Snape confessions x bullying:

01) Friendly reminder that an ADULT Snape who was a TEACHER specifically targeted Harry on his first day and was horrible to him for 7 years. And he scared Neville and bullied him mercilessly and even tested a potion on his toad. And he was horrible to Hermione and Ron and pretty much every Gryffindor too. All this coming from an ADULT.

02) I won’t stand for Snape apologists trying to justify Snape bullying Harry by trying to say Harry deserved it for “being like his dad,” when the books blatantly told us that Snape saw what he expected to see in Harry; not to mention, he bullied him from the first day of class, even before Harry did anything supposesly like his dad? Lastly, even if he was a bratty kid, Snape has no right to bully him. He’s an adult and should act like one.

03) Snape hated Neville and bullied him, because he reminded Snape of Peter Pettigrew.

04) Something that annoys me in this fandom is the extreme hating on Snape. Not because I’m bothered by others not liking him; we all have different favorite and least favorite characters and that’s fine! What annoys me is that I constantly see people trashing Snape for being a bully, and then these same people love the hell out of the Marauders. They romanticize them and their friendship, when they were even worse bullies than Snape! If you’re going to have a problem with something, be consistent!

05) Snape has justified, in not trusting Sirius or Lupin in POA. These guys bully him for years, tried to kill him. Why should he trust them, you wouldn’t trust your attempted murderer.

C: Up to sophomore year of high school, I was bullied for my appearance. Ugly, fat, monkey, gorilla, you name it. Contrary to what some people tend to say, words do hurt and can scar you for life when you have been called those words so many times. I even noticed my family’s friends looking at me odd and praising my sister more for her appearance. She’s two shades lighter than me.

I honestly don’t even know if I’ve physically glowed up. What’s even more disturbing is that, if someone did compliment me on my looks or called me pretty, I don’t remember. I can’t remember the last time anyone has said something nice about my appearance. I’ve just been called so many horrible things and it’s making it hard to remember all of the nice things. Sure, personality is important, but it’ll just be nice to know that I can become beautiful on the outside too. I just want some way to know that I’ve either changed physically or that people were lying to me back then when they bullied me.

I think WestAllen may be the worst fandom I’ve ever encountered online. And I’ve been a part of many fandoms for a long time. I can’t post anything without being called a racist. Using that argument is tired and thoughtless. If you call out a character for being a bad character, that doesn’t mean you’re a racist. But, if you constantly talk in terms of skin color “white girl” “black girl” constantly, well, that means something serious. WestAllen fandom is obsessed with Iris’ race. I feel like nothing will make them stop coming at people who just don’t like Iris West and WestAllen in the show. Good thing I’ve given up on it.
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anonymous asked:

I'm the anon with the confession of Kentin being pathetic. It really grinds my gears even makes me a bit sad everyones reaction. It's not easy staying true to yourself despite being bullied I talk from experience but it's the last thing I had: who I was and held dear to it, I wasn't going to comform dress or even act a certain it's not that easy and the trauma follows for years that no one liked your ugly nerdy self. I can't like Kentin knowing he gave part of himself up.

I’m sorry that you were bullied, but everyone handles these situations differently in order to make it through the pain. Your way was to make sure that no matter what, your bullies didn’t change who you were. For Kentin, it was to become stronger so that no one could take advantage of him again.

People are angry with your confession because you called him pathetic, that he had a victim complex, and that he was just trying to fit in. That is something that many people, myself included, cannot stand by.

Wren Kingston rewatch: Wren is A.D. evidence


 I have added a few more clues to support the theory, including the significance of Eddie introducing Spencer to Mona’s favourite board game, and Wren keeping Eddie out of Spencer’s room whilst she was out working for A. Please take a look and let me know if you think anything else should be added. 

This post will explore all the evidence we have that suggests Wren is A.D. and is the person avenging Charlotte. I will focus on season 3 onwards, as this is when Charlotte took over the game. (Note: I haven’t included every single scene he was in, as many of them involve his romances which don’t appear to have any relevance to the A storyline.)

Let’s go!

