Shooting video - Part II

This is the second and last part of shooting our video. 

Yesterday we went to Dubai to get the video shooting thing done.  First we stopped at the Dubai mall.  It’s actually where we did most of the shooting.

The first thing we did was book tickets to go to the Top of Burj Khalifa.

The place was very crowded, mostly with foreigners. It was 12:00 PM

I saw those cute couples at the top of Burj Khalifa, they were looking down at the buildings.  the thing they’re watching through can show you the spot you choose to see in the present and how it was in the past.  You’d be surprised if you saw the difference, it’s such a huge development.   

Here how it looks like from the top.  Amazing Dubai <3

Spot the shadow of Burj Khalifa!

After that we went to have lunch, and then we walked around the mall.  We passed by the aquarium, which is my favourite part of the Dubai Mall!

Other shots around Dubai. 

Emirates Towers.

Burj Al Arab.

It was a lovely trip and I’m glad we’re done with shooting the video.  I might share it with you later!