“For primer, I use L’Oreal Revitalift Mircale Blur; it’s life a life-changing drugstore product with SPF 30. My favorite concealer is Cle de Peau; it’s totally worth the splurge. For powder, I use the M.A.C. Mineralize Skinfinish. I use my own red lipstick from my Art Deco line hat is out in Germany. It’s the one I wear the most. But it’s going away in June, so I’ll probably start using more of the Dior Rouge Dole Vita and Diorific Roulette Red. I also really like the M.A.C. Cherry lip pencil.”

“For liquid eyeliner, I use Blacktrack from M.A.C. or Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner. I fill my brows in with black powder. Then I love Diorshow Mascara, and I use Givenchy Phenomenon Eyes Mascara with the ball on the end, but just on my bottom lashes.” 

for those of you that may have been wondering. 


Women in Burlesque and Pinup Spam

The Chinese have invented just about everything, including the strip tease, says the Pekinese film star, Li Ling Ai.

Li Ling Ai, a visitor here, said in an interview that just as the Chinese invented gunpowder, but used it for firecrackers instead of weapons, they invented the strip tease — “but as an art instead of vulgar entertainment.”

“The essence of Chinese art is illusion. The Chinese strip dancer combines suggestion with extreme delicacy. She removes her clothing layer by layer, intriguingly, but never reaches the final shock of complete nudity. She ends her dance — artistically — in black lace underwear.

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