Bundy Ranch

Surprise! Cliven Bundy, Conservatives' Newest Hero, is a Huge Gigantic Racist

Have your heard about Cliven Bundy? No? Why he’s only America’s newest patriot! Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, and right wingers of all types are going goo-goo over Mr. Bundy and his Bundy Ranch. Let me give you a little summary.

Cliven Bundy, like most good white right wingers, is a moocher. As a rancher in the great state of Nevada, Cliven Bundy let’s his cattle graze on public land. To use this land, the law requires ranchers to pay a grazing fee to the federal government, you know, just like you’d pay rent if you were using a piece of private land. The only problem is, in Cliven Bundy’s own words, Mr. Bundy does not “recognize the United States government as existing” and has refused to pay the fees associated with grazing cattle on public land for decades. He now owes the U.S. government around $1 million dollars.

Why are we hearing about this now? After many years, the federal government decided to show up a few weeks ago and seize his cattle. So, what does Cliven Bundy do? He goes on right wing media news outlets and calls for, no, no, not peaceful protesters, he calls for armed militia to show up and defend “his” land. And, like most right wingers who have nothing better to do but jump at the opportunity to swing their giant firearms around to make up for what they lack in their pants, show up they did!

Why does this matter? Well, to avoid a confrontation, the federal government returned Cliven Bundy’s cattle and backed down. This has made Mr. Bundy a big old rootin’ tootin’ heroic American patriot in the eyes of Conservative media! So much show, that ye ole’ mainstream lamestream media could no longer ignore Cliven Bundy’s plight!

The New York Times has got the latest straight from Cliven Bundy himself. The nation’s eyes and ears are all on Mr. Bundy right now. Perhaps he will drop some knowledge and leave us with the next great speech, one for the ages, a few quotes that will cement himself for generations to come as the next great American…


Cliven Bundy, the right wing’s newest hero? Sounds about right.

Peaceful protesters didn't want anything like this. People who wanted to shut them down did.

There are people who have been waiting for this. Not necessarily the death of cops, but that one event that allows them to paint all protesters as anti-police, anti-american.

That one terrible event that allows them to make it more than it is, and take shots at their political opponents.

There is a national frustration that there are two standards: Whether it’s a “Black v. White” standard or a “Conservative v. Liberal” standard… 

…if connections can be made to tarnish the underdog, the powerless, or the left… that happens immediately, loudly, by players of the highest level.

And if connections can be made to tarnish the establishment, the entitled or the right well… that’s blown off as conspiracy theory.

Cliven Bundy should be in jail. Had the world gone crazy on him when two people on his ranch peeled off and killed two cops… had there been a national conversation and reaction to domestic terrorism or sovereign citizens and media fueling this kind of hatred by elevating them to “patriot” or “hero,”… I’d be writing differently about this moment.

But no, those same types lined the rooftops in Ferguson, this time not to protect protesters but to protect business. They went from training guns on feds to training guns on protesters. People just decided to point their guns at other people. And again, there were those that made them heroes. But mostly, silence.

So here we have a disturbed individual who shot his girlfriend and then killed two cops. But suddenly, he’s the face of a people who want there to be accountability when police murder unarmed men? Or roll up in their car and shoot a kid in 1.5 seconds (and then lie in the report?) And this is allowed to go unchecked, unmocked, unexamined and without response?

Forget it.

To everyone who posts something idiotic like “Well, you got what you wanted,” get bent. I don’t want this. I don’t want any of this. And you’re one more person attempting to use these dead police officers to tamp down a very legitimate complaint from those who feel there is a double standard that ends in death. 

You’re no better than the person who picks up a corpse in Mogadishu and parades it in the streets.

And we both know what happens next. Cops - understandably upset - will overreact to a protest. Not in New York because I think that’s a professional police department that knows how to deal with protests… even when they are upset or grieving.

But in Ferguson? They’re going to walk into the next major protest with every weapon they have.

And you - persons suddenly upset about the death of THESE specific cops - will be cheering for it.

It’s gross.

It’s obvious.

And I reject it.

We Asked an Expert How London Could Gain Independence from the UK

Declaring independence is all the rage in international politics. Recently, Venice voted overwhelmingly in favor of becoming an independent city-state, while over in the UK, the Scots are debating whether to consign the Union Jack to the dust bin of history. And ever since the whole Crimea incident, rumors have been flying around that Taiwan will formally attempt to declare independence from China, and that Misrata will attempt to do the same in Libya.

What if the next big independence movement happened closer to, say, Britain’s capital? With a booming population and established trading links with the rest of the world, could London’s people go to it alone?

It’s an idea that’s been mooted a few times, not least by former Mayor Ken Livingstone. When asked what he wanted for London during the 2012 elections, he claimed he wanted a “Republic of London,” and that the city could be improved if other areas of the UK weren’t so busy sucking all the blood out of it. According to Ken, London generates £10–£20 billion (about $15–$30 billion) more in tax for the UK than it receives in public expenditure, making it the cashcow of the UK’s feckless regions.

How feasible would London’s independence claim be? After convincing him this wasn’t a joke, I spoke to Dr. James Ker-Lindsay, a senior research fellow at the London School of Economics who specializes in secession movements.

