But I used a lot of references for them

since i have about 2 cats to make up for in text posts (See: the three tribe kits lol) I thought I’d give a few more updates

I’ve added a FAQ pages with links to websites i use for reference and inspiration, as well as questions answered

I’d also like to plug a few other blogs i’ve come across that are also attempting to draw all these fighting kitties! Please give them lots of love and support, they will need it! 

My bud Sam has a really nice style that kinda reminds me of a disney-esque era. Here is their blog! 

Another blog is Growlies blog! She does designs that are also very animator friendly! She’s working on a Skyclan animation, so she has a lot of nice Skyclan designs. Here is their blog! 

A friendly face called Ren is drawing the kitties too! Shes got a cute style and animator friendly designs as well~ She’s working on an animation of Tallstar so there are many windclan cats there. Here is that blog! 

If you know any other blogs that are drawing all the warrior cats let me know! I will promote them !

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What if Andromeda introduces a hermaphroditic character as an opposite of the mono-gendered asari? There could be a small plotline about the character saying he/she can be correctly referred to as either male or female, and doesn't mind either one, but some people keep using the pronoun "it" instead, and it really hurts

Well, those people are assholes for not using the right pronouns and I wouldn’t them to be a part of the crew in Andromeda.
And to be honest, I wouldn’t trust the writers of this game to deal with something like this. Representation doesn’t mean a lot to me if every time you see a character you don’t often see in fiction, they’re badly misrepresented without a chance to rectify things. I need more than “here is this injustice and it hurts.”
I want: “it hurts but the way this storyline is done is worth the pain in the end and this character truly gets a chance to shine and show who they are.”

That means the writers would have to spend time on that and really think about this character and its storyline. I don’t know if they can do that with MEA unless it’s a main character. 


Part 1
Part 2

I highly recommend everyone do this quick thumbnail thing, it’s super satisfying to force yourself to leave something unfinished and move on so you ACTUALLY FINISH SOMETHING ENTIRELY rather than do one picture and never go back to it.

I’m aware I’ve got a lot of these now and they’re quite long so I’m gonna tag them as ‘thumbnail stills’ if you wanna block them.

And yes, Sylvie uses female pronouns while referring to Rat in French. They like it best that way.

Kostya belongs to jupiterlightning, Sylvie to drunkbritwithacupoftea, and Lena to peredhil.

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Do you have any tips for people who can't draw (at all) like me, but want to start learning?

You should check body anatomy/face tutorials on devianart or tumblr to know the basics and proportions! i’d start with the face tutorials tho because body anatomy is way more complicated and then you should dedicate a whole day to draw eyes, a lot of them using reference pictures if you’d like! then dedicate another day to draw noses then another day for mouths and just try to do that with every part of the face and once you’re done with that it will be more easy for you to draw faces!

ok real i am very pleased that my brother told me to watch this series bc it’s hitting me in a v personal way (and i don’t know if my brother even made the connection) bc kino is afab and androgynous, they chose the name kino for theirself and refuse to deadname theirself // briefly mentions not even remembering their deadname, and throughout the series whenever someone refers to them using gendered language they say “don’t call me that, i’m kino” which is something i identify with a lot (the idea of your identity just being you and other things like gender etc having no bearing) so basically what i’m saying is idk if it’s canon or not but to me kino no tabi reads as a trans/nb narrative about taking control over and building an identity and a life completely for and by yourself and it’s making me :’) in a big way so im gonna stop writing about it until i finish the whole thing cuz i’m cry

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Tbh I hope the Junior High spin off gets a dub.. I like sub and all but I'm just used to it you know??

You’re used to the dub? lol You are a rare gem my friend. ^^

It would be nice to see it get a dub. When Kodansha translates the manga they actually throw in a lot of westernized jokes and references to feed the audience here better and it’s hilarious. I could see them doing that with a dub. lol It would be a good match. 

I’ve been dealing with a lot of gender stuff lately and came to terms with she/her pronouns as I’ve been comfortable using them for myself for about two months now. I’ll update my about and stuff with this information, but you can still refer to me with the other pronouns; this is just an addition to what I’m comfortable with.



