But it also implies so much

RvB sold me more on wash and Maine’s friendship than wash and York’s friendship (esp since York’s lines at wash are negative more often than not) but then like I don’t know what to do with the fact… that washington sits next to york… at literally every opportunity…


Yet another Kikasa, cross-posted from FFN. Heavy on the angst, but has a happy ending. ;]

Title: Absence [FFN]

Pairing/Characters: Kasamatsu Yukio/Kise Ryouta, implied Moriyama Yoshitaka/Kobori Kouji; also, Moriyama being a good bro XD

Rating: K+

Words: ~3,700

Summary: It makes the heart grow fonder.

     “Say, that was pretty bold of him yesterday, wasn’t it?”

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  • what she says:im fine
  • what she means:the lyric similarity between wrapped around your finger "throwing rocks at your window at midnight" and safety pin "throwing rocks at your broken window" mean SO MUCH. it implies that the person they are lusting at is gone (possibly dead?) and they are so absolutely emotionally destroyed about it and it means so much. the name of the song "safety pin" also implies heavily that the person that they were with was their safety pin aka kept them together and helped them through rough times and such but now they are gone and its like the safety pin snapped and broke and now they are back in depression/anxiety/mental illness. michael has also recently been talking more about mental illnesses and that just backs it even more. overall i feel like ive been dragged through hell and now im lying still watching someone carve things into me.

ibelieveinthelittletreetopper asked:

Anything spoilery from the meet and greets?

Not much. The only thing I really remember from Jensen’s is the fight scene in the back of the Impala, but he ended up talking about that in the main J2 panel as well. Also talked about how s11 is going to be a reboot of the series with the brothers working together again like they did in early seasons, but think most people knew that already.

I asked Misha if it was true that Cas was going to be able to take a shot back at Dean next season following their whole 10x22 altercation (because I had heard a rumor on Tumblr that implied as much), and he couldn’t give a definitive answer but said I wouldn’t be disappointed. He’s also not appearing in 11x05, so thankfully he has some time to rest.

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Hey, remember how Ashley decided to never wear real armor ever again right before the reaper war? That was fun.

Forever bitter that tomboy Ash had to get a dolled-up makeover for ME3. That was totally unnecessary. Not only did it not make sense from a character perspective, but it was also kind of insulting IMHO. It’s implying that there was something wrong with her previous appearance because she didn’t wear as much makeup and had her hair out of her face. And I mean whatever people change and I personally like putting on makeup so I’m not faulting her on that front it’s just it doesn’t make sense for her character at all. It also makes no fucking sense from a universe perspective because based on every other Alliance marine we see, it seems obvious that the Alliance has regulations about hair & makeup. Plus that shit is just distracting in a fight, I can barely do the mundane tasks of my boring-ass life without my hair morphing into a cloud around my nose and mouth, I can’t imagine trying to do something physical with that shit flying everywhere.

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How do you put that you're on SA that you're a virgin without being explicit? I want them to know how much I'm worth.


Your worth is not linked to your virginity. That line of thinking is heavily flawed. It’s also whorophobic because you really think you are ‘worth’ more than other girls because of the fact you are a virgin. 

Also putting you are a virgin or even implying it on a site which attracts predators is a fast way to disaster.

What is wrong with you girls..

So much wrong with this.

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Ok I'm SURE that Dan doesnt really 'regret posting it' its his branding remember? I'm so awkward everyone hates me I'm a total mess?? And it is also Dan who says much stronger banters to Phil or other friends as apparent 'jokes' surely he can handle this and laugh it off. I guess many of the phandom is attacking that Kaitlyn twitter, sometimes this is what really makes me sick

okay, i disagree with attacking people, i’ve never said that was okay. but just remember, he laughed off the non-consensual glozell lap dance, even though he was clearly implied he was uncomfortable with it. he will always laugh things off because he doesn’t want to ‘ruin the joke’, even if it makes him upset/uncomfortable.


So there’s this mod that trims Blackwall’s hair and beard.

I really like it, considering how much I love his whole lumberjack look and am generally not for mods that alter that or, worse yet, take it away.

But this look implies structure, more control, more caring. It looks like the start of a better life.

So I’m playing with the headcanon that he cuts a lot of his hair sometime after the reveal. 

