Food adventure @ Burch & Purchese

After a very filling brunch, Jma and I had enough space in our tummies to fit in just a little more food. Seeing as we were only two blocks away, we decided to fill in the remaining space with a sweet treat from Burch & Purchese. As a true gem in the dessert industry, there is quite a bit of hype surrounding the desserts that carry the B&P name and I was super excited about finally getting my hands on some. 

Behind the white-bricked exterior lies a world of magnificent creations and practically all things sweet. 

Lickable and edible Alice in Wonderland canvas. Hmmm, I can’t imagine eating such a work of art… 

Touted as a dessert studio, there is much to see. From the displays that capture the chef’s ingenuity and creativity to the glimpses of the hard workers in the kitchen area. You could even say that the B&P experience was sort of like visiting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Minus the creepy-looking Oompa Loompas… 

Note: If you look very closely at the photo on the right in the back corner, you’ll be able to spot Kylie Millar, a contestant who made it to the top 6 of the 2012 season of MasterChef, working her magic. It was difficult to discern which was more exciting: meeting Kylie or getting to try some B&P desserts. To say I was starstruck is an understatement!  

Just a few of the items that customers can purchase: jams, chocolates, cake pops, cakes and smaller servings of desserts such as mousses and eclairs. Although at B&P, a mousse isn’t just a mousse. The eclairs aren’t just the eclairs… All their desserts seem to feature a few twists and turns; tweaks that make the desserts all the more special. 

Now this is what I call red velvet. Yum! This would have ended up in my tummy but I had already chosen another dessert. Oh well, it looks like another visit to B&P is in order! 

Complimentary samples: Mango mousse on a coconut sponge. 

The mango and coconut combination is often celebrated in Asian desserts and so that’s where my mind was transported as soon as I took one bite. The sponge possessed coconut pieces and resulted in a rougher texture that contrasted with the delightfully fluffy mango mousse. Light, not overly sweet and very enjoyable. 

Even their takeaway packaging seemed to be on a level of their own! 

J.ma and I each selected one dessert to take away, which is the only option since there are no seats within the establishment. For most of you who can’t wait to tuck into your purchases, like us, there is a food court area located right across the road at the plaza. 

Explosive milk chocolate & raspberry - milk chocolate and raspberry mousse, exaggerated raspberry cream, milk chocolate Sacher sponge, fresh raspberry compote, chocolate royal biscuit, raspberry marshmallow, chocolate coated pop rocks and mirror chocolate glaze. 

When I first laid eyes on this dessert, I was wowed by the layers and elements. When I next laid eyes on the description (somewhat like a list of ingredients), the wow factor became magnified. The ball of velvety smooth mousse was made of the finest chocolate with a slight twinge of bitterness. After digging deeper into the layers, a pop rock sensation along with a mash up of strawberry marshmallowy mousse, powdery chocolate and sour-sweet berry was encountered. Every bite was an adventure, with the fun nearing an end when the spoon hits the bottom of the plastic cup. 

Salted caramel & chocolate eclair - chocolate choux pastry, salted caramel cream, dark chocolate and gold crusted Murray River sea salt. 

I was bracing myself for the overwhelming sweetness that comes hand in hand with caramel but it never came. The saltiness of the cream instead replaced the usual sweetness. Even lacking its usual sweetness, the caramel still dominated the overall dessert. The chocolate presence seemed to pale in comparison! The cream was surprisingly light and creamy, as though magic was used to convert the caramel to a cream form! 

A visit to B&P has been a year in the making, resulting in much anticipation and excitement leading up to this visit. And despite the high expectations, there was no disappointment. Given the number of desserts that I didn’t get to try and the frequently changing menu, a future visit is imminent. Make that plural. 

Burch & Purchese

647 Chapel St,

South Yarra, Victoria, 3141. 

(03) 9827 7060



Trip Blips 13, 09 June 2012.

Another rainy day in Melbourne, but much wetter today unfortunately; but Sunday is supposed to have a nicer forecast, if it stays that way, oh you know Melbourne Weather.

In the essence of Trip Blip, I’ll let the pictures do the talking, and reduce the amount I have to write more on this phone’s touchscreen, and keep analysis for “Trip Blops”.

