But I'm still not going to

Art update:

I’m sure a lot of you have noticed, but I have been trying to post as often as possible. I am in this weird mode now where I just want to produce a bunch of art, but I also feel like I concern myself too much with the quality. So instead I am focused on experimenting, and getting the “bad” out so to speak. That makes it sound self-deprecating, but I don’t mean it that way! More like I am doing things with the intention of learning and making mistakes, where as before I was almost too scared to even try. I consider that a good thing, but that also means I’m not always happy with how my paintings turn out. I’ve accepted it as part of the process. :)

For those curious about streaming…I think I have to wait until I can afford a new computer to do it. Having so many programs open at once is way too taxing on my current setup, no matter what I do. I’m disappointed, but maybe by next year that can change. Apologies to those that were looking forward to seeing that, I promise it will happen eventually!

And lastly, Patreon. I’m trying to avoid spamming everyone while still advertising a bit, so hopefully the way I have been posting has been less annoying. It is going REALLY well so far, far better than I expected at the end of the first month. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for those that support this project (and not just my patrons!) THANK YOU SO MUCH. 

I was just remembering back when I was first learning to gif and I posted a make me choose thing and celia sent me an ask where I chose house tully and I put an elmo gif in it and several people thought something was wrong with their screens/tumblr

pokemon go updates: 

  • i went out w my mom to do more errands again to see if i could hit up some more pokestops since i was literally on 0 pokeballs and we stopped at a park for a little bit that had a ton of pokestops with lures and stuff (ended up with 50+ pokeballs near the end of the day)
  • leveled up a couple times today! 
  • was able to hatch a few of my eggs and one of them was a high cp charmander!!!!!!!

10 people have unfollowed me this week and my only guess as to why is because they don’t appreciate Katya Zamolodchikova like they should.

Can I just say I’m impressed by dishonored’s lack of scantily clad, perfect looking all the time women? Especially in the DLCs

Like there’s Billie, who dresses just like the rest of the Whalers, with no visible boobs or hips or anything, whose face is hidden till the very end of the game - and she doesn’t have the long flowing movie star hair when she takes off her mask. It’s cut short to fit in her mask

Then there’s Lizzy, who frankly terrifies me, which is the whole point of her look. Half her head is bald, she’s got a nasty scar running down her face, and what looks to be a broken nose. She’s got an angry scowl and piranha teeth and faded tattoos. She looks like someone who would kill you for a pack of smokes, and that’s exactly the kind of person she is

The only scantily clad, form-fitted female character I can think of in the DLCs is Delilah, and even then she’s not conventionally attractive. Her hair is cut short, and not in a way that seems super feminine. She’s got creepy dark circles and in all honesty looks like a male vampire to me. While Lizzy looks like someone who would kill you for a cigarette, Delilah looks like she’d kill you for fun, which, again, is the point of her character

Ever been so nervous about an event coming up it physically makes you throw up?

Yep, I’m about at that point.