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Dean Ambrose, Renee Young, and Ambrose Army confession

The only Dean Ambrose fans I’ve seen mad about his “psychotic fans” comment are the ones who (like him and Renee were talking about) stalk him and send Renee death threats. The rest of his fanbase, even if they don’t like Renee/ship Deanee, respect his privacy and relationship and don’t bully Renee.

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Finding Home - A Bughead Fic

My first attempt at writing Bughead, so I hope I did them justice. 

I’d also like to give a huge thank you to @your-girl-thursday for being my beta & cheerleader and encouraging me… especially when I send her late night messages that writing fics is hard! 

Summary: One-shot, set after 1x12. Bughead. // He never mentioned Toledo since the Homecoming dance, and she was determined to get an answer tonight. Even if it meant he was leaving to stay with his mom and sister. 

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The last two weeks had been a whirlwind. Clifford Blossom had committed suicide, and the police were investigating the drug smuggling scandal discovered in the maple syrup barrels.

Mrs. Andrews postponed her return to Chicago and had officially taken on FP’s case. She was trying to get a reduced sentence with the main argument that FP was under duress for the safety of Jughead. And with a powerful family behind those threats, FP did the only thing he thought he could under the circumstances.

Which was confess.

Jughead had also been on edge the last two weeks, as Sheriff Keller wasn’t allowing any visitors during the investigation, with the exception of his lawyer. The small town had highly publicized the investigation and he was trying to minimize the damage.

But like everything else in this town, secrets didn’t stay secret for long. Rumor had it that Clifford Blossom was actually the mastermind behind the Southside Serpents, pulling all the strings behind the scenes and using the maple syrup barrels to smuggle them across state lines.

They had seen each other plenty since Jughead’s father had been arrested, but the majority of the time the Scooby gang was trying to figure out the last bits of information regarding the case- like if Hiram was involved in Jason’s murder or not. The Sheriff’s office had their hands full, and couldn’t find any definitive evidence that Hiram had any dealings in the murder of Jason. But Veronica needed to know the truth, so they continued to overturn any and every rock until they proved his innocence (or guilt).  

The trail ran cold today, and Veronica couldn’t find any concrete proof that her father had ties to the murder of Jason Blossom.

Safe to say that there was a lot going on but Betty couldn’t keep it to herself anymore. She felt the tension building up, just below the surface, ever since Homecoming. Besides if she waited until there was no drama in Riverdale, then she might as well be waiting forever. She was pacing her room, waiting for Jughead to come over.

She was equally nervous and excited at the same time, when she heard the telltale taps at her window. She unclenched her fists, that she didn’t even realize she was doing, and went to go open the window. She took a quick glance at her palms while Jughead climbed through. Her nails hadn’t broken the skin, at least not this time.

“You know, I told you to ring the doorbell. My mom is finishing up some editing at the Blue and Gold.” Not to mention after Betty told Polly of her plan, she decided to make herself scarce.

“But that wouldn’t be very Shakespearean of me, would it Juliet?” At that point Jughead noticed her biting her lip and looking down. Something was clearly bothering her. “Hey, is everything alright? You sounded upset on the phone.” Jughead gave her a warm smile.

“I was just hoping we could talk.” She looked up to meet his eyes. “You know, clear the air.”

“Yeah, of course. I actually have some good news to share about my dad’s case.” He was practically beaming.

“Yeah?,” she inquired. Anything to put off the shaky ground they were on. He never mentioned Toledo since the Homecoming dance, and she was determined to get an answer tonight. Even if it meant he was leaving to stay with his mom and sister.

“I just came from a meeting with him and Mr. and Mrs. Andrews. She thinks he has a really good chance of getting the charges dropped, or at least a minimal sentence. Maybe just probation and community service, if he’s lucky. The argument of duress, along with cooperating with the police to gather additional evidence of Clifford Blossom’s investigation. She’s really hopeful.”

“That’s great. Really great Juggie.” She let out a shaky breath. Sheriff Keller had practically dismissed Jughead’s accusations of his father being bullied into the confession by the Blossoms, and while accurate, they had to prove it.

“And now that the investigation against my father is coming to a close, we all talked about my current living situation.” He ran his hands up and down her arms a few times.

Betty’s heart sank even further at his words. He sounded so excited. “That was actually one of the things I wanted to ask you about. So you’re moving to Toledo then?” Her hands unconsciously clenched, and she had to will herself to keep it at bay. She willed her fingers out of her palms, one by one.

