But I will not stop laughing at his face XD XD XD

Bungou Stray Dogs Event - 02/19/2017 Night

I’m posting this for the record, and for my feelings. ^_^ My Japanese level is not that high so I admit that I didn’t fully understand everything they said. Plus I only wrote what I remember, with a bias on my beloved top 4 seiyuu. ^_^ 

This is the first-ever seiyuu event I have attended. I only came to Japan last year, but did not get to attend any last year. I love Bungou Stray Dogs in itself; with the addition of the seiyuus I really fell into this fandom hard. My top 4 seiyuus are here: Miyano Mamoru, Kamiya Hiroshi, Hosoya Yoshimasa, and Taniyama Kishou. So when the event was announced with these 4 present, I immediately ordered the DVD (where the lottery ticket for the event was enclosed; thank God I won!!). 

文豪ストレイドッグス 迷ヰ犬達ノ宴 其ノ弐

The event started with a VTR of chibi characters featuring John and the members of the Armed Detective Agency. John wants to join the event since he’s free as the Guild is already defunct. Dazai causes a ruckus and all.

Screen mode then appeared performing “Reason Living.”  I really like the lyrics of this song because it’s basically about the stray dogs T.T 

The VTR then introduced the anime cast with their respective seiyuus who were in the event. Important note: loudest fan screams for our beloved Chuuya

Uemura Yuuto - Nakajima Atsushi 

Mamo - Dazai Osamu 

Hosoyan - Kunikida Doppo 

Kamiyan - Edogawa Ranpo 

Toyonaga Toshiyuki - Tanizaki Junichiro 

Ono Kenshou - Akutagawa Ryunosuke 

Kiiyan - Nakahara Chuuya 

Kawanishi Kengo - John 

They did the usual introductory greetings with Uemura opening with, “Yokohama he youkoso” (Welcome to Yokohama). Mamo, being Dazai, joked that he’s looking for a beautiful woman who can commit suicide with him to which the crowd excitedly responded to. (Suddenly everyone wanted to commit suicide) Toyonaga, as expected of Tanizaki, was talking all about Naomi. Kenshou shouted “Yatsugare wa?” then pointed the mic to the audience, but got no response. :D He said people were supposed to reply, “Akutagawa.” And so he repeated then we gladly responded. Kiiyan, imitating Kenshou shouted, “Yogerecchimatta” which got a loud “kanashimi ni” from the audience. (Oh I can really feel how much Chuuya is loved <3) They then proceeded to their seats and the talk began with them bullying Hosoyan, esp Mamo, Kiiyan, and Kamiyan, because Hosoyan sat on the wrong seat which is Mamo’s. Mamo shouted that Hosoyan was “Ningen?” And the audience happily responded with “Shikkaku!“

Scenes, personally chosen by the anime/manga staff, were then played on the screen followed by comments from the cast. 

*Armed Detective Agency scene: Kyouka welcome party (Aw. This is really a heart-warming scene for the last episode because of everything they’ve all been through) 

The cast commented, “Aw..Kawaii.” With regards to the scene where Kunikida scolds Atsushi and Kyouka, Hosoyan shared that most of the lines were just adlib. It happens quite often during recording where for instance, there are only three lines in the script then he has to improvise by himself what follows. It was quite a task as the lines had to be interesting but it made him really do his best. (Ow Hosoyan, I’m so proud of you for being interesting

*Port Mafia scene: Mori, Chuuya, Kouyou drinking wine scene. 

“Ah so this is what happens when these 3 get together” – thought Kiiyan 

*Soukoku vs Lovecraft scene - from “Yacchimae, Chuuya” (Finish him off, Chuuya) to “Warui yatsu no teki sa” (the bad guys’ enemies) 

Ok of all the anime aired in 2016, this is my favorite anime episode of 2016. I’m just so happy that I got to watch it together with this beloved people. T.T Mamo was laughing at Dazai’s “Sono tsumori datta no da kedo omoshirokute miteta” (That was my plan but it was interesting so I watched) Kishou tells Mamo, “Chanto okuritodokero yo, aibou” (Send me off properly, partner) Omg my feelings. Mamo and Kiiyan as Dazai and Chuuya being “sweet” calling each other aibou (partner) T.T They talked about how complicated Dazai and Chuuya’s relationship is. Comparing it to how Dazai teases Kunikida just for the fun of it, but with Chuuya it’s not just like that. They really just can’t stand each other? Lol. My Soukoku feelings.

*Shin soukoku vs Fitzgerald scene

Audience and cast laughed at the sight of Atsushi being “dead” when he was thrown off Moby Dick with his eyes turned all white. 

Then ofc, everyone likes the “JINKOOOOO” scene when Akutagawa yelled and saved him. Uemura comments how this is such an intense scene plus the music scoring does well to complement the scene. Kenshou shares how he wanted to have the “JINKOOOOO” yell taken/recorded a number of times to get the best cut. Kamiyan was asked for a comment and as Ranpo, he says that he didn’t really have any battle scenes. So he could only watch how the others act on the scene and comments, “Ah, taihen sou da na” (Ah, must be tough for them”) 

*Guild scene: first appearance where they left the Mafia and Agency members “dead” in one attack. 

Again everyone laughs seeing Atsushi’s eyes all-white again. Someone (I forgot who sorry) commented that this protagonist just dies quite often. :D Mamo imitates Lovecraft’s voice, “nemui” (feeling sleepy) and other lines which he just went on doing for the rest of the night (and he did a great job ofc, I can almost believe he’s the one who voiced him lol) 

The cast leaves the stage. While the next set is being prepared, VTR plays with chosen scenes from the Kuro no Jidai (Dark Era). Ango’s seiyuu, Fukuyama Jun appears on video to comment. (I’m sorry Junjun spoke really fast; I had a tough time understanding what he was saying at all) What I remember is that he wished people should at least be kinder towards Ango. ^_^ One scene was where Odasaku, Dazai, and Ango gathered for the last time to drink in the bar, where Ango wished that sometime in the future, when their lives get better and peaceful, the 3 of them can get together once again for a drink - to which Odasaku interrupted and didn’t let him finish his sentence. 

Miki Shinichiro, seiyuu of Mimic’s leader, also gives a video comment on his scene vs Akutagawa, and vs Odasaku. 

Luck Life live came in next with “Namae wo yobu yo” and “Kaze ga fuku machi.” Oh I really, really love the last one. You know the feels you get every week when the instrumental intro of the Kaze ga fuku machi starts to play in the episode’s ending?? T.T Vocalist PON shares how he thought carefully on writing the lyrics, considering the characters’ feelings and experiences like how many things have happened, the cherishing of the important things, and the existence of important “nakama” (comrades) around you. 

The seiyuu cast went back onstage to play a game called, “Busou senta shiken” (Agency examination). Basically, they have to answer the emcee’s questions about BSD. Besides the correct answer, points will also be given to those who give answers deemed interesting aka “omoshiroi pointo.” School desks, chairs, sketchpads, and pens were prepared and set up. While everyone behaved and took their seats properly, Mamo proceeds to lie down and strike a pose on top of the desk while ofc Kiiyan also does his own. (these two!!! :D) When they took their seat, Mamo began sketching something on his pad, even without any question from the emcee yet. Kiiyan does the same thing. (someone please stop these two from being dorks!! :D) After finishing, they showed their sketches which turned out to be Toyonaga’s portrait. Mamo won what suddenly turned out to be a “contest”, as Toshi imitated his face on Mamo’s masterpiece. (Toshi then used this as his Twitter icon after!) 

