But I love him


This is why I love eren. He’s not gifted at anything, but he makes the top five- because he works harder than anyone else. Contrarily to what people think, eren isn’t all talk. Eren is someone who is ready and willing to do what needs to be done at all times. As we’ve seen, he’ll run himself into the ground to further the cause he believes in. Eren seems selfish on the surface, but ultimately is the most giving character in the series. Even in detrimental circumstances, he’s ready to sacrifice himself to save the innocent, and ready to give his life for humanity. Eren is arguably the most moral character in all of snk, but is often mischaracterized by the fandom as someone who’s blindly fighting out of vengeance and hate. Eren has used his anger and passion to aid the scouting legion and humanity, and if nothing else, deserves credit for that.


I just love living in a constant tire fire, so this was inevitable. GTAV ruined me in a very unique way. This is only the beginning, you should probably unfollow.


i love you, happy birthday my bro ~