Burning the midnight oil


Elena of Avalor is great, its art direction is super engaging and character designs are really cool. I tried to get a bit of a peaceful tone here. Late nights in the castle…



The Types as Common English Idioms

ENFP: Bite off more than they can chew.

ENFJ: Actions speak louder than words.

INFP: Being all ears.

INFJ: To every cloud there is a silver lining.

ENTP: Putting the cat among the pigeons.

ENTJ: To kill two birds with one stone.

INTP: Method to the madness.

INTJ: The cold shoulder.

ESFP: To have a blast.

ESFJ: To spill the beans.

ISFP: A bed of roses.

ISFJ: The ace in the hole.

ESTP: To piss in one’s cornflakes.

ESTJ: Holding the cards.

ISTP: Hitting the road.

ISTJ: Burning the midnight oil.

Tucker almost religiously chugged down his monster while typing another line of code into his pda. It chimed obnoxiously as it hit midnight, startling Danny awake from where he’d collapsed near the bathroom. The ghost boy blinked blearily at the discarded cans before groaning dramatically.
“How can you drink that stuff?”
The techno geek turned a dry gaze to his friend, “Says the guy who threw gummy bears and fudge into his coffee this morning.”
“It tastes good and gives me the energy I need.”
“It’s messed up and will fuck up your heartrate.”
“Says the guy who drank 172 mg of caffeine in 30 minutes. Candy and coffee are vastly superior, admiiiiitt iiiittt.”
“It’s a monster, Danny. What kind of self-respecting teenager doesn’t like monsters?!”
“This self-respecting teenager, Tuck.” Danny dumped a bag of skittles and mints into his cup before stirring it pointedly and taking a deliberately drawn out drink.
“That’s disgusting, dude.”
“It’s delicious.”

ok kids, sleep is v important and we hardly ever get enough of it these days so listen up and jot down some notes.

don’t study while you’re sleepy.

  • go get some shut-eye. a 30 minute nap at most, you’re gonna feel really refreshed, trust me. 
  • if you’re studying late at night. just stop. go sleep. set your alarm at 4am and do your work in the morning. it’s way better to feel energized while you’re studying than feel like a zombie.
  • worst case scenario, you’re desperate for time, go get some coffee, and down it right before you take a 20 minutes nap. once the 20-minute is up, the caffeine will officially enter your system and you’ll be good to go for at least 2 hours.

pay your sleep debt.

  • make up for lost time and hibernate in your bed once you get the chance, especially during the weekends. you’ll be so thankful is2g and you’ll be recharged and rebooted for the next week or so.
  • take every chance and nap whenever you have time on your hands. life is extremely fast-paced and you will be thankful you spent that 1 hour getting some zzz’s instead of scrolling through social media when you get a new assignmemt, trust me.

hit your hours every night

  • whatever you do to make up for the nights you burned the midnight oil, the best way is still to get your much-needed hours of sleep every night. just put down the phone and burrow into your blanket, you won’t be complaining about not getting the chance to stalk taylor swift when you try to hit snooze next morning. [yes i know what y’all are up to every night]
  • sprinkle a bit of lavender essential oil, set the room to the right temperature, wear your most comfortable pj’s, convince yourself that you’ll have the needed energy to face your history assignment when you wake up. stop the nerves and calm yourself so you won’t waste time counting sheep for hours trying to fall asleep.

work before the sun comes out

  • it’s so much better to just go to bed early at night and wake up early in the morning to do work. ditch your 12 - 7 sleep schedule for a new 9 - 4 one. working in the early morning is so much more beneficial and you should at least try it out once or twice to really experience how much better it is.

i know this isn’t really a lot but here’s my mini stash of tips anyway! i hope i’m able to help some of you out! y’all can drop ur requests here and see more of my tips here.

wan ling xx

tomorrow is an important day
or should i say,

its past midnight
the time streetlights
outshine the starlight

yet my mind is so restless

a body in a bed
weighed down by a heavy head
and a soul filled with dread

i should be fast asleep, not counting sheep
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i remember us so vividly that the thought
of me forgetting it
felt as unlikely as you leaving but you did
and i read a poem
i wrote
about you how you felt under my fingers and it brought back memories
i didn’t know had left
so heres another one to remind me
of things like that little smile you gave me
when my eyes were searching your face and our
hearts were in a race
yours won mine over every time
but it was i who felt like the winner
i who swelled with pride when you sucked
in the air sharply
or when you let it out with your laughter
you who warmed my neck with your breath
and let my cold hands touch you
all the way down to your warm heart that
wished me each morning
so brightly it made me
forget the sun existed and although
it took time for my eyes to adjust
to a life without you
ill sometimes look back at us with caution
because to me you were a phenomena;
like a solar eclipse
that i should have known
would pass

Quite scarce with the updates lately, in the last few days I’ve been working on some more assets, combining differend models to make prefabs, and just today started categorizing them by size for the generator. Soon enough I should start with marketing the game more, a trailer some pictures of the game and a website, and start beta testing, but that is for another day

Watch on theroadbacktoboston.tumblr.com

Sitting up late, watching this for Foundations of Communication class…and trying to stay awake. It’s an interesting view of a major event from the past, but I feel a little bit like someone trapped at a family gathering when someone decides to pull out home movies of their once in a lifetime trip to see…people walking around another city?

