But really I feel like

can we just appreciate how great isak is at taking good advice? and how it always moved things forward?

“Straight up. Chiller hjemme.” (Jonas)

“Hate comes from fear, not religion.” (Sana)

“What about how Even feels? Just talk to him.” (Magnus)

“If it feels like too much, just take it minute by minute.” (Sonja)

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hi! i'm really sorry if you've been asked this before, but i was wondering, as an artist how did you find your style? like for a person that is interested in learning how to draw, should they start by trying to draw realistically and at what point should they try to draw in a way that is just their own? if they use other artists as references isn't it possible that they'll just end up developing a style too similar? what was your process? thanks!

I feel like you’re asking the wrong person here (I’m very sorry ;;) as you might see i /heavily/ lack of a coherent art style…

All of these have different coloring and lining I doubt they would be recognized as mine if you found them without knowing the author/signature on them

I basically do whatever I feel like doing and i’m /constantly/ changing this, that, trying this new brush, but also this new type of lineart, but now bigger eyes, smaller noses, more realistic bodies-less realistic bodies… However several months ago someone brought up a very similar question and when I replied with ‘i’m so much of a temperamental artist my butt can’t be quiet in the same style for long’ i got an anon saying the art style is not the formal features of your drawings, but the content of it, the understanding you have of the world which reflects on your art. I think this input was very smart, and very truthful. That made me realize- after being for a year very angry with my own art- i don’t really need to be coherent in formal features. I don’t like it. I like art!! to be an adventure!! To draw whatever, to try anything and making mistakes!!! Being incoherent can play a huge disadvantage on my artistic career but!! Talent is the longest trip!!!!, we must enjoy it!! I find that, at the end, the matter is not about finding an art style but finding what works for you. Art is also an introspective journey, the better you know yourself the better you know what you can improve and what you can use. To get some stability and coherence in your skill, if you lack of spatiality don’t try to draw huge ass super detailed backgrounds? Mm… like… I had a huge breakdown regarding art this year, I didn’t know what I wanted, how I wanted it, why my art was like that, where i was going with this… So I forced myself to start from scratch some things I had assumed as absolute (= body has to follow canon, coloring has to fit inside the lines, there has to be harmonic coherence in the palette, a mistake shows you don’t know how to art) and determined what my art currently had and the values I liked in other art styles. I think my art holds a very important photographic component, I wanted to keep that but with everything looking more delicate, so I have been trying to get there…

So my advice is that you throw out of the window every insecurity you have about the lacks in your art and analyze what it is that you like to draw, and why, and how, and where you found something similar in other artist, and what it is they have that it makes you like their art this much, apply it, twist it, experiment, have fun! It doesn’t matter if your anatomy, coloring, composition aren’t correct as long as it looks coherent put together. And slowly you will start understanding better what you’re doing and how, the tools you’re using, how you could improve, what else you could add…  (㇏(•̀w•́)ノ)

Man I know I’m being selfish to want Skam to be about Isak & Even but I really want to watch their relationship develop

I always felt that anything in life could be obtained with enough sacrifice. Whether that’s time, money, affection, it all boiled down to sticking with it. And if two people were insistent on making things work, and were willing to make all the sacrifices, it eventually would.

So I kept sacrificing. I kept getting excited about the future and hopeful for the years I’d get, every event just a bump in the road, nothing in the grand scheme of things. Every time that I felt my hopes dashed, I’d take a moment to gather myself, and double down with my determination. For two years I’ve lived between moments of defeat, relishing in the times of joy I had before the next loss. Two years I convinced myself every day that I could keep fighting, and I had all the hope and optimism in the world to do it.

And then I woke up and realized I didn’t have anything left. I suddenly doubted everything, I hesitated to get excited because I felt like the defeat would come sooner if I did. Even when I steeled myself and became excited again, my core was shaken and doubt tinted my outlook. But I couldn’t give up, I had worked too hard to keep things going. We both had.

But every defeat took even more off of me than I thought I had. Every loss brought a new emotional rock-bottom I never knew existed. 