Question: How many times did Akutagawa said the word “jinko” from eps 17-24 (if i remember the ep coverage right) 

Uemura and Kenshou answered more than 10 times, more than the other cast’s answers. So the VTR played and we started counting. The answer turned out to be 9 times. (Personally I thought it was more tho) No one got the right answer! Kamiyan answered 6, then quickly turned his answer upside down to make it appear as 9 lol. He got the omoshiroi points as a result. Hosoyan and Toshi got points for getting close to 9, answering 8 and 10 respectively.

Next: Draw the doll that Q carries with her. 

Hosoyan’s was shown first which turned out to be the typical Japanese girl doll. (ok I did not expect that from you Hosoyan XD) Mamo was next which showed Koitsu, you know, his beautiful character doodle. Kamiyan, as expected of him, drew a cat. Toshi drew Mamo’s portrait. Ok we’re not getting serious answers here. Kiiyan worried about the trend saying that the order of showing the answers was wrong because his would then seem boring. (Ok now I did not expect that from you Kiiyan XD) Kiiyan and Kenshou showed theirs at the same time. They did draw what the doll seems to be like getting an “Oohh” reaction from the crowd. In the end Uemura’s turned out to be the most similar. The others got omoshiroi points tho lol. 

And wait, an important shocking revelation: Mamo voiced the doll, as in that crazy laughter. He said it himself but because it’s Mamo I’m not sure whether he’s joking or not XD I was waiting for him to say, “Uso da kedo” (It’s a lie, though) as in Dazai, but he didn’t so maybe it’s true. He can do anything ok :3 

Question: Fill in the blank. One word from Chuuya’s chant in awakening “Corruption.” “Nanji, inutsunaru ____ no kyoyou yo. Aratamete ware wo mezamasukoto nakare.“ 

Ofc Kiiyan knows the answer but ofc he did not give it away. I don’t know if that’s really the case but nobody seemed to know the right answer. They just answered random words. Kiiyan answered, “バラス” (barasu). Mamo gave a long random group of words (idk if i just didn’t understand the meaning or they had no meaning at all XD) Kiiyan, as Chuuya, performed the chant, using his and Mamo’s answer lololol. Kamiyan answered Miya-no; Toshi answered O-no. Kiiyan did not want to chant with their answers lol. Meanwhile Hosoyan looked seriously troubled thinking of an answer (maybe it was hard to think of smth interesting this time lol) In the end no one got it, which is actually “oujoku” (Corruption) 

Now this is one of the best parts of the event: Kiiyan did the chant. Like OMG I’m crying I heard him voice Chuuya LIVE awakening Corruption. All my feelings T.T I just want to mention that of all the characters that Kiiyan has voiced, Chuuya is my favorite T.T And I really really love his voice as Chuuya. And I heard it live. Ok I’m not okay T.T 

Last, draw the pattern of the tail of Poe’s pet raccoon. 

Toshi drew the whole raccoon nicely (for real) but the tail was only partly shown (even tho that was the point of the question!) Kiiyan just drew a circle lol (Kiiyan it’s a raccoon, not a bunny ok). Kamiyan drew two long tails (why two Kamiyan why) Again Hosoyan was seriously drawing his, he even changed his first answer. When done, he was trying to get the emcee’s attention for him to show his answer by hesitantly raising his hand; but the emcee was busy looking at others’. So he just gave up and kept silent. (Oh precious Hosoyan baby let me protect you from this cruel world) Everyone has shown their answers except Hosoyan. The emcee (really forgetting or bullying? Hosoyan) was about to announce the correct answer, but the audience shouted “Hosoyan!” (I shouted really loud you cruel emcee), and so his answer was shown. In the end he got the correct answer!! Yey! Alongside Toshi tho. 

 The results came out: Winner - Hosoyan!! 42.5/100 Hosoyan was surprised himself, saying he had no idea how when he only got the last one right. Turns out the omoshiroi points also helped. Mamo commented on how low the highest score was lol. Hosoyan was awarded a bottle of wine and a certificate. Oh how happy Chuuya would’ve been if he had won. Anyways Hosoyan also likes wine. Kiiyan commented that it was nice that Hosoyan won the certificate which has “合格” (goukaku, success/eligibility) written on it as opposed to being called Ningen 失格 (shikkaku, ineligibility) earlier :3

The second part concludes. Then a VTR of the Kuro no Jidai was shown again. This time Suwabe Junichi, Oda Sakunosuke’s seiyuu, appears. He commented on how good the anime graphics were esp in the fight scene of Odasaku and the Mimic leader. 

He wanted Odasaku to have stayed more (like we all do) but understands that the present Dazai would not have been who he is if not for what happened to Odasaku, which we also understand (but still this hurts right :() Odasaku was a character that really left a great impression and he was happy to have been able to play the character even just for a short time. 

It’s finally GRANRODEO’s live with “Trash Candy.” The crowd went wild but my world stopped spinning as I just stood there staring at Kiiyan. I was savoring the moment as I finally heard the most beautiful singing voice in the planet live. I was thinking how blessed I am for being able to to see Kiiyan as a seiyuu, and as GR’s vocalist, in one event. And oh, it was Val-san’s last performance with GR. How ironic as it was just my first. :( 

I was not prepared for this but after GR, the emcee announced that it was already time to say goodbye. The cast and the bands appeared onstage for the last time, saying their words of farewell. Kiiyan was glad to be able to take part as a seiyuu and as GR’s vocalist in this anime. Screen mode’s vocalist, Hayashi Yuu, likewise also took part as a seiyuu (Tachihara’s). Luck life went on to promote their upcoming live :3. Hosoyan shared how acting in BSD has challenged him to do his best more. Kamiyan wanted to keep doing Ranpo. Uemura was ofc the last one to speak, and this kid really did say such heart-warming thanks and message. This is his first main protagonist role, and he’s being surrounded by such senpai-s. Mamo also shared that when the cast was announced, the director told him, “Uemura wo tanomu” (I’m leaving Uemura under your care). He felt so much of being a senpai, reflecting how far he has come right now. He has also witnessed how the two, Uemura and Kenshou (Atsushi and Akutagawa alike) has grown well throughout their experience in this anime. 

It was goodbye and all but two letters addressed to Uemura and Mamo arrived. The letters were in black-colored papers, with their names written on it. Mamo commented that he doesn’t like to receive such letters and thought that he had heard such a thing before XD (Hello Yagami Light) 

Turns out they contain special announcements. Uemura announced that a stage play adaptation has been decided, which received a great response from the crowd. 

Last is Mamo’s as the screen projected the movie poster. And there was nothing but loud cheers. IT’S A MOVIE. And it’s a new story. And most importantly, it’s SOUKOKU. Ok let me process that. Let me cry. T.T Kiiyan imitates Chuuya’s pose in the poster. They then apologized to Uemura and Kenshou for “overtaking” their kouhai-s when just a while ago they were talking all about them lol. 

Now it’s really time to go. 3 Uemura led everyone as he shouted “Bunsto” to which everyone, audience and cast, responded with an overwhelming, “DAISUKI!!” then the confetti fell from above. Whoa. Such a beautiful sight

Lastly, VTR appears with chibi Dazai asking the audience who wants to commit suicide with him on the way home. Ok everyone volunteers. Atsushi, Akutagawa, and Chuuya appear stopping Dazai from his attempt. Atsushi was ordered by Kunikida to go home with Dazai to prevent Dazai from causing harm. Akutagawa eagerly volunteers to go home with his senpai but got rejected (cruel Dazai lol) Chuuya was being tsundere but prevents Dazai from doing anything else. Ok this is Dazai’s harem. That’s how it is but then again, Dazai failed to find a beautiful woman willing to commit suicide with him. ^_^

Photos and screenshots from Official accounts (Twitter/Blog):

And in celebration of the movie project and 200k++ Twitter followers, they gave us these precious present:

This post got longer than I thought. And forgive my inconsistent grammar; I just kept on writing with a little proofreading. ;)

Anyway, this is such a happy event. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity and I’m glad that this is my first seiyuu event ever. Looking forward to more and more events in the near future!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

{Fanacc}170902 SHINee World 2017 ~FIVE~ Special Edition in Tokyo Dome

Minho is soooooo much more hype than usual rn and it’s really no mystery as to why. Bless him we don’t deserve him. [ cr:keys_knees ]

*Taemin’s hair was too messy and the fans started laughing! Minho went over and tidied it for him

They are doing Lucifer with 4 very young dancers!!!!! Super nice

Yes, they are doing the stages with 4 members but Onew’s part remains (music). Only for certain songs, a dancer will stand-in for Onew

SHINee’s selective predebut/debut pics/after debut pics are showing over the VCR

SHINee are on a SHINee bus and going around the dome (shooting their signed coloured balls

Minho is looking so cute like a little boy in the cap and denim top (that looks like a raincoat!)

