But now I'm wide awake

“Here’s looking at you, Keith.”

Because I somehow got “he’s looking at Keith" and the “Here’s looking at you, kid” line from Casablanca mixed up and this AU wouldn’t leave my mind so I just HAD to draw it or else I couldn’t sleep…

Also, this thought is now the reason I finally drew something after TWO YEARS OF NOT WANTING TO EVEN LOOK AT A PEN AND PAPER WOOOOH

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the romances in the dceu are so good

asklddfgjksjksadf this is legit my dream ask. I’VE WANTED TO TALK ABOUT THIS FOREVER BUT HOW TO START???? OK HERE with romanticism. STRAP IN!

The movement emphasized intense emotion as an authentic source of aesthetic experience, placing new emphasis on such emotions as apprehension, horror and terror, and awe—especially that experienced in confronting the new aesthetic categories of the sublimity and beauty of nature. It elevated folk art and ancient custom to something noble, but also spontaneity as a desirable characteristic (as in the musical impromptu). In contrast to the Rationalism and Classicism of the Enlightenment, Romanticism revived medievalism[7] and elements of art and narrative perceived as authentically medieval in an attempt to escape population growth, early urban sprawl, and industrialism.

I know i know.

Znyder has a clear love and appreciation for baroque art, having studied it in school. Same for Patty. And though far removed from a classical art history education, Ayer’s work is heavily influenced by growing up in East L.A surrounded by Mexican and Latino culture that is deeply rooted in very expressive Catholism. Three auteurs who, in their formative years, learned about expression of the self specifically through art and imagery, raised smack in the tail end of a post-modern world. I think people tend to forget that Znyder, Patty and Ayer are all over 45 and have been in the film game a looooong time. By the time they came to their CBMs they had perfected their palette, and that is one that embraced the expressive emotive over the rational and realistic. Look at all their work and it’s solid ideas filtered through an expressive lens, not a rejection of post modernism entirely (esp irt to media and military), but a transference of sorts, an equalizing. The DCEU is fantasical but it never feels like fantasy. The DCEU is hella romantic, but it never feels melodramatic or preachy, even when Clark is sitting directly in front of a crystal glass depicting Jesus in Gethsemane. Detractors say: UGH CLARK IS JESUS. A romantic says: why is Clark being compared to Jesus in this text/movie? Znyder, Patty and Ayer take seriously the language of romance, it’s art, it’s preoccupation with the medieval and mythic (that is in itself extremely religious), and transfers that into film technique.

Apprehension: at accepting the heroes call. Horror: at experiencing your own power. Terror: at being accepted/rejected. Awe: of discovering your full potential. CONFRONTING THE NEW: with film language that deliberately disregards what has been done and focuses instead on what CAN be done with what came before.

My fave criticism of Man of Steel is that it’s shaky and muted. That it’s different. That it is confronting. That it’s not the same as all the other Supermen. Even thought it’s literally just STM1+2 and the first three eps of STAS and the First/Last seasons of SV. I’ve said this before. MOS actually did NOTHING new story wise, but it feels entirely different. I remember being extremely confused by the handheld, by the colors, and I initially thought it was too much and distracting, but then it hit me. THAT IS THE POINT. I personally don’t care for hand held but i ADORE man of steel.

By embracing this method of full on romanticism, they also embrace the romantic love that can exist in a character. Lois and Clark is iconic and their stories have always been a slow burn journey that takes a while to become overtly romantic. In Man of Steel the romance is PART of the language of the movie. It’s woven into the plot, into Clark’s character, into Lois’s character, into the climax and it held BvS together and is catapulting Justice League, and that is explicitly because the movies are unapologetically sincere in its commitment to being expressive. CLARK HOLDS ON TO LOIS AFTER CRYING HIS HEART OUT IN MAN OF STEEL, and it’s strategically framed so that she is higher than him, taller than him, that she is the only thing keeping him up. It’s such a raw and confronting moment, and there are zero words. No declarations. No I love yous. But you don’t NEED them because the entire movie they have shown that love over and over, by being there for each other, by asking for each other, by protecting each other.

And each DCEU movie has SO MANY OF THESE. Diana/Steve. Quinnshot. Martha/Jonathan and Martha/Thomas and Jor/Lara who are not even mains but get to be strong and supporting and IN LOVE and these relationships MATTER to every aspect of these movies. Jor/Lara get Clark to Earth. Martha/Jonathan raise Clark as a good person. Martha/Thomas shape Bruce’s entire existence. And it’s these couples who help Clark and Bruce come together. THEY ARE IMPORTANT TO THE FABRIC OF THIS UNIVERSE. I MEAN. so much of suicide squad is exactly about the lengths people will go to for love, to atone for love, to die for love. TATSU AND HER HUSBAND GET THE RESOLUTION SPEECH EVERYONE WISHES THEY HAD. chato promises to get them there because he loved and lost his wife and children. RICK CRUSHES ENCHANTRESS’S HEART BC HIS LOVE BEGGED HIM TO, TO END HER SUFFERING, EVEN THOUGH IT MEANT HE’D SUFFER FOREVER FOR IT. and ayer didn’t condemn them! ayer didn’t say: in order to save the world, you have to sacrifice it all, you get to keep your love and it’s okay and you can forgive and be free and LIVE.

And that’s just the romantic love. There’s so much emphasis on familial love and platonic love all throughout these movies. The strength that comes from people working together instead of apart. THE POTENTIAL OF EVERY PERSON TO BE A FORCE FOR GOOD is such a romantic view of the world and DCEU is built it on it!

So I’m not a fan of coffee (heck I’m always lost whenever I have to order a cup for myself;;) but since I only had 2 hours of sleep today I needed caffeine in my system. I asked the barista what she recommends, and she suggested I get an espresso shot.

At fist it looked so small and adorable so I was expecting it to be something sweet and savory.

But no. It was the nothing but 5 seconds of torture.


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you know that falling feeling you get when you're "falling" asleep? I got that just a few moments ago... thing is I wasn't falling asleep, I'm wide awake, and now that feeling won't go away.

maybe ur dreamin rn…

quick question: does anyone know what the fuck actually happened in this season goddamn

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What's up with people thinking that they can do stupid stuff at unholy hours of the night?!?! I've gotta be up in less than 4 hours, and just as I was falling asleep the first time, airomed flies over (and almost lands) on my house!! (they owe me a new clock!) Then I almost fell asleep again and they decided that was a glorious time to takeoff! I guess that's what happens when gals like me take it easy. (I live next to a hospital.I should be used to it by now)And now I'm wide awake I need sleep.

U seem to need sleep more than me