Does it ever seriously PISS YOU OFF just how much free content, free advertising, and free publicity we gave The loo before 307? For example, @posterheda made these INCREDIBLE episode posters, free of charge, which Jasshole and Co retweeted and posted all over the place, all the while knowing they were planning to do us like that. Like, we were so EXCITED, so HAPPY, so fucking EAGER TO PLEASE, and they took it all from us gladly, KNOWING that they were going to rip our hearts out of our chests and walk away.

Whenever I find myself in danger of forgetting why The loo needs to burn, I remember shit like this and I’m like, OH RIGHT.

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Curious as to your thoughts on how someone who has written a show that is so moral and really cantered on being a good person can be such a horrible dick in real life (Mark schwahn). I think about the director they hire for Lucas' film in season 6 who just wants to have sex with the actress paying Peyton and I just think... was this some kind of joke??!

There’s such thing as being an evil genius, you know?

Mark Schwahn being a disgusting pig in his personal and everyday life doesn’t automatically erase the fact that he’s a TV writing mastermind. I wish we could take that from him, because he doesn’t deserve the talent he’s been given but, that’s just not how it works. Mark saw what the public wanted, saw what television needed (after the ending of Dawsons, the popularity of GG, etc) and created the world of Tree Hill. 

I’m a pretty quirky, yet wholesome gal. But if you asked me to write a dark, sick twisted mind thriller, or a story about a serial killer, I could. Doesn’t make me sick, twisted or a murderer- it just makes me a good (I hope) writer. Creatively we can tap into different perspectives and mindsets in order to formulate worlds that are different from ours. It’s what sparks us to write in the first place, our imaginations forcing us to get all that mumbo jumbo make believe out into the world somehow. That’s what Mark did. 

And yea, you look back and you see signs of Marks personal motivations underlying in the plots: James Van Der Beeks character, or what about Fake!Derek, or creepy ass Xavier. Think about those characters, especially the latter two, and consider how well crafted the were. I wonder why. Sends chills down my spine. 

But, as I’ve said before, at the end of the day, One Tree Hill wasn’t just Mark Schwann. It was Joe Davola, the rest of the staff writers, the entire crew, countless directors and all of the actors, too. All of those people brought Tree Hill to life for us and that shouldn’t be erased just because Mark is a horrifically damaged and sick individual. One Tree Hill will always be one of my favorite shows and it will always be special to me and it will always be something that got me through a lot of hard times and that’s thanks everyone involved that kept pushing on in an uncomfortable environment just to bring it’s audience something good and safe.