Nerd (M)

Pairing: You x Yoongi

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut, Hate to love, school AU, badboy/delinquent (not really) AU

Warning: Smut, Language

Length: 13k+ 

!Don’t Repost!

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Kara throwing that Luthor comment at Lena really chaffs me so let’s recap shall we, all the ways that Lena is a ‘Luthor’:

- Lena shot Metallo to save Alex…ooo boy what a cold blooded murderer 

- She built a black body field generator to catch the bad guys….well…she deprived the poor lads of a livelihood, what a bitch

- She switched out the isotopes, saving the entire alien population of National City….I mean, she did cause a big blast in the sky though so you know….the ozone layer and all that

- She called the police on her mother which I mean as a daughter Lena, that’s a bit of a betrayal isn’t it….who cares if your mum tried to commit genocide, that really wasn’t nice of you to turn her in…tsk

- ‘Don’t hurt her!’….who darling? Oh…don’t hurt supergirl? Oh poor thing don’t worry, a Super doesn’t need a Luthor to defend them

- She gave out Roulette’s location which led to the rescue of more….aliens…and I mean come on Lena, giving out your friend’s personal info like that? Not cool…

- Lena burned the midnight oil digging up information on Cadmus’ involvement with the missing alien registry which led to locating the missing aliens but in doing so….she made her assistant work overtime, regardless of the fact that she was a bitch snake who got Lena thrown off of her balcony but you know what Lena….people have personal lives you know? 

- Yikes one of the biggest Luthor moments ever…Lena actually had the audacity to kill Jack, her ex boyfriend who she still had feelings for and who didn’t deserve to die but why did she kill him? Oh oh right…to save Supergirl…hmm…again with the murderous Luthor trait there Lena…maybe you should get that checked…

- Wooo boy and remember when she teamed up with that space bitch to build a Transmatter Portal? Poor sweet summer child thought she was building it to help Rhea get back home and to help Earth with you know…pesky little problems like famine and climate change….oh the audacity

- OH and what about the time she reluctantly agreed to marry the douche of the century simply to save the lives of countless people?? I tell you….this woman really is selfish isn’t she….taking kara’s treasured boyfriend like that…

- And let’s not forget about the time she built a lead bomb to eradicate the alarming Daxamite problem oh oh oh and on top of that, she gave supergirl the remote so only she could turn it on….sighs Lena…a bit of a control freak there aren’t we and let’s not even mention the genocidal tendencies in getting rid of the murderous alien inhabitants…

- How about that time when she bought CatCo to save it from falling into the hands of a vindictive homicidal manic….for 750…million dollars…talk about ruthless and wasteful 

- Lena, come on, willing to take to responsibility for a crime you didn’t commit and worse yet…willing to die to save the chemicals and the population of a city that’s already condemned you?…Girl…those Luthor genes really do shine through don’t they…

- And the icing on the Luthor cake…heh…this girl…literally had the gall…THE GALL…to risk everything to help her friend figure out what’s wrong with her and wanna know the worse bit? When Lena found out that her friend was actually a murderous vigilante alien…she STILL remained supportive, caring and compassionate…I mean really….did I mention she was a Luthor? 

- And let’s not even mention how understanding and honest she is with her friends cause Lena wanting to have a name for herself outside of her family? Well. That’s just bloody rude. 

Actually you know what? Yup, after all of that….yeah Kara I totally see where you’re coming from, Lena is a Luthor after all…how stupid of me to think otherwise. She’s worse than her mother, a Lex 2.0 if you will. Can’t trust her at all nope. 

No Trespassing (M)

☁️ You had been burying your head into countless piles of thick, heavy books, study notes and recorded video lectures during the past two weeks of study week. You had not given yourself a breather since the first day, and you couldn’t recall the last time you stepped out of your dorm room other than to get late night snacks from the campus convenience store to keep you company during those long dreadful hours of burning midnight oil. Too caught up in your studying, a certain blonde decided to pay a little visit because his baby girl has been ignoring him far too long.

