I normally don’t but I’m fucking raging because of the hate this girl gets so let’s just all take a moment to appreciate this beautiful human being that was sent down to us from heaven whom we definitely need to protect at all costs from this cruel world and the toxic people. I will continue to support her with all my heart and defend her as she definitely does not deserve all the bullshit people put her through, especially the snakes on twitter hiding behind the fucking screen. I don’t know if saying all the bullshit makes them feel any better or what but I definitely suggest they stop and maybe watch 13 Reasons Why (I’m for real btw) so what if she’s fucking famous bullying is still bullying and it’s hurtful, words hurt, so please just take anger management classes or something and please stop the nasty comments. LOVE ONLY. WE LOVE YOU CAMILA!

Alright let’s break something I think we can all agree on here:

If someone is vegan for the animals, that implies that they love animals. Chances are they may have close personal relationships with animals like pigs, cows, and chickens. They might even be able to tell you about one they know by name and know the little personality quirks of, kinda like how most of us know certain dogs.

So with all of that in mind, it’s pretty nasty that anyone (let alone most of the population) thinks it’s acceptable or funny to send these people pictures of the dead bodies of these animals. I know you see a steak, but I promise you we see a body. That’s like people dropping pictures of dog meat in your inbox, y'all. Causing psychological distress to someone because you think it’s funny isn’t cool. Think your actions through. Don’t be a bully.


Okay so I have a friend who was getting cyber-bullied was in a situation in which she could not block them and I didn’t know what to tell her. THEN I CAME UP WITH THE MOST AMAZING IDEA I HAVE EVER HAD, PLEASE EVERYONE REBLOG THIS. So I told her to copy and paste the bee movie script into her messages and just respond with the script if they ever said anything mean. Next time they said something rude, she responded with the bee movie script. The guy said something along the lines of ‘what the fuck’ and then read through some of it saying ‘did you seriously fucking send me the bee movie script?’. Then, guess what she did. She sent the script again. The guy stopped talking. SOLUTION HAS BEEN FOUND. Every time someone sends you hate or is mean, respond with the bee movie script.

still not over the fact that growing up people made fun of me for being too feminine and mocked me by calling me a girl and mocked me by calling me gay….. and now that i actually am like “okay yeah im a girl, and im gay” all the bullies are like “WAIT WAIT WAIT actually you’re straight dude!! yeah!! ha!! told you so!!” like it’s literally just like they want me to be whatever i’m not and won’t be happy until im miserable and hate myself. but jokes on them, i’ve finally figured myself out, and i feel better than ever. those bullies on the other hand will always be bullies, always making fun of people’s identities and failing to have any level of compassion for other people. bullies just try to get under your skin by any means necessary, even if it means they’re hypocritical and make no sense.