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So in Japanese myth there are a lot of oni and monsters that eat humans. What would Jack do if one of those oni or monsters managed to snatch Gabe and were planning on making him a snack?

He would freak out while Gabe calmly shot the oni in the face with one of those enhanced talisman bullets XD.


A mag change during an engagement or action. We are told one must always keep their eyes on the threat. So to break that down, you have incoming rounds from one or more threats, your weapon has run empty. You have the ability to complete a rapid magazine change but now must watch the bullets coming at your face as you do this? Most instructors tell you make that mag change from cover, I say if there is cover handy why are you not already using it? Back to the topic. So eyes on threat or on your work of getting the gun back up? You should be training to complete these tasks without sight as it may be necessary to do in the dark, but I’d prefer a functioning weapon in my hands quickly versus me staring at incoming rounds. So what then? Look at threat or gun? Train to perform these tasks without looking, but be flexible and understand in a gun fight an empty gun takes you from gunfighter status to target status. Do what’s necessary to get the gun back up and running. Situations dictate tactics and procedures.


When a fellow kindred of The Odd Order of LC&U offers you to watch something you just don’t say ‘no’. And here I am, internally scre-


Scratch 'internally’. Just 'screaming’.

I’m not even sure what the Hell have we just watched, but it has some incredible psychopaths in there.

  • Karl:You are disturbing a woman already very disturbed!
  • Gunter:I did not see a 'do not disturb' sign on the door. How should I behave, hm?
  • Karl:She is grieving. Just... don't contradict anything she says.
  • -later-
  • Mother:All my hopes and dreams are bundled in this boy... I can't help but feel that all of this is somehow... my fault.
  • Gunter:-stepping forward to embrace her- It is. You are completely to blame. You should have used birth control.