Future Trunks seeing Kid Vegeta meet Bulma!! So cute!!! Trunks tries to travel back to when parents first met (on Namek), gets time wrong, but discovers they really did meet as kids, Kid Vegeta and Raditz have come to Earth to get Goku. Kid Bulma zaps Raditz with ray gun, Vegeta panics and flees.

Vegeta: “You built that ray gun yourself? How old are you?”

Bulma: “5" 

Vegeta: "5?! Then the army here must be crazy strong!”

dendethesprout asked:

Ok what could be the explanations for Bra's appearance? Is is a child version of Bulma that Vegeta imagines when he sees how the space ship is piloted? Was she already there but we never saw her in the episodes? Sorry I need answers. Omg.

Pretty sure it’s little Bulma from the Jaco era. *Looks slightly disappointed* But even still she’s cute as all hell.

Sorry this birthday present is so very late. Happy Birthday Mad Dog! Somehow nothing turned out like it was supposed to, and somehow this makes it even more majestic. Let’s recap all the wonderful accidents:

- Vegeta’s Pornstache!

- His Daisu Dukes

- Bulma almost looking like she’s groping her son

- Trunks outfit being an inversion of his dad’s Badman outfit (plus some powder blue ruffles)

I hope you like it. I had a feeling you’d need a ‘geta in daisy dukes some time. For reasons.

OMGGG!!! I love this! His pornstache is MAJESTIC! 

Thank you so, so much theflutteryay!

So since I’m reading the physical copies now, posting screenshots and making fun comments won’t be as easy, all my cameras suck. I’ll still share stuff I find interesting, just not as much. (edit: Though I’ll probably still read the online translation, actually. Kind of curious about the differences between it and the official.)