Today I first visited Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio on Chapel Street in South Yarra, picked up a Mango, Milk Chocolate, Ginger Cake for $9, portion size is huge compared to Chez Dré, and a packet of White Chocolate Rubble with freeze-dried strawberries and mint which is about 150g for $11. Oh and that “Where Science meets Sweetness.” sign on the wall, oorrrrhhhh made me all warm and gooey inside.

After B&P, I hoped over to LuxBite on Toorak Road. There I had as my first bite of the day, their weekly special Ciabatta of the Day for $12. Since I forgot to take a photo, I’ll describe this mouthgasm of a sandwich; crispy freshly toasted and buttered ciabatta, pulled pork, mildly spiced miso mayo, shredded Chinese cabbage, chopped pickled carrot, and sliced spring onion. With a filling to bread volume ratio of 1.5:1; hot, crisp made to order bread, I stopped caring that it costs double your average retail sandwich after the first bite, it’s that good!
I chose a Caramel Craving to have there at LuxBite for $7.50, then picked up an Endless Love for $8.50 to drag back to my lair to nibble on. The Endless Love clearly labelled as inspired by Pierre Hermé’s Ispahan, which is rose, lychee, and raspberry flavour pairing.

Since the gloomy weather discouraged any attempts to roam the Royal Botanic Gardens, it’s off to Smith Street to check out some bakeries there. Only one caught my eye enough to enter, Pastry Art Design; besides drowning their products in icing sugar, their viennoiserie section looked good; entremets and tarts a little clumsy, but “flavour-aroma first, texture second” is my modus operandi. I picked up a large Pain au Chocolat for $3.50 and large Almond Croissant for $3.90 from a bored-looking sales assistant. Their almond croissant is better at 5 pm when I eventually tucked into it than that sad sack of shit effort from The French Quarter in the morning, their chocolate croissant… meh.

Apparently I own a shop on Smith Street, it’s a butcher shop.

After getting lost trying to get to Babka Bakery on Brunswick Street, I ended up in Edinburgh Gardens [Reserve]. It was a little unsettling at first being so quiet in suburbia after half a week in the inner metro, even the city gardens and parks are surrounded with the drone of traffic, the constant swish of car tyres in the rain, the squeal and rumbling of trams. I could still see the skyscrapers less than five kilometres away, but it’s quiet.

Babka Bakery, I don’t know, it seems people go there for coffee and the heater rather than the cakes, hmm…

After Burch & Purchese, LuxBite, and le Petit Gateau; that marks the end of my unannounced scouting to must go patisseries in Melbourne. Sugar Dough is tickling my fancy, time permitting; please don’t disappoint me.

That was today so far; time to seek out dinner locally, since everyday I lack any motivation to travel into the CBD for supper. I better end this Trip Blip before the Vietnamese, Italian, or Malaysian restaurant I was thinking of checking out close. Heaven forbid I have to crawl back to Nando on Victoria Street, 500 metres south south east of the hostel; I might rather go hungry than go into my first McDonalds in over six years if the chicken place closes too.

Edited: 09 June 2012, AEST 2245. Typos and grammar.

Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio; South Yarra

Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio

647 Chapel Street

South Yarra

explosive raspberry milk chocolate // coconut, passionfruit, ginger & mint // smoked white chocolate, aniseed & coffee

Always making for such a gorgeous treat, that popcorn honeycomb chocolate rubble is the wicked little tack on to my purchases. Those cakes, each one always an absolute pleasure.

Melbourne: Day 2

Woke up at about 7:30am. We’d found a voucher for free light breakfast at our hotel for each day of stay on TripAdvisor, so we could eat toast with Vegemite/butter/jam/marmalade or cereal for free yay (normally costs a rip-off $8).

We watched some Foxtel etc then walked about 10 minutes to Queen Victoria Markets. Bought a jam donut from a famous donut van that’s been there since the 50s. Delicious, but sadly I don’t think there’s any donut shops in Sydney besides the commercial chains :(


The outdoors part of the market reminded me of a more spaced-out version of Flemington Markets, with a more relaxed atmosphere. There was a cooking goods stall with a baking dish on sale for $6 that I considered but it’s good that I didn’t buy it because I wouldn’t have ended up having enough luggage space anyway. My cousin bought some pop-up cards, same as the ones in the Galeries Victoria but they were each $2 cheaper at the markets! 

