Jimmy Hopkins: So how do I do it, Pete?
Pete Kowalski: Do what?
Jimmy Hopkins: Beat those rich kids into submission?
Pete Kowalski: Well, what have you tried so far?
Jimmy Hopkins: Random violence, widespread destruction, gratuitous sadism.
Pete Kowalski: No, no that’s not gonna work - they get all that kind of stuff at home.
—  Bully Scholarship Edition (Pete and jimmy)
School is Back in Session

I love playing Bully the video game. It’s so addicting for me that play it every year around this time when kids are returning to school. I went to an inner city public high school, and I hated that place so much. I loved my friends, but I hated the environment. I always wished that I could go to a New England private school in a small town, and be able to wear super cute uniforms. This game brings all of that to life for me.

There is new word in this last month that a Bully 2 may be in progress. That Rockstar recently filed a new trademark bearing the name “Bully”. I can only hold my breath and wish it to be true. Maybe they were only renewing their license for the name. Even though it has been 7 years since it first released, it’s still possible they would return to the title and continue the franchise. They did it with Max Payne, there was a huge gap in between sequels.

For now this old favorite I play on my Wii will fulfill my nostalgic fantasies, and inspire new creative thoughts. Just imagine what Bully 2 would look like on a new console, I sincerely hope that the creators would stick to most of the original themes of the game.

Secure that wrist strap tightly, I’m ready to punch out some Bullworth jerks.