⚙️🦑Giant Mechanical Squid 🦑⚙️
Mechateuthis is a mechanical giant squid named after “megateuthis”, the largest squid species. It’s arms, tentacles, beak, eye pupils, and mantle fins are driven by 8 hand cranks. Each crank controls a different motion. This imaginative use of steel was made possible by mechanical artist Barry Crawford with the help of a grant from Burning Man Arts & a successful GoFundMe campaign. Barry’s mechanical squid premiered at Burning Man 2015 and now part of Bay Area Maker Faire 2016. What do you think Nation??? 🥇❤️⚙️
🎨: CrawfordMetalWorks.com

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Tara Mechani by Dana Albany

“Tara Mechani is a 15-foot tall metal figurative sculpture that fuses subtle references of the female Buddha Tara with future characteristics of the female robot. The idea is to create a “being” that encompasses both the past and future, melding worlds of ancient wisdom ideology with future mechanics and technology.”

 Photographer unknown