We went to the deli section of the market next, which had all sorts of artisan confectioners, gourmet cheeses, gourmet sausages etc. I bought a bratwurst roll with fried onion and sauerkraut from the bratwurst shop, which was pretty yummy. We spent some time in the butchers section, which had cool meats etc but we weren’t going to buy any so we left quickly.

We caught a tram into the CBD and went shopping along Bourke St. I would liken Bourke St to our Pitt St, and Collins St to George St. The shops along Bourke St were basically the same as the ones in Sydney, although the Myer had a really awesome animated Christmas window display with a storyline about some guy called Russell and there was a queue to see it. We popped into Myer for a bit and they had the Marc by Marc Jacobs watch I wanted in stock (out of stock in Sydney afaik) but strangely, I tried it on again and didn’t love it as much as I remembered the first time so I didn’t buy it. I did buy a blue blazer on sale from Forever New though (since I didn’t already have a coloured blazer), which I wore throughout the rest of the day hehe. 

My cousin hadn’t eaten lunch yet so we went to Don Don, a cheap Japanese takeaway place where she ordered a teriyaki-don. She couldn’t finish it so I had to gracefully assist her, and yeah it was pretty yummy :P

We caught a bus from Melbourne Central to South Yarra to visit Chapel St, although we missed Chapel St by one stop and had to walk back to it lol. Our first stop was Burch & Purchese, a confectionery store I’ve wanted to visit ever since I saw their Carnival-themed dessert years ago on Masterchef. We got free samples (their chocolate rubble with popcorn and honeycomb was deliciousss) and a taste test of all their jams (since my cousin wanted to buy some). I ended up buying a jar of salted caramel for a Christmas present, and my cousin bought strawberry and rose petal jam, salted caramel & chocolate spread and chocolate & hazelnut spread lol. We also came back after we finished shopping to buy a coconut, mint and ginger cake.


Then, we walked along Chapel St until we hit the shopping precinct. It’s a nice mix of shops with designer and chain stores side-by-side. My cousin bought a pair of heels from Forever New for $10 (Forever New had 50% off already-reduced items so I think we visited about 5 Forever New stores in Melbourne all up loll). I showed remarkable self-restraint and did not purchase anything haha. The jars we were carrying were fairly heavy so we went back to our hotel. On the way there, Sonya and Daisy called and told me to come to Chadstone (giant shopping centre) but my cousin and I kinda ceebsed travelling that far and we were meeting up with them for dinner anyway so we decided not to.

Chilled in hotel room for a bit and ate the cake. We ate all the different little components (e.g. passionfruit jelly) separately first, then mixed everything together and ate it. Delicious :)



Then we went via tram to Harbour Town, an outlet shopping centre. Bought a scarf from the Valleygirl outlet and browsed at the Forever New there, but in general, I thought the shopping centre was a bit crap and it was rather dead when we went. I wouldn’t recommend a visit there unless you have nothing else to do (DFO South Wharf is way more amazing). Then we walked around Docklands (which is kind of like Melbourne’s inferior version of Darling Harbour lol), which was nice and scenic. Got jealous of this group eating a three-tier seafood platter in a waterfront restaurant.




Anyway we were supposed to meet up for dinner with Sonya and Daisy at about 8pm but they pushed it back to 9pm (shopaholics were still at Chadstone and running late hehehee) so my cousin and I headed back to the city to try find a place to eat. The Melbourne Town Hall had a really pretty Christmas-themed light display, sort of like Vivid Sydney.


Anyway, it turned out that Sonya and Daisy were going to be really late (I think they came at around 9.30pm). All the restaurants were closing up/ only open for the bar, and my cousin and I were getting a bit desperate in finding a place that would open late for dining (we’d been rejected by 4-5 places lol :( ). I sat down as soon as I found a place that would take us in - La Citta in Degraves St. Degraves St is a dark cobblestone alleyway that has a really cool atmosphere at night, but I was a bit worried about eating at La Citta because it didn’t seem as busy as the other restaurants, the prices were a little high (~$30 for a main) and I had no idea if it was actually good or not (because I like checking reviews of a place up beforehand before eating at it).

