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DJ Masa’s 2012 Hot K-Pop Mashup (x)

2NE1 - I Love You
Busker Busker - Cherry Blossom Ending
SISTAR - Alone
C-Clown - SOLO
Dalmatian - E.R.
Teen Top - To You
Big Bang - Bad Boy
Ailee - Halo
CN BLUE - Hey You
After School - Flashback
JJ Project - Bounce
T-ara - Lovey Dovey
PSY - Gangnam Style
LEE HI - 1, 2, 3, 4
EXO-K - History
Ga-in - Bloom
NS Yoon Ji - Reason I Became a Witch
ZE:A - Aftermath
T-ara - Day by Day
Ailee - I Will Show You
XIA - Tarantallegra
BEAST - Beautiful Night
Hyunah - Ice Cream
EXID - I Feel Good
BoA - Only One
Big Bang - Monster
INFINITE - The Chaser
Led Apple - Time’s Up
B1A4 - Baby I’m Sorry
Brave Girls - Nowadays You
Dal Shabet - Hit U
Super Junior - Sexy, Free and Single
KARA - Pandora
U-KISS - Stop Girl
BtoB - Insane
SHINee - Sherlock
G.na - 2Hot
f(x) - Electric Shock
Big Bang - Fantastic Baby
Wonder Girls - Like This
B.A.P - Warrior
Orange Caramel - Lipstick
TVXQ - Humanoids
TaeTiSeo - Twinkle
G-Dragon - Crayon
BtoB - Wow
Hello Venus - Venus
Block B - Nalina
MissA - Touch
A Pink - Hush
VIXX - Rock Your Body
Epik High - Don’t Hate Me
D-UNIT - Luv Me
Block B - Nilili Mambo

Instrumental Samples (order of appearance):
2NE1 - I Love You
Gangkiz - MAMA
TVXQ - Catch Me
Shinhwa - Venus
Secret - Poison
4minute - Volume Up
PSY - Gangnam Style
Super Junior - SPY
Block B - Nilili Mambo

anonymous asked:

The thing is there is already a white person in kpop, and he's Brad from Busker Busker. But he took the time to learn the culture and language and all things in between. At first he was quite culture shocked when he joined the music industry via the show superstar k3. He didn't know that the Asian music industry was like that.

The thing about Brad (he’s a great, hilarious guy) is that in his journey to the Korean music industry and into Busker Busker, he never once tried to portray himself as something different and unique just because he’s white. Never has he stated that he’s some big shot that’s going to bring diversity to the Korean music industry just because he’s white. Rather he’s a regular joe, simply another musician that’s a part of the industry. 

He’s the complete opposite of Chad Future in SO many ways:

  • He’s taken the time to at least learn the language and culture, though still somewhat intermediate-level, and had lived in Korea for a number of years as a teacher/professor (Chad Future has learned neither and basically moved to Korea for the sole purpose of going into the industry)
  • He’s actually successful being in Busker Busker (Chad Future is not)
  • He’s not a soloist act; he’s the drummer of a 3-person band with two Koreans, making Busker Busker an indie Korean band (Chad Future is trying to go at it solo with being white as his main attraction)
  • He worked his way through the industry with Busker Busker, with a competition like Superstar K3 (Chad Future has bought his way into the industry, brute forcing his way in with money in hand)
  • He’s never said or mentioned that he wants to try to change or revolutionize the industry (Chad Future has said quite bluntly he’s the key to revolutionizing the industry and will “bridge the gap between American and Korean music”)
  • He’s extremely humble and quite modest about his accomplishments and work (Chad Future doesn’t waste a second in trying to promote everything about himself backwards and forwards)
  • He’s worked for and earned the respect an reputation among Koreans (ask any Korean person about Chad Future, and they’ll say “who?”)

Did Brad have a benefit getting into the industry because he’s white? Absolutely. White privilege still played a good role in how Korean people perceived him and accepted him, whether or nor it was an intention of his to use that to his advantage. This is in stark contrast to a fantastic singer like Lee Michelle, a half-Korean half-Black native of Korea that has gone through incredible barriers and huge stigma because she’s black-passing, even though she IS Korean, was born in Korea, raised in Korea, and sings Korean. Even though she’s making a name for herself (and a great name at that), she still has to struggle through a LOT to make it in this industry.

Nonetheless, Brad (I almost wrote Brad Future AHAHAHA) is a good example of a white person who made it into the industry simply as another musician, with humble origins and intentions, as well as with the fundamental respect for Korean culture and language. A complete 180 from someone like Chad Future, who is aggressively trying to push his brand of “AK-pop” into the fray, bought his way into the industry with his huge amount of disposable income, and says that the fact that he’s white will mean that he’s going to bring in a load of contributions to the industry. Hint: he won’t. 

"Busker Buskered"

verb; a term used to explain how multiple fandoms come together to vote for their favourite artist but get trolled in the end

origin: MAMA AWARDS 2012; when BAP and EXO’s fandom went head to head on voting and Busker Busker ended up winning