But it also implies so much

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Hello! I am v interested in the chav discourse that you mentioned in your tags (and also in the weird fandom discourse about Harry being 'posh', which I find really strange though I think it comes from a misunderstanding of what 'posh' actually signifies). I think of 'chav' and 'chavvy' as slur words so always do a double-take when I see them used even in a neutral way. To me it implies working-classness but also (potential) petty criminality - so it's really not a term to use of someone else -1

I think Louis’s athleisure looks are all about the audience he is trying to reach with his EDM collaborations, and that audience is much wider than a UK one which might understand his look as communicating his working-classness… (I know you weren’t using ‘chav’ lightly, I hope my previous didn’t suggest that - I’d be off anon if I wasn’t at work! my url is kit-catclub. would love to discuss with you as I always appreciate your views) 2


Thanks for your ask! I’ve been hoping for an ask to help focus my incoherent rage at the way people have been talking about Louis and about working-class people.  I won’t really be able to touch on Harry - except I think what’s going on is his original position as the posh one in One Direction (which I wrote about here) has overlapped with people’s feelings about him the most celebrity member of One Direction - when as you say they’re very different.

I think the best way to explain my reaction to the way people have been using the word ‘chav’ is with a metaphor.  Lets imagine girl direction for a moment  - and instead of people worrying that Louis is coming across as a ‘chav’ people are worried that girl!Louis is coming across as a slut.  People write elaborate asks about how they’re worried that certain things she’s doing will make her come across as a slut and damage her reputation.  Anons talk about how her styling is creating a certain image and they want her to wear different clothes because the general public might think she was a slut - and that erases successful businesswoman!Louis and superstar!Louis.

I think most fans would recognise this as quite hateful rhetoric - not just about girl!Louis, but about women more generally. Chav isn’t just a slur, because it’s a bad thing to suggest about someone, it’s a slur because it conveys a hateful view about a group of people. People who loudly worry that someone your a fan of is being forced to come across as a slut - you are promoting a hateful view of women. People who loudly worry that Louis is coming across as a ‘chav’ are promoting a hateful view of working-class people.

I’m being a little bit kinder than I feel here, because I’m aware that some of B’s anons could be very young and repeating ideas that they haven’t fully processed. But someone actually used the phrase ‘You can take the boy out of Doncaster, but you can’t take Doncaster out of the boy’ (although they didn’t say Doncaster).  And that view is vile and vile is the nicest thing I could say about it (I’ve just been reading the report of the Hillsborough independant inquiry - I would actually say that such a view is murderous).

People who are like - oh it’s so terrible that Louis is seen in public eating McDonalds and wearing trackpants and smoking - that ruins his image - can pretend all they like that they’re just talking about public image - but they’re actually judging Louis.  There is every reason to think that he does in fact smoke, eat McDonalds and wear trackpants.  (And they’re also revealing that they have monstrous, abhorrent, snobbish views - but I sort of covered that already).

The other thing I want to say about this whole mess is to talk directly about what ‘chav’ means. People have been prepared to throw out some really specific signifiers of things that Louis (and even worse Lottie) are doing that makes them come across as ‘Chavs’.  It is smoking and McDonalds and Trackpants and airport fights.  Just like the term sluts is fundamentally criticising unruly women - the term chavs is criticising unruly working-class people. All those signifiers are things that are contrary to good middle class ideas of what moral citizens look like (I’m not going to expand on this idea now - although I could go on for some time - but I think Charlie Brooker nails it in this piece about Jamie Oliver). The implication of Louis coming across as a ‘chav’ isn’t just that he’s coming across as working-class - but he’s coming across as a working-class person who is disgusting and dangerous because he won’t do what he’s told. (I’m going to park the question of Louis’ actual class position then or now and how that relates to all this - this post is about image).