During Your Number, Minho was the one who ended and dialed a number. He went “SHINee World , (we/i) really like you!”

SHINee says this is the first time they are gonna perform “Tell me Your name” (and minho pretended to be very nervous)

There’s this “bunch/strands” of taemin’s hair that keeps “standing” up so the members teased him : “is this your keypoint today?”

Key pointed to the fans and then went “muacks”

The four of them are holding hands a while ago and walked together to thank the fans *awwwww*

Them : we hope that we will come back to the stage very soon as 5 members
Key seems to be holding back his tears. Can’t bear to see his face like this          [ cr:minhoclove

the main stage just picked itself up and rolled all the way to the back of the stadium wtf wtf

taemin’s hair was sticking straight up and minho fixed it

the little kids from the JAT vcr are on stage dancing to lucifer with SHINee

when SHINee came out the screen split in half horizontally and SHINee were on a platform that came out from behind and lowered down it was really high up

it’s really hot in the dome SHINee are drenched lol seriously key flipped his hair and sweat went flying OTL

minho tossed the prop cup to taemin and he totally failed at catching it and it went flying during your number 

key almost fell during his chair move during your number again… he didn’t, but almost did  he was laughing after

the tell me your name choreo is sexy omfg omfg rip there are cameras in the stage pointed up at SHINee and they are thrusting towards the stage (and the cameras)

SHINee really worked so hard to pull this concert together and they gave it their 110% despite the circumstance, i’m so thankful and proud

The concert was such a roller coaster ride of emotions… Tell Me Your Name will haunt me forever.. and i’ll see it again tomorrow [ cr: keyoemi ]

Everyone screaming for Onew so loud when he’s on the screen

Minho being extra lol Love it

They’re showing OLD photo shoot footage while they talk about each member

During Juilete Minho was playing around with the band too. So cute &   Key and Taemin were playing with each other XD

Minho is making fun of the way Jjong talks AGAIN LOL

Minho covered some of Onew’s lines!  

MINHO WAS AMAZING. WHAT EVEN. GET IT FLAMING CHARISMA.  Minho is giving hearts like crazy

They showed Minho’s face when Taemin was talking. He looked totally confused LOL

Key and Minho started singing and dancing to All Night as they left the stage Lol

Taemin and Jonghyun took off their jackets! Sleeveless shirts  

NEW VERSION OF KEEPING LOVE AGAIN. Minho had an extra rap?

Jinki is in the ending practice video  [ cr: @justrolyn ]

Jjong mentioned Onews name but rly just stated he wasn’t there. They don’t cover his parts and ther a lots of vcr with him too

There’s a backup dancer for Onews part during Sherlock

The most important fact for today’s dome: Key cried in the end because of sadness. Not happiness. They were SAD. Genuinely sad. [ cr: @Myuux2 ]

At the end of Diamond Sky the camera showed a fanboard saying “SHINee FOREVER

Minho did his best today to make us laugh, he was showering everyone with love, throwing even more hearts and smiles than ever! ♡

Tell Me Your Name was definitely the highlight of this concert. They started on the floor, then took off their jsckets showing low V cuts.

During one ment Taemin tried to say something but was struggling with words and he looked so cute that Minho hugged him XD

Key and Minho danced a bit of SNSD’s All Night during MTTM dance break and at the end XD [ cr: @anneaviel ] 

I cant stop crying when i hear Jinki’s voice n the members were so emo during Melody

They are always leaving a space on the stage for Jinki

For ABOAB, we were facing Jinki’s placeand it was empty

Makes me  emo cz they left a gap where Jinki stands and no one covered for his voice.. it was there loud n clear but only he wasn’t there

During Melody idk i think all the members got emo u could see it in their face n Key really emphasized the line "keep waiting for u

But the 4babies really gave in 200% to make up for Jinki .. i am sure Jinki will be so proud [ cr: RealUnkle1932 ]

Minho was so cute and did a lot of aegyo. Key was sexy as hell. Jjong was so passionate about signing.

Tell Me Your Name is extremely epic. And sexy. And Taemin was too much to survive.

Today’s queueing was extreme. My first time and I understood how hard is to get goods. [ cr: RealKasik91 ]

the bond between shinee and shinee world just makes me cry so hard






Taem: 1st floor people are u having fun Taem: 2nd floor people are u having fun Taem: 3rd floor people are u having fun Everyone: YEEEEE


[ pic cr: @pressitmvs]


They were saying "lets go lets go” while running to our side looool

minho looks like hes holding back so hard huhu

theyre bowing to every side too :(((

[ cr: @blancbutter

Exo’s Reaction to them telling their GF “take a picture, it’ll last longer” and they actually do

We’re glad you like our reactions xD I hope you will also like this one :) @krazyforkpop


*After he said it and you actually started doing it, he’d be flustered.*

Xiumin: *gif* “Wait you’re actually taking a picture of me?”

Y/N: “Yeah… so it’ll last longer.” 

*He’d stop you from taking pictures and gave you a serious look. But then neither of you could hold it in anymore and started laughing.*


*He knew that when he said it you might actually do it. So when he finally said it he also pulled out his phone and started to take pictures of you. The both of you were just taking endless pictures of each other until one of you got tired.*

Luhan: *laughs* “Why do you always take my sarcasm seriously?”

Y/N: *takes one last picture* “Because it’s fun…. and makes life last longer.” *smirk*


*gif (imagine he’s saying it as a joke xD)*


*He would just laugh at the fact that you took his sarcasm seriously and would also think it was cute.*


*Even though he said it sarcastically, he would start posing for the pictures you were about to take of him.*


*Would make derp faces until you got tired of taking pictures of him.*


*He would be confused at first when you actually do what he said sarcastically but then would laugh and smile at the camera.*


*Pretends that it’s actually reporters taking pictures.*

Chanyeol: “Where should I look? Over here?? Oh over here!” *poses*

*You would play along and pretend to be one of the reporters.*

Y/N: “Mr. Park over here!! Wow so handsome….”

*The two of you would then make eye contact and would just start laughing at the little role play y’all just did.*




(This is he funniest moment ever but just ignore Baekhyun xD)



*Jongin would just start laughing as soon as he sees you take your phone out to actually takes pictures of him.*

Kai: *covers his face while still laughing.*

Y/N: *takes his hands off* “Stop! I need to take pictures so it’ll last longer.”


*He would actually feel pretty good about you taking pictures of him.*

Sehun: *looks at the pictures you just took* “Told you it will last longer.”

Requests are closed! They will be open soon!!! :)

Got7′s Reaction to you wanting to do face masks together

I hope you enjoy the reaction!! @okayysunshiine


*He would definitely do face masks with you and would probably like the fact that you also cared for his skin.*

Y/N: *puts the face mask on him and then laughs* “You look funny.”

BamBam: *gif* “So do you!”

