Our little baby goat, Finn, bouncing around the house lol #finn #finnthegoat #babyhoat #goatkid #goat #bunnyhop #toocute

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Imagine the ZPD is having like a formal dance for their officers. Judy is really excited about going, Nick not so much. So Judy starts pestering him as to why, and ends up thinking it’s because he can’t dance. Nick says nothing of this, but tells her if she wants to go so badly, she Can go by herself. She does, and at first she’s having a good time. But later starts feeling a bit anxious about how no one really seems to be relaxed at this affair/they’re all putting on airs. Later Nick shows up, in suit and tie, and explains that’s why he hates formal functions like this (because animals put on airs); but that he can in fact dance. And leads her in dances like the Foxtrot ;-), the Waltz, etc., just to make a point. Judy’s impressed, but now that she’s comfortable with Nick there, she eventually leads everyone in the Bunny-hop. ;-) (This only slightly surprises Nick, but he ends up having a great time too. He came bc he didn’t like her there by herself).