Before truly moving onto 2016 I had to journal the important moments of 2015

Keeping a journal or planner, or both, is a great habit for organizing, stress management and creativity. Also its fun getting to actually fill all those notebooks you’ve been collecting and hoarding isn’t it? I put together this masterpost to get you started planning and journaling and for improving and learning new things!

Remember there is no ‘right’ way to use a journal or planner and if you fall out of the habit you can always pick it up again whenever you want! 

Journaling and Planner Resources for 2015

Getting Started

Calendar Printables/Make Your Own Planner

Productivity and Journaling Systems


Creative Journaling and Prompts for Journal Writing

Other kinds of Journals

More Printables

Tips for Beautiful Pages

Customize your notebook or planner!

Blogs for Inspiration


Hey guys! Today, I just wanted to share with you how I go about with my bullet journal. I have collected a lot of ideas from Tumblr, Pinterest and Youtube, and this is the format that suits my taste. I hope you guys find this useful or interesting! :)


1. Index

Of course, most, if not all, bullet journals start with an index page so you can make reference to it in the future. This makes things easier to find and more organized.

2. Habit Tracker 

I track various habits like eating fruits and vegetables, getting 8 hours of sleep, drinking 8 glasses of water, finishing a book, etc. I put numbers in the grids and each number corresponds to a date. If I did that certain task on that day, I will shade in the box.

3. Calendar

This is a calendar for the whole month. Here, I use post-it notes so that it can be easily transferred if the date ever changed. I also use different color of sticky tabs for school, blog and personal life, but the one above is only for blog posts since I don’t have other things to put yet. 

4. Books and Blog Posts

The one above is separated into three columns - “Books I Want to Read,” “In Progress,” and “Finished” - and I used sticky tabs to put the books that I want to read in the month of January on the first column. When I’m already reading the book, I will transfer the sticky tab to the “In Progress” column, and then to the “Finished” column when I finished reading the book.

On the bottom part of the page are the blog posts that I plan to post in January, and it’s also separated into three columns - “To Do,” “In Progress,” and “Finished.” I also move them to the appropriate columns when the task changes status. 

5. Expense Tracker

This is where I track my expenses for the month. In the first column, I put the item that I bought. In the second column, I put the date, and in the third column, I put the amount.

6. Weekly Spread

This is where I put my everyday tasks. So first I put the date, and then the bar below that tracks the number of glasses of water that I drank that day (left) and the number of hours of sleep that I had the night before (right). Then after that, I proceed to my to-do list, and I shade the box different colors once the task is done for school, blog and personal. Below that, most of the time I put 1-2 sentences about the highlights of my day.

7. Weekly Mementos

To the left of the weekly spread are the mementos that I collected throughout the week. These are mostly receipts, tickets, stubs, and any other thing that I think might be worth putting in. 

42/100 days of productivity + SAT 9.3.16 // 11:32am

theme of the week: vincent van gogh, september artist (¼);;;; omg guys i really missed you all! dental school has started for me and the schedule is crazy but in a beautiful sort of way and as you can see i’ve picked up bujo-ing! what have you all been up to?