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tree tip: dont line them. For conifers, take a bristle brush and "paint" in a kind of triangular pattern to get the pine tree look. for leafy trees, use a solid brush and put a layer with a slight hourglass shape for the trunk, then just scribble a bushy shape on top. if you have a leaf brush, that helps add texture as well (i have a custom foliage brush i use to make texture easier) in deciduous trees. this can be modified to work with most background foliage/rough details if you need 3


I will have to keep a note of this Anon!!! o-o

Thank you for the kind tree tip! ^^

Journal Entry, 2/10/2017


Big bro says, keep a journal, lil bro.  And I think I used to do that but I can’t remember and I can’t find it anywhere.  Big bro says dont worry, so I don’t, but I wonder if I’ll lose this one too, just like the last one.  Don’t remember too much from those days.  Lil foggy, lil hazy.  I remember goin to the gym, startin to go to the gym.  That was like, what, a year ago or so, I think.  I remember struggling with 50 lbs.  I remember thinkin, hey, in a year’s time, I’ll be pushin up more weight and here I am pushin more weight.  It’s like I read a fortune cookie or got my future told and here it is, bein fullfilled. 

So yeah, I been makin progress, I think.  Take my supps at night, the Z-core stuff.  Supposed to make my testosterone bigger.  I dunno about all the math stuff, I just kinda listen to what big bro says.  I wake up, take the meds that are in the box marked F, cuz its Friday, then I eat some breakfast, then I supp up for the gym.  Even got some extra cardio in today cuz it snowed like a mother the other night.  Get home from the gym, super fuckin pumped.  A lil dizzy, even.  So pumped that I take a shitload of selfies and send em to big bro.  Even take a flexin, posin video, and send it to big bro.  Got a lot to work on, but thats okay.  Big bro knows best - gotta grow for big bro.  Right?  Right.

Last night big bro kinda spooked me a lil, lol.  We were talkin on the phone, like we do every night, and he said, “Your kinda like an experiment, lil bro,” and I was all like, whoa, wait, what?  These, like, dim alarms rang somewhere down in the sub-basement of my brain for a minute.  “But you dont gotta worry, lil bro,” he said, and I know I dont gotta worry, but sometimes like that elevator of thought goes down there and I’m all like wtf is going on?  I speed back to the past in my head and I see myself pushin my glasses up on the bridge of my nose and talkin real fast with someone across the bar, bout some book we were both readin.  I remember gettin all tense and angry, kinda like when I do a shitload of crunches, like 50 or 60 or so, and my abs are all tight and my veins are pulsin at the temples of my head and my shoulders are all tight, but YEAH, fuckin 60 crunches!  Time to go do 3 sets of 12 side crunches.  Gonna feel that tomorrow.  Big bro’s gonna be so proud.  “You there, lil bro?” 

“Yeah, big bro,” I say, though I’m a little hazy in the brain.  Ding!  Some kind of bell going off in my brain, like the bell between rounds in a boxing match, or a wrestling match, or a UFC MMA fight.  Big bro’s gettin me into UFC a lil.  I like the rough n tumble shit.  Big bro sends me selfies sometimes and he’s all in this kinda like fighter’s stance and he got this confident gleam in his eye.  He just got a haircut and he says when I visit it’ll be time for mine too.  I am gettin kinda bushy up top.  Like to keep it pretty short.  Not too short, but you know.  “Don’t worry about it, lil bro,” says my big bro confidently.  Everything he fuckin does is confidently.  He could part a crowd just by walkin thru it, head high and stride wide.  “Big bro knows best.”

That’s usually when I cum, actually, lol.  Big bro’s voice in my ear makes me cum, and usually so hard that it flies up to my forehead lol.  Never cummed like that before.  Fuck, never even talked bout cumming before, but big bro coaches me to be more comfortable with that.  It’s fuckin natural, right, just like jackin off is natural.  Just workin out another muscle.  Just like goin to the gym and workin out, watchin my heartrate climb.  Big bro watches my heartrate too, every day thru the monitor I wear on my wrist.  Every day.  And I keep track of my water and tell him every fuckin thing I eat, so he keeps track of my macros so I can get big for big bro.  Grow for big bro.  That’s what’s best.