This is a really interesting contrast to One Direction - who were very much launched in in the UK in the immediate aftermath of the London riots - as working-class boys made good who were compliant and would perform for middle-class people (I go more into that idea here).  It’s a very different positioning from where they started - so I can see why it makes people anxious - but I have a very different reaction. 

I am very much in favour of unruly working-class people, just as I am very much in favour of unruly women. I don’t know, I don’t think we can know, where Louis image is coming from, how he’s positioning himself, what various pressures he is navigating or what he feels about it.  But I’m certainly not going to suggest that an image of compliance and willingness to perform for power is somehow better than an unruly image.

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(1) I read a short story recently which was all about neurodivergent AIs. The premise was that humans were just beginning to do stuff with artificial intelligence, and so they hadn't got all the kinks worked out yet. For example, one of them was extremely analytical and refused to make decisions until they had run through all the possible outcomes of any and all choices, to the point of taking almost a month to respond to (what is implied to be) a simple question. I know that that is obviously

(2) exaggerated beyond anything a human would do, but as with someone with an anxiety disorder who has a lot of problems making decisions, it kind of clicked for me. Also, all the AIs were female coded, and the one scientist character was a woman, which I think is neat both because of having a sci fi story with all female characters, and because AIs tend to be male coded so much. Anyway, I guess I wanted you to know that stories about neurodivergent AIs exist.

Honestly, that’s something that really appeals to me a lot, anon, and I’m glad that you mentioned that. While it’s not necessarily related to this ask, I wanted to clarify a bit of my thoughts on the topic more. So here have “your meta is weak and it won’t survive the winter”, the less pithy version:

In a bit better words, a lot of what inspired me to write this post and its followup, was “saying ‘there’s magic and it fixes things’ or ‘I’m not writing about humans I’m writing about elves/aliens/robots’ is no excuse for utterly failing to acknowledge that disabled and neurodivergent people exist in your setting.”

Even outside of what people have pointed out- that “disability” is not a one-size-fits-all concept and there is not a one-size-fits-all “solution”, the disabled and neurodivergent are a group that is positively starved for fictional representation and especially positive representation that doesn’t use said neurodivergence or disability as a justification or evidence of how morally rotten they are.

You are not sending a message of hope if your message to part of your audience is “this is a better world, it’s a world without people like you.”

It’s something I think about a lot in terms of: I’m autistic. It’s my brain. There is no point where you can take a scalpel and separate the parts of my brain that are The Autism ™ and the parts that are Real Authentic Clockie, because large pieces if not all of Real Authentic Clockie is inextricably linked to autism.

A world without autism isn’t a world where I’m Better, it’s a world where I don’t exist. A world without autism, as a concept, is a world without autistic people, not a world where all those autistic people are Better. It’s an insidious kind of erasure that says there is a perfectly good Normal Human Being inside of you, if only your wicked Illness hadn’t consumed it, and fails to account that there is a perfectly good human being right here, already operating, if you just bothered to actually pay attention to who I am and what help I might need.

Fantasy and science fiction have always been some of my dearest fascinations and closest friends, since I was in elementary school. I grew up with Harry Potter. And I think that’s why it’s particularly heartbreaking to see people build huge, exciting, elaborate works of worldbuilding, and then lock the theme park gates. “You can look, but don’t you dare see yourself in any of these people. This is a better world, and you aren’t allowed in it.” Almost worse still, to say “I’ll let you in, but you can only be the monster, and you have to suffer and die at the end.”

If your vision is ruined by having to build a wheelchair ramp for it, then it means it’s a bad vision. 


Kageyama, after some reflection: waIT DID I PRAISED HIS JUMPS IN FRONT OF HIS SISTER

Ok ok ok, but I really want Natsu to go cheer for Karasuno and then all of the boys be like aw look she’s so cute and she ruining his brother’s life. IT WOULD BE SO FUN.

