But it also implies so much

My favorite quote from Kubo was what he says near the very end, “this was a happy story. But it certainly could have been a lot happier.”
I just love that. It sums up how he feels about everything, despite the memories he now has and the stories he can share, he still has that grief and sorrow but he isn’t going to let it hold him down.
It also sums up the movie itself, showing that, yes, it’s a story about death, but it’s also just as much about life.
And that’s a quote that I would love to be able to use in one of my own stories; something that can sum up the main character’s thoughts on everything, that can sum up the whole story in a simple line, imply that there’s more to this than you may have previously thought, and I absolutely love that so much. It’s so powerful and perfect.
I love it.

This is a Letter for the Ninjago Writers.







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I just….. Would it really be so hard for that to have been the main sub plot of S3? It would have been so much better then the love triangle…

Not to mention it was very much implied that Misako cheated on Garmadon? 

*Sniffs* I love this freaking show, but I also hate it so much…. 

I will probably lose most of the love I have left for it if Cole and Jay are related, same thing with Ronin, Nya, and Kai…. 

Is there someone out there who agrees with me? I need to know dammit. 

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Is it me or have you also noticed the weird policing of bloggers of color who don't like Kyl/x and specifically have issues with how much H#x development there has been outside the movie in comparison to Finn? A Kyl/x blogger actually used the word "ungrateful" and bitched about having to unfollow Finrney blogs because people there were anti-H#x and complaining about how much attention he is getting, and I saw this same sentiment leveled at a black Finnrey shipper because they posted anti-H#x?

I haven’t seen this but also haven’t been around much lately nor do I follow many FO-centric blogs. But it also seems like typical fandom BS so I could definitely see it happening.

I don’t really have much of an opinion on K/ylux but I definitely agree with the macro criticism about how fandom loves to ignore characters of color - and particularly black characters - in favor of minor white male characters. And it’s not at all “ungrateful” to point that out. Wtf does that even mean?? If they’re implying that Finn stans should be grateful that anyone would deign to pay attention to him then that’s a big bowl of NOPE.

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Holtzbert at pride headcanons

me: *screams* 

  • its erins first time but holtz’ 3rd or 4th. patty and abby join them, bc come on no one in the ghostbutsters crew is straight t b h 
  • and holtz has like a cape flag, rainbow socks. the nerd goes all out and erin just walks out of their bedroom with little bi flags on  her cheek. holtz is just “??? erin did u even TRY” “excuse me I’m a pride virgin i have an excuse” 
  • patty and abby did the gb car up and had pride flags flying out the window with spray painted “we’re here and we’re queer” across the side of it. kevin tilts his head and squints with a “were here and we’re reindeers? its not christmas tho guys.” abby and patty are just “omg” 
  • oh man, while they’re partying and meeting new people and signing random peoples boobs erin hears someone behind her whisper “ugh, bi flags?? really??” and a “dude thats just so weird, why she at pride?”
  • turns out it was some stupid frat boys that live near by bc they heard the ghostbusters were in town. but erin still feels the ache in her chest bc once again, people think she’s faking. they think she’s not true to what she says or who she is
  • holtz hears it too, and is IMMEDIATELY (ง︡’-‘︠)ง︡ 
  • erin holds her gf back all “holtz its okay” “uhhh no its not?? this is pride?? I’m not letting some jerk ruin your first time” erin’s heart is just filled to the brim with love
  • erin and holtz get picked up by some random dude on a motorcycle wearing a rainbow full suit smiling all ‘THE GHOSTBUSTERS!! HOP ON” 
  • holtz just smiles so widely when erin laughs as they ride through the streets. she watches how rainbow confetti gets caught in her gfs hair, erin’s eyes shining, the flags below her eyes smudged from how many times holtz kissed her on the cheek.
  • she holds to erins waist tighter, 
  • she never lets go 

here’s john barrowman watching torchwood !


also, in the video before these (starting from around 1:10), he says he’s watching it because “there’s reason why” which “he’ll tell us when he can”…….. because that’s totally not suspicious or anything nope not at all


