.Ivory silk damask, day bodice with square neck, elbow length sleeve and peplum with self buttons and satin bows, sleeveless back-lacing evening bodice with ecru lace, both having deep point and decorated with white beads, trained bustle skirt with fringed center panel, trimmed with self pleats, train edged in satin, underskirt of muslin with fourteen lace ruffles, satin cape with tulle overlay beaded and sequined in an allover floral, satin trim and plush lining

Helpless + Shance

Long stemmed glasses clink all around Lance as he finds a spot to catch his breath. Allura spins across the dancefloor, effortless as ever as if they hadn’t been dancing all night. Not even a a bead of sweat in her brow while Lance is doing his best to snatch one of the glasses off a tray going by.

It took him nearly a month to convince her to let him tag along to this gala event for whatever charity she was supporting right this minute. Worth it, he thought as he sipped the sweet alcohol. Even if half the people here were a little snooty and didn’t get his jokes, even if Allura had threatened to kill him if she caught him flirting with one more important guest. She was one of his best friends, not his mom, and she didn’t scare him.


“Done dancing already,” she teased as she took a seat next to him.

“Just needed a drink.”

She eyed him before her eyes lit across the room. Allura had helped set up, so they had been two of the first people to arrive. It was only the last half hour that the party had really gotten into full swing. Lance followed her gaze to the dancefloor, before restlessly glancing to the new wave of people entering the large room.

Lance was suddenly very glad for his drink as his mouth decided to go as dry as the Mojave.

The most devastatingly hot guy had entered the room and he could feel the temperature raising a couple dozen degrees. Tall, practically cut from diamond from what he could see, broad shoulders tapering in, blushing muscles just barely contained in his dress shirt. A shock of white hair and a scar across his nose only added to his allure.

Lance leaned over to Allura, jaw slack. “Dibs.”

She followed his line of sight, lips smirking when she realized what had caught his eye. In a flurry of skirts, she bustled from his side and across the room to where the handsome stranger stood.


He’d never stand a chance against Allura. She was beautiful and smart and damn near like royalty around these parts. She’d have this guy hook, line and sinker before Lance would even manage to catch his eye. He huffed in his defeat, but really, better for him to lose to Allura from the start and not get his hopes up.

He snagged another drink from a passing tray, trying desperately to read Allura’s lips. Maybe he could learn a trick or two. Intense grey eyes nearly made him spit his drink. He sat ramrod straight as the handsome stranger looked into his very soul, he swears, before looking back to Allura.

Double shit.

She was leading him over to where Lance sat. Was it too late to bolt from the room? What had she said to him? Why was she bringing him over here?

“Shiro, this is Lance.” She winked at him from behind the handsome stranger’s back. “He practically like a brother to me.”

A strong hand was held out to him. It practically swallowed Lance’s own. He audibly swallowed, eyes locked on the hand grasping his.

“Hi, Lance, Shiro. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Uhh, likewise…”

He finally looked up into Shiro’s face, and oh boy, big mistake, because holy shit, oh wow. He was done for.

“Would you… would you like to dance?”

Lance practically choked, looking startled.

“Allura told me I hadn’t experienced dancing until I danced with you,” he laughed. God, it was like springtime. “So, what do you say?”

Lance fucking owed her. Big time. Whatever she wanted of his, it was hers.

Shiro was like the most fluid wall Lance had ever encountered. Like how could someone so sturdy, move so effortlessly. He may have only stuck to the very basics, but he wheeled Lance around the room like he was a prize he was showing off. It made Lance’s head spin.

And like a damn Disney movie, the night came to an end and Lance wanted nothing more than to bask in Shiro’s glow.

“Do you want to exchange numbers? Maybe?” Shiro seemed suddenly shy and it was so funny to Lance. He felt like he could worship the ground this man walked on. Of course he wanted to exchange numbers.

I hope this number wasn’t fake

Why would anyone give you a fake number? I was hoping yours wasn’t fake.


Do you maybe want to get dinner some time?

I mean…

You’re cute.

This week feels so long.

Don’t worry I’m coming to bug you

Lance, that’s like the third time in two weeks, you’re going to get me fired.

Pfft your boss loves you

Hurry up and get here, I miss you.

!!!! You can’t just say that I almost swerved into traffic


Redlights and stuff don’t count
Ugh fine I’ll be there soon <3

God I’m so into you

Good, because I’m into you too.



I hope that’s the plan for tonight ;)


Keith says you left some stuff at the apartment.

Tell your weirdo brother I’ll get it when I come over tonight
Make sure you tell him he’s a weirdo tho

One, I’m not telling him that. Two, I thought you guys were friends now. Three, you’re staying the night?

Why are your texts like reading a dissertation
Keith and I are like best friends now that’s why you gotta tell him he’s a weirdo for me and yes I’m staying the night it’s Wednesday my dude

I’m pretty sure it’s Tuesday.

I’ll see you tonight

I’m just saying if you loved me you’d share him

lol hes mine get your own

A year and a half in, and god, Lance is so fucking gone for Shiro.

He looks so good sitting on the couch in Coran’s living room. He so seamlessly fit into Lance’s life, like there had been a Shiro shaped spot in it the whole time. He couldn’t remember ever having been so happy. Couldn’t dream he could be any happier.

He helped Allura wash dishes after dinner, sneaking glances at Shiro and Coran’s conspiratorial whispering. They finished and he dried his hands, walking back into the living room.

“What’s going on in here? You too look guilty af.”

Coran patted Shiro on the shoulder, a smile twitching his mustache.

“Nothing, you ready to go?”

Lance nodded, gathering his coat. The stepped out into the cool autumn air.

“Hey, Lance?”

“Yeah, babe?” Lance turned from where he had started to open the car door.

