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mchanzo week day 4 - red/blue

i love the contrasting colour schemes of these two, i think thats one of the reasons i love them as a couple so much
doing big coloured/lined pieces is so difficult in a single day! but im loving the challenge

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how boyfriend!Tom would be with different types of drunk y/n (the clumsy, the flirty, and the sleepy)

The Clumsy Drunk

  • he’s caught you from almost falling off the stool about four times
  • he learned from the first time he went out drinking with you that you are basically a floppy noodle and will trip on anything that comes within 12 inches of your feet
  • his hands will stay planted on your waist, functioning both as a safety net and your steering wheel
  • somehow when you’ve been drinking you also loose all sense of direction and as much as tom would love to have a new story to tell about you ending up in a storage closet instead of the loo, he does not want to have to help you unstick your heel from a mop bucket (again)
  • as much as he hates to admit it, his favorite part of the night is getting you into the car 
  • when paps are around you try so hard to keep it together but always end up stumbling a little so his hands can’t stray from your waist
  • but when it’s around the back of the club, a much more private exit, he has to all but carry you there
  • it will start with the soft “oops” you let out as you trail behind him out the back door as you misstep and trip over your heels for the millionth time
  • he likes to walk a head of you because following the “oops” you let out the most pitiful, cutest whine
  • “tooooom. can you, like, help me?” 
  • he chuckles as he turns around to see you hunched over, trying to regain your balance
  • “gimme your arm,” he will huff, trying to be annoyed but then you look up at him with wide, Bambi eyes and he can’t help but grin
  • he’ll pretty much haul you over his shoulder to the car door, dropping you into the backseat of the car, shutting the door, and going around to the other side to get in
  • except he can’t take a seat because you’ve flopped over across the seat, leaving no room for him so he’s forced to pull up your upper body and lay you across his lap
  • “you’re like a baby giraffe learning to walk.” he laughs. “and i love it.”  

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The 2nd request from @kaguneko

18. Just take things one second at a time (canonverse)

“I still can’t believe…they’re gone,” Levi said. It was the middle of the night. He and Erwin had just finished a mountain of paperwork and were settling down for a drink of whiskey.

“It’s been over a year,” Levi said.

Erwin only nodded and said, “These things take time.”

“The next expedition…it’s in two days. Why do we care about this paperwork? Why do we care about anything? We could die…we could…Sometimes I can’t stand it, all the hours we spend out there. I don’t know how I get through. Without breaking.” He didn’t know why he was suddenly so open. Torn open. Maybe it was the whiskey. Maybe it was the way Erwin was looking at him: calmly, quietly, like he knew.

“Don’t count the hours,” Erwin said. “Just take things one second at a time. Sometimes seconds are all you can stand.”

Levi sighed. “That’s a lot. A lot of seconds.”

“But they end. And before you know it, it’s been all those hours. And you’re home. With me.”

Levi shook his head. “Unless one of us, or both, is in the belly of a titan.”

“We know how to survive.”

“And Farlan? Isabel? They didn’t? The thing I want least is to be titan vomit. They don’t even need to eat us. Just spit us back up. It’s disgusting. But that’s where we’re headed. Isn’t it?”

Erwin looked into his glass thoughtfully. “I think we’re headed toward freedom.”

“Pfft. You and your ideals. Is death freedom?”

“Of course,” Erwin said.

Levi balked. “You have a death wish?”

Erwin shrugged. “Sometimes…I want peace. Just like you, Levi. We’re not too different, you and I.”

“You’re so…strange, Erwin.”

Erwin chuckled. “I wonder…what does that make you?”

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i highkey want to write a western with cowboy smut. but i have no idea about a) horses b) the wild west c) US american history d) literally i have no fucking clue about the entire western genre apart from some good movies so it would be a fuckton of research work and I’m not sure if that would pay off?? 

concept: two protagonists (cowboysss - let’s call them L and N) + the evil villain: The White Mean Sheriff (who I might or might not plan on naming Dronald Tump) who in some way doesn’t obey the law but manipulates it so that he’s getting money and power; the lesbian couple that saves the protagonists lives bc L and N are dumb and dont get shit done without some professional help. One of the lesbians is a Latina and the other one is the Britishest, poshest person to ever walk on earth. Imagine the contrast! Anyway, L and N obviously save the day (after some serious communication problems/ bickering/ argueing/ flirting) and fuck in a tent. And then they’ll all live happily ever after.

Ja or nah?

fun fact: magnus chase (the protagonist of magnus chase and the gods of asgard by rick riordan) is named after magnus bane 

and has a potential love interest named alex

and seeing vague text posts about them always throws me for a loop bc my mind always goes to malec first and it’s like alec’s name isn’t alex??

do u see anything odd about the wikipedia homepage rn……

okay so here’s the head’s up. 

recently my anxiety got really bad – I was really sick with it, having panic attacks multiple times a day, dissociating on like a daily basis, nausea and migraines and insomnia and it was awful. my depression became absolutely crippling and life was just really hard for me and I felt like I was in this weird cocoon of just existing. 

i’m doing better right now, the anxiety is better managed but i’m just a little quiet at the moment trying to figure out my new status quo and just keeping on top of my mental health. I am trying my best to be here and I will try to do some replies soon, but thank you for being so patient fam. 


Back with these again.
A lovely anno asked me if I could do a Cody icon, like I did for Rex. And I obliged. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find these dorks smiling… 

Anyway, anno, hope you like these and happy Pride month! As before, feel free to use these if you want

Rex Icons: [Gay and Ace] [Bi]
Anyone can always ask for any more if they want, I don’t bite.


As i have mentioned before a lot of my uh…senpais kind of noticed me. I’m just gonna call them senpais cuz there’s literally no other word that properly conveys what I’m trying to say. Basically PEOPLE I ADMIRE A LOT. 8′) Who i don’t follow but just regularly creep on and fawn over from afar. BECAUSE I AM A CREEP
Well they didn’t notice me. More like they noticed my posts. And liked/reblogged them. Which is still a big deal for me. Because I didn’t asked to be noticed……….SHIT.
I have really no idea what I’m doing on this blog. So if you actually followed me for the gifs/art/reblogs i am so sorry. this is what you’re getting instead. Cuz it’s my blog. And I wanna put all my reactions here?¯\_(ツ)_/¯




Anyway expect your regular blogging to resume in a few hours/days depending on how well I recover. Thanks ya’ll for sticking with me if you’re still here. Also thank you to my wonderful friends who continue to support and encourage me even though I did not take this well. My immediate reaction for these kind of things is to feel guilty for some reason. I’M NOT USED TO THIS OK. I’m just a small blog who is hyping over the new DLC. What is wrong with this website?!????