*Then you two would probably laugh at each other and then take selfies.(#relationshipgoals xD)*


(A/N: Ignore the caption that it has XD)

*Yugyeom would think you were joking but then when he sees you approach him and try to put it on him, he’d get serious.*

Yugyeom: *gif* “Really? You’re going to do this to me…”

Y/N: “Yes.” *puts the face mask on him*


*He’d say no from the start and would stop you every time you tried to put it on him.*

Youngjae:*gif (pretend that you’re touching his face instead of his nose xD) “Stop… I don’t want too.” *laughs at your attempt to put it on him.*


*JaeBum really wouldn’t want to do it but you would put it on him anyways.*

JB: *gif*

*But after a while of having it on, he’d like it because it felt refreshing.*


*He would look at you and not say whether or not he wanted to do it so you put it on him anyways.*

Jinyoung: “Umm…Okay?”


*He wouldn't mind at all doing face masks with you but would joke around to much and probably ruin it.*

Mark: “Jagiya! Come here and give me a kiss.” *chases you around trying to put some of his face mask on you.*



Talk with Got7 is OPEN!! And requests will be open soon!! So be ready with your requests :)


Based on “Dog Shenanigans” (Boku no Hero Academia fan fic) by SevenRenny

Some idea that came to me and didn’t want to leave my head… so welcome to

NO.6 (Nezushi) Pirate AU!

This is the lineart of first of many fanarts I going to make for it… I’m going to color it in near future. Well, I already have like 5 sketches for it, 3 of them are chibis. I don’t know if I manage to color them all, but it would be nice, if not I will simply post those sketches soon.

As for this pic, Safu is saying to Inukashi something like: “God, they are flirting again.”

So as for this Au. (I probably going to copy this drabble to finished ver of this pic too XD)

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anonymous asked:

21. Astrals, I’m so sorry for hitting you! (I am so so sorry I completely misunderstood and thought you meant we make the title ourselves I'm so so so very sorry for the confusion!!!!! Oh man that's really embarrassing and again i really sorry!!!!)

XD XD XD Due to  our discussion my friend, it is a headcanon for all I write about - thank you for sending in this request and I’m still very sorry for my outburst!

I’m very sorry Ignis is even shorter than the others! I’m pretty tired today and I cannot wait til half term on the 23rd October… (I think)

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Gladio looked at you in confusion, a brow raised, hand held out for you to take. You were sprawled on the floor, your rush to get from one side of your apartment to his side before you went crashing onto the floor at his feet.
“What are - “

Astrals, I’m so sorry for hitting you!” You stood by yourself, far too embarrassed to even take your boyfriends hand, face red and eyes to the ground.

He simply tilted his head. “What do you mean?”

“I caught your leg as I tripped.” You stared at the ground even harder.

Honestly, Gladio found this side of you downright adorable - from staring at the floor to the way your hands were clasped in front of you, from the red flush on your cheeks to how quiet your voice was in your awkward state.

He merely smiled and pulled you into his frame gently, his arms wrapping around your waist. “Well I didn’t feel a thing.” He kissed your temple and offered you a reassuring smile,

Just as he had said, he truly had not felt a thing.

Originally posted by fieryfantasy

Prompto stared at you in complete shock, the comical kind, with his hand on his forearm. You had been trying to explain your opinion upon the importance of listening to reason and analysing the situation over making impromptu decisions, arms moving around to emphasise certain points. Youf, obviously, ended up giving him a bit of a whack whilst he went to take a sip of his water from his bottle.

You immediately stopped what you were doing and looked at him. “Astrals, I’m so sorry for hitting you!” 

You were in a panicked state, to which he had no idea how to react, and you gave him the tightest hug you could. He was stock still for a few moments, face a bright red, before he relaxed and leaned his cheek against yours.

“It didn’t hurt that much. Promise.”

Originally posted by ffxvsnow

Ignis on the other hand, wasn’t a jokster like Prompto, and he wasn’t painless like Gladio, he could very much feel the the sting from the playful slap that was a little harder than you had intended. The only sign he showed was a small twitch on the lips. But you noticed it clear as day. Much to his dismay.

“Astrals, I’m -”

“No need to apologise, dearest.” He smiled kindly at you, taking your hand in yours. “It was simply an accident.”

“But -”

His hand upon your cheek, his nose upon your nose, stopped you from complaining. “It is nothing to be sorry for, dear.”

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Noctis was a little concerned for you at first - you were huddled beneath a blanket, back to the door and your face to the back of the chair where you were curled into a ball .

He walked quietly towards you, his feet padding against the carpet. The prince brought his hand to your forehead, tucking strands of your dishevelled hair behind your ear. You pushed it to one side, clearly not in the mood.

 He frowned and clambered over you, sliding relatively easily between you and the back of the chair. But you only rolled onto your side, your shoulder catching his chin…

“Ow…” It was quiet, a mere mumble, but it got you to turn again to face him, a hand appearing from the warmth of the blanket to touch his chin. 

“Astrals, I’m so sorry for hitting you….”

He nuzzled his face into your neck and gave you the quickest of kisses, silencing you with the way he held you for extra comfort. “Never you mind about that. Just lemme be with you.”

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Regis was sprawled out on the floor. You see, what had happened had caused in him and yourself to burst out laughing. You were meant to be attempting to fish, but a somewhat unmannered bluegill decided to be….rebellious. So what ended up happening was you used a little too much momentum to pull the fish out the water.

The bluegill smacked the newly crowned King in the face with a little too much force, and he was currently on his butt,not knowing whether he was laughing because it was funny, or if he was trying to hide his pain.

But it was honestly clear that you found it amusing as you took his hand. “Astrals I’m so sorry.” You wrapped an arm around his waist in a sideways hug, a grin upon your face.

“You should make the fish apologise dearest.” 

Only 6 Months (CEO!Jungkook x Barista!OC) Part 6

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Get ready for some Tae action, because we can’t only have one BTS member as a part of the main plot! ;o
Also, extra long chapter since I’m posting later again!

Summary: Who knew that pretending to be in love could create such chaos?

Words: 6,100+
Genre: flufffff and some angst squeezed in

Part 1 - Part 5 - Part 7

> Masterlist <

Jungkook had been gone for about an hour, but she still couldn’t get any of his words out of her head.

She is my angel, and I couldn’t ask for someone better than her… words can’t even explain how I feel about her.

She shouldn’t be so fixated on what she overheard him tell Kiseung, but she couldn’t get it out of her head. She couldn’t stop thinking about it, and he didn’t even mean it! It was all an act!

“I am not falling in love with him!” she felt herself yell into her pillow so the others didn’t hear her.

As if on cue, Jungkook’s ringtone went off. He just sent her a short text about how tonight went, and Chaerin felt herself blushing all over again.


I think tonight was a success! I’m happy we pulled it off. Also, it was cute how you fell asleep, unless you were faking. Kiseung really bought it all.

She sighed and the reality once again was set. He was faking, and nothing that he said or did tonight was real.

None of it.

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Got7 Reaction to you crying after an argument

Hi there, sweetie <3 I am doing fine thank’s for asking! - I actually think they would all feel pretty bad for making you sad :/ ~Enjoy 

Mark - He would hate to argue with you, so whenever your arguments went out of control he’d just leave and wait till you were both calm and able to have a conversation. But this time he went a little further with the words and as he was really tired and didn’t want to keep with that topic he’d just leave you like that. The difference is that when he returned he’d find you all wrapped up in blankets, crying silentely. Mark wouldn’t be expecting to find you crying and would never imagine he could hurt you like that with his words. He’d drop everything he had on his hands to get to you to clean your tears and to cup your face, apologysing as many times as it was needed to make you stop crying.