“What? No. I’m staying in Riverdale.” His hands ran down her arms and took her hands in his and gave them a gentle squeeze. “For you, for us.”

Her eyes snapped up at that. “I know we haven’t really had much time to talk. I just figured after the Homecoming dance…” she trailed off.

“I know what I said at the Homecoming dance, and I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that. I now know you were just trying to protect me. Betts, you’ve been there for me throughout all of this. I couldn’t imagine leaving Riverdale, leaving you.” He took a step closer, so they were barely inches apart. He gently removed his hands, lightly placing hers on his hips. He brought his hands up to her face, cupping her flushed cheeks.

She gripped his hips a little tighter and met his eyes. Of all the scenarios she imagined, this was not on her list. Perhaps because she spent so much time and energy focusing on how this could end, that she barely thought about what if things went well. “But what about your mom and sister? I thought you were set on moving to Toledo?”

He caressed her cheeks, and she leaned into his touch. “Betts, you’re the closest thing I have to family right now. I really- I really care about you.” He let out a breath that he hadn’t realized he had been holding. He closed the gap between them, kissing her briefly. “We even have it all worked out. I’ll be staying with Archie. If and when my dad gets out, he’ll go back to working for Archie’s dad and I’ll stay with him after he gets settled. Things are too strained between him and my mother, so they’re content to spend some time apart for now.”

Her vision blurring from the tears that threatened to spill over.

“Hey, what’s wrong?,” he asked. “I thought you’d be happy.” He pulled her in, wrapping his arms around her.

Her hands instinctively went to his neck. She inhaled the scent of soap that was uniquely Jughead and buried her fingers in his dark locks. It calmed her nerves, if only just a little. “I am happy for you Jug,” she whispered against his neck. She pulled back, just enough to meet his gaze. “I guess I was preparing for the worst. I wasn’t really sure where we stood.”

He kept his hands on her waist, drawing tiny little circles into her skin where her shirt had lifted. “Is that what you were worried about? That I was going to skip town?” Understandably so, but she kept that to herself. Her gaze dropped. “Let me ease your concern, I’m not going anywhere… As long as you’ll still have me? I mean I was kind of a jerk with the whole birthday party and Homecoming dance.”

She squinted her eyes in a playful glare. “All things considered, I’d say you handled it better than I would have. Than most of us would have.”

“I still shouldn’t have taken it out on you Betty.” He continued to draw patterns into her skin, knowing that they calmed her.

“So we’re good?” She wanted to be absolutely certain.

“Yes Betty, we’re great.” He pulled her in a little tighter so he could whisper, inches from her lips. “I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Being here with you… Here feels like home.”

The admission made her heart flutter. “Good, because I…” She bit her lip to stall. “I…” Her fingers danced nervously across the back of his neck.

“What?,” he asked. He was met with silence. “What?,” he asked again.

She peered up at him. “I love you Juggie,” she admitted. She instantly felt so much lighter in the span of a split second.

He gripped her waist even tighter and pulled her in for a searing kiss. She returned it with just as much passion. He deepened the kiss and pulled her closer so there was no space between them. She could feel his heartbeat thudding under her fingers as she framed his face. He pulled back and rested his forehead against hers.

“I love you Betts.” She was the one and only for him, of that he was certain. He gave her one of those rare genuine smiles, that she had only seen a handful of times in the decade they had been friends. She reflected a similar expression, so utterly content with the events and confessions of the night. He pulled her in tighter. Now that he had her, he didn’t intend on ever letting her go.

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so I was in this situation and want to know how the allies (1p/2p, flip a coin) would react. So basically they have a 12 y/o daughter who already had terrible anxiety from tje school year before and was already self destructive then but in tje current school year it gets even worse. They’re getting phone calls, she screams and curses a lot, and is very destructive towards others and herself. When confronted she breaks down and confesses she’s being bullied to no end. (PART ½)

Bully anon: she confesses that it’s been getting VERY physical, like they gang up on her and beat her to shit some days which explains the pain she is often in and doesn’t want to go to school. So generally she’s being bullied terribly and is kinda terrified to go to school and is all around destructive.