Uh, I kinda lost my train of thought.  Hard as a motherfucker though, lol.  Feels so good to think about big bros voice in my ear.  Urgin me on, sometimes only in a whisper, sometimes in a shout, sometimes commanding, sometimes coaxing.  Sometimes persuasive and sometimes firm.  Sometimes I lay around in a fuzz of gray static, with his voice curlin around me like mist.  Sometimes he is the sun exploding over the dark horizon, a clarion sound trumpeting that I WAKE UP, FEET ON THE FLOOR, LIL BRO, and before I even know it, I’m up, hands on the pill box, downin what big bro says, shake is already in the blender.  Sometimes before I even know it, I’m out on my way to the gym.  Am I even wearin a shirt?  Well, if I dunno, I just ask big bro, and he’ll tell me. 

So uh thats it guys, lil bro out for now.  Gotta take a muscle nap cuz I just went to the gym and had my postworkout shake.  Got some real life shit like work or whatever to do tonight but I’ll get thru it becuz on the other side big bro will talk me down to sleep and thats my favorite part of the day.  Well any part of the day with big bro is my favorite part of the day.  Sometimes feels like hes takin over, and soon I’ll just be like, a part of him, but I dont mind.  As long as I get to make more muscles, thats cool.  Fuckin love big bro.  Dont need to worry, dont need to think.  Just cruise on thru and flex some more.  Take some pics and flex some more.  Soon enough big bro will be by my side and thatll be the best day ever.

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A Huge Mistake (Caulscott Oneshot)

ALRIGHT THIS IS THE PROMPT I GOT THE OTHER DAY. I rewrote the fanfic that got deleted somehow in the ask when I tried to post it the other day. So let’s try this again! And see if this works. :P

[nathan chanting: tobanga tobanga TOBANGA TOBANGA]

Warnings: None. SFW. Enjoy!

“Alright, sslow ‘nd steady… Yeeeah, that’s it.”

A midnight chorus rung in her ears and the starry sky above her seemed to swirl in an endless blur. Flashes of Nathan’s face passed by briefly, his mischievous grin causing her own face to feel numb as if she had been giggling too hard. Her hearing seemed to be limited, for she couldn’t even hear the sound of her own voice clearly. It seemed far away, like she wasn’t even in her own body. The world around her seemed to fade in and out like a worn out movie.  

“Holy sshet! Wait, Max.. Maxmaxmax — NO!”

The sound of an impressive, metallic clang rang throughout the air. The wind suddenly picked up and rudely disturbed the bushy tree tops that hung above them. The breeze was loud in her ears, almost even drowning out Nathan’s obnoxious voice which was usually impossible to do.


As much as she wanted to focus in on what she was doing, there was nothing but a swirl of darkness before her.

“Alright! Max, ‘iss in! Get in theh truck! Get back in, ‘iss fine! Hurry, hurry, holy faWHK!”

It seemed as if the ground below her was crumbling beneath her very feet as she wandered aimlessly, trying desperately to find the door to whatever vehicle she was once in. Once she felt the rugged surface of the dashboard and a sense of balance, the sound of screeching tires filled her ears.

Everything, including what remained of her conscience, faded to black.

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Hii :D I love your stories, and I love you already!!! Could you write something about Sasuke being away and really missing her? Thank you <3

Stormy Thoughts

As he stared up at the dingy gray ceiling, he couldn’t help but be lost in his thoughts once more. Normally, he wouldn’t have time for such thoughts. But today was different. Today, it was raining and the storm outside his inn was as dark and troubling as the emotions brewing inside his tormented mind.

Sasuke let out a frustrated grunt out loud and allowed the sounds to vibrate across the room and bounce off the walls as if it was taunting him. He hated days like these when he felt restless and alone. He wanted to be outside and traveling to new destinations in his journey of redemption. Not trapped in this small, crummy room he had found last minute when the storm blew in like a crazed wreckage seeking refuge.

Images of her flashed through his mind. Sakura smiling at him. Sakura talking about god-who-knows-what. Sakura eating ramen beside him. Sakura this and Sakura that.  