“Against all odds, I was still alive… I have been chosen. My future lay ahead of me and there was to be no escape.” - Yassen Gregorovich, Russian Roulette, Anthony Horowitz.

Left to Right.

Not a very happy Valentine story.

good for u 5 min study snacks

i know most of us have either started school alrdy or are getting ready to start, and i wanted to make a list of some of my favorite studying bites for reference :o)

  • frozen peas / edamame: mix a half a cup of both in a microwave-safe tupperware and microwave for 1-2 minutes and take it with u to the library–both are Very Good sources of protein which will keep u full, and edamame (soy beans) have natural umami in them (that savory taste of protein-rich foods like meats). 
  • hard-boiled eggs: boil a whole big lot on sunday and keep them in the fridge (fridge life ~7 days) and when ur about to head out cut 1 in half and season w/ whatever u want. salt, pepper, parmesan, sriracha, cayenne…etc. also keeps u full and v tasty 
  • cheapest fresh fruits & veggies (obviously): apples, bananas, oranges, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, whatevers on sale at ur grocery store – the natural sugars / carbs will give u a nice bit of energy to keep u going
  • 2-ingredient trailmix: break up some dark chocolate (70% cocoa or more) and combine w/ ur choice of nuts (i like almonds and cashews). make 3-4 cups worth on sunday and keep them in an airtight container to scoop out from when ur about to study–cocoa stimulates production of endorphins which are ur brain’s happy chemicals while nuts keep u full
  • oatmeal: i like to make watery oatmeal in the morning and put it in a thermos to take with me, watery bc the oats will continue to soak up liquid while it sits in the container so when u actually eat it the consistency will be Perfect. u can also pack a banana w/ this to put on the oatmeal if u so desire – oats are a good source of fiber which also help keep u full
  • air-popped popcorn: get the kind that has zero flavor and then add ur own seasonings and fill a ziploc bag when ur going to head out – a nice source of whole grains and fiber and also very fun to eat (though it can get loud and annoying so remember to be courteous abt ur foods)
  • greek yogurt / nutella / granola: get those big containers of greek yogurt and plop a little in a small tupperware to-go. u can also add nutella or granola to plain greek yogurt for extra tastiness – lots of protein and the sugar and carbs from nutella/granola are quick source of energy.

(ok i probably forgot a whole bunch so ill add on when i think of more…also always have water with u! ur brain is 75% water. it needs water.)

[disclaimer that im not a nutritionist or medical professional in any capacity i am only a teenager on the internet and these are just my own favorite foods and nothing more – be aware and take care of ur own health needs etc!!] 

How To: Realistic Eyes

Note: If you want it to look a certain way, use a reference, but it can be done without one. I did not have one for this tutorial. 

Draw a circle. It doesn’t have to be perfect. If you want, you can put a line through the middle like this

Draw a corner on either side of the circle. Remember, you can always fix them later if you don’t like them now

Connect the two corners. If needed, fix the shape a little (you can see I erased a lot) Also eyes come in various shapes. Play around with it!

Then draw another circle (DOESN’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT) Within that circle, I like drawing a jagged rectangle and then another small circle, which will be the pupil:

Color the pupil (the smallest circle) all the way with the darkest you can. Trace the iris in a thicker and darker line- it doesn’t have to be as dark as the pupil depending on what color you want the eye to appear. Use the rest of the biggest circle (the eyeball itself) as a guide for eyelids. 

Fix the shape of the eyelids if you want and add eyelashes! (Remember: They also vary from person to person. And yes, men have them too.)

Start outlining your stuff. It’s okay if it still looks cartoony. You’re not done yet! 
Also add lines coming from the pupil. Make them curved, not straight. It’s an eyeball. It won’t be flat. 

Do the same thing from the edges of the iris. The lines will vary in thickness and height. Sometimes there’s even spots in the eye. Have fun with this part.

Shade it in as dark or light as you like it. 

Shade the eyeball itself. Eyes usually aren’t pure white. They have a light gray or yellowish tint to them. Around the lids shade darker. Use an eraser for a glare or shine effect. (Where is the light coming from? How bright is it? Will it cause the pupil to dilate? Ask yourself these questions)
Optional: If you want, add the red veins. Make sure they’re very light. Some are more noticeable than others, though They usually peek out from the corners of the eye. Also keep in mind still the eye is round. 