“Y/N, please forgive me.” (ofc you do c’mon it’s mark)

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Jaebum - He would feel like shit for making you cry. Even if he was somehow right in the whole argue, just the thought of making you cry would make him want to hit himself. JB would just hug you thight and caress your hair as a way of apologizing for making you feel that way. He would just be more careful with his words since then and would want to forget the day he made you cry, because it was a shame for him, reminding himself how he hurt you to the point of making you cry. Jaebum would never cause any more arguments and if they happened in the future, they would all end up with him hugging you and kissing you, affraid to make you sad again.

“I… shouldn’t have said that.”

(those sexy piercings are fucking me up)

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Jackson - OMG his weakness would be seeing you cry! I think you and him wouldn’t argue that much, so this would probbaily be your first time and you just got really sensitive because you never saw him mad like that. Jackson might be really pissed off, but if he noticed you crying, his heart would break in half in that instant. He wouldn’t know what to do and his mind would just blow since he’d be thinking really hard about what he should do to make you stop. Like Jaebum, he’d end up hugging you but he’d apologyse many times and would kiss your cheeks and your hands, trying his best to get you to smile again and to forget that stupid argument. Jackson would then treat you as if you were made of glass since then, and would just wish to never see you cry again.

“Jagi please don’t cry!”

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Jinyoung - He’d be really confused and surprised to see you cry as he never did before, so he wouldn’t really know what to do. I see him laughing a bit because of his nerves since he got caught out of guard, but he’d then rush to you, clean your tears and make you look into his kind eyes as he smiled at you while saying how much he loved you and how he didn’t want to see you cry. I am not sure if Junior would apologize right away… he’d probabily only do it if he was really harsh with you in the argument and if he was really regretting what he did. Otherwise, he’d apologyse with his actions. Like the others, he’d hate to see you cry, but would act more calm about it and have the situation under control.

“Are you crying? You look so much prettier when you are smilling!” *backhugs and kisses your head*

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Youngjae- Would be soooo confused in what to do XD he would laugh akwardly and scratch the back of his neck as he felt like the worst person alive for making you cry. CUDDLES AND CUDDLES is what you can expect from him. Jae would just hate to remember your crying eyes after your stupid argument. This little puppy would be really freaking out about what should he do to make you happy again, so he’d end up just laughing and hugging you. And belive me that after that incident the arguments would be almost inexistent since he would understand how stupid you two looked and how it ended with you hurt and him feeling horrible with himself. You would both be really careful with your words since then, and make lots of love, not war ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .

“Jagi! I didn’t want to make you sad… let’s forget this?”

(you are Jaebum/Jackson !? XD)

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Bambam - This kid would laugh at first since he wouldn’t be expecting you to start crying, then he’d understand you were seriously hurt and would immediately pull you into his arms and fill you with love. I don’t see your fights with Bambam being that current, and deffinitily not violent, so it would probabily be just a misunderstanding (or you were just on your period XD). He’d be really silly about it and pinch your cheeks and spin you around just to make you laugh and stop crying. Bambam wouldn’t be sure what he did to make you cry out of that silly arguement, but would want to make you stop and keep being your joyful self.

“Jagi? Are you…? Why are you crying?!”

(this gif is life)

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Yugyeom - The instant he felt the argument was going too far and saw you tearing up, he wouldn’t give you time to react, would just pull you to him and hug you thight as he didn’t want to see you crying. Like with leader JB, this maknae would feel like shit if he made you cry. Even if he was the one with the reason, Yugyeom wouldn’t let you cry, he’d hug you and only let you go when he was sure there was no dirty water in your eyes (the non related references omg). You would be his girl and he’d want to treat his girl well, so he’d hate to argue with you and make you sad and mad at him, but when you cryed it was way different, and he hated the feeling you gave him when you cried because of him… Yugyeom would feel really small and just want to go back in time to prevent himself for starting the argument.

“You can’t do this to me…”

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This boys are just the sweetests s2 Hope you liked it!

~I also write for BTS, EXO, B.A.P, MONSTA X and INFINITE if you’d like to leave more requests.



IEJI ~ Happy Birthday to MUCC~

2017/05/04 (Thu) at the Ibaraki Prefectural Citizen Culture Center Hall
(Coming of Age Ceremony and Concert)


For goods sales before the show, the line was crazy. I lined up an hour before sales were to start and the place in front of the venue was pretty much full with people queuing already, 500-800 before me and in the end at least 400 behind me, easily more. Some of the goods were limited to two items per person (towel and shirt), towels and one size of the shirt still sold out before I got to the goods table (T_T). Shirts were all sold out by the end.

Next to the door they had a board and bamboo decoration for a coming of age ceremony (as I am sure is conducted for Mito kids in that very venue when they turn 20). About the mistake in the printed year (heisei 27 instead of 29), it says this was Yukke’s mistake.

They started a bit late, I think partly due to the goods craze and partly due to ticket double checking. I was in the second last row, and saw half the last row being asked outside again, to be questioned about their tickets. Apparently someone had bought a ticket for that area online so they were trying to figure out which seat so they can get the seller.
Re-sale was always prohibited but they are finally cracking down on re-sales where the price was increased / that happened on ticket-resale sites (where people often increase the price).


First, Satochi, Yukke and Tatsurou came on stage in traditional clothes, but no Miya. Miya came in from a side door for the audience, walking through the seats to the stage in his flashy red clothes.
Once he had joined the others on stage, Mito-chan (the mascot) appeared and gave them a package of nattou. Tatsurou opened it for a sniff, then had Yukke smell who all but JUMPED back at the strong smell. Mukku (the red one) came out and gave a little speech about MUCC and told each of the members something. Miya sat down in the middle of him speaking (“But it’s your Coming Of Age ceremony! Keep it together just for a little bit longer!”), used his folding fan, dropped that to the ground and just was a flashy brat all around.
Mukku to Tatsurou: 20 years ago you had close-cropped hair and “god” written on your face, and you still managed to grow up so cool.
Mukku to Miya: Good job getting anything done with these three idiots.
Yukke would have been next in line, but Mukku turned to Satochi first.
Mukku to Satochi: Please study a bit harder for kanji and math…
Mukku to Yukke: You are only at 18 years and therefore not of age yet. In two years, please celebrate your coming of age at home alone.


01. Aka
02. Fuzz
03. Zettai Zetsumei
04. Worlds End
05. Kyousoukyoku
07. Mukashi Kodomo datta Hitotachi he
08. rhythm session leading into Himitsu
09. 1979
10. Wasurenagusa
11. Suna no Shiro
12. Ieji
13. Heide
14. Nirvana
15. Orugooru
16. Namonaki Yume

18. part-changed Sekai no Owari
19. part-changed Ranchuu

Double Encore
20. ESCAPE (Moonchild cover)
21. Dejavu (Luna Sea cover)
22. NO?!
23. 1997
24. Daikirai
25. Ranchuu
26. Myakuhaku


For Aka, the first song, the guys didn’t seem to move around as much as normal so everyone was all “huh? something’s off”, but most of the audience didn’t realize that there were entirely different people on stage that were only wearing MUCC’s costumes – until the real members popped up behind them and the body doubles disappeared from the stage.
In one of the MCs they talked about this. Like, about who the body doubles were:
Yukke: Mine was SCREW’s Rui.
Tatsurou: Mine was Girugamesh’s Shu, GirugameShu.
Miya: We didn’t find anyone for me until yesterday, but one of the kouhai I drink with when home kind of looks similar to me, and he’s in a band now too and had time to come, so him.

That guy is a bassist so all of the three in front were bassists XD
Tatsurou: What about you Satochi?
Satochi: Mine was Takayasu-san.
Tatsurou: Yourself?
Satochi: (small voice) yes.

