In honour of Black History Month coming up (October in the UK) I wanted to do a sorting of my favourite characters from TV, film and comic books. Representation matters. Diversity matters. I’m barely scratching the surface here, but these are some of my favourites.

Hazel Levesque (artwork by viria)

galactic-captain-voli  asked:

Ask for the 24 hour fluff spree! It is currently 7:26 AKST time when sending this. Fluff scenario where there is a massive storm and the power ends up going out. It's up to the bots/cons to comfort a scared human (Y/n) Characters used: Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Ultra Magnus, Knockout, and Starscream Universe: Prime? If that's okay?

Hello dear!! Thanks for this cute request! So Silver and I decided to split this ask in half as you’ll see below. For the bots, they’re in the base when it loses power, while the cons are in an abandoned warehouse.

Also we decided to do headcanons instead of a scenario! Hope you like this dear~ :)


  • This bee isn’t much bothered by the storm but when the lights go out, he’s immediately concerned. Of course because the human is upset but also now it’s dark and what if they hurt themselves? Since he can see in the dark, he swoops them up before any harm can come to them, holding them close to his chest. This comforts his human friend a bit too but it’s obvious they’re still rather terrified of the storm and the pitch black darkness. Bee racks his brain for what he can do to help them since the power is out and a moment later they hear his beeps and whirls as he tries to soothe them.

  • Even though they can’t understand him, they can tell he’s trying to keep them calm. There’s a part of Bee that wants to play a game with them and maybe if the others were in the base, that would be possible but there’s no point if they can’t truly understand him. So he begins to sing softly to them, beeps and whirls, holding them to his chasis as he laid on the floor. The human finds the sounds strange but beautiful to listen to and Bee’s voice is loud enough to drown out some of the sounds of thunder.


  • Slowly, they start to calm, feeling warm and safe in Bee’s hands. Though they don’t know what he’s singing they eventually begin to sing along. At first they sing an upbeat, happy tune to try and get rid of the fear they’re feeling and Bee changes his tune to match theirs. It lifts both their spirits and eventually the human starts singing a slower, more calm song. Both become drowsy, content and no longer scared (mostly because of each other’s presence) and end up falling asleep. It’s quite a surprise when the power is turned back on later and the autobots arrive to see Bee on the floor with the tiny human curled in his hands, both completely knocked out.


  • Wheeljack can’t help but be a tiny bit amused when the power goes out in the base and the first thing the human does is let out a long, dramatic scream. But despite that he thinks it’s pretty silly to be scared of some freaking storm and the dark when they face ‘cons everyday, he assures the human that he’s right beside them. No monster of the night or creepy crawly and especially no ‘con will be harming them with him around, he promises. They seem to be only a little assured though and can’t hide the way their body shakes every time the thunder booms outside.

  • He’s not exactly sure what to do to help them, it’s not his area of expertise to comfort a scared human. But with a sigh, he offers his hand as a place to rest, hoping it’ll calm them down some more. It’s not enough though, so after a moment of racking his mind, Wheeljack just says frag it and leaves the base with human in tow. He goes to the Jackhammer, which still has lights and everything since it’s Cybertronian technology. Immediately he notices a difference in the human now that they’re out of the dark but it’s clear they’re still upset by the loud storm. His suggestion of going for a ride is quickly shot down by the human screaming “IN THIS STORM?! DO YOU WANT TO KILL US?!” Of course he’s slightly offended they think so poorly of his piloting skills but brushes it off as nerves. 

  • So instead he plunks down with the human, settling them on his shoulder. He begins to regale them with wild, crazy but heroic stories of his time in the Wreckers. At least that’s what he says they are but some of them are more just on the wild and crazy side. Still, his optics are bright and his voice passionate and the human is drawn in by his story telling. Soon enough, they’re completely distracted from the storm, leaning in excitedly at each new twist and turn in Wheeljack’s stories. Before they know it, the storm is over. Luckily for them though, Jackie let’s the human stay the night in the Jackhammer. ;)

Ultra Magnus:

  • Ultra Magnus is … confused when the human is obviously terrified the moment the power goes out in the base. It takes him only a second to remember that humans can’t see in the dark however and that some find it scary because of this fact, along with folklore and stories he’s heard mentioned by Miko here and there. His concern spikes when they draw close to him, shivering and whimpering every time they hear thunder outside. Though he’s hesitant about picking them up, he definitely doesn’t want to leave them there, unable to see and scared. He offers them his palm, which they quickly climb up onto and brings them close to his chasis. Ultra Magnus asks them a moment later what humans normally do in this situation to take their minds off the storm, which doesn’t assure them very much. 

