Trend season! Duck season! Trend season! Duck season! …Duck season…Trend season!

  • At 75, Bugs Bunny is the oldest living wabbit.
  • The Texas DA continues its investigation into the death of Sandra Bland.
  • Norway: Population 5 million.
  • I Am Cait is the latest from the Kardashian-Jenner media empire, and a beautiful thing it is.
  • 35 women alleging Bill Cosby raped them told their stories to New York Magazine (nymag).
  • Say goodbye to your Canadian girlfriend, it’s time to go back to school.
  • Pasta came in second on galactic-smores’s Three Ps List 2015. Way to go, pasta!
  • Exercise is a sexy tag.
  • If you’re mourning Cecil the lion and in a position to give, here’s the World Wildlife Fund’s donation page.
  • NASA still hasn’t found the aliens they lost. 
  • And Beijing will host the 2022 Winter Games. Sorry Kazakhstan.

What’s up, blogs?

  • The Hot Damn Weather (thehotdamnweather): It’s too damn hot.
  • Dry Land SCA (drylandsca): Documenting the California drought, from the LA Times.
  • My Trans Health (mytranshealth): Connecting the trans community to safe, reliable healthcare.

Bugs and Gossamer via laluna7.

Originally posted by supernma

Autumn is just around the corner! It’s time to upgrade your closet! 

  1. Gray Hollow-Out Sweater 
  2. Green Rib-Knit Cuff Sweater 
  3. Dark Gray Heary Sweater 
  4. Black Aztac Pattern 
  5. White Floral Patten 
  6. White Jk Sweater 
  7. Gray V-Neck Hoodie
  8. Rose Red Inclined Zipper
  9. Red LA Print
  10. Black Yes
  11. Bad Boys
  12. Winner Crew
  13. Hamburger Pattern
  14. Camel Flash Coat
  15. Cute Animal Pattern
  16. Musical Notes
  17. Blk Diamond Quilted Collar
  18. White Feather Layered
  19. True Autumn Vibe
  20. Army Green
  21. Khaki Lace-Back
  22. Bugs Bunny
  23. Dark Blue Tassel

* Bolded are my favorites!