But apparently Louis was a bad boy

So, I was watching the video to the gif that I just re-blogged of Harry pretending to spank Louis on stage in Cardiff (shortly before Louis forgot his vocals) and you can see that prior to that Harry points to Louis and then Louis walks toward him. So I looked for more footage, and I found another video, and while you cannot see all of it, you can actually see that after Harry pointed to him, Louis pouted as he walked towards him before Harry pretended to spank him. At least that is what it looks like anyway in the VERY brief moment on video. (Credit to Monika Rozynek for the video.)

  • me *walking in my mom's room*:mom, i'd like to thank you for naming me juliette pauline marie joséphine
  • mom:it's the first time you're not complaining about it
  • me:i'm not finished!
  • me:instead of
  • me:jacob wilson oliver, sydney rain, or ...conchobar (pronounced connor) like louis tomlinson apparently did at some point
  • mom:well
  • mom:i frankly hesitated for a while about conchobar
  • me:it's pronounced connor
  • mom:excuse me, connor. con- *takes a bad german accent for some reason* conchonnorbar.
Louis Tomlinson carries baby Freddie in his carrier as he steps out with Briana | Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

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Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson may no longer be in One Direction together, but there’s apparently still bad blood between the two singers.

Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson haven’t been on the best of terms since Malik left One Direction last year, but that doesn’t mean the former bandmates can’t share the joy of Tomlinson’s newborn son.

A new report says the boy band singer might not be.

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anonymous asked:

Why do you think this baby stuff is even happening? Like, what's their goal behind it? I honestly don't get it, it's just so extra.

It is really so so extra. I think first, it is a part of smear and finish Louis Tomlinson champaign that Simon runs. Remember everything you have seen about Louis in the media. Without exceptions, there is no good news (bad daddy, party boy, everybody hated him bla bla). Cause apparently Simon and Louis are not in good terms and Simon thinks Louis is responsible from 1D didn’t resign with him (I think). He want Louis to be in the worst when they are done with Modest and Syco. He will be a man who lied about pregnancy to cover his sexuality even after he left Modest.
Secondly, they couldn’t get enough attention from babygate. Cause seriously, nor media neither fans believe Louis’ a dad. They try their best to prove us we are wrong. They want more attention. Cause if everybody believes, the effect of denial will be stronger. Money talks here.
Let’s wait and see…