Tatsurou: I feel like we shouldn’t talk about stupid things during the MC for the 20th anniversary, but MUCC came this far while talking about nothing but useless stuff during the MCs so I also want to stay true to that.
Yukke: Oh, I have something stupid to talk about! It’s something I can’t say normally, but… is it ok to talk about shit for a bit? (everyone: ???)
Yukke: Shit drills have been really popular lately, you know, study sheets where the answers to all questions will spell out shit!
Satochi: (nods in happy understanding)
Yukke: Satochi, you received some of those right? Presents from fans? I don’t know why they are so popular, maybe they are more fun to do than normal drills?
Satochi: Yes, they are fun! So much fun! (sounding like an excited elementary school kid)

Satochi was reading 実話ナックルズ in a store (… if you don’t know the magazine, please do a picture search for the name, such a yankee mag omg). Which lead Miya to remember…
Back when Miya had a part time job in Kabukichou, at some after party a kouhai got utterly wasted so Miya helped stuffing him into a taxi and someone must have taken a picture of that because it appeared in 実話ナックルズ with something like “A True Account Of Kidnapping! The Dark Side Of Kabukichou!” (MUCC cracking up)
Tatsurou: So you really appeared in the magazine?!
At the time apparently Miya mentioned it during an MC too and Satochi went to a convenience store right after the live to check it out and yes, the article in question was there XD

For the encore, they changed positions:
Tatsurou → bass (not one reduced to two strings this time, a normal fully stringed bass)
Miya → drum (behind his own little drum set, not Satochi’s)
Yukke → guitar
Satochi → vocal (with little angel wings on his back)
During Sekai no Owari, for all the 俺はまっすぐ歩けない lines (“can’t walk straight”), Satochi was penguin walking around the stage avoiding two steps in the same direction XD
And all of the growls sounded like Satochi was throwing up… XD;

Satochi thought they were doing only Sekai no Owari with changed parts, but no, also Ranchuu. In between the two, Satochi admired Tatsurou because
Satochi: Damn, doing vocals is EXHAUSTING how do you do it, moving all the time is so hard you’re amazing!

During Ranchuu, there was even more Satochi throwing up (“growling”… but he even stood in ways that suggested throwing up, like bending over and such) and moving in adorably cute patterns around the stage, like damn, I have never laughed so hard during Ranchuu that my stomach hurt afterwards but this time, oh wow XD SO CUTE. SO FUNNY.
So, a big percentage of the crowd was laughing waaay to hard to do any headbanging, but we enjoyed it to no end XD

For the double encore, they returned to their normal positions. And started with two song covers, for ESCAPE they had live piano on stage again, played by Yoshida-san who has worked with them during recordings before (he played the piano for Shinsou on Zekuu and ever since worked with them whenever they needed a pianist).
Apparently they first hired him for only one song (Suna no Shiro) for this live, and then with “can we add one more song?” “sure” “ok and one more then” they ended up with him on stage for three songs XD

The second time of Ranchuu, this time with everyone on their normal position, was amazing especially with the contrast to Satochi’s supercute version. Now everyone could (and did) go crazy enough for both times XD

Tatsurou: That you all have gathered here today, that means that MUCC are a part of your life! We are family!! Please continue like that for many years to come!!!! Ah… I said that, but… zen’in shikei!!! (what he always calls during Ranchuu, “You’re all under death penalty”ish, so everyone cracked up at that XD )

When they left the stage after the last song, Satochi started to throw Yukke’s bass into the audience, but of course stopped before it left the stage, shocking Miya next to him for a second XD

  • Announcements via a text video projected onto the backdrop

- Re-release of Tsuuzetsu and Homura Uta
- Tour in the summer in tiny tiny venues

Miya on Twitter on the Re-Releases:
“We could finally announce about the New Tsuuzetsu and the New Homura Uta. I think there are good parts to MUCC from long ago as well as good parts to the MUCC of today, so with this release we can directly compare their music which should be fun. We don’t want to just reproduce what we did back then. Right now, there are things we cannot do the way we did them back then. But also, there are things we can do now that we could not do back then. And so I think we managed to make something we could only make as the MUCC of today.”

2x14 The Fair Folk

Warning: This review contains spoilers


Omg! That’s my boy! I’m so, so proud of him! He really fits in the role of The Head of the Institute! It was made for him! Like Jace said an episode earlier Alec is a leader (and I will cut Lindsey and Duncan for dobuting him). Also he’s a great politic. He convinced Luke, talked with the representative of Downwolders with respect and he’s listening to them… Oh God! Clave look at him and take notes!

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Oh nooo! My baby boy! He needs t be protected by all costs! I hate to see him sad and heartbroken… geez, I KNEW it was coming but… it still hurts! Give me Sizzy already… Besides as @larlarinlalaland pointed out it could be a really great arch that Simon could start to doubt his trust in Shadowhunters… Like The Seelie Queen said, they can’t be trusted…

Originally posted by sonias-world-of-fandom


OMG I fell in love with his piano skills! God, Dom is SO good! *.* Besides this… Jace is really good diplomat, I’m shocked! I can’t believe that all of this went almost so smoothly! And yet now he is heartbroken and confused… He doesn’t deserve it as well as Simon… Geez how I hate love triangle tropes but well… At least it slowly ends…

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Geez girl…Okay, I know it’s not really her fault but… Ughhh… How mad I am… Seriously, get a grip girl! But I must admit I felt bad for her at the end… It touched her too, so maybe I reconsider to forgive her…

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O.M.G.!! I’m so, so happy to see Alec, Izzy and Maryse bonding! ! Oh God Maryse’s talk with Izzy made me cry so, so much! And she fianlly, FINALLY accepted Alec! How I’m glad that she’d grown so much! And her talk with Alec was also super cute! *.* I’m really starting to like her, I haven’t thought that she could have changed so much… Started from the bottom now we’re here…

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Originally posted by candzk-25

7. Luke

I’m so happy that they’re keep adressing him as a leader of the pack! His talks with Alec and on the Downwolders / Clave meeting were on point! That’s what I want for him! And yeah, I know, that he acted wrong attacking Valentine but… hey… If I were him I would do the same… At least he knows that he did a wrong thing and was willing to accept the consequences…

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8. Sebastian

Yesss! He’s showing a part of his “dark side”! I wanted to see it so, so badly! I hope that his charachter trope won’t be so screwed up like in the books, please… Besides… WTF, stop shipping people XD I swear Sebastian is an ultimate fangirl shipping Clace and Sizzy… By the way.. Will can plays on piano so, so good *.*

Originally posted by scarletxmoon

9. Magnus

My beautiful poor man! Ugh, you can see that he’s still recovering… And I hate to see him struggle like that. I just want him to be happy… But I must say, it was really brave of him to tell the others what happend… Though… Ugh… *buries face in hands* (Also that look at Raphael XD It screamed “can you not” XD)

Originally posted by samann98

10. Malec

Well hello Mr. Bane ans Mr. Lightwood I’m Mrs. Laughing Her Ass Off XD I just couldn’t keep sraight face during this XD And neither could they! Lol that was only a goddamn hand shake! XD And even though there wasn’t really much malec there i’m satisfied… Alec’s concerned look when Luke snapped at Magnus… My poor heart… And that phone call.. Magnus, sweetie, you did nothing wrong don’t even think like that! :( (And Alec called him his boyfriend

Originally posted by nephilimdaily

11. Izzy

Was I the only one that when she had her scene with Sebastian I was like YESSS BEAT HIS ASS UP, GIRL!? I’m happy that she really starts to look and act okay. Her talk with Maryse was so, so important… Geeez… Really the Lightwoods in this episode goals… But I have one but… What kind of love figure (beceuase I just don’t kno what kind of figure we have there XD) is happening around her? XD

Originally posted by mikesmatthews

12. Raphael

Ok, I don’t like Rizzy BUT… Those scenes between him, Izzy and Sebastian… Ouch… Damnit I feel bad for him (then again who I wouldn’t pity in this episode? XD)… He let Seabstian convince him… And it really looks like Izzy cares for him! Maybe Rizzy as BROtp wouldn’t be so bad? But boy… Don’t mess with your dad XD

Originally posted by simonlewis

12. The Seelie Queen

Okay let’s get this straight. I LOVE her outfit! And i don’t mind that she looks like…. 7 or so. I love those tropes with powerful women’s looking like little girls (PJ fandom: Artemis anyone? XD). And I want to see MORE of her! She seems to be a really interesting charachter and it would be a shame to just left her like this… :/

Originally posted by jemcarstvirs

13. Meliorn

I can’t lie… he’s a sass king XD “Every Shadowhunter look the same for me” XD “Exept for Izzy”. This killed me XH

14. Ollie

Okay, girl, what is your problem? Why are you stalking Luke? You’re a cop, don’t you know that stalking is consider as a crime?