He was wondering if he shouldn’t have left. It was killing him inside to wonder what she could be doing right now. What if two years was too long for her? What if she had moved on? What if she decided that ghastly kid with the crop top or bushy eyebrows Lee was a better suited man for her? The what-ifs were almost as hard to withstand as the images of Sakura going through his mind. Because he had an answer for the what-ifs and he didn’t like his own responses. 

In truth, he thinks for a fact that any other man in Konoha would be a better suit for Sakura. After all, no one had such a twisted past like he did. Sakura deserved better than him. She deserved a life of peace and happiness. Not a life that was tainted with a dark family past.

But after an hour passes, his mind wanders off into another thought. He deserved happiness as well. If Sakura is still in love with him, then why can’t they be together? There’s nothing to stop them. 

Oh, great. Now he sounds like a lovesick sap. 

As his eyes closed, he could feel the tiredness seep through his body. For laying around for two hours doing nothing, it was sure easy to get sleepy while staring at a ceiling. He concluded, however, that there was one thing he was sure of. He missed her. He missed Sakura. Maybe, when the storm passes, he’ll consider making a return trip back to Konoha. For good.


When I was a boy, I was haunted by a ghost, and only on Christmas. Every year, when I went to bed, this old man with a bushy beard and top hat would stare from the apartment across the alley. For a couple years, I told my parents, and they would stare right at him and say they saw nothing. Eventually, I gave up. I didn’t know what or who he was, so I named him “Marley”. Seemed the right name for a Christmas ghost.

On my eighteenth Christmas, I snuck into the building next door, and went to Marley’s apartment. The door was locked, but a large brass key jutted from the handle. I turned it, letting the door fall open. I could see Marley silhouetted against the window. He didn’t move. I crept forward. He still did not turn to face me. I was inches from him when I placed my hand on his shoulder, and he finally turned. His eyes were wide, mad, and unblinking, as always But for the first time, I saw an equally manic grin through his beard. In an instant, he ran for the door, slamming it before his top hat hit the ground.

I’ve been trapped here since. Well, not here. This is where I’m allowed to rest, once a year. The others are an eternity that shames everything I thought hell could be. But I stare out the window every Christmas, not because I’m grateful to see the snow, or remember that pain can stop. No, I stare because there’s a little boy across the street, and I think he’s seen me.

Credits to: lokiago


Okay, I have spent probably most of my time looking at all of Hiccup posters where ever I go. I know, it’s probably an obsession, but I feel the need to explain. 

Dreamworks probably worked very hard in creating the new design for Hiccup. His older character looks very well thought-out, and it looks like he went through some fazes as well. 

In the first picture, you see an early design. Hiccup’s hair is longer and not as bushy. His flight suit is also a bit different, with more straps and rings, no collar and it has more of a brown color. His look seems to have a more younger mellow look that says “I’m ready for the world.”

In the second picture, you see that he looks more like the Hiccup in the movies. Since I have a 4 foot foster in my room with that same picture that I sometimes spend hours looking at, I have been able to see some differences. His jaw is a little more narrow and less wide, like it was in the first movie. (This might be because his head is tilted at a certain angle, but I’m going with my theory.) His hair is also a little more bushy at the top. If you look at his right shoulder armor, you can see that it doesn’t have the same gash through it, like the next two pictures have. This look says, “I’m going for it.” and shows his fearless side.

In the third one, Hiccup seems to have more of a mature look, and it also seems to show the confidence and determination he has. This might be because the creators wanted to show people that he has grown. His hair is slightly longer, and while his is wide, his chin looks thicker. 

The last one, shows Hiccup in the movie. His hair looks to be even (and marvelous) and it still has the basic design as the others. His jaw is wide, but his chin is narrow, and equips his flight suit completely. His suit also has the stains of Toothless’s saliva XD During the movie, he seems to have all of the characteristics I mentioned above, being grown up while still being our little Hiccup, trying to find who he is, similar to the first movie.

Nonetheless, I all of his designs are beautiful. It makes me wonder how much hard work his creatures put in to please us fans. From my point of view, it looks like they wanted him to have the same Hiccup look like in the first movie, yet look older and have his own flair from all the years he grown up. His appearance also symbolizes his character development. They did a wonderful job, and it all payed off. The movie was a success, and everybody loves Hiccup.