I added them.
Shade around the eye and add any details for finishing touches. 
(Wrinkles? Bags? Spots? Makeup? Have fun with it!

You’re done! Congrats on your beautiful eye
Also! If you do this method, feel free to show me! I want to see if this helped any. No matter what, keep practicing and don’t give up (:

(Sorry this post was so long, I just wanted to show you guys what I think is an easy way to draw eyes)


Akamai, Master of the Volcano   ||   Wairuha, Master of the Storm

So, Bryan and I were talking about the Toa Kaita last week, specifically 2015 versions of them. Though a number of people have built a host of versions of Akamai and Wairuha out of the 2015 sets, I immediately became displeased with them because almost none of them achieve the sheer height and breadth that the original Kaita had.

So I set about building some Kaita in the giant, titanic warrior style of the originals. Really I just pulled a lot from the original designs: doubled leg sections for structural support, doubled feet, upside-down torso for hips, broad shoulders using a gearbox for each shoulder. Threw in a fair few references to the originals along the way in terms of details and weapon choices/placement. And I really wanted to preserve the distinction of silver for Wairuha and gold for Akamai instead of making them both gold.

(Slightly) more photos on Flickr!

Okay so we know in the finale Hannibal and Will are going to talk about their relationship and specifically their break-up in Digestivo and what they discussed there and I have to assume they’ll also talk a lot about their feelings and what they mean to one another because these two love nothing more than waxing poetic to/about one another as often as possible so let us consider:

  • One or both of them referring to the other as their soulmate
  • Hannibal quoting The Symposium because he has no chill
  • Will telling Hannibal “I love you” and Hannibal smiling softly and saying “I know”
  • Will telling Hannibal that he missed him during those three years they were apart
  • Hannibal lovingly stroking Will’s cheek only this time it’s not a prelude to a stabbing
  • One or both of them nuzzling the other gently
  • What if they held hands whAT IF THEY JUST FUCKING DID IT
  • You know the scene from the end of Su-zakana? That only this time they lean in until their foreheads touch and they both close their eyes and their lips are just so so close to touching and uGH
  • Hannibal calling Will his beloved only this time it’s not a dream it’s for real and we all die
  • At this point I wouldn’t put it past them to just fucking quote Shakespeare sonnets to each other as they watch the sunset
  • Will not just saying “I love you” but rather “I am in love with you”

cjstudio1000 asked:

Hello I have a question do you use reference for your drawing or it just come out of your mind

I get questions about whether I use references or not a lot!

Yes, I do use references if I don’t know how to draw something. Not every artist uses them, but I find it helps me to better understand what I’m drawing. Using references doesn’t always mean you have a photo, model, or object in front of you and you copy it directly, sometimes it means you just don’t understand how something works and you look at a photo, model, or object to learn its secrets. 

If a pose is hard to understand, I act it out or take a picture of me or someone else in that pose so I have a better understanding of how to represent it visually. I have a little mirror that I always keep around to help with facial expressions… if I see any photo with a useful pose in it I save it. Also I have like 3 anatomy books I always have within arms reach.

I don’t use a reference for every single drawing, but knowing when to use references and using them so that I’m not just copying the reference exactly, but incorporating the knowledge I gained from the reference to create a more visually convincing image is a skill that came with practice!

SB Allowance Quick-Tip

As a rule of thumb, an SB should never say the first number. Men will do their damnedest to get you to but never give in! For one, it’s really stupid on their part. They’re the only ones who know their finances and what they can provide, not you. And two, they’re always trying to get a deal. They might be willing to pay for a lot, but if you’re satisfied with a lower number, they certainly won’t give you more.

Personally, when I’m asked “what kind of allowance are you looking for?” I use this line:

“Well, I’ve never been in this kind of relationship before so I really have no frame of reference. What were you thinking? I’m open minded.”

This line accomplishes two things: 1 it lets them know you’re inexperienced so they think they can get away with low balling you (which is not true, you obviously will negotiate later) and 2 encourages them to say the first number which could be a lot higher than you were hoping for!

Hope this helps babes!