I really liked this episode. It wrecked me in so many ways but also made me laugh so much XD It had a really nice flow, had some book tropes, that fixed some of things that CC screwed… After all I’m gonna give this episode 4,5/6, because it wasn’t perfect but nice and I enjoyed watching this… So bye, I’m gonna cry in a two weeks XD <3

P.S. Yes, I know that I haven’t include Clace but… Ugh… i don’t know how am I supposed to feel about them so…

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On 10/11 June 2017, I had the opportunity of attending two performances during the run of the “Live Spectacle NARUTO ~Akatsuki no Shirabe~” in Singapore. Cue major freaking out xD I mean, I am, quite literally, a huge fan of:

  • the Naruto franchise
  • 2.5D stage plays/musicals
  • Sato Ryuji

I really didn’t stand a chance. Lol! It is also my first time ever attending the live performance of a 2.5D stage play/musical, so saying that I was excited was really a huge understatement of the century. 

Before writing about the actual stage play and my impressions of it, I’ll begin my report with some audience snippets that I thought were pretty entertaining (including my own reaction to meeting Kimisawa Yuki, who plays Hatake Kakashi, Ito Yui, who plays Haruno Sakura, and SATO RYUJI, who plays Uchiha Sasuke, up close xD). This was actually supposed to be the last part of the report, but I still haven’t been able to write anything coherent about the actual stage play other than KJDGSLKFJLHAGSDJG OMG IT WAS SO GOOD KGFJSADHKJFSADGFHA ROFL

(Major spoilers for the “Live Spectacle NARUTO ~Akatsuki no Shirabe~”)

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New Cursed Child cast mini review- spoilers

I saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child a couple of days ago and I am absolutely loving this new cast! I am so eager to see them again.
I’m not very good at describing out details and sorry if I’m not very coherent through this XD I love reading these reviews so I thought I’d have a go.


I have seen the original cast twice before. In those times, I have seen two Scorpius portrayals (Anthony and Mx James) and two moaning myrtle portrayals (Annabel and Chipo). The new cast has a new and fresh take on this story.

Smauel Blenkin: Scoripus Malfoy  -   James Howard: Draco Malfoy
Theo Ancient: Albus Potter -     Jamie Glover: Harry Potter  
Emma Lowndes: Ginny Potter
-     Rakie Ayola: Hermione Granger-Weasley Thomas Aldridge: Ron Weasley -      Helen Aluko: Rose Granger-Weasley David Annen: Severus Snape-      Elizabeth Hill: Umbridge
April Hughes: Moaning Myrtle-    Annabel Baldwin: Delphi

Samuel, like everyone says, is a fantastic Scorpius.

He did the most massive leap in the air I have ever seen while yelling “YESSSSSS” when they figured out how to contact their parents. So good XD
His use of his hands is hilariously perfect and it was such a wonder watching him perform.
The staircase scene was so heartbreaking. He was constantly trying to wave at Albus, but getting no response. Him also breaking down about trying to see if his mother was still alive almost broke me. He was fantastic in that scene and very real.
Close to the end, when Scorpius and Albus are on the staircase, it was both hilarious and heartwarming. Samuel does a little dance and pops his leg out when he’s talking about Polly Chapman. He almost fell on top of Albus when Rose popped up. For both Scorbus and Scorrose shippers, it is an excellent scene to watch.
Scorpius is probably my favourite character of the show and I’m so happy with what Samuel is doing with the character. He is different to what Anthony and Mx James did with the character. I don’t like comparing, but he is closer to Anthony’s portrayal than Mx James’s (Who i thought was phenomenal). Samuel makes the role completely his own. Different yet the same Scorpius we all know and love. You believe that Samuel’s Scorpius is only 14 years old as he is hilarious childish, geeky and excitable. Very physical. Uses a lot of body language and his hands a lot, but in the right moments. 

James Howard is fantastic as Draco. He captures what Draco was in the books, and what I believe Draco would be like as a forty-year-old mourning parent. The relationship between Scorpius and Draco is so well captured and everyone clapped when they hugged each other after Draco’s line “we can hug too if you like” in Godric’s Hollow. They were also holding each other so tightly during the Lily and James death scene. Scorpius wrapped his arms right around him and put his head into Draco’s chest. Beautiful. (And Harry falling to the ground, bringing Ginny and Albus with his is too just heartbreaking. )

Draco did the greatest smirk I have ever seen after Ron said reluctantly, ‘I really like your hair Draco”. He looked so chuffed XD
His fabulous farmers market line also got a huge laugh.

When I was about 11 or 12 years old, I was a massive dramione shipper. I’m not really on that ship anymore, but the way Draco said: “I’m being bossed around by Hermione Granger… and I’m mildly enjoying it.”… I could feel my younger self jumping with joy XDDD He said it in such a suave way.

I really like Theo’s portrayal of Albus. He plays Albus in a much younger and innocent way, which I think is good cause sometimes I forget these characters are meant to be only 14 years old. When Scorpius woke him up in Part 2, he hit him with his pillow in a childish and brilliant manner. As he plays it so innocently, it’s so believable for him to feel so stupid after traveling back in time. And how crushed and humiliated he feels when it turns out that Delphi turned out to be bad. So sad hearing him say to his mum, “I really liked her, Mum. I really did”.

I love this new Hermione. She’s just brilliant. She’s a much more bubbly Hermione, which makes her even more horrifying in the alternative timeline. Very different to Noma, but a good different. Hermione in the Voldemort AU was everything. When I had seen it before, when Hermione is told she’s minister for magic, Noma does a funny little giggle- which I love! What Rakie did when she was told was so sassy. She was pointing her wand at Snape and said: “I’m minister for magic!” Not in a threatening way, just in an amazingly sassy way.

When I had seen the show before, in the polyjuice potion scene, Ron (Albus) only kissed Hermione once. However this time, Ron (Albus) kissed Hermione a whole bunch of times and tried to hug her a lot more! Thomas was so hilarious in that scene.
The way Jamie played Harry in that scene was also so funny. Just looking so awkward and walking off stage, his face in total “oh my god what did I just witness I don’t know what to do with myself” mode. Scarred for life he looked like XD My friend and I were laughing so much.

Thomas’s Ron is perfect for me. His comedic timing was on point and got big laughs all around. Thomas and Rakie’s chemistry is so sweet - it made it more painful to see them not together in the AU.
In the Voldemort timeline, when Hermione says “Ron, I love you and I always have’, you could hear the crack and heartache in her voice. She did a half laugh and half cry when she was talking to Ron about them having a son and a daughter. Perfect. So many tears.

Rose is the most adorable child. The scene when her and Hermione hug was so heartbreaking I was nearly in tears.

