Rise of Iron:

Destiny’s next expansion is called Rise of Iron, according to leaked marketing materials that popped up on Reddit tonight. The expansion, which is expected in September, should be officially revealed at E3.

Two sources familiar with Bungie confirmed the authenticity of this poster to Kotaku tonight.

The Rise of Iron expansion will feature a new raid (likely Fallen-themed) and will be larger than the two year-one DLC packs, according to a source. (Of course, as The Taken King showed us, the amount and scale of content in a Destiny expansion can vary wildly and it may not be fair to compare this to previous DLC.) It’s not clear how this expansion is related to Destiny’s regular Iron Banner PVP event, but that appears to be Iron Banner maestro Lord Saladin brandishing a Axe in the poster.

Rise of Iron’s raid is based loosely on the raid that was cut from last year’s House of Wolves DLC, according to sources. At one point Bungie had planned to launch it in April, but it was delayed a while back.

How much of this information will be determined as, true will be clear come E3.