I gotta get to sleep now. It’s my bedtime 😘

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Any books that you would recommend?? Like anything that would really speak to someone whos going through anything like depression/ anxiety etc?


The Bell Jar (by Sylvia Plath) is a brilliant book for someone suffering depression, as there will be a lot you can relate to, and the ending still isn’t desolate. The protagonist is depressed to the point she is suicidal, and there’s a self-harm reference so I’d put a trigger warning with it. It helped me though, because I realized many of the weird things I was thinking and feeling weren’t so alien and new. People had suffered them before.

Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig is a non-fiction book in which the author talks us through his own experience of depression and anxiety. It’s brilliant, and the uplifting part is that now he’s a recovered, and therefore he stands as proof that it’s possible. It’s a really inspirational book because it’s so honest and raw - it helped me a LOT, so I’d definitely recommend that. He’s very brave to write about it, in my opinion.

I’m currently reading a book called Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne, and it’s about a recovering OCD sufferer. I’m only just into it though, so I can’t say much about it. It’s well written, though! I can tell that already.

Nicola Morgan has several books about mental health - look up her website. Blame My Brain, etc. She knows what she’s talking about and I found her books very helpful, but again, they’re non-fiction. 

Finally, Emily Dickinson writes a lot of poetry about depression. Here are some of the best: here, here, and here.

I know this is a long post, but I’m afraid it’s a fairly short list - feeling slightly guilty :( it’s because there aren’t enough out there. In books I’ve written, I’ve handled issues with mental health A LOT. So if I send it off and try and get it published anytime, I hope it can help people too. Hope I’ve helped! x

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How did u make your ankle and wrist chain cuffs for book 3 korra if u don't mind me asking?

My feelings literally just went from YES!! TUTORIAL TIME!!!


BUT THAT’S OKAY!! I can still answer your question!

The short answer: The ankle and wrist cuffs are just craft foam purchased from Michaels. The chain in the above shot is real chain from a hardware store (which I went with due to both time constraints and the lack of rules against metal props). The chain below is a cheap plastic prop I bought off Amazon, which I HAD to go with thanks to strict convention rules.

Onto the tutorial!!

Keep reading

It’s a well known fact that Abigail wakes up in the middle of the night to see if Toki is okay, and when he’s not she does everything she can to comfort him. I thought it would be a good idea to highlight sterchmarks on Abby because she lost a lot of weight during their captivity (also I didn’t know where to put her scar);_;/ I love their friendship. I love their existence. I want them to be covered in eternal happiness.

( skwistok is this the kind of content you were talking about?:D)

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Hello! I'm trying to make my own stories and worlds but I have no idea how to start, how to organize my notes, and what programs would be best to use. Could you perhaps give some tips on how you take notes and put your world together?

Hi, Anon! I keep my notes organised just by using Notepad! I write a lot since I can’t draw fast enough to get out all of my ideas. I separate all of my project notes by file or folder, like this:

…and in those files I separate my notes by date, like this (these are from my Mario reinterpretation project / Beyond the Warp Pipes):

I keep all of my old notes so that I can refer to them again later in the event that I forget something (which happens often because I have 5+ projects on the go at once generally not including commissions and other things) or want to refer to the older version of a particular plot point or idea. Eventually, because this particular project was more compact / smaller than my other, more personal projects, the note started to form an actual plot that I could put together by referring to the relevant notes I made earlier throughout the document:

TL;DR, I just use what works! Notepad has been the easiest to use, because it has been on every computer I have ever worked at, whether at school or the office, and I can take my notes with me on a little memory stick! Ultimately, stick to something simple to start, you can always expand outwards later with more complicated programs to help put your notes and stories together! Keep it simple and easy for you to use. I like keeping things organised by date, personally, because it allows me to reflect on what I was thinking at the time. I have a bunch of these going on at once, each with a specific file name and location to keep me from losing them by accident.

I hope this helps you, Anon!

Left to right, top to bottom:

I don’t know how long it took me to make this, it just took a lot of time. There’s a sketch, too, where you can see their body/height differences better.

The picture I used for reference you can find & use yourself here

These are my “canonical” wardens, each and every single one of them. You can find more info on them on this page