Screaming about Rei Hino: The Jet Wolf Experience

Finally Safe | Jonathan Byers

Title: Save Him
Author: Clara
Character: Jonathan Byers
Warnings: Medical equipment mentioned and implied PTSD
Summary: you wake up in a hospital after being saved from the Upside Down with Will, desperate to find and protect the younger Byers boy.
Note: Yikes I’m shitty at summaries my bad. This is pretty much my first time writing for Jonathan yikes so please be kind! (also imma tag my boo @kurtwxgners cause she’s a hoe for Jonathan)

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On dean's drinking and cas making him want to be a better person: also, remember how dean quickly closed his laptop that time he had porn open and cas saw? It's almost as if dean doesn't want cas to think less of him, or see his less desirable habits? For some reason lol gee I wonder:P

Yeah. And when God Himself kind of gives Dean a little ribbing over the quantity of porn on his computer, implying that even he’s never seen so much in one sitting, Dean’s somehow not personally embarrassed the same way. He has an “ick” reaction, in typical Dean Germophobe Winchester fashion, and closes the laptop with the tiniest portion of a single fingertip that he can manage.

He probably sprayed the whole thing down with Lysol the second Chuck left the room.

But Cas? Yeah, Cas has always been different. Granted there was that time he bought him a beer and tried to hook him up with a hooker, but after that?

I mean, he sort of distanced himself while Cas drank with Ellen and Jo in 5.10, and then offered Cas a remedy for his hangover in 5.17 (after expressing shock and disappointment that Cas had been on a bender, but Dean was there to help him).

Other than that? Yeah. Dean might keep drinking in his presence, but for Cas’s sake? When Dean gives up the Amara mission largely to Sam and shifts his personal focus to saving Cas? Dean drops the alcohol and even for the most part the coffee… the Dark Roast… as if abstaining (rather than his usual research-induced self-medicating diet of liquor and beer) might be what leads him to Cas.

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I never understood this but why does Shinji Kamuro have so much garbage in his room?? WHY? even when i read it in the manga a long time ago, i never understood why. Sorry maybe you might know?


there are a couple theories floating around that kinda connect with each other so i’ll do the best i can at describing them

the first is that all of those trash bags are filled with supplements and energy drinks and the like, which implies that he just holes himself up in his room to study and he barely sleeps at all. also you’re probably like “well why doesn’t he just take out the garbage every now and again” which brings me to my NEXT point:

hoarding garbage is a clear sign of a mental illness if the person in question is fully capable of throwing it away when they don’t. it’s classified under self-neglect and children who grow up abused and think that they are worthless do not take care of themselves like other kids do. i mean kamuro is under a ton of stress at home and his family constantly pick on him for being useless at everything (even though his test scores are actually really high but he’s expected to be number 1 at everything). im pretty sure this would be classified as mental abuse.

in my personal experience, having a really messy room starts to get pretty cozy after a while. i guess it feels like the mess is your own and that you have a space only to yourself, where no one can get you. 

those are my little explanations. i like kamuro a lot as a character and i want him to be happy. he suffers Far Too Much

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aren't you ace? but you called someone attractive? a lot of people call themselves "asexual" at a young age but then realize they're late bloomers. its ok to change ur labels ^^

so i got this ask right after i rb’d this post where i talked in the tags about how attractive she was and it pissed me the fuck off.

let ace people call others attractive. we can appreciate appearances. just. no sexual attraction. shocking, but you dont need to be attracted to someone to like the way they look. are you attracted to every single beautiful person in the world?? no?? ok

also just an fyi to everyone: its kinda rude to tell queer people that they might be “late bloomers”. ace people hear it literally all the time. actually pretty much everyone thats not straight and figures that out as a kid/teen hears this all the fucking time. 

for me its extra annoying bc asexual people are already really infantilized so much; to imply that all children are “naturally asexual” (which isnt even true anyway..) and will “grow out of it” is. yucky. or to imply that ace people are childish or immature or dont know themselves well enough, and so are unable to self-identify….thats also really Yikes

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so I was thinking, IF you're taking any prompts: what do you think would've happened if Mary went to police and enroled the Witness Protection Program - or if she just gave Nathaniel to them bc it is easier to run away without a child? I was thinking, if he had full support from the police, even if Riko got DNA or digitals for a test, there would be no Nathaniel Wesninski in the system for him to find. What do you think?