(Also click for better view pleASE I’M CRYING)

Edit: I JUST REALISED THE “YOU’RE TOSSES AMAZING!!” omg I’m sorry what the hell

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What was Mccree's reaction after Hanzo's encounter, I think he'd run up to Satya to ask her what to do next ? I love this series it makes me smile so much thank youuuu

aaaa thank u so much im sO glad!!!!! and!! i think he would be more likely to get advice from a friend, since he doesnt know satya all that well? also i adore his friendship with fareeha sO

(the hanzo encounter in question: part 1, part 2!)

An Old English word for library was “bōchord”, which literally means “book hoard”, and honestly I really think we should go back to saying that because not only does it sound really fucking cool, but it also sort of implies that librarians are dragons.

ok but im still amazed that shiro is canonically the person that keith “desperately wants to see” and is literally his Greatest Hope and the closest thing he has to family. his one friend prekerberos. the person who shaped his world so much keith literally says shiro changed his life. And he really listens to what shiro says,  retains his advice and then repeats those words back to himself for comfort. Its also pretty heavily implied losing shiro, losing his anchor, is what prompted his “disciplinary issue” that got him kicked out of the garrison. And we know that after he left he said he felt lost, went wondering around the desert in search of some kind of purpose. But then he felt some arrival happening, something Big finally coming, something that would maybe turn his life around. And just 

so much time and care was put into building up their character development together. and theres also this almost fairytale kind of aspect of “fated” meetings–not just keith knowing something was coming back to earth, but ive also seen people point out the “blade of marmora is with you” line and how keith is the one who cuts him free. And the fact that they can both pilot black, meaning their quintessence is at least compatible to some degree. And actually, since keith has already been able to sense other lions’ quintessence–he felt blue a whole year before its own pilot–and that lions have to have the same energy as their pilot, then i dont think its a stretch to say sensing other paladins would be pretty much the same as sensing their lions. we know shiro’s quintessence is somewhat close to his, so maybe keith will be the one to find shiro. just like before 


Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

I love when I have ideas of stuff that was supposed to be super quick to do and it ends in something super long and hard to draw. Goddamnit brain.

Also, Disneyland Paris doesn’t sell this kind of awesome Disney clothes, it’s a lie.

I intended to shade a little but take too much time so maybe I’ll do it later.

‘Where’s your helmet?’ 

For all your bisexual Lance needs

so here’s a shitty edit I made a little while back for a Voltron crack video I never posted feel free to use if you want idk good night my good fellows

favorite parts of batb (2017) thus far

bc it’ll be fun to see how much i can add after i do see the movie in full

*in no particular order*

  • lefou’s little wink to gaston while singing the lines “you can ask any tom, dick, or stanley / and they’ll tell you whose team they prefer to be on” and basically implying that gaston can turn all the straight men gay
  • gaston being the one to put his arms around lefou!!! like, “too much” my ass, gaston, you initiated the cuddling!!!
  • also “i’m not done with you yet” “neither am i” aka lefou being cute n gay
  • gaston not knowing what “je ne se quois” means when he lives in france
  • beast’s little smile after he threw the snowball that knocked belle over, like, who allowed for this so-called monster to be so darn cute!!!
  • belle automatically assuming every inanimate object in the castle is alive and promptly asking a hairbrush for its name

(I’m clearly rewatching YOI because what else am I going to do until Level 2?)

This line from Victor implies that he pretty much always flies first-class. So, why wouldn’t he just buy another first-class ticket for Yuuri so that they can sit together?

Likely because Yuuri, being the anxious bean that he is, doesn’t want to deviate from routine. As an anxious person, I also don’t like to change my environment if I can help it, especially before a big event. So Yuuri will stick with sitting in coach because that’s a familiar setting where he’s most comfortable.

And Victor will sacrifice a first-class seat just to sit with Yuuri for the whole flight.

I love all these details.