THIS SNAPE! David Annen! He is very much like Alan Rickman’s portrayal of Snape. He was calm, had brilliant comedic timing with his words. When Scorpius tells him how he dies, he replies, “How…very…………irritating”. It got a big laugh. I’m glad that Snape and Hermione aren’t as ‘touchy’ in this one, they stay quite far apart. Noma’s Hermione got a little too close to Snape’s face and touching for my liking - but that’s just me XD

Umbridge was great. When she entered on stage at the beginning of Part 2, she did a kind of sassy strut. Holding her cape up and doing a fabulously evil and sly walk XD love it.

Ginny is so strong and fierce. For someone reason in my mind, I thought the new Ginny was going to be really quiet. BOY WAS I WRONG and I’m so happy to be wrong! Emma was spectacular, truly what book Ginny is all about.
I AM SO GLAD THAT HARRY AND GINNY KISSED TWICE IN THE BLANKET SCENE. I am such a Hinny shipper and that just made my heart glow. XD

APRIL AS MYRTLE….. my gosh, it was phenomenal. Her voice is very close to the film version of moaning myrtle. She used a lot more body language than I’ve seen done before. While Harry was looking another way, she would (for a long time) be trying to stroke his back with her foot. Hilarious XD also getting a cold look from Ginny. She stepped in front of Harry to make her stop.

Annabels Delphi is spectacular. I was completely under her spell. I almost forgot who she truly was, so when she finally turns on Scorpius and Albus it is utterly terrifying and sad. (Scorpius was awkwardly patting Delphi on the back when she was hiding from a student on the staircase)

Plus, it was quite weird seeing Annabel as myrtle first and now seeing her as Delphi. However, she’s such a brilliant actress I forgot she used to be myrtle.

The dementor flew right past my face and it was amazing. I went with a friend who had not read the play or heard any spoilers, and she was completely terrified. We were sat at the front of the dress circle. That scene always gives me the chills.

I love the little details of the students acting in the background. Even though they are not at centre attention, they still do little things in the background. Little things like touching Rose’s shoulder in comfort while they were listening in on the staircase. Every single person on that stage has so much talent. The dancing always leaves me in awe and i wish i could watch it back over and over again.

I am bursting to see this cast again and I’m so glad i got to see them in their first week. Now i have about a year to be able to see them again. With the original cast, the first i saw of them was in May - a week before they were leaving so i had limited time to see them again. i stupidly forgot to buy a programme of this cast. Guess it gives me an excuse to go again quite soon XD

I love this play so much.

Digimon Adventure tri. - Chapter 4: Loss | Thoughts

So … I thought it was pretty good? I did read a few spoilers and people seemed to think it was really, really bad. So maybe because I expected it to be so bad that when it wasn’t that bad, I thought it was pretty good? If I were to rank the films so far, from best to worst …

3 (Confession), 4 (Loss), 2 (Determination), 1 (Reunion).

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Monsta X Reaction to catching you sing a dirty song

Thanks for the request, honey ! So here we are supposing that the boys understand what you are singing (the lyrics). Have fun ~

Shownu- You would be showering while singing that dirty song that just didn’t want to live your head till you spit the lyrics out, and Shownu would be in the leaving room, listening to all of what you said. The boy wouldn’t talk with you about it, and just pretend he didn’t even heard anything, but he would be so flustered when he noticed what you were actually singing. Shownu would be sitting on the couch, smilling and looking at the ground as you sang in the shower. He knew you were just singing it because it was stuck in your head and not because you were trying to hint at him, but still, even when you got off the shower, you would be finding him looking at you from the leaving room, red as a tomato and really embarrassed. But he would just play it off in the end and you wouldn’t even understand what happened.

“Yeah I am fine, don’t worry, Jagi.” *looks away to hide his red cheeks*

Originally posted by wonkyuns

Wonho - He enters your room to find you sweeping the floor, with headphones on and singing to this dirty song. Hoseok would just stop and stare, smilling and enjoying it too much. And ( surprise surprise) he would tease you with it. Make it seem like you planned it all for him to listen you saying those things to hint at him. He wouldn’t be embarrased like Shownu, just smile and laugh at how kinky you just sounded. Wonho would even ask you to keep singing it, wanting to hear more of those words, but as you started to feel embarrased he would just kiss your head and leave again, still laughing and leaving the door open… just in case.

“So you want to be on top this time? You want me to “beg for you?” ” (such a tease i cannot)

Originally posted by wonh0seok

Minhyuk - He wouldn’t notice it right away, but as you kept on singing, he would look at you with judgmental eyes, and a surprised face, thinking on how sexual you just sounded. Then he’d burst into laughter thinking how funny and akward it was and ask you to sing it again or show him the music so he could laugh a little bit more. He would find the song pretty cringey and akward, but would be really surprised to hear you singing it. I know that he’d deffinitly like to hear you saying those things, though. But I feel like he could take this a little more further then the others, and search for the song to know what you were into and what you liked or wanted to do with him that you weren’t telling.

“What are you singing, Y/N ?!”

Originally posted by beastdw

Kihyun - Oh Kihyunie would be so akward but love it so much XD He’d pretend to be offended by how explicit you were, but laugh and blush thinking in what he just heard you say. I feel like he would be lowkey turned on by that, since I get some vibes that this boy is a lot into words… and “talking” ;) he’d love if you were vocal during sexy time, so hearing you singing to a sexy song would make him want to hear more of those words. He wouldn’t be able to look at you in the eyes for the next 10 minutes without laughing, and getting really flustered, but always trying to play it off and make it seem like he was not even bothered by what happened.

“Did you heard what you just said you’re going to do?”

Originally posted by wonkyuns

Hyungwon - He would want to keep an adult expression on his face but end up smirking at what he just heard you say. He knew it was just a song and you were probably just singing it because you heard it somewhere, but he is still a lil boy and would want to laugh at it. Hyungwon would find you so cute singing those things with such a straight face on, as if you didn’t even know the real meaning. He would want to match you and act like it was nothing, but would end up bursting into laughter, as you look at him, confused.

Indeed a nice voice, Y/N”

Originally posted by wonhosadamsapple

Jooheon - Jooheon would start dancing when he heard you sing, but then stop as he got suspicious at some words, to look at you, confused at the meaning of the song. I think he would just watch you with a straight face as he died a little inside. He might smirk at your preformance and at how you manage to sing such dirty words with so much passion and not react. He would just be really confused at why you chose that song and why you weren’t stoping from embarrassment after he caught you. He would just find it funny in the end but not take it that seriously as it was just a song… a “funny” song ;).

“I have never heard you sing one of those, Jagi…”

Originally posted by sukiieeeee

I.M - We all know Changkyun XD he wouldn’t even care that it was a sexy song, he would just join you, dancing and repeating some words, to sing with you. He would just make the whole situation funny for both. He is such a ball of sunshine, whenever he heard you sing he would just want to cheer you and party with you, so even if the song was dirty, he would just pretend it wasn’t. Changkyun might be a little surprised and wonder why you were singing that song in specific, but would not show it to you, as he was busy with making you laugh with his “sexy” (akward) forced dance moves and at clapping and complimenting your performance when you were finished.

“Yeah, baby! Let’s go party!”

(you are Kihyun xD ignore the caption btw)

Originally posted by namjoonholic


This was fun to do :P I hope you liked it.

~I also write for BTS, EXO, B.A.P, GOT7 and Infinite if you’d like to leave a request.



Prom & Hospital Replies

Replies to my most recent comments. I’m going to write a Pixel Rust update now, but if I have time once I finish and post that then I will try to do some more. But in case I don’t get around to it, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has commented on (and liked!) my stuff, and I apologize for not being more consistent about responding. Your feedback means the world to me, and I sincerely feel so blessed by your support. <3


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