calling all bumper stickers.


So, I bought a 2003 Subaru Wagon recently that suits my “jump in the car at any moment with all of my shit and my cat and drive across the country” attitude, but is in much need of a personality boost. Therefore, I plan on turning it into a gypsy-wanderlust-caravan, aka, bumper-sticker-paradise-wagon. If you have any bumper stickers/similar large stickers laying around, send them my way. I’m committing to a transformation. I’ll track the progress here.
My address is the return on my envelope posts. Like this one.

so this is one of the absolute best Shakespeare posts on this site imo and so I created a bumper sticker design for it on makestickers. But it’s cheaper if you buy several stickers at once, so I was wondering if anyone would want one? 

if you’d like a sticker but don’t care for this exact design let me know, i’m flexible on it and can make a different one

message me if you’re interested!