My favorite quote from Kubo was what he says near the very end, “this was a happy story. But it certainly could have been a lot happier.”
I just love that. It sums up how he feels about everything, despite the memories he now has and the stories he can share, he still has that grief and sorrow but he isn’t going to let it hold him down.
It also sums up the movie itself, showing that, yes, it’s a story about death, but it’s also just as much about life.
And that’s a quote that I would love to be able to use in one of my own stories; something that can sum up the main character’s thoughts on everything, that can sum up the whole story in a simple line, imply that there’s more to this than you may have previously thought, and I absolutely love that so much. It’s so powerful and perfect.
I love it.

*starts thinking about how aa4 implied that klavier went on hiatus from being a prosecutor due to feeling guilty over getting phoenix disbarred because he could tell there was something else going on but was too scared to question his brother about it and only returned because apollo was able to do something he was never able to do which was stand up to kristoph and seek out the truth and klavier wound up admiring him so much that not only did he help him with literally every case they did together but he also completely gave up his successful musical career so that he could spend more time with apollo and all of this seemed to be leading up to a “you saved me once yet don’t even know it so i’d like to save you too” dynamic ala phoenix and edgeworth circa aa 1 yet all of it was completely forgotten about aa5 onwards and they act like aa4 never happened and apparently the two aren’t even friends and now apollo’s in a different country too*

That Kinda Girl

Characters: Y/N (Reader), Dean Winchester, Susan (OFC), Sam Winchester (mentioned)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Horrible co-worker, back talking, bitchy remarks, language, implied smut (okay maybe a tad more than that but not much.)  

Wordcount: 3352 (exact for Steph - she earned it)

A/N: So I don’t usually do requests these days, but Bev @chaos-and-the-calm67 put one up and I love her to pieces so I had to do this one for her.

Thanks a lot to @mysteriouslyme81 for being my beta on this.

Also thank you so so much to @torn-and-frayed for also betaing and helping get this just right.

It wasn’t that you hated your job. You really didn’t. You loved helping people. You loved when you could send them on their way feeling better than they did when they arrived. Still being a physical therapist was hard work and it left you aching, reminding you of muscles you had forgotten you had, at times. It wasn’t the soreness that was the worst part of the job though. It was the office receptionist Susan.

Susan was a mean spirited, short haired, chubby lady in her late 40s. No matter what you did or how well you thought you had done it, she always found a way to put you down. She always made comments about how horrible you looked, covering it in a sweet snarky remark.

“Oh Y/N. You look terrible. Are you sleeping enough?”

“Hey Y/N. Did you have a good vacation? Sun is always so rough on the hair right?”

“Y/N. That shirt is amazing. Had I been still been 20 years old I would have worn that.”

You weren’t 20. Actually you were closer to 30 now, with no husband or kids and she always made sure to remind you of that too. Not that she had either herself, but as she said some people were happiest on their own. You were not one of those people. You missed someone to come home to. You missed having someone to cuddle up to and tell about your horrible day. You dreamed of having a man in your life. Actually not just any man. You dreamed of the green eyed hunter that had rolled through town last month. He had saved your life from your werewolf ex, who had apparently been stalking you and leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake.

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Finally Safe | Jonathan Byers

Title: Save Him
Author: Clara
Character: Jonathan Byers
Warnings: Medical equipment mentioned and implied PTSD
Summary: you wake up in a hospital after being saved from the Upside Down with Will, desperate to find and protect the younger Byers boy.
Note: Yikes I’m shitty at summaries my bad. This is pretty much my first time writing for Jonathan yikes so please be kind! (also imma tag my boo @kurtwxgners cause she’s a hoe for Jonathan)

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Period Cramps Preferences

Can you write something about reader is having menstrual cramps and soda tries help? Side note you’re amazing, I love you. Anyway(!) Thank you

So this was requested but I think I’ll just add all the boys, because I know after I post it, someone is gonna request the rest of the boys!! 

Also, I’m sorry for not writing so much lately, I was having so much writers block, but I am back, for now, I don’t know how long this inspiration will last. 

