But I'll tell you something


Now you can have tiny Hannibal in your pocket..eeveryyywheeere

Still think this is a joke?

Because, yeah, I agree with you. But regardless, these are all officially up on Redbubble so feel free to go check on this doomsday device yourselves.

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☹ For yours to accidentally hit mine in the face with the door.

A loud tiny squeak came from behind the door. When it moved away, Imako was pressed flat against the wall. Totoshiro couldn’t help but smirk as he looked at his sister’s horrified expression before she pushed herself off the wall. Her hand was held up to her nose.

“Dad, I think that swing was a little too hard.” The noirette laughed a bit.

Imako had tears well up as she glared at her brother. “That’s awful Toto! Why would you do that!? I-I’m sure daddy didn’t mean to hit me like that!”



don’t! don’t come any closer or i’ll give
you a nice gift so you can wear it in your
forehead. ——who ar’ you?❜

somewhat happy alex acknowledged the race element to the protests, disappointed he continued to talk after that

I’ve been freaking out for the past three days about a comment left on one of my fics by someone I highly admire both on tumblr and AO3. I haven’t known what to say because I’m so ridiculously honored that they read and thoroughly enjoyed my story that I don’t even know what to say without seemingly like an overzealous fan girl. So until I figure out what to say, I’m posting this really odd, vague-ish thing on tumblr because I need to say something about how it feels.

[Quite the invigorating break, but let’s see if we can’t clear out those drafts now, shall we?]

Hello follower just a update.

Am sorry I haven’t been on tumblr for a while and am not going to be on this week am sorry I can’t really talk about what going on, but I try to be on there either the next week or sometime soon. Don’t worry to all who have starters with me I haven’t forgotten. When I get back I get to them a soon as possible but for know I just need a brake for tumblr that all.I try to be back soon until then you all have a good night and I wish you have a great week. 


“Have you come from Camelot?” Morgana didn’t wait for an
answer, a large smile taking over her lips while she leaned
forward. “Tell me    how is king Uther fairing? I hear there was
a mishap with a knife thrower. How unfortunate for the most
wonderful king…”

Inactive for a while

hi guys, so I’m in 12th and I have my final IB exams in about a week’s time. It’s about time I finally got off all social media and focused on studies only so I’ll be inactive till the 21st of May. I’ve set up a massive queue so it’s not like you’ll just be following a useless dead blog. I might come online for an hour each week or something to update the queue or post  a gif or something. Basically please don’t unfollow I’ll be back to making shitty gifsets and not interacting with you all in a few weeks time xx


hey, i’m really grateful but i can’t think of more than “i’m okay, i’m sorry” right now. so forgive me for not replying back. i’ll try to tomorrow but even if i don’t it meant a lot.

also i love zuzu’s awful analogies, they make the world a softer place

I’m going to my parents this weekend. I’ll probably come back
tomorrow or so but just a heads up. I’ll be on skype and
occasionally check here but I can’t promise to be able to steal
a computer for long enough of a time to write threads.
Feel free to add me on skype, like I’ll probably have all the
time in the world there to chat.