Burlesque Dancer

Randomly decided to do this month’s Character Design Challenge have a pearlesque burlesque dancer.


This is a 3D mixed media piece I created for an art show a month ago.

This beautiful tentacled creature has her mascara-ed eyelash and lipstick on just for you while she burlesques her way into your heart (or into your pants? …. Or your skull…?). I lovingly call her “Peep Show.”

She consists of glass, wood, plastic, paint, feathers, and slate. There are 30+ eyes, 30+ feathers, a slate base, and a (facsimile) diseased human skull. All eyes are hand-painted. She is 30" tall, 30" long, 9" wide.

She is for sale and if you’re interested, I can list her on Etsy. I am bringing her to The Boneyard Market next week so speak now! PM me.

New entry for this month’s Character Design Challenge, themed Burlesque Dancer. Here’s Mila Ninette Royale (the last name is in honor of a drag queen who participated to “RuPaul’s Drag Race” season 4, Latrice Royale, who I admire). I decided to give more importance to the costume, hairstyle and make-up than to the general composition.

my burlesque dancer girlfriend who looks likes ramona flowers takes off my punk adventure time shirt and my cool jeans, my cool siracha underpants showing right below my chest hair, which i shaved so it looks like dark vader from star warps. my burlesque dancer girlfriend kisses my cool beard which i condition with siracha hot sauce and organic mousse from trader joes. were cool and indie and this is what indie sex is like.