Darry: He actually had had a couple past girlfriends and was familiar with this sort of thing. He knew to keep track of your period, and never to fight with you, and to always make you know that he loves you and that you are beautiful. When you have cramps though, he goes out buys you a heating pad and lots of chocolate. If your cramps are really bad, he’ll take off work and lay in bed with you, rubbing your tummy. 

Dallas: Dallas is very aware of menstrual cycles for girls, but isn’t very concerned with them. He never really cared much about your period until one day found you curled in a fetal position on your shared bed, your face distorted in pain. He had took off his jacket and kicked off his shoes and rubbed your stomach while cuddling you, and whispering sweet nothings into your hair. He only did this when it was clear you were in pain, and would never admit to doing it if it was brought up in front of anyone.

Pony: Pony hasn’t had much experience with women and his sex ed class only touched on the subject briefly, so when he found you laying on the couch, moaning about cramps, he panicked a little, not sure how to help you. He hated to see you in such a miserable state, and did everything he could and everything you asked to make your cramps a little more bearable. He had to have Soda school him about it a bit more after you had fallen asleep. 

Two-Bit: Having a sister, he knew fairly well what comes with a menstrual cycle. He didn’t avoid you but he also didn’t try to be around you so much that you lost your patience. He kept a single calendar to know exactly when you were on your period and would wake up really early the morning of, and walk over to your house with balloons, candy, movies, comic books, and a couple of his big shirts for you to wear as well as an abundant supply of pads, tampons, and heating pads. He would sneak into your house and make your favorite breakfast and wait for you to wake up, where you would stay in bed all day. On the sudden moments where you would have really bad cramps he would rub your back and play with your hair, kissing your temple and telling you loves you.

Johnny: At first he was bumbling and stumbling over himself, not sure how to help you. You couldn’t help but laugh at his nervousness and just gestured for him to home lay with you. He spooned you and you just told him to rub your stomach, he did so but wanted to distract you so he told you some funny stories that had happened in the past with him and the gang. You eventually fell asleep in his arms and when you awoke, he was sitting in front of you with flowers, chocolate, and your favorite movie, which you in reaction started crying. He had never been more confused by a woman in his life. 

Soda: Soda had all the experience he needed to know how to handle you on your period. He had lots of female friends and knew just the thing to say, and just the things to do to assure your hormones. However he never had to console his female friends’ period cramps, and had no clue on what to do. When you two were laying in bed watching a movie and you suddenly lurched forward, grabbing your stomach and whimpering, he had no clue on what was going on. He was so terrified that he was scared to ask what was going on, in fear that you would scream at him or worse…cry. He snapped out of his frozen state and wrapped his arms around you and rubbed your stomach while whispering how much he loved you. You eventually fell asleep and when you woke up, he had bought heat pads and a gallon of your favorite ice cream. 

Steve: Steve did not need you or anyone to tell him what to do during your period week. He didn’t keep track but had a fairly accurate idea of when it came, he just always had the supplies he needed on hand in his car, so if he ever came over and found that you were on your period he would run out to the car and bring back what he needed which was just the standard candy, movies, comic books, liquor, and heating pads/ice packs. He felt bad for thinking so, but he loved when you were on your period because you were so touchy-feely and just wanted to have lazy days with you. 

Cherry: Cherry knew exactly what you were going though and was always there at your beck and call. However the only downfall was that your period cycles where synced, so when she was on hers, so where you. You two spent the week cuddling and whispering how much you loved each other. You two typically tried not to talk a lot during your time of the month, because your hormones were out of control and someone would get offended at the smallest things and a couple times, it was for that exact reason that you two broke up. 

Tim: Tim had enough common sense to know never to start a fight with you while you were on your period, he just knew he would not win. He made that mistake once…never again. If he found you curled up, holding your stomach, he would kiss you and pick you up, and place you in his lap where he would pet your hair and just kiss the top of your head. Occasionally he would buy chocolates or flowers, but he knew you wanted him in your arms more than you wanted any materialistic thing.

