But not really.

Can you believe Kinoshita actually did something  in the latest chapter I’m amazed and proud

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how are you constantly rocking my entire existence from the core with this mp100 fanart everything is so stuffed full of emotion???like for real how do you do that. with the feelings.

step one: have feel

step two: draw the feel

crying during steps one and two optional (but in all sincerity aaa thank you I try very hard to get that across if it’s been working that’s awesome :’D also tbh I have very. big. feelings. about mp100 like bro you don’t even know how much emotional connection I got going on with this series)

im excited abt finally reaching the ONE SCENE i have been dying to write for like 3 months aaaaaah its finally here!!!! im gonna !!!!! throw a party everyone is invited!!! here is like 2 lines from where i am currently at in my novel:


She narrows her eyes, unconvinced. “Richard is worried about you.”

Oliver lets out a gusty sigh and leans back against the glass, keeping his eyes downcast. “Richard seems to think he’s my father of sorts, apparently. Why are the two of you talking about me?” His eyes peer up to meet her gaze, startling blue today. “You wouldn’t happen to also be worried, would you?”

She rolls her eyes and scoots further back, turning her body toward him after placing her bag on the floor. “You are too bold, Your Grace.”

“As are you, Princess, for seeking me out when you have been told to stay away from me,” he challenges. “Perhaps I could look past one offense, but this is the second time. Careful - I might start to think you fancy me.”

Y'all, all I want to see tonight/Monday or whenever Aaron’s wakes up is this:

 Everyone is around him except for Robert, cause he’s standing back to let Chas and others be closest (as he does/done) and then Aaron opens his eyes he just says, ‘Robert. Where’s Robert?' 

 That will be end of me.

I just lost my oldest dog Coco. A tumor ruptured in her abdomen and the internal bleeding took its toll on her. 

I’m so drained from leaving my loved one behind in Germany only a couple of days ago… But I think Coco hung on so I could say goodbye. I don’t know what i would have done if I lost her while I was in another country.

Our household has always been full of dogs. We run a dog vacation service out of our house and own three of our own, so we have anywhere from 4 to 16 dogs in the house at a time.

Coco was MY dog though. I remember the day we picked her out at the shelter. She was MINE. 

I feel selfish for mourning her. Dogs aren’t afraid to die and she wasn’t in pain, but she would have died in a few hours on her own. I don’t feel guilty for her passing on, but I miss her terribly already. 

Rest in peace my beautiful girl. I hope I can see you again some day.