Cape to Cape Track - Day One

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse to Yallingup (14kms)


Dish Fungi by a world seen through open eyes

Serenity Falls, Buderim Rainforest Park, Queensland

Picnic With A View

Rich green pastures, pure air and clean water throughout Tasmania has inspired a strong tradition of locally sourced, organic production and sustainable farming. There are hundreds of authentic food and drink experiences to be discovered across the state.

The spectacular fresh produce is best experienced in scenery to match. Local Tassie Instagrammer Paul Flemming took advantage of the best the Apple Isle had to offer on a recent road trip to Cradle Mountain. Along the way he picked up fresh raspberries from Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm outside Launceston, local camembert, a Tassie grown apple and a local cool climate Pinot Nior. Now that’s how we’d like to explore the great outdoors!

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Photo Credit: Published on Instagram by lovethywalrus.

anonymous asked:

I'm going to be doing a study abroad to central Queensland university from one of the snowiest cities in America- any advice?

ohhh man. which campus are you at?? because there’s a lot of regional differences depending on where you’re visiting

  • if your campus is actually in queensland, prepare yourself for heat and humidity
  • no matter the campus:
  • if you’re coming over in summer (when are you getting here?) it’s going to be much hotter than you’re used to, and the australian sun is fierce. make sure you have sunscreen and a cute, stylish wide brimmed hat to wear if you’re going to be out in the sun for an extended period of time and please do not attempt to sunbake/sunbathe/deliberately lie in the sun to tan, you will burn to a crisp
  • prepare yourself for flies. they’re disgusting and they’re everywhere and you’ll quickly become accustomed to swatting them away. again, this is much, much, much worse in summer
  • we don’t tip. some cafes and restaurants will have tip jars but it’s not expected. everything is expensive because our workers are paid a liveable wage, we live off our income, not tips
  • wait staff generally won’t come and check up on you during your meal. if you want something, you have to get their attention
  • if you were planning on travelling around australia while here you’ll need a lot of time. a lot of people don’t seem to realise we’re actually pretty much the same size as the U.S.A. you can’t just hop from one city to the next
  • speaking of, there’s a lot of empty, natural space. everyone lives right on the coast, and if you go just a few kilometres inland there’s bush pretty much everywhere. there’s lovely bushwalks to do if you’re keen on some nature sight seeing
  • our power switches are individual!!!! you can’t just flick a switch and have the entire bloody room charged with electricity. you plug things in and then turn the individual plugs on and off as needed. it’s a much better system!!!!
  • no one drinks fosters beer pls dont
  • in australia you will drink the first true coffee of your life. percolated, drip-fed coffee is disgusting and frankly the entire country of america should be ashamed. we take our coffee very seriously here (melbourne, particularly, is colloquially known as the coffee capital of the world) and there are so many types to choose from: flat white, cappuccino, latte, mocha - and that’s before you even get into the different flavours!! try them all
  • cadbury chocolate puts hershey’s to shame make the most of it while you’re here
  • don’t try to eat vegemite by the spoonful, you need to spread it really thinly over a piece of buttered toast - so thin you can see the butter through the vegemite - and then layer a slice of cheese over the top
  • our internet is terrible. laggy, drops out, over priced and just generally shit. free wifi is still sorta rare-ish?? mobile data is so expensive. i am sorry
  • i don’t like it, but a lot of people use the c-word here. it’s become almost a complimentary, joking term between friends
  • wild kangaroos are not for petting, they will fight you, and they will win
  • don’t feed seagulls, you’ll never escape them if you do
  • drink and meal sizes are much, much, much smaller than you’re used to in america. like i think a large drink from australian mcdonalds is the same size as a medium from american mcdonalds?
  • mcdonalds is called maccas
  • if you go to the beach, swim between the red and yellow flags!!! they symbolise the safe area to swim, where there are no rips/dangerous currents
  • ‘bogan’ is generally, roughly comparable to ‘redneck’
  • thongs = flip flops
  • if a homeless person/anyone approaches you asking for money, just say, “sorry i don’t have any cash on me” without making prolonged eye contact and keep briskly walking
  • in general, aussies are weird about people who brag. be subtle about it
  • if a shop assistant says to you, “are you all right?” they mean, “do you need any help or are you okay on your own?” either ask for help or say, “just looking/i’m okay, thanks”
  • no worries = no problems
  • if someone says, “my shout” it means they’re paying for you
  • we drive on the left. be careful when crossing roads

if anyone wants to add to this post, feel free (✿◠‿◠)