Rota cuts some of her hair, as well. She was never one for caring much for her appearance either; at best she had a messy bob that she’d sometimes flip over her eye when not in combat.  

It’s her way of saying, “We’ll do this together,”. 

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I notice something while watching The Princess Bride. Westley pretending do be Roberts lies saying he killed a lot of people, including Westley. If he didn't the crew would disobey him. Then I remember how Hook said the crew need a woman (some think he implied rape), when in fact Milah was very respected there as we saw later. Also, he was afraid that Smee would listen Ariel saying he was now a hero. To be respect and have fame as a pirate they have to pretend to be worst than they really are.

i knowww. he just thinks so low of himself. but loving emma he hasn’t as much anymore if you noticed 

i hate saying this but i really want to see santanico leave richie behind by the end of the season. i love them together, i love their chemistry, and i love how much they actually humor each other. 

that being said, santanico on her own, really being free is so important to me. she’s never been able to just be her own woman. she’s always been something to someone and i feel  like the tennis bracelet signifies more implied chains to her. not that richie is even slightly comparable to malvado, but she’s always been in some sort of “thing” with someone. she deserves to just spread her wings. 

also, richie deserves to find his brother again. he’s badass without him, but even when it comes down to small details about jobs he’s fucking it up without seth. in turn, seth is fucking up everything without richie. we always knew they were codependent but i mean, seth is crumbling at his foundation. they need each other. at the same time, i’d just love to see actual personal growth from them. 

 i need is everyone  to find salvation in themselves.

So according to Rukigos, we aren’t allowed to use Orihime’s “five lifetimes” speech as canon proof of Ichihime because it’s a one-sided confession and Ichigo must also show signs of feelings in order for the ship to be taken seriously, but the moment one half of Ichiruki does anything that could be interpreted by heteronormatists to imply romantic feelings, it’s automatic proof that it’s canon?

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11 ^^ for the prompt thingy

11. things you said when you were drunk

i’m so, so sorry for taking so long and thank you so much for the prompt! ;;

this is pre-game and sort of before they’re best friends?? when this takes place is sort of ambiguous whoops sorry

also i write best in 2nd perspective, but if that bothers anybody i can post another version thats in 3rd perspective.

content warning for: alcohol, underage drinking, misogynistic language, emetophobia, and implied/referenced child abuse/neglect

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Im new to the whole ace attorney fandom but are there any cannon gay characters or even references


i’m gonna put this under a cut because it turned out longer than i expected sORRY

also don’t read past the part about Jean Armstrong if you don’t want Dual Destinies spoilers i tried to avoid them as much i could but i just couldn’t in Robin’s case

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So if haters are saying that EK is not allowed to do panels because she might say something bad against TBTP... Well, Laurie aka Andrea also didn't expect her early boot out of the show. She must have felt disappointment too (plus internally, they were so much going on, probably even messier too w/ all the issues with SG replacing GM and all), yet she still got to do her panels after her character's death.

If Beth is really dead, Emily has no contract with AMC, meaning she can do panels whenever the hell she wants. Saying she “can’t” do panels imply that there is someone who is saying she can’t.

I feel like I got off topic here. Umm, yes Laurie Holden got screwed over majorly, yes she has done panels, and yes she has talked about the crazy shadiness surrounding her firing.

So, yeah, there’s nothing stopping Emily except for Beth being alive.

Team delusional

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Honestly, I've been seeing shipping hate everywhere. It's so annoying since it's like, everyone knows their ships are problematic so pointing it out isn't going to do anything. The argument that shipping problematic ships also makes you problematic in your relationships is ACTUALLY problematic since you're blaming a mental illness on media instead of doing something productive. Though honestly it's just tumblr's thing right now and just like everything else it's going to end in 2 months time.

It’s kind of implying people are so vacant and passive that anything they see on television/read is going to completely effect their day to day so much they’ll end up mimicking it. 

But fiction is the place to explore more controversial elements and enjoy such things because they hold no effect in real life circumstances. One who has an active mind is able to separate fiction from reality. Most are able to do this. 

If this weren’t the case we might as well make every story about happy people baking pies and being nice to their neighbours and dare not include villains or even slight antagonism because obviously we’re all going to see it and become them as we have no sense of negotiable judgement. 

