busterella reblogged your link: Multi-Year Agreement Grants Shout! Factory Rights to “Beetlejuice” Animated Series

…I’m kinda stunned by the sudden realization that toon!BJ was basically a Manic Pixie Dream Boy? Because oh my god he….

That’s a pretty good way to sum it up. 

Lydia lives a stable, but fairly dull existence in her small town with her loving but out-of-touch parents.  Beetlejuice represents everything lacking from her everyday life; adventure, indulgence in creepy/supernatural, and excitement.  She can call up Beetlejuice whenever she wants, and leave whenever she wants.  Best of all, BJ never really asks for anything in return, so long as Lydia is happy.  As you said: it’s no wonder young girls found this premise so appealing, and why they continue to remember the show fondly to this day. 

When you look back at nostalgic media with adult eyes, you start uncovering the subtle elements that attracted or repelled audiences.

For Busterella: Tongue Wrestling

Because I love her dearly and her Squishyverse is awesome, I have written a horrible derpy thing for Busterella, based on this but told through Snake’s perspective because I am awkward. Will be put on LJ here soon.

Tongue Wrestling, or Snake Really Really Hates His Life

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