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I’ve waiting this moment a year. When I was noob, no friend, dunno what to do so leave the Destiny a while and visit game again before event closing 30 mit. So when I ready to buy new emote & box to charge Silver, it all end lol Too sad can’t get Ghost Ghost but at least now I got zombie dance haha

Tiny Box of Raisins Side Quest

Eris is now the Celery Lady.

To Start this quest you need a Tiny Box of Raisins. You get this from the beginning quest of FOTL from Eva Levante. Eris Morn will then give you a Tiny Box of Raisins instead of Candy like everyone else.

Take the “Tiny Box of Raisins” to The Speaker. He will let you combine the “Tiny Box of Raisins” and 25 Motes to make “Ascendant Raisins.” (This step can be skipped if you already had a Ascendant Raisins because you kept your old “Tiny Box of Raisins” from last year).

Take the “Ascendant Raisins” to Zavala and he will let you trade it for “Salted Sweets.”

Take the “Salted Sweets” to Master Rahool (Cryptarch) and he will let you trade it for “Winged Chew.”

Take the “Winged Chew” to Amanda Holiday and she will let you trade them for “Splice Drops.”

Take the “Splice Drops” to Cayde-6 and he will let you trade them for “Unchocolate.”

Take the “Unchocolate” to Eris Morn and she will give you a “Bag of Treats.”

Open the “Bag of Treats” and receive your new “Superblack” Shader and your delicious “Piece of Celery.”


Destiny poster series capturing the final moments of each raid. Don’t forget to find these in the Bungie Day Contest and give them a vote!

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