But it doesn’t matter because the restaurant turned out to be great. I ordered a tapas of fried eggplant to start us off as we were waiting for Sonya + Daisy, then when they came we ordered gnocchi with beef ragu, risotto with Moreton Bay Bugs, fried calamari salad, triple-cooked chips and a king prawn tapas to share between the four of us. The service was amazing, seriously one of the nicest waitresses I’ve ever had. 




The food was pretty nice - I really loved the gnocchi even if my cousin thought it wasn’t that authentic. Had a good dinner, including laughing at Sonya when she tried to speak French and said ‘Si’ (which is Italian loooool). The eggplant hadn’t come out by now so I asked the waitress about it, and it turned out they had forgotten about it, but they gave it to us and took it off the bill (when I seriously did not think they had to)! Meal turned out to be ~$25/pp but we left a small tip because the service was good and well, why not since we got free eggplant fries. 

We wandered around for a while then ended up sharing a bottle of Riesling at Public Bar (classy haha). 


Afterwards, headed back towards Flinders St Station to catch our tram. We were at the pedestrian crossing next to our tram stop (with a red light for the crossing) when we saw our tram leave. Checked the timetable and it turned out the one that had left was the last tram for the night. So my cousin and I decided to catch a train, which was due in 5 minutes. We went through open ticket barriers and through this tunnel, but then realised at the end that it was locked off and we couldn’t access the platform. By this time, we knew we might not make it so we ran back to the front of the tunnel and down to the main Flinders St station entrance and ran up the platform stairs to find the train leaving :(. We were really lucky though because the train on the next platform also went to our stop. After we got off at our station (North Melbourne), the guy closed off the escalators so I’m pretty sure we succeeded in catching the last train which is good because otherwise we would have had to taxi it. Anyway, walked about 10 minutes to our hotel and Foxtelled then slept haha. 

Food Bucket List!
  • A La Folie Patisserie 
  • Breakfast Thieves
  • Brother Nancy
  • Burch and Purchese
  • Burger Boys
  • Cafe Cui
  • Cafe Domain
  • ChanGo
  • Chiba Japanese Resturant
  • Chow City Melbourne
  • Coin Laundry
  • Common Galaxia
  • Cutler and Co.
  • Emporio Della Pasta
  • Ezard
  • Frank and Ginger
  • Fukuryu Ramen Australia
  • Golden Monkey
  • Gorilla Grill
  • Gyoza Gyoza
  • Hakata Gensuke
  • Hammer & Tong 412
  • Hanabishi
  • Hard Pressed
  • Healthy Self Co.
  • Hey Jude Cafe
  • Hinoki Japanese Pantry
  • Hunky Dory
  • Hutong Dumpling Bar
  • Industry Beans 
  • Journey Man
  • Jerry’s Burgers and Shakes 
  • Jinda Thai Restaurant
  • Kobe Jones Teppanyaki
  • Kum Den Bar and Restaurant
  • Ichi Ichi Ku Izakaya
  • La Camera Southgate
  • Little Ramen Bar
  • Luxbite
  • Miss Chu Tuckshop
  • Misty Diner
  • Mr. Hendick’s Cafe
  • Mr. Burger
  • Mork Chocolate
  • New York Minute
  • Nobu
  • Pillar of Salt
  • Pope Joan’s
  • Red Silk
  • Ribs and Burgers
  • Rise Buffet
  • Station Hotel
  • Seddon Deadly Sins Cafe
  • Serotonin: Eatery, Exercise + Education
  • Shortstop Coffee and Donuts
  • Snag Stand
  • Tall Timber
  • The Dessert Box
  • The Dude Food Man
  • The Grain Store
  • The Kettle Black
  • The Meat & Wine Co.
  • The Nutrition Bar
  • Tofu Shop International
  • Top Paddock
  • Touchwood
  • Tuckshop Takeaway
  • Universal Italian Restaurant
  • Vegie Bar
  • Ziggy’s Balaclava   
  • 45 Degrees Pizza


  • Bad Boys Melb
  • Footscray Milking Station
  • Mick’s Place
  • Operator25
  • Oppa Kitchen
  • Taxi Kitchen
  • The Hardware Societe 
  • The Merrywell Burger Bar
  • Wonderbao
  • 8BIT