( imagine: Mary gives Neil to the police. imagine: Neil in the foster care system. imagine: some meetings are fated, but the path is a little flexible. )

( warning for …….. so much stuff. implied drug abuse. implied animal abuse. anti-religious talk. rough people in rough situations. Neil’s characterization took a harsh turn from canon, because imo Mary’s control and the high pressure of being on the run had a huuuge impact on his behaviour. also because lbr he’ll always be a chameleon kid until Palmetto. )

“You’re fucking bailing. I can’t fucking believe it.”

“Neil, I’m not bailing.”

“Yeah? You take a look in the mirror lately? Dressing like Tyron’s auntie, like some fucking prude, like you’re pure and holy and above all us gutter rats. I can’t believe it. He was right. You’re– you’re- you’ve become a fucking jesus freak, going to jesus camp.

“It’s a retreat, and it’s only one week.”

“What the fuck ever, Renee. That senile old woman’s corrupted you.”

“Is that what this is about?”

“There’s no this. There’s no anything. You’re ditching me.”

“I’m not ditching you, Neil.”

“Really? ‘Cause you sure as hell aren’t gonna convert me, and I don’t think your high horse has room for two.”

Renee pursed her lips.

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Theory time!

We have little to no information about the twins’ family and origins (*cough*teamlolirock always says it’s so mysterious*cough*) but I think I came up with a theory! What if, instead of being from just one kingdom, the twins have parents from two different kingdoms/queendoms? 

So, we already know pappy is the court jester, therefore I suppose he’s from Ephedia, and it’s the only thing we ever get to know about this family, so this leaves plenty of room for speculation for the mom: where is she from? And there I remembered the twins are confirmed to use the same levitation spell as Lyna but in a dark crystal version! Which could imply they learnt it from their mother, and levitation spells are Borealis people’s thing according to how much Lyna uses it.

Originally posted by unastellachebrilla

My guess is that she is a borealin sorceress, and before becoming black crystal summoners the twins learnt how to do magic from her and their father. This would also explain why their magic circles have completely different colors, while the other two magical siblings that are part of the main cast (sorry Zeinos and Deinos but you don’t count XD) have two slightly different shades of the same color for their magical signatures

I know teamlolirock said it works differently because of dark crystal magic but I like to think it could’ve still affected their magical colors from the start and then black crystal magic just made it more evident. After all Praxina’s red can be considered as a distant variation of the ephedian pink and Mephisto’s green is a darker version of Borealis green. I agree with @kireiscorner‘s idea that children of people from different kingdoms would turn out to be more powerful because they acquired the best of both types of magic, and I think that’s one of the reasons Gramorr hired the twins in the first place.

Long story short, my theory is that the twins’ parents are from Borealis and Ephedia, therefore the twins have mixed powers and that probably caught Gramorr’s attention.

If you read all that until this point, thanks for the patience! Have some cookies :D And please tell me what do you think about it, I know it’s a bit flawed theory but maybe you noticed something I didn’t! 

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Accidents Happen

@artandbertiebotts “Rough Touch” got one of our muses biting the other so

Sheena bit her. Barely enough to draw blood, barely enough to be worth anything (it’d still scar, though. Light strips on her dark skin). She hadn’t meant to–she’d just been a bit afraid, thats all. Then again, so much of what Sheena had done at Hogwarts and after involved I didn’t mean to

I didn’t mean to… blow that up.

I didn’t mean to… make you feel like a secret.

I didn’t mean to… catch the curtains on fire.

I didn’t mean to… pick a fight with Harry.

I didn’t mean to… cause such a ruckus graffiting the walls that they got caught.

Or maybe she hadn’t done the last one and it just felt like it.

She didn’t apologize. That would have been admitting something. She scrambled away instead, sniffing and swiping her nose with the back of her hand.

-100 Day Character Challenge-

Day 1: Genos (Demon Cyborg)

shitty scetch of the borg i did in between classes. tbh ever since I saw Genos’ floppy hat in that one beach scene Murata drew I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It’s the kind of hat you see the 1950′s pin up girls wear at the beach. 

Genos and Saitama’s canon relationship dynamic also reminds me of Ren and Stimpy sort of. So. Why not combine the classic apron with the hat and add gloves? Lets go full wife.

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So I know you're a fence sitter. What do you think of the latest DG statements?

