But now I'm wide awake

I been drinking watermelon

-I drank, I danced, and I sang for the people
-“is that cum or conditioner?”
-I forgot to eat today cuz I was busy so I drank on an empty stomach. Very unwise.
-but that nigga came running back

late night posts cuz I spend the day looking like warm croissants and flirting with beautiful people. I implore you to do the same okay? K.


hi hello i am adrienette trash and incapable of writing/finishing a fic before midnight. adrien is a cat and thus he likes grooming and being pet. also domestic fluff is my jam, so this happened. hope you guys enjoy!

The midday sun was hot, his shirt was sticky, and Adrien was ready to collapse in the street outside the Dupain-Cheng’s bakery. Honestly, he wasn’t 100% sure how he even got there. He vaguely remembered the towering form of his driver, but then again that could have been a tree. Probably. Maybe.

He sighed and finally mustered up the strength to enter the cool, air-conditioned shop. Sabine greeted him just steps from the door and her arm linked with his. She patted his hand as they suddenly seemed to be going somewhere. Hopefully to Marinette. He really wanted to see Marinette.

“You were staring at the door for quite awhile, dear. How was your shoot?”

The stairs tripped him up, and he took a moment to remember how his legs functioned. Bring the foot up a little higher. Bingo.

“Good. Tiring. Ten hours of standing and being told to look happy at 3 in the morning when I just wanted sleep. Can I see Marinette, please?”

Sabine tightened her grip to stop him in the living room. He halted and looked down at her with wide eyes, suddenly afraid he had said something wrong. What had he said again?

But Sabine wasn’t glaring at him, or pulling away, just smiling as she reached up to cup his face.

“You’re such a sweet boy.”

He hunched over and avoided her eyes—no matter how many times Tom and Sabine treated him like family, he still couldn’t get over the unabashed affection they had for him. It made him unbelievably happy, but small pangs of guilt always followed when he thought about his own broken, abandoned family. He was working on it.

A tender kiss on his forehead woke him up from whatever stupor he had been in, and he blushed as Sabine patted his cheek. “Lay down on the couch. Marinette had to run to the store, but she should be back any minute.”

There might have been more, but Adrien had kind of lost track after “couch.” Soft, warm cushions and cozy blankets. Oh, yes, he would like to lay there please and never get up. His knees practically buckled under him as he flopped onto it, the soft pleasure quickly dragging his consciousness away from him.

Hazy images of white butterflies and bright flashes swam around his head until a cool hand on his forehead brought him back.

“Marinette,” he breathed.

There was a giggle and poke on the nose in response. “Hello, sleepy kitty. I have a present for you.”

Adrien pulled his face away from the pillow and opened his eyes. Her hair was up in a high ponytail, and he reached up to stroke some stray hairs. “Is it a kiss?”

“Okay, two presents.” She leaned in and kissed his nose before trailing her lips down to his. His fingers curled around her neck as he brought her a little closer, sighing against her mouth.

“I like it.”

“I think you’ll love your next present even more.”

His brows furrowed as he tried to think of anything that could be better. Marinette laughed and picked up a small bottle from the side table, handing it to him. He squinted to read the label.

“Lavender essential oil?” The confusion woke him up a little, and he turned the bottle in his hands to see if there was more. Marinette got up from her perch on the couch. She returned with a towel, a bowl of water, and a comb. A connection appeared.

“Grooming?” he said, eyeing the comb. They had found out awhile ago that someone brushing his hair turned him into a boneless mush, and Marinette had been careful to remember that on bad days. Like today.

“With a special touch. I read online that lavender is good for relaxing. Add a little of this to a bath and life is perfect.” She laid the towel on the pillow he had been resting on, and settled into a chair next to the couch. Another towel was set at her feet while the bowl was set next to it. “I decided to tweak it and went for something more simple.”

He passed her the bottle, and she bent over to add some to the water. The smell immediately wafted over them, and they both breathed in deeply. Adrien laid back down, cheek against the soft towel as he looked up at her.

“You’re the absolute best. You know that, right? Wonderful, beautiful, miraculous Marinette.”

She fidgeted in her chair before grabbing his head, pulling him up. “Rest the back of your head here like a salon.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Adrien could only see the top of her head from his position, and he mourned the loss of her pretty, blue eyes. But then Marinette pulled the comb through his hair, and he figured there wasn’t a point anyway.

His eyes closed, and he sighed as whatever tension had been left eased out of his muscles. The comb fought all of his tangles and hairspray chunks, and they were all lovingly untangled. That enough brought Adrien back to the half-asleep state he had been in before, and then he felt a different sensation. The plastic bristles felt cooler and a chill settled over his scalp. The lavender washed over him, and he realized Marinette must have dipped the comb in the water. Adrien might have some cat tendencies, but an evasion of water had never applied. His head got even heavier as he sunk into the couch, feeling especially pampered and clean and loved. The motions through his hair blended into one feeling of satisfaction; he couldn’t feel the dampness anymore, but that cozy sensation stayed strong.

He breathed in deeply. Suddenly, lavender smelled a lot like love.