much could knock him down, and even so he was never down for long. Kuroo was the sort of animated person who seemed to radiate an energy that never dimmed, even in the lowest pits of his own health.

Yaku was sure he’d never seen Kuroo this sick before; sick enough to leave him sobbing, fever-ridden and clutching their toilet bowl like a drowning man in a flood, while his stomach forced itself inside out.

“It’s okay,” he soothed, patting his boyfriend’s back from where he kneeled at his side. Kuroo responded with a thin whimper, curling in on himself further and pressing his forehead against the toilet seat.

“It’s not,” he gasped, and gave a sharp hiccup. “It’s really… not… it hurts so much…”

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