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Not to shade your faves or anything, but do you think super junior is not problematic? i haven't really looked into them since i've only ever liked a few groups and i'm not one to watch variety and stuff, just listen to music but i've only heard bad things about them, especially with sj kpop blogs so it was strange to see one that stans them so hard? (not implying that you can't still like a group that has problematic ppl but you know what i mean i hope)

well I mean pretty much every group is problematic, pretty much every person on earth is, I am? Also most of suju’s stuff is literally years old, and a bunch of it has actually been given apologies for, and a lot of it (when it comes to siwon was fake and also edited) but everybody still scapegoats suju bc they don’t understand that problematicness is not just like a buzzword? And that it’s more than just regurgitating old sins for trendy photosets and half assed social justice posts with no context, like this is real life for a lot of us, a lot of us r in the marginalized groups hurt by the things suju and other groups have done but I specifically realize it’s more than just like a put the blame all on one group that u don’t even know and forget to actually consistently critique NEW things happening and critiquing ur own faves, like suju has done a lot of shit, and they’ve done new shit that is fucked up but somehow ppl r stuck on rly old things and I understand a lot of ppl have never had to actually think abt or discuss these topics before so it’s easier to just latch on to old situations that r easy to understand but scapegoating and being generally ignorant of anything abt an actual subject and situation and just regurgitating shit u see ppl make memes abt usually in some misused aave is just wrong and also laughable

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I want to make sure that I didn't miss anything, so if you could help me...was Will actually implied to be there in the Bedelia scene at the end? The only possible hint I saw was the table had three chairs, but that's not much. And also, the Janice Poon sketch doesn't mention Will, just Hannibal and Bedelia... you would think that Will would have been referenced somewhere in that sketch, just like Bedelia's oysters were included. I'm so confused. Did I miss something at the end?

The implication that Will is there comes from the number of chairs, yes.

There’s four place settings, but only three chairs, so there’s the additional question of who the fourth is. Theories abound! 

For now, I’m sticking with the idea that it’s an honorary setting for the Fannibals. 

blueinkblot asked:

Hey! I saw your post aimed towards cis people, and I was wondering - if I were to write a trans person (I'm working on a screenplay) what are some things I should look out for/focus on?

Thank you so much for asking!

Some things you should avoid:

- having the character (or any character) say they were born in a females/males body. Some trans people do feel this way, but it is an overused simplification that is harmful because it implies that their body is not their gender, when it in fact is because they are their gender (if that makes any sense? like a guys body is a guys body despite its looks)

- centering the characters story on them transitioning/being trans. It’s good and okay to include them dealing with transphobia if it makes it known that that is wrong, but anything else that focuses on them being trans tends to “other” them, really we just want to see a trans character that just exists without everything about them going back to “they’re unique and special because they’re not ”“"normal”“”!!“

thing you should do:

-flesh them out, don’t just include them because you want to be inclusive. include them because they are vital to the plot and have an interesting and relatable characterization.

-have the majority of their friends be accepting, and if a character misgenders, deadnames (the act of using a birth name or other name instead of their chosen real name), or is transphobic in any other way, it’s important not only to have the trans person speak up, but for their friends to do so as well. This serves as a role model to cis people that you know, come on, they’re people too, treat them respectfully.

-if they are transitioned or transitioning research how long it takes to transition and what its like by going on blogs and websites trans people have created to explain that. Also what components there are, say hormone treatment, top surgery, bottom surgery and if they are trans feminine, facial feminization, breast augmentation and sometimes they get a type of surgery that shaves down the adams apple.

-ask other trans people! If you want to know what its like pre transition, during, and after, its best to get multiple sources because everyone’s experience is going to be different. I’m only sixteen and pre everything, so I can only supply one part.

Also consider if you want them to be binary (trans male or trans female) or non binary- genderfluid, genderqueer, and agender are some examples of non binary genders.

It’s a bit of research, but I’m very glad that you are taking the thought and time to do this! Once you have the background info pretty well known, I don’t think it’ll be any harder than writing any other character, because other than their trans identity, they ARE just like any other character.

(im also going to reblog this to my trans blog and hopefully some followers will have some things to add that i missed)