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reviewing deer emojis

a wonderful boy. good realistic portrayal in a beautiful stance, like he’s just about to start a journey somewhere. where is he going? where are you going boy? i don’t know but i support him anyway. 4/5

way more cartoony than apple. sort of a lumpy head and also a ton of weird proportions. i don’t like it very much. why are you like this. 2/5

another profile shot. why does it only have 3 legs? what happened to his other leg? very intriguing. implies tragic backstory. i appreciate whatever bit of depth is added to emojis. however the outline is a bit too thick for my liking so. 4/5

this is creeping me the fuck out its like they cropped a deers head exactly in half and then put it against a mirror Why is it so symmetrical i hate it i really hate it 1/5

incredibly minimalist design but it looks like a deer so i’m okay with it. however if you stare directly at it for too long the face starts to look like the D: emoticon so 3/5

another realistic portrayal, but this time he is looking right at me. literally directly at me. right at my face. what do you want from me. who do you think you are. 2/5

somehow out of all the deer emojis facing forwards in this list this one actually gets it right! cartoony but identifiable, not creepily symmetrical, its even smiling kindly at me! this is a perfectly good boy! 5/5

this artstyle fits this deer perfectly and: it has spots!! it has a bunch of nice little spots!!! the first of all of them!! a wonderful sika deer!! stands out from all the rest with such style and grace!!! 5/5

i dont know what the fuck this is but it sure as hell isnt a deer get out of my house right now i’m calling the police 0/5

new header,,,, real simple and I’m probably going to end up changing it when I get my tablet but until then, here’s the source of my will to live leelaubury

Got7 Reaction to you being a ballet dancer

Hello!! And AHHHHHHH THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!! LIKE I ONLY POSTED LIKE 3 GOT7 REACTIONS SO FAR!!!!! And, I feel that you want this reaction to be sexual ;;)), so I will try my best. Enjoy!!! *wink wonk* ;;)) Also, I don’t know anything about ballet, so please understand.

Mark: Mark would be picking you up from ballet practice, since you decided to stay in late. He would walk into the room just in time to see you finish a spin while raising a leg. You would smile at him through the mirror while walking to get your bag and Mark would lazily smile back as he felt his cheeks heat up with some shunned upon thoughts.

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JB: You would drag Jaebum to the dance studio, wanting to show him first-hand your dance routine. He would sigh and act all bored but as soon as you started to dance, he would begin to pay more attention, licking his lips as he saw your body fluidly move to the music, definitely thinking about all the things you guys could try out.

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Jackson: Jackson knew you did ballet and he would be begging you to show him some of your dances that you’ve done. You would be hesitant at first, knowing how Jackson could be, but eventually you would give in, showing him only one dance. But one is all it would take before he’d practically pounce on you, telling you of all the things he’s thought about.

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Jinyoung: Jinyoung would be watching a live performance with you as the main character and he would definitely feel jealous seeing another man put his hands on you but that thought wouldn’t be what would fill Jinyoung’s mind. It would be the thought of your body moving so gracefully that would fill his mind. He would definitely be thinking dirty thoughts and he would cross his legs to somewhat hide his growing problem.

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Youngjae: This boy would be in the dorm, watching a recording of one of your live performances. His mouth would hang open in awe at how beautiful you looked in costume and how you performed the moves exquisitely. His mind, however, would begin to wander to the place of no return.

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Bambam: Bambam would secretly be watching you practice, watching you run through your movements over and over again and each time you threw your leg up in the air, Bambam would hold his breath, his little friend wanting to say hi a bit too early as he thought about what your flexibility could do in bed.

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Yugyeom: This boy, he’s young. There are many things that he hasn’t tried when it comes to sexual stuff and many things would be on his mind. Seeing you perform ballet and knowing that your body is flexible, you can count on this boy thinking and maybe researching some things.

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