L.L. Bean CEO offers help to employees affected by Trump's travel ban

Duck boot purveyor L.L. Bean — where Donald Trump encouraged his supporters to shop in response to boycotts targeting a pro-Trump Bean family member — is now quietly pushing back against the president’s travel ban.

In an internal memo sent to employees on Feb. 2 and obtained by POLITICO, L.L. Bean CEO Stephen Smith offered support to employees who may be affected by Trump’s executive order blocking entry to the U.S. for visa holders from seven majority-Muslim countries.

Smith acknowledged the family-owned company’s recent public relations headaches, both as the target of the anti-Trump boycott and the beneficiary of his support on Twitter.

“While we have gone to great pains over the past few weeks to distance ourselves from an unfortunate and unwanted political situation, there have been some more recent developments that have prompted me to share some thoughts and direction,” Smith wrote in the internal email. “Recent national policy changes, while dominating the headlines and sparking a wide-range of opinion, are also creating confusion and concern within our family of great employees.“

“We are committed to help our affected employees in any way possible,” Smith wrote in the internal email, urging anyone “personally grappling” with the implications of the ban to reach out to him directly. The ban was lifted Feb. 3 by a federal judge in Seattle.

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Please fire me. When I agreed to spend two weeks travelling with a “high-power businessman” as his “personal interpreter” during “global strategy meetings about environmental issues” (he seems like he should be in advertising), I did not know that would include going to dinners with him and him alone and spending 35 minutes reading and translating his entire menu every single night. Good thing I went to school for 22 years and got my PhD.


Busy by George Alexander Ishida Newman
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It was a busy couple of days. My s/o and I started officially planning our trip for this summer, so I’m thrilled. I also did some chores around the place and wrote a review for the Hannibal cookbook (which is now submitted but academic publishing always takes a while so I have no idea of when it will actually come out). Today I reread half of the novel I’m proofreading for work (picture) and had a skype meeting with a collegue concerning our april conference.

I also took some time to rest, watch Youtube videos, play Dota 2, and bake a carrot cake (with cream cheese icing!). I’m proud of the work I did :) .

I’m on a business trip to Portland! I’m excited to travel again.

Yesterday was the first day of the two-day project kickoff meeting that I’m here for. There were 17 people from at least 4 different internal groups there, all crustal to this project. Woah, I hope we manage across teams well enough to keep this project afloat!

But, as an observation: of the 17, three are female, and two are Indian. Otherwise everyone is white male. Most of the engineers are middle aged. The female-Indian demographics did not overlap.
It was kinda saddening, especially after the diversity I saw in college. I look forward to seeing the demographics shift towards diverse through my career.

Another observation (a silly one): middle aged white men tend to lose their chins.

I just found an email I sent to myself 34 years before gmail existed, and 26 years before I existed.

It contained my shitty, old Homestuck fanfiction.