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Hi I'm new to this fandom (my friend freaked about hallelujah, and I'm in love) I'm seriously new and quite scared. Can you give some random facts? Let me in on some inside jokes? I just don't want to be completely clueless. Thanks so much if you don't lie because 'I'm a fake fan' because i don't want to be, that's why I'm asking :)

I  don’t like when people use the term “fake fan” for new fans, everyone’s got to start somewhere! And welcome to the fandom! Another blogger, letssintonight, made a “gift basket” informational thing to help new fans! Here’s the link to it . Just to start with some basics, Panic! At The Disco was started by Ryan Ross (guitar), Spencer Smith (drums), Brendon Urie (vocals), and Brent Wilson (bass) back in 2004. They released their first album (A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out) in 2005. In 2006, Brent was kicked out of the band and replaced by Jon Walker. In 2008, Pretty Odd was released, but shortly after that (2009), Ryan and Jon left the band and started a new band, The Young Veins (which has been on an indefinite hiatus since 2010). Brendon and Spencer released a third album, Vices and Virtues, in 2011. They hired Dallon Weeks (bass) and Ian Crawford (guitar) to be touring members, Dallon ended up staying on as a permanent member. In 2013, Too Weird To Live Too Rare To Die was released, and they brought Kenneth Harris on as the touring guitar player. Sadly, around that time Spencer wrote a letter to the fans his abuse of alcohol and prescription medications since the recording of Pretty Odd. He said that he’d be taking a break from Panic!, and in early 2015, he permanently left the band. And that brings us up to now, with the release of Hallelujah and an upcoming fifth album. So that’s the basic history of Panic!, but as far as inside jokes go, I’m kinda blanking on them. Brendon Urie having a big forehead is kinda an inside joke, and there are a lot of jokes about Brent (check out the Brent Wilson tag), and right now there’s also “Cover Important Stuff” (check out this for more info on that). Then there’s the milk fic, which is a fanfiction for Ryden (Ryan Ross x Brendon Urie). It’s kinda gross, but there are jokes about that, too. I’d also suggest following letssintonight, dallonsmiles, marchingclocks, panicatthesocialgathering, girls-girls-panic, shirtlessbrendon, dailypatd and brendon-uries-lips, they’re just some of the great Panic! blogs I follow! And of course panicatthedisco (the band’s main blog). So that’s it, message me if you need help with anything else!

Another sprite edit that I’ve wanted to do for awhile. It probably sucks again but eh, I did my best. So yes, Chrom as Kanji because of Mathew Mercer. I make these jokes all the time, honestly. Sprites taken from Spriter’s Resource for Awakening and Persona 4 Arena. Made in Photoshop Elements. I tried photoshopping the skull out of his shirt but…oh well XD 

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Lol Margarey had more screen time than Bran

ugh margs screentime offends me lol.  im just sick of this “d&d only value women with swords” like when ????? they’ve made a joke of brienne and asha and arya’s doing ok but the really dont favor her above the other women on this show. nor does the fandom tbh.


Hockey School Musical 

Blackhawks all sing along

You know we really got it going on

Blackhawks are in the house

Everybody say it now

Blackhawks everywhere

Wave your middle fingers up in the air

That’s the way we do it


zodiac signs as fairy tail characters!
  • aries:aries
  • taurus:taurus
  • gemini:gemini
  • cancer:cancer
  • leo:leo
  • virgo:virgo
  • libra:libra
  • scorpio:scorpio
  • sagittarius:sagittarius
  • capricorn:capricorn
  • aquarius:aquarius
  • pisces:pisces
Shingeki no Drinking game - drink every time somebody has a sweat-drop on their face (best played with jägermeister)

The idea belongs to my dad who said he also wanted to contribute to this fandom but


you know…

you might be underestimating

the amount of sweat-drops in this show

even Armin is shocked at how much his face can sweat

and only some minutes into the show

depending on how strong your drink is-

oh look more sweat-drops

this guy is unhappy because there’s no deodorant for face

“what do you mean no deodorant for face!?”

“I cannot live in such a cruel world!”

“it can’t be helped we live in a medieval europe”

do note that guys are sweating more than girls

is what I wanted to say but never mind

Let’s just say that there’s no shot-per-every-single-drop rule

because this zoom-in demonstrates perfectly well how screwed we’d be otherwise

oh look that guy behind Jean is sweating as well. I.G. is trying their best not to ignore background characters I see

meanwhile the sweaty guy the more sweaty than other sweaty guys that is

is wondering how come Eren isn’t sweating

actually never mind

Just look at Eren’s gorgeous sweat-drop

Even when trying to act bossy the drop remains faithfully by his cheek

Hannes-san is surprised

but all Eren can think about is

the indirect kiss with Pixis

and everyone is jealous

and also worried

about the amount of alcohol you’ve already drank

and the most scary thing of all

is that Pixis remains totally dry throughout it all

what is this sorcery!?

and you might not notice if you don’t look closely (or have been playing this drinking game correctly) but Eren has a small sweat-drop on his right cheek