  • Still he gets an idea after a little thought. He remembers that June Darby once brought some candles to the base and helps the human find the candles and light them. Once they do, it’s much easier for the human to calm down, though the storm still creeps them out a bit. But the candlelight is soft and beautiful and lends a pretty glow to everything. Ultra Magnus sits down and brings the human onto his shoulder before he brings out one of those data pads the human has often seen the bots carrying around. He’s quiet as he looks up something on the pad and the human feels their curiosity rising despite themselves, resting against him comfortably. Ultra Magnus finally brings up what looks like constellations on his data pad before suddenly it’s projected on one of the base’s walls.
  • Of course, they’re amazed! How did you do that Ultra Magnus?! But they don’t truly care about the process, just the gorgeous constellations being displayed for them. Ultra Magnus begins to tell them about the different stars, which they don’t recognize because these aren’t any constellations able to be seen from Earth. He tells them the names of the stars and the stories behind them, which the human finds absolutely fascinating. His optics are warm as he answers their questions, glad to be sharing part of his home with them. They stay up until the base’s power comes on, talking and sharing stories, closer than they’ve ever been. It’s not until the lights are on once more that Ultra Magnus becomes a bit awkward realizing the situation and that perhaps he wasn’t being as professional as he should have been. But when the human shyly thanks him for keeping them distracted, his spark jumps in his chasis and the words would you like to do it again sometime? leave his mouth before he can stop them. <3 



  • When the storm hit, Starscream had not been happy in the slightest when he received word that the space bridge was malfunctioning, stranding the both of you out in the harsh weather. Luckily he managed to find an abandoned warehouse to get you both out of the rain and got the power going. He sees that you’re starting to get anxious, and he can’t help but tease you a little and smirks when you sharply deny it. Though he won’t admit it, the harsh winds howling and rattling the windows seemed to add an eerie sense of dread as the building creaked and groaned, though he was by no means scared.

  • That is, until the power goes out shortly after a loud thunderclap shakes the entire building. He would deny any accusations that he screamed at the same time as you, but he regains his composure just long enough to adjust his optics to the dark and spot you cowering near the floor. He has no clue what to do nor how to reassure you–he’s not exactly a touchy-feely mech, so the only thing he can think to do is just sit near you and hover his talons over your shivering body.

  • Eventually you find yourself curled up against his side, and after some small talk you manage to convince him to tell you more about Cybertron before the war. Soon the terrifying sounds of rain and thunder seem to dull to a gentle roar in the background, and you can almost see him beginning to relax as he allows himself to remember good times. Hours would tick by before anyone from the Nemesis would contact him, but by then you both had already fallen asleep to the soft lullaby of the rain drowning out the world.


  • Though he’s not particularly bothered when the power goes out, your terrified shriek startled him enough that he almost scratched his own finish after trying to dry himself off. The words died on his lips the moment he turned and saw you curling into yourself, your tearful eyes darting around in sheer panic. Normally Breakdown would have been the one to reach out and comfort you with nuzzles, but since he was back on the Nemesis at the moment…

  • He heaves out a half-sigh and reaches out to pull you closer to his frame, where he plops you down on his lap and drapes a spare polishing cloth over your head and shoulders. When asked why he did that he’d simply respond that he didn’t want you getting sick again (he was not about to go through that nightmare again!). Part of you felt that there was more to it than that, but in the end you simply let it drop in favor of snuggling deeper into the soft cloth.

  • By the time the space bridge is working again and you’re both back on the Nemesis you were half-asleep, rolled up in the cloth like a burrito while Knockout carried you back to the medbay. He handed you over to Breakdown and made an excuse that he had work to do, ignoring any protests or questions the other mech had. The next time you wake up, it’s to see a beautiful flower in a vase with droplets of rain still on the petals sitting nearby, a small data pad leaning up against it saying, “Even on this mudball of a planet, there is still beauty waiting to be found.”



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