Mother Love by Philip Tong
Via Flickr:
Lullaby Land
Forest Lawn Memorial Park
Burnaby, British Columbia

Hey y'all! Do you wanna be in the world’s shittiest punk band?? My and some friends are trying to start a project but we have no guitarist. We literally have no standards, but here are some requirements. Must be between the ages of 16-21, must own a guitar but no experience required, must live in the lower mainland of BC, must be queer. We’re Honestly a massive joke of a group (if you can even call us that), we have zero experience with any of our instruments, and we just want to have some fun. So if you’re interested let me know!! If you want or need any other details feel free to comment or message me


Most of you probably don’t know about this issue going on in Burnaby, British Columbia. Some of you probably don’t care, because why would you? With issues such as Ferguson out there, I could see why you wouldn’t find this important, but please spread the word. Kinder Morgan, a huge fossil fuel company wants to put a pipe line right through my hometown and in the process, destroy a lot of valuable natural ecosystem. BC is know for it’s beautiful and pristine rain forests, but companies like Kinder Morgan don’t give a flying shit about the natural ecology that we rely on to survive. This pipeline has been outright refused by the public, but our government doesn’t care that we as their body of citizens don’t want a giant fucking dangerous pipeline running through our backyards with the potential to cause millions of dollars in irreversible damage to the environment. All they care about is the bloody market and how much cash it will put in their wallets. AND since a treaty has NEVER BEEN SIGNED by the native people’s it belongs to, technically they are the only ones with the right to sell the land and they have final say on what goes on there. But the government, who gives not one single fuck about the opinion of the people who HAVE RIGHTS TO THE LAND, pretty much just said “Screw you, we doin’ what we wanna do. Oh you want to peacefully protest something dangerous you never agreed to, well how about a pair of handcuffs to go with your treehugging attitude you green ass punks.” Even DAVID SUZUKI has come to protest what’s going on, so you know that this is some serious shit. This is a video that David’s grandson made after he was PULLED OVER THE POLICE LINE AND ARRESTED during a speech. I know I’m swearing a lot, and that’s because I am angry. Angry and appalled at our government and police force for being so totalitarian. You may be laughing at our treehugging attitudes now, but who cares about the market when our fresh water, soil and land are destroyed because you wanted to make a few bucks?? Anyway, if you made it to the end of this rant I applaud you, please share this video. Please get the word out. Please help us stop Kinder-Morgan.

Got kinda crafty and made these. I haven’t figured out how to sell things online and ship things yet, so I’m selling these locally. If anyone on here is from the general Vancouver (Canada) area and is interested in any of these or know anyone who is, hit me up! :D