Trip Blips 13, 09 June 2012.

Another rainy day in Melbourne, but much wetter today unfortunately; but Sunday is supposed to have a nicer forecast, if it stays that way, oh you know Melbourne Weather.

In the essence of Trip Blip, I’ll let the pictures do the talking, and reduce the amount I have to write more on this phone’s touchscreen, and keep analysis for “Trip Blops”.

Today I first visited Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio on Chapel Street in South Yarra, picked up a Mango, Milk Chocolate, Ginger Cake for $9, portion size is huge compared to Chez Dré, and a packet of White Chocolate Rubble with freeze-dried strawberries and mint which is about 150g for $11. Oh and that “Where Science meets Sweetness.” sign on the wall, oorrrrhhhh made me all warm and gooey inside.

After B&P, I hoped over to LuxBite on Toorak Road. There I had as my first bite of the day, their weekly special Ciabatta of the Day for $12. Since I forgot to take a photo, I’ll describe this mouthgasm of a sandwich; crispy freshly toasted and buttered ciabatta, pulled pork, mildly spiced miso mayo, shredded Chinese cabbage, chopped pickled carrot, and sliced spring onion. With a filling to bread volume ratio of 1.5:1; hot, crisp made to order bread, I stopped caring that it costs double your average retail sandwich after the first bite, it’s that good!
I chose a Caramel Craving to have there at LuxBite for $7.50, then picked up an Endless Love for $8.50 to drag back to my lair to nibble on. The Endless Love clearly labelled as inspired by Pierre Hermé’s Ispahan, which is rose, lychee, and raspberry flavour pairing.

Since the gloomy weather discouraged any attempts to roam the Royal Botanic Gardens, it’s off to Smith Street to check out some bakeries there. Only one caught my eye enough to enter, Pastry Art Design; besides drowning their products in icing sugar, their viennoiserie section looked good; entremets and tarts a little clumsy, but “flavour-aroma first, texture second” is my modus operandi. I picked up a large Pain au Chocolat for $3.50 and large Almond Croissant for $3.90 from a bored-looking sales assistant. Their almond croissant is better at 5 pm when I eventually tucked into it than that sad sack of shit effort from The French Quarter in the morning, their chocolate croissant… meh.

Apparently I own a shop on Smith Street, it’s a butcher shop.

After getting lost trying to get to Babka Bakery on Brunswick Street, I ended up in Edinburgh Gardens [Reserve]. It was a little unsettling at first being so quiet in suburbia after half a week in the inner metro, even the city gardens and parks are surrounded with the drone of traffic, the constant swish of car tyres in the rain, the squeal and rumbling of trams. I could still see the skyscrapers less than five kilometres away, but it’s quiet.

Babka Bakery, I don’t know, it seems people go there for coffee and the heater rather than the cakes, hmm…

After Burch & Purchese, LuxBite, and le Petit Gateau; that marks the end of my unannounced scouting to must go patisseries in Melbourne. Sugar Dough is tickling my fancy, time permitting; please don’t disappoint me.

That was today so far; time to seek out dinner locally, since everyday I lack any motivation to travel into the CBD for supper. I better end this Trip Blip before the Vietnamese, Italian, or Malaysian restaurant I was thinking of checking out close. Heaven forbid I have to crawl back to Nando on Victoria Street, 500 metres south south east of the hostel; I might rather go hungry than go into my first McDonalds in over six years if the chicken place closes too.

Edited: 09 June 2012, AEST 2245. Typos and grammar.