And now I’m so tired, and so heartbroken, and despite trying so hard for so long, I still feel like the bad guy who gave up first. 


okay folks, change of plans.

this year, i’m not sending out christmas cards, i’ll be sending ‘sorry, work has eaten all my spoons, and it’s probably january now, have a nice card and some chocolate, and let’s hope 2017 will be a somewhat better year’ cards

which means the deadline to let me know you’d like a card has been moved to… uh. let’s say the 25th. sorry, i guess?

Slughorn identifies with the “pansexual” label rather than “bisexual” because it’s a newer and less politically charged term. He doesn’t identify with the LGBT struggle, really, he just happens to like men as well as women. 

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I'm genuinely curious, but how exactly do you feel about Dylann after the confession and all the above? Like genuinely though.. I mean I'm asking you because you've sorta been here since June 18, I feel like so much of the [old] fam left. ๐Ÿ˜ญ I need a response from someone who's suffered this long wait since june 2015. AND I can't really tell whether you're being sarcastic or serious 99.999% of the time lol.

Oh lordt *prepares for the mass unfollowing* (also secretly taking that last part about not being able to tell when I’m being sarcastic or not as a compliment)

Anon, I feel so many things.

I feel like I could scream (I literally did when I saw the new photos, because if you’ve been around long enough to know the og roofie crew you knew how many kidneys were offered and how many schemes were concocted to acquire new ones. Even if they were the combover pic *shudders*). 

I feel a ton of nostalgia for the og’s no longer around, hoping they are shitting themselves somewhere over the evidence dump.

I feel fucking sad. I don’t really want to get into why because I’m not mentally capable of dealing with a ton of anon hate rn. I feel like for the people who actually get where I’m coming from with my interests in this case I don’t have to explain tho. But that video took a lot out of me and left me feeling very very sad.

I feel irritated about a system and society that ultimately trusts media that twists things for click bait and profit. Same with the politicians who are seeking the death penalty as a power move for their careers, not justice for the victims, or reform for a society that breeds alt right views like Dylann’s. 

I feel super validated in my assumptions and suspicions about Dylann as a person and random things about his case that are so dumb and tiny but are things us OG’s clung too during months and months of no new info.


-He was brought Burger King, not escorted through the drive through.


-He was wearing Walmart workboots, not timberlands

So dumb, but I got so fucking hyped on those tidbits.

I feel hyped on being part of a community that’s resourceful enough to access information you can’t find in the mainstream media outlets. And for all the witty and intelligent people on here that feed my need to cope with all of these feelings with high quality memes and shit posts in poor taste to get me through my feels.

I feel tired because we’ve got so much more to come our way and not enough time to properly process it all to my liking.

And mostly I feel like this is all a dream rn that I’m going to wake up from with a bowlcut on my head surrounded by empty listerine breath strip containers, and go back to some weird life as a zoo keeper that manages an otter exhibit.

Idk man, this isn’t even everything I’m feeling. I can’t cover it all. “Unfortunately at the time of writing I am in a great hurry and some of my best thoughts, actually many of them have been to be left out and lost forever.”

“ Please forgive any typos, I didnt have time to check it.“

summer-of-the-shinx replied to your post “¦.. If I could actually figure out how to get things set up, would…”

I’d love to pop on by for when you do Akki! (As their voice actress I’d love to see your reaction!)


O-omg, I really did not expect my silly little post to get the attention of someone who actually worked on the game?! Aaaaaaaaahhhhh. Gosh.

If I do try to run the livestream, it’ll probably be Sunday evening, but I’m in the UK so who knows when that is for everyone else. And of course, that’s assuming I can get the technology all set up, ‘cause I am a noooooob and had a huge amount of trouble with it the one and only time I’ve tried to livestream a thing previously.

(I might try Twitch this time; if it goes okay I can save it for people to watch whenever I guess, but I also wanted to hang out with the Tumblr friends in the comments and basically play together, so idk if saving it for later would make any sense if I’m constantly replying to people, lol.)

I am not an organised person by any stretch of the imagination. ^^;;

[Sunday 8pm UK time = 3pm for east coast USA and 12pm west coast??]


I swear this is a serious review. I swear. NO REALLY.