Anonymous said:
Being a fence sitter has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Like, when Diana shoots off her mouth and starts talking about Sam’s personal life, and it implies there’s truth to this blondie, I was already sitting on the fence and so i’m not surprised and it doesn’t bother me all that much. But, then it also pushes me more towards the other side of the fence (the non-side) and there is still a big part of me that hoped that what I thought I saw between these two idiots was true. SIGH!

I think Diana was simply answering a question as diplomatically as possible on the fly….

She did not confirm that Sam and Cait are or are not dating each other or other people. What she did say:

She has a problem with the few individuals who have been intrusive into the actors lives. She gave an example of them (the few) finding out “who Sam is going out with” and then harassing them on social media. That is as specific as she got. She verbalized having no issue with shipping. But did explain that there is “friction” on SM between the non shippers and shippers and that it isn’t a big deal, emphasized how small and insignificant this issue is in the fandom. Pointing out also it doesn’t have an effect on Starz or Sony.

All in all…. What do I think? I can’t figure out why anyone would get their panties in a twist over her comment. She didn’t say anything and she wasn’t rude. 

Two interesting things about this Corben page (both of them in the last panel).

1. The caption box tells readers that if they want to read more, they can go out and buy the rest of the saga directly from Corben himself. Not from some Heavy Metal reseller in New York - send money to Kansas City, where Corben lives. This is the first time I’ve seen that in fifteen years worth of this publication and I think that only Corben could have gotten away with it, especially considering his tumultuous relationship with Heavy Metal.

2. If you look closely, you can see that directly behind that caption box, Den and his girlfriend are having sex. They’re also having sex on the first page and the little goblin character describes them as “wrestling.” It’s interesting that the caption box is so well placed as to almost obscure the activity, but not too much. It also makes me think that the advertisement is implying that the full saga will have much more explicit sexual activity.

(Heavy Metal issue #145, July 1993 - Page 13 Den by Corben)

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I'm sorry. I didn't read DR0, and I wasn't really questioning what Kodaka said or trying to imply it wasn't important. I also thought that while the suicide and the student council killing were mentioned in the novels, they were not actively portrayed in them. I just asked how much of the events could potentially be portrayed.

Ah, don’t apologize, it’s fine. I’ve been blinded by anons trying to convince me that it wasn’t important so I misconstrued this, sorry about that! Okay, I’ll try to explain my thoughts. 

Japanese HS starts in the spring, and DR/0 is takes place in the summer. In DR/0, Naegi is an incoming freshmen. So, the groundwork is already being laid out.

We have 5 episodes left, and the Student Council Killing will most likely happen within the next 2 episodes. Enoshima convinces Kamukura to incite a prototype of the Mutual Killing Game so she’ll know how effective it will be when she tries it on the 78th Class (DR1.)

Danganronpa/Zero focuses on the aftermath of the SCK, and Hope’s Peaks efforts to cover it up by kicking Kamukura out and saying everyone who died was actually expelled.

Matsuda and his patient Otonashi get mixed up in all the madness, which results in even more students being killed.

Matsuda, as the SHSL Neurologist, played an important role in building the Neo World Program with his ground-breaking research on memory.

It allows him to erase and manipulate people’s memory… research that Enoshima steals in order for the DR1 Killing Game to work… as well as the DR2 Killing Game.

In DR/0, there is something that is referred to as the “Parade,” which is a protest lead by the Reserve Course because they weren’t being treated fairly. We know from DR2 that Enoshima convinced all of them to kill themselves simultaneously (2,357 Reserve Course people, to be exact.) This event most likely takes place shortly after DR/0.

All of these events happening at once provides a pretty good set up for the 77th Class falling into despair (especially since the current theory is the Nanami is going to be killed at some point.)

I’m not saying it’s going to be the entire focus of the rest of the series, but it plays an important part.


Summary: Co-authored by @mooseings

Bill has an affection for pranks, but not so much when he’s on the receiving end of them.

Warnings: Mind games, cruel “jokes”, Bill is an abusive shit, unwanted touching, passive-aggression, swearing, violence.

Pairings: Implied Fiddauthor, and um…I guess if you count Bill and Fidd’s re-hate-tionship (lololol) 

Word Count: 4,247

(Also available on Ao3 & FF.net.)

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