Shiro stood a couple paces behind him.

“I don’t have a dollar to my name.” Lance started to break into a question before Shiro steam rolled on. “I’m not anyone important. All I have is my honor and strength and a high tolerance for pain,” he huffed a quick laugh. “But, all of it, everything, is yours. Even if we end up in a tiny apartment on the bad side of town. I want to give everything to you, spend every day with you. I look at you and I know the sky’s the limit.”

Shiro lowered to one knee, a small box in hand. Lance’s eyes immediately filling to the brim.

“I’m so helpless when it comes to you… will you-”

“Yes!” Lance threw his arms around Shiro, tears spilling over his cheeks. “Oh my god yes!”

He choked back sobs as Shiro slid the simple ring over his finger.

“I love you, Lance.”

“I love you,” Lance choked out a laugh. “God, I’m so into you.”

@quiiiznak thanks for getting that stuck in my head for the next 100 years lol

Tulle Bustle Skirt Tutorial

or, how to make a big puff for your booty.

Thing you need:

  • roughly 8 yards of tulle (or you can do your own math, I’ll explain)
  • coordinating color non-stretch fabric for waistband
  • lining fabric, if your self waistband fabric is flimsy and horrible like satin
  • one 1-inch button or a couple small ones
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • pins
  • scissors
  • ribbon or lace to trim the bottom edges of your tiers, or nothing if you prefer them plain

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Ivory satin and faille brocaded with lilies of the valley, the back-lacing pointed bodice having short tulle sleeve and back bow, decorated with asymmetrical pleats, gold sequin-studded tulle, chiffon and scalloped fringe of gold beads with sequin drops. Bustle skirt with satin front inset with inserts of bead-edged scalloped spear shapes and tulle back with gold sequins, scalloped and ruffled hem bands

Xostrine: Setting Guide

Some general setting notes for the fantasy realm of Xostrine, aka a name I chose out of a generator so I could stop calling it the dragondicks pornoverse, aka a universe designed entirely around writing monster porn that is not intended to withstand any amount of serious scrutiny whatsoever. Suitable for original fiction, AU fanfic, roleplays, or whatever else your heart desires. Probably not a tabletop game. Please don’t inflict this porn setting on your players. That’s awk.

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Strela Amura- Chekov x Reader

A/N: So sorry about how late this is, I’ve just been really busy at Uni. Anyway, She’s Kirk’s sister but also not Kirk’s sister. It’ll make sense, trust me. ut my favourite thing about the OS has always been the time-travel episodes, like???? What a gift to Humanity. So here’s me playing with that space time continuum.

Also. It’s Eurovision time!!!! Sorry not sorry for nearly winning last year btw. Anyway, you know what that means? Time to listen to my Eurovision husband’s entire discography. Like it’s such a cute Chekov-y song, bless.

Also key word: Chekov tries to save her

Title: Strela Amura (Cupid’s Arrow)
Inspiration: here (x)
Tags: Fluff, kinda-kirk’s-sister-but-kinda-not, pre-romanov decline russia, TIME TRAVEL MOTHERFRICKERS, ridiculous bustle skirts are my aesthetic
Words: 1500+
Masterpost: here (x)
Prompt List: here (x)
Mixtape Archive: here (x)
Original Request: (x) - Could you do a thing where reader is Kirk’s younger sister (or other relative), that isn’t part of Starfleet, and gets taken by the big bad, and Chekov saves her? Then fluff?

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Стрела Амура

Most senior students at the Starfleet Academy dreaded the ‘Little Sibling’ program; in which a senior, slowly struggling and watching their very soul leave their bodies were forced to pair up with some innocent, optimistic first year who had yet to see their life force choked from them due to obscene assignment due dates.

You were rather surprised to have found yourself partnered with a one James Tiberius Kirk, as he had introduced himself, a coffee in hand and dark circles under his eyes. You were a little intimidated, admittedly, but he was as supportive as you could have hoped for and Jim was genuinely wonderful. He would always remember your exam dates and check up on your actual dates and was always there to hold your hair back and cover for you if a party got too wild. Or there to ruffle your hair in pride as you passed that one maths class you always seemed to flunk exams for. He even kept in contact as he graduated, sending you updates as he traversed the expansive galaxy, promising that if you did well, you would score a place on the prestigious Enterprise crew.

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The Victorian era had a strong influence on Goth in more areas than just fashion.
Gothic literature from Edgar Allen Poe to Mary Shelley.
The aspects of Victorian lifestyle have pervaded the scene, from masquerade balls to tea parties being enjoyed at festivals and clubs.

Victorian Goth is often a very detailed look, involving many layers of heavy and often impractical clothing -
for example, a lady’s attire might include a steel-boned corset, stockings, bloomers, petticoat, skirt, bustle, blouse, veil and parasol.

Attire for gentlemen typically includes frock coats, frilled shirts and waistcoats.
A toned-down version is generally more appropriate for day-to-day wear, comprising perhaps of a long skirt and ruffled blouse. Surprisingly, amassing a Victorian Goth wardrobe can be useful when it comes to casual attire - bloomers are undeniably comfortable, and a long black petticoat looks stunning partnered with leggings and boots.

Hairstyles and make-up tend to be elegant - classic up-dos lend a dignified air. Some Victorian Goth guys may complete the look with sideburns or a moustache, although this is quite rare. Jewellery is ornate, and is likely to include lace or jewelled chokers, cameos (Goth-styled cameos may be less traditional than they appear at a first glance - skeletal women, skulls and crossbones, or bat motifs may be seen, for example), and lockets, or more whimsical designs featuring birdcages, skeleton keys, teacups or Ouiji boards, echoing the interest that many Victorians held in spiritualism and the occult.