Cape to Cape Track - Day One

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse to Yallingup (14kms)

Serenity Falls, Buderim Rainforest Park, Queensland


Dish Fungi by a world seen through open eyes

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Age: 18. Gender: Male. Height: 176cm Eye Colour: Brown Hair Colour: Also brown. Hobbies: I am learning Arabic and I speak Italian, also i play the violin and the piano accordian (badly). I love bushwalking and architecture. Ideal date would be like hidden second hand book shops and exploring op shops and chillin in parks in the warm weather

come off anon mate


These are from a couple of weeks ago, but I love them so much I wanted to try to post them again. We went on a little bush walk and it was so much fun! Silas collected sticks and drew in the dirt (and ate some) and pointed to everything. He threw an epic tantrum when because we wanted him to hold our hands so he didn’t fall in the river, and Cec showed him how to blow on dandelions. 

I love family adventures like this.