2p America:
Allen would be angry that he’s just finding out about all of this. He’d be willing to go and kick ass for his daughter.

2p Canada:
He doesn’t normally resort to violence, but he would go and have a talk with the principal and teacher about supervision.

2p China:
He’d go down there and throw hands with some 12 year olds. Best dad ever.

2p England:
Oliver would offer for them to switch schools, but in the end he’d storm down to the school for his daughter. He’d also try and get someone for her to talk to.

2p France:
He’d teach them the best places to throw a punch towards. That’d take care of the bully and their destructive personality.

2p Russia:
He’d insist that his daughter tell him the names of every single bully. Viktor would then call every parent and the principal.

I really hate this callout culture the community has developed. A lot of problems you have with someone can be dealt with much more maturely than launching a witch hunt against them. And if a person has made mistakes a long time ago and has grown from them as well, you need to leave the past alone. Stop slandering those who are trying to improve themselves and move on. Don’t bring up the past of a person who is trying to improve their future. Otherwise, you’re just being a bully.

The Bella Twins confession

It’s always sad to see people like The Bella Twins who are such huge advocates for anti-bullying, women’s rights, feminism, etc have some of the absolute worst fans who do nothing but bitch and bully.

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Willow and Oz were my very first OTP, I was in love with both of them. When Oz left, and Willow began dating Tara, I had to stop watching the show for awhile. I learned how relentlessly bullied and harassed Amber was, and I’m disgusted. I stopped watching the show when my OTP broke up, I didn’t bully the actors. It saddens me when people do things like that.

Friendship AUs

Friends to lovers:

  • You started dating one of my best friends, even though they didn’t like you. It took me two years to figure out why I was so angry.
  • Our other friends think that we’re a couple, but I’m not sure that we are. That kiss could have been platonic.
  • We’re graduating/moving and we’ve never confessed our feelings for each other. We hug/kiss wordlessly, leaving until a big event brings us back together. (Extra - when we meet again, I/you or both of us have a significant other)
  • You confessed your love for me in kindergarten and asked me out, and I said yes. We technically haven’t broken up, so have we been bro-dating for 10+ years??
  • We were hanging out with a few friends, and they dared us to hold hands for two minutes. Is no one gonna point out that we’ve been holding hands for ten minutes now?

Enemies to lovers:

  • We were academic rivals, and we sorta had a competition to see who could raise their hand first. After science, (or whatever class), you came up to me saying you wanted a truce, and that you had a plan for total school domination. 
  • You used to tease me around and push books out of my hands, that sort of thing, but never actually got physical with me. You saved me after some guy punched a few times, grumbling about how no one else picked on me but you.
  • I used to seriously bully you, but I confessed that I had a crush on you, hoping that it we would be happy together like a movie. You didn’t want to have a relationship with me because you were scared that I was just playing an elaborate prank. I’m not, but I have to convince you. I’ll start by being nice.
  • You are an adorable dork, but I will NOT let you become the king/queen/overlord of the dorks because that is MY position!


  • If we’re both single at 25 wanna date? (Bonus - we’re both 25 now, but we really don’t want to date because we’re amazing friends)
  • “Bro” “Bro” “Bruuuh”
  • Bro-fists!
  • We saw a sign saying to “practice bromance” and started laughing out hysterically because we don’t just practice it, we live it. 

Tonight our brave crew of Pokemon adventurers solved most of a mystery and partially cleared our rogue’s good name! With the help of Master Investigator Stone, of course. Sass is thrilled to know a Master Investigator!

Sassafras has a hard time wrapping her brain around the idea that people she LIKES may do bad things, or be lying. (Even though she lies all the time! Lies are for fun, or to entertain, or to do something good or important, or to escape misunderstandings and awkwardness… she doesn’t lie with malice aforethought, anyway.) Her new Spearow friend stole another friend’s cloak and was apparently duped by OTHER people she liked, and she was pretty unhappy that her party decided to bully him into a confession, even though she knew he’d done something wrong. When everything’s over she plans to give him the name of the theater troupe she traveled with for a while, so hopefully he can get some experience with them…. She has a considerable soft spot for seemingly-disreputable Spearow boys, okay.