Pairing: AHS! Michael Langdon x Reader

Genre: romance, fluff, slice of life, university! au

Warnings: smut, orgasm, dirty talk, fingering

Note: Starting the month spicy, shall we? I wanted to write something unrelated to the apocalypse universe. I had a sudden urge to write about Michael being a Uni student, and being a normal person with needs, lol. This is a little treat for all of you while the next chapter of TTAL comes out soon. I totally understand how hard it is to write. I’ve been writing his imagine for days now and its finally completed. I apologize for the bad smut because it was too cringy for me and it was my first time. Idk if I used the word for the title correctly also, lol. ;)

Word Count: 3900 words

There were only sounds of crickets chirping away, low whistling of the wind, breezing through the cold night, and the occasional chatter of students that echoed through the hallway of the dorm, probably coming back from those frat house parties those jocks throw once a while when the weekend comes along. Random thuds knocked on the walls accompanied by clumsy footsteps. It was too obvious that a girl living in the dorm building was bringing her catch for the night. The walls were thick, but not thick enough to blocked off the sounds that came from the rooms of the building.

While other students were busy partying, getting their asses drunk and getting laid, you were busy typing away on your laptop, reading words of her study notes while trying to memorise them all at the same time. Your hair was up in a bun while you wore black sweatpants with a matching coloured hoodie with the school’s football team logo on the front, ‘Go Red Devils!’.

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  • START WORK EARLY. to avoid last minute panic moments the night before the exam with you screaming at the prospect of failing, start revision early, as early as a month or two before. Even if you really don’t feel in the mood to do exam revision, ensure all your notes are completed so that when you’re ready to start work, you’ve already got all your materials ready and you ready to DO IT
  • MAKE A TIMETABLE. If you’ve already got your exam schedule, plan out your study schedule and decide when, and for how long you’ll study on each subject. That’s so you’ll know exactly how much time you’ve got to study for each subject. This way, you don’t end up not having enough time for a certain subject.


  • SLEEP TRACKER. We all want to stay up to finish that last stack of notes but sleep is crucial so that you have enough energy the next day to listen to lessons and do more work productively. A lack of sleep could really bring down performance levels and you’ll realise that more sleep would do you more good. Track your sleep to keep yourself in check on hours slept.
  • WATER TRACKER. Stay healthy! Drinking water would ensure you don’t fall sick during these crucial weeks. Water during periods of times you’re feeling tired while studying is also a healthy way of waking you help (because you don’t really want to consume that much coffee do you)
  • SLEEP EARLY, WAKE UP EARLIER. Don’t burn the midnight oil trying to finish whatever you’re supposed to be doing - you’ll seriously mess up your sleep schedule. Instead, try sleeping earlier and waking up the next morning an hour or two earlier. This increases your rate of productivity since you’ll feel more refreshed and awake in the morning instead  of like a zombie in the dead of night.
  • NAPS. Even if you feel like you have a lot of things you need to complete, a short 20 minute power nap would help re-energize you and really help to speed up your productivity rate.Try not to sleep for too long as you may not feel as energized.
  • STRESS RELIEF. Stress is good to motivate you sometimes but too much stress is always bad for your body and may even cause you to blank out during exams. Read our other post x for stress relief methods.


  • ONLINE APPS. Apps like FocusNow and Forest are great for ensuring that you don’t touch your phone while you’re studying. 
  • STUDYING WITH A FRIEND. Studying with a friend, whether it be in real life or through Skype and such, helps to motivate both of you to study, keeps both of you in check and allows you to do things like testing each other or asking each other questions easily. However, make sure that the friend you are studying with is intent on focusing too so that you don’t end up being very distracted instead and getting no work done.
  • STUDYING ALONE OUTSIDE. Strangers possibly noticing what you are doing could pressurise you to study instead of slack.


  • IT’S REVISION NOTES, NOT MEMORISATION NOTES. While a last minute refresh of what you’ve already learnt is good, overloading your brain with new content at the very last minute isn’t the way to go around doing your exams.
  • MINDMAPS. Can be very helpful for those more inclined towards visual learning.
  • ONLINE APPS. These are very handy for easy and convenient revision . Quizlet is a great way to study things like formulas or words.
  • UNDERSTAND THE INFORMATION BEFORE WRITING DOWN. Fully digest what your text is about before rephrasing it into your own way instead of copying and pasting the important chunks
  • COLOURS. Use different colours to differentiate different portions of your notes (e.g. POS VS NEG). However, please don’t go nuts on the colours because everything would just be really confusing 

good luck and all the best for everyone with exams coming up! exams really suck but they’ll all be over soon!

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