VICE: Hi, James. What would London have to do to prepare a claim to independence?
James Ker-Lindsay:  First of all, if it were to have any hope of success—by which I mean it would receive widespread international support—a formal process would have to be agreed. With Scotland, for example, there’s an agreed process by which it must prepare its independence claim, which will have been negotiated through democratic and legal processes. With London, the same would have to happen.

What are those processes?
It would have to start with a referendum. The wish for independence would have to be expressed. To do this, the central government is usually expected to agree to such a vote; it could take place without permission, but it would have no real effect and would probably just be ignored. In the case of London, this seems a very unlikely prospect. Unlike Scotland or Wales, which have their own historical character, London’s always been an integral part of England. Moreover, considering how interwoven London is with the rest of England, and its wealth, it just seems difficult to see how any government would ever agree to such a vote.


Trump is wrong for America because Trump is what's wrong with America by Sam Pearson

Trump is wrong for America because Trump is what’s wrong with America

So many voters cannot wait to announce that they are voting for Trump…primarily because they dislike Obama. How idiotic. Americans on both sides of the aisle understand that Trump is a walking contradiction. Trump claims he made his fortune all by himself. The truth is…he came from money. Trump claims to be a republican. Truth is…up until 8 years ago…he was a democrat. Trump claims muslims are whats wrong with America. There were no muslims at Bundy Ranch, Waco Texas, Columbine, the church in Charlestown, South Carolina, Malheur national park or at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood. Trump says he wants to build a wall to stop mexican illegal immigration. Two out of Trumps three wives are immigrants. Trump says he has solutions. Trump cannot seem to assemble a single coherent sentence. Trump speaks down to his audience of “earthy folk” as if he is deliberately “dumbing down” his rhetoric…or Trump is truly an ignoramus. It seems as if when Trump speaks its apparent that he is trying to form an answer when its obvious he has never actually studied the question. But thats why Trump has fans. Because water seeks its own level and stupidity and hypocrisy is drawn to Trump like a moth to a flame.

Trump fans are the same fans of:
Rescinding voters rights

Teaching creationism as a science

Eliminating the right to choose

To “seceede” if their favorite candidate doesn’t win any election

Gerrymandering electoral votes

Allowing businesses to deny health care based on the business owners religious preferences

Allowing businesses to openly discriminate in a hostile nature, denying service based on the race or sexual orientation or the religious preferences of the customer…

So many voters see the gradual social, political and economic progress by “non-whites”…. And they believe that minority success comes at the expense of white entitlement….when nothing could be further from the truth. A rising tide…LIFTS ALL BOATS!

Instead…Trump supporters want to “TAKE AMERICA BACK”

…to 1955.

When life was great for White people….only.

But I understand why Trump has such rabid and loyal followers. Trump suffers from a very common malady of 21st century Americans:

A morbid sense of entitlement coupled with an obscene aversion to any responsibility and a complete and total absence of any knowledge of history. I honestly doubt he could even, at the very least, name all predecessors.

Trump followers either don’t know or don’t care that if elected, he would be the most unqualified President to have ever held the office. All 44 previous presidents have served their country either in a military or a government capacity. Trump is a real estate mogul with 4 bankruptcies under his belt and was the host of a reality tv show…a cancelled reality tv show.. But lets be clear: Trump has never served a day in the military or a day in public service. Trump has never served anyone or anything…other than his own greed and his ego.

The Bundy Ranch Standoff Was Only the Beginning for America’s Right-Wing Militias

For two decades the US government has tried to get Cliven Bundy to remove his cows from federal land, and for two decades the Nevada rancher has steadfastly refused, defying court orders and attempts to negotiate a settlement for the $1.1 million he owes in federal grazing fees. Finally, last week, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) took matters into its own hands and started seizing cattle that had been illegally grazing on government property. Things went downhill from there.

What began as an arcane land dispute rapidly escalated into an armed standoff in the desert. A ragtag band of anti-government militants, Tea Party politicians, and Old West ranchers descended on the area, responding to a call to arms posted by the Bundy family on their blog and circulated throughout the internet by conservatives and libertarians. Spurred on by YouTube videos of physical altercations between federal agents and the Bundys, the protesters aggressively confronted law enforcement, which in turn escalated things by gathering a huge force of armed BLM rangers and FBI agents. On Friday, theFederal Aviation Administration placed a month-long flight restriction over the ranch after the Bundy family posted aerial photos of the assembled authorities.

For right-wing militias and paramilitary groups founded around a collective paranoid belief that the federal government is just looking for an excuse to impose martial law, images of armed federal agents forcibly seizing cows basically means it’s DEFCON 1. By Saturday, as many as 1,000 anti-BLM protestors from as far away as Virginia, New Hampshire, and Georgia had set up camp in Bunkerville, an arid patch of land where the BLM was rounding up the Bundy cattle. Packing handguns and assault rifles, the protesters carried signs featuring slogans like “Tyranny Is Alive,” “Where’s the Justice?” and “Militia Sighn In [sic],“ and many said they were prepared for a shoot-out with the federal government. The mood was such that even Glenn Beck was wary of the crowd, announcing on his show that “there’s about 10 or 15 percent of the people who are talking about this online that are truly frightening.”



Present day conservatism – be it in the form of Republicans, Libertarians or the Tea Party – operates on three levels: White